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  2. Hi Guys and Gals... Here's the requisite introductory post! I've been in to photography since 1978, hung out my first "pro" shingle back in '02 while still maintaining a "real" job then went full-time photography as a career/profession in January of '11. I'm looking to introduce drone video and drone still photography into my business. I'm a regular wedding 2nd shooter and would also welcome the opportunity to be the drone video/still operator as well. I've shot some test footage for myself, and I'm really liking it. I want to get my certification, then market myself to wedding couples, reception venues and lead wedding photographers. Also adding the "standard" services of real estate, tower inspections, roof inspections, commercial marketing campaigns (golf courses, large properties, etc...), and scaring rogue chipmunks and Sasquatch... I've been signed up for the prep course for a few weeks, but just finally getting down to some serious study time... Hope to learn a lot from the course and from lurking! -Tom D
  3. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    We’ve been a part of whale research that had a permit for the past three seasons. I find the whole process very hypocritical. We always come up on boats that have drones in the air and the researchers want us to take pictures of the offenders while we do pretty much the same thing. The whales don’t care about the permit. Also I often get the feeling the researchers don’t care about the whales. Sometimes it feels like they care more about getting great shots that only they can get because they have a permit. Ever wonder where the great whale shots in all those fancy galleries comes from?
  4. Researched a similar bid last fall, and found this: They are legit and seem to have one of the longest airtime of civilian UAVs. Starts at $90,000.
  5. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    I would say it's no different on the mainland with regard to whale permits. Good luck with that if you're not a member of 'the club'.
  6. That's cool, but it would be hard to fly in areas with lots of trees.
  7. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    On paper, yes, but this is not the mainland, brah...(I'm sure you've heard that before). Permitting here is a luxury, not a right. Example: Hawai'i has been a concealed carry permit state for a good 20yrs now. They've yet to ever issue a single permit. Another example: A friend of ours just started his ocean kayak tour company. He's been waiting on a permit for coming up on 6 months now, with no word on expectation of issue. It all boils down to a single guy in a single office, deciding for himself when and what to approve. NOAA operates similarly from what I've found. I even offered volunteer drone work on the whale research & entanglement crew. Got a nice smiling face saying, 'That sounds great, we'll see what we can do'. No follow-up, and all attempts have proven futile. Meanwhile, whale boats can be within 300ft of humpbacks, all day long, sometimes encircling the whales.
  8. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    You know that you can get a permit to fly within 100 feet.
  9. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    Aloha Alan! Another couple pieces of info... DLNR Wildlife and Forest Reserves are also off limits (same as state parks). While YouTube and Facebook are chock full of overhead whale vids from Hawaii, they are illegal. Whales in the state may not be approached by any aircraft closer than 1000ft. Of course NOAA breaks their own rule weekly by using drones to study the humpbacks. Lastly, if you detour to Maui, hit me up!
  10. Exemption or License
  11. Exemption or License

    I am working on a legal project, researching waivers or license(s) needed in order to fly a fixed wing and quad, both well OVER 55 lbs. Can you guide me to the link that addresses that (updated) info? (I think it used to be a 333, but that's gone.) Thanks!
  12. The Year of the Drone

    Awhile back, we had a conversation in here in which I shared my opinion that over time most big companies would bring uas use in house and independant service provides were going to be a smaller niche. I read an article the other day that shows that is happening. Some big outfits are actually buying up uas service providers and bringing them in-house in order to speed up the process. It's an interesting read.
  13. Manjuyod Sandbar - Aerial 4K

    A Mavic Pro and Premiere Pro were used for the video. Thank you for checking it out!
  14. Podcast on Drone Safety

    I figured that I didn't really need an excuse like aerial photography or mapping to fly so now I mainly build, fly, crash (still learning) and repair fixed wing aircraft. Its much more challenging to land one than a multirotor UAV. I still keep up with the UAV industry news though and of course this forum.
  15. Case law for law enforcement drones

    It was posted on October 6th and it was outdated then.
  16. UAS Drone Pilots Code

    Thank you, Alan. A full annotated version (too large to attach here) is available at the website ( for free download too. I posted a different link above. Apologies.
  17. Skydio

    It looks a bit like Vantage Robotic's Snap.
  18. Generally any park in the L.A. County area, but I've talked to one (Field of Dreams, San Pedro). They say flying is against the law in L.A. County. Another park with wide open spaces is Friendship park in San Pedro. Others are the area bounded by MaryMount hiking trail and Palos Verdes Dr. E. (don't know what this area is, but has the hiking trail...), La 'Bonita Park in La Habra, La Mirada Park, La Mirada ... I'm just looking at Google Earth for most of these places, near where I am from time to time.,
  19. And if the hall monitor persists...
  20. The best place to find that answer is probably the AMA. If your not flying commercially you don’t need to be 107 and you have a lot more options to fly if you follow the guidelines on the AMA website. We have several parks near us, if I’m going to fly a Phantom or MAVIC I just fly as a hobbyists. Occasionally I’ll have some guy who used to be the hall monitor in high school will ask what I’m doing. If they’re that stupid that they have to ask I pretty much ignore them and if they persist I just leave. If your just enjoying yourself its probably a bad idea to tell anyone you have a 107. This is a pretty typical sign you find at a lot of parks. It’s not legal to state that RC is permitted in designated areas or time without posting when and where.
  21. Where in LA Area (San Pedro / Whittier) can I fly?

    Hey @Roger Davis, what local park or parks do you have in mind? I'm not too familiar with the particular airspace in either San Pedro or Whittier and will have to do a bit of research. Much easier for me to check by location, and then to work backwards to explain why you can or can't fly in that location and to teach you a bit about the rules that way. So can you provide 2-3 locations for me to look up? I'll be using a combination of AirMap and VFRMap to help explain. Thanks!
  22. Podcast on Drone Safety

    Ooh, good find @Spitfire76. What's been going on / keeping you busy so far in 2018?
  23. Hello Everyone

    Heyoo, @Darren Johnson, thanks for joining. What part of Indianapolis? I had family in Carmel for a while, did some drone flying around one of the outdoor music venues.
  24. Evidence Of Passion

    Loved this. Your sound effects are great of the birds and the train. Where was this filmed? Thanks for sharing your camera details. Those PolarPro filters are great.
  25. UAS Drone Pilots Code

    Enjoyed reading through this. Thanks for sharing, @victorbravo77.
  26. Manjuyod Sandbar - Aerial 4K

    Nice video! Thanks for sharing. What are you flying here? What'd you use to edit?
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