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  2. Was complementing the many voices in this thread, all coming together to discuss a geeky industry / commercial sUAS operation question. The team is everyone here, in this thread and on this forum. The dream is why we're all here. To help push the drone industry forward and to have fun flying drones for fun and for profit in a safe and responsible manner.
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  4. I don't get it.
  5. R. Martin, Thanks for your help. We ended up using the Pix4D Capture app for a section of the river project this last weekend. The app crashed a few times mid-flight, which was interesting. I had to bring the M-100 back and start the mission over after restarting the app. I never figured out why the app was crashing. When it was working everything turned out great though. Client only need 2D so we didn't have to worry about 3D stuff. Over a 1000 pics were taken over the weekend with the Pix4D Capture app, so not too bad. Chris
  6. Team work makes the dream work.
  7. Steve, I believe you are spot on. That is exactly what I was thinking but you put it much more eloquently than I could have! But I have to say that I consider myself very savvy regarding Part 107, reading a sectional, looking up NOTAMs, and going beyond that and looking at Digital Chart supplements, and looking at 1 800 wxbrief before choosing to fly. I damn sure don't need DJI telling me where and when I can fly. It's obvious that many of us know more than they do (or at least more than their app does).
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  9. Thanks @Steve Bennett and @R Martin!
  10. I started with to learn more: Then went to: This location (if signed into your DJI account), allows you to unlock areas for flight in advance for what they call "Authorization zones". Unfortunately, you can't unlock what they call "Restricted Zones". In looking at all their "zones", I only see circles. My guess is, someone picked the geometric center of either the base property, the FAA Restricted zones R2903A & R2904A combined or that magenta drone no fly zone shape that @Victor Spangler / @Ed O'Grady posted; measured a line from this center to the farthest corner and said that will be the radius of the Restricted zone circle. A very poor execution in my opinion. Which leads us to this webpage: Gather your documentation, create a single PDF of it and submit it to DJI. I feel like uttering some expletives for having to submit more freaking paperwork. What really ticks me off, is like others have said in here, it should match with FAA VFR sectionals & NOTAMS. Now go submit your paperwork and fly your jobs. If I'm ever near Starke, FL, you owe me a beer.
  11. I'd buy one for sure!
  12. Wait, I see 1 class B, 2 class C and 6 or more class D along the coast from surface on up. While not technically a no-fly zone, it prevents flight without first obtaining an airspace authorization. Start filing your airspace authorization requests (not waivers) now to get them going.
  13. I have an airspace authorization to fly in class D airspace and did so a few weeks ago near KEMT. When I brought up the DJI GO app, it warned me I was in a class D airspace. Asked me to check mark 2 boxes, then let me launch. At a different jobsite a week later, I was definitely NOT in class D (nearby, yes) but after letting it warm up a bit, it prompted me for the same check marks. Defnitely not the best geo fencing, but at least it let me fly.
  