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  2. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Announces First Ever Voice-Controlled Drone, Mantis Q

    Before Yuneec announced the Mantis Q with this feature I was in the process of adding voice control to my DIY drone as an experiment to see if it was a practical way to control a drone. I thought that it would avoid having to take my eyes of my drone to look down at a display that is not that easy to see in daylight. I found that most good voice recognition systems though require an internet connection and that typically causes a delay to translate voice into text. To make sure that the voice command is really the intended one the system would need to ask the pilot for confirmation further delaying the execution of the operation.There is also the effects of background noise and to help with that I was planning to use a headset connected to my ground control station.
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  4. Eric Morgan

    Bamboo Forest

    Thanks! I also use those two but I can't seem to get it like the way you did. I guess you are just too good.
  5. Correct I did not tie my part 107 Drone license to my part 61 private pilot license. Both of my license stand separate.
  6. If your a pilot, did you receive a separate license for your 107? Its my understanding that its just another endorsement.
  7. Kirk

    Pilots needed

    Hi Jeff I own Eye N Sky Productions in Torrance California. I’m very active in this area mostly shooting real estate. Contact me with details please.
  8. Well where to start. Like you I also have a lifetime pilots license, which has nothing to do with my question. The fact that I said I took the 24 month recurrent 107 test means I currently have a a 107 license. Back to my original question. Now that Ive taken and passed my recurrent 107 license test. Is it the same IACRA process as when we all originally got our sUAS licenses. The reason I ask is my test proctor doesn’t know, that concerns me.
  9. Av8Chuck

    Pilots needed

    I was just curious if he had bailed, it he’s been responding here on the thread.
  10. Clint Howard

    Pilots needed

    Not here.
  11. Do you have a part 107 license? I’m a pilot, you get a pilots license for life unless it’s taken away. Just because you have the license doesn’t mean your current to fly. I’d imagine 107 is the same way. i have no idea how you prove your currency? Pilots get a stamp in their logbook.
  12. Diana Vetter-Liska

    Hiring Sales Associate

    Hi! We manufacture a fixed wing drone in Dallas, Texas and are looking for a new Sales Associate to join our growing team. Please reach out if you're interested! Thank you! Diana Sales Associate Job Description (2).pdf
  13. very excited about learning to fly, Hoping to venture into a career change as I get older and hopefully wiser. I have flown a mavic pro and a Inspir 1 under the supervision of a 107 pilot. I loved it! looking for others who I can learn from and just enjoy the ride (from the ground of course). I am taking the 107 test Friday the 17th of Aug.2018....I feel very confident because I invested in a course from, I have also taken multiple practice test and have performed very well, so here goes!!!
  14. “The 25th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest”( July 13th, 2018 ~ August 20th, 2018 ) We would like to introduce the 25th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest. The 25th Annual Travel PhotoContest awaits your precious memories and photos. We look forward to your participation and seeing all of your interesting memories and moments of joy captured on film this year as well. - Guidelines - [Contest Guidelines] Themes General Category - The most memorable moment from your travels Special Category 1) Go Beyond Extra ordinary photos that reveal new perspective on familiar attractions including aerial and underwater photography that transcends the conventional. Eligibility:Open to all SubmissionPeriod:July 13th, 2018 ~ August 20th, 2018 Submission Online Participation : Login in the website of the Travel Photo Contest and upload your photo Offline Participation : Post or visit to the following address (Korean Air Travel Photo Contest Office, 3rd Fl., Backyoungbldg.. 413, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu Seoul, Korea) Submission Method and Requirement Digital Photos : No restrictions Film Photos : Printed in black & white or color, 11’x14’. No other formats will be accepted. * Please refer to detailed information on our website. ( [Contest Prizes] General Category Grand Prize(1) - 2 round-trip Prestige class tickets to any Korean Air international destination + 2 round-trip Prestige class tickets to any Korean Air destination within Korea + Leica Canera (V-LUX Explorer Kit) Gold Prize(1) 2 round-trip Prestige class ticketsto any Korean Air international destination. Silver Prize(2) 2 round-trip Economy class tickets to any Korean Air international destination. Bronze Prize(6) Each receive 2 round-trip Economy class tickets on Korean Air from Korea to Japan, China, or Southeast Asia. (Winners residing in the Americas or Europe will receive 1 round-trip Economy class ticket from the Americas or Europe to Korea) MeritPrize(50) 2 round-trip Economy class tickets to any Korean Air destination within Korea. Special Category Go Beyond (5) -2 round-trip Economy class tickets to any Korean Air destination within Korea and a KAL hotel (Seogwipo in JeJu Island) voucher (2 nights). [Winner Announcement] Date:To be announced On, Hankook Illbo Newspaper, and individual notifications. * The schedule maybe subject to change without prior notification. * Please refer to detailed information on our website. ( For further information, please visit the contest homepage ( or contact the Korean Air Travel Photography Contest Management Office. ※ The 25th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest management office E-mail inquiry:
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  16. We recently published a breaking-news update on our blog about Yuneec's newest drone, Mantis Q. Read the post here for all the details on Yuneec's announcement, Mantis Q's features, and pre-orders. It touts several eyebrow raising features including: Voice control Facial detection and gesture control 33-minute flight time Foldable arms Capture in 4K Indoor and outdoor flying Sport mode Of these features, voice control is the most exciting new addition. Yuneec is the very first company to integrate voice control into a consumer drone. What do you think about the new drone from Yuneec and its voice control capabilities?
  17. JBR LIFE Photography

    Bamboo Forest

    Mahalo Eric, Yes, I edited this image in Lightroom. I use Photoshop now and again, but can usually do what I need in Lightroom.
  18. So the place where I took the test couldn’t tell me what would happen next. Does my new license just come in the mail? Do I need to do anything?
  19. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

    The Mantis Q is now on Yuneec's US website for a base price of $499 and ship date of sometime in September, 2018.
  20. DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO PLUS V2-0 DRONE Camera 4K 20MP - $800 USD BRAND NEW - NEVER USED DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO + V2.0 Price: $ 800 US Brand: DJI Model: Phantom 4 PRO+ V2.0 Camera Integration: Camera Included Maximum Flight Time: Approximately 30 minutes Type: Ready to Fly Drone REASON FOR SALE =============== Am selling it because of relocation to another country that drone is not allow. Contact me by email:
  21. I agree with all you say. This realtor is a regular, although not a high volume client. He only does a few homes a year, but when he does, he goes for out most deluxe package, even on mid range homes. Yes, I do feel he is looking for a freebie here. He says he wants to promote my business in return. He already has recommended to me other realtors in his office, so at this point, he's offering something in exchange that he already does. I'm going to listen to what he has to say, and thank him for the suggestion, perhaps do a few of the locations - legally- but I'm not doing a major cinematic piece for nothing! I KNOW that people don't understand the editing that goes into producing a few minutes of video.
  22. That is a prime example of commercial flight. Posting videos online to promote your business is definitely commercial. It sounds like your realtor wants some free work, and that is not bad to gain some business but there would have to be some chance that you would be getting his business in the future. From the outside, it sounds like he is trying to get you to give him some freebies and he doesn't care how you get them. I, personally, would pass and move on. Find someone to work for with a little more character and honesty. As far as vacation videos or photos, sure why not. That is recreational flight. Throw in a few homes or a golf course and then use that commercially to boost your business. Real estate is a cut-throat business and unless you stand your ground and choose to operate within the law and charge a fair market price for your work, you are going to find yourself on a slippery slope.
  23. Eric Morgan

    Bamboo Forest

    Nice Capture! Did you edit the photo? if yes, What editor did you use?
  24. Eric Morgan

    Flight Controller Comparison (Summer 2018)

    I have a Tello and I'm planning to change the camera to a better one. That's why I'm checking if someone already have success on it.
  25. Eric Matyas

    Free Music Resource for Your Videos

    Happy Wednesday Everyone, I've added a couple of new pages to my site to (hopefully) make some of my tracks a bit easier to find. They are: AERIAL / DRONE (1 & 2) WORLD That said, here are this week's new free tracks: "Techno Caper" (looping version) on my Action page: "Technoscape_v001" (standard and looping) on my Corporate page: "The Secret Lab" on my Dark/Ominous 2 page: "Palin' Around Paris" on my Positive/Upbeat page: "Future Noir" on my Sci-Fi 7 page: Don't forget, if anyone needs some custom tracks created, I'm doing those at very low cost as well. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Just let me know! 🙂
  26. Luke

    Pilots needed

    Is this Jeff guy responding to anyone ?
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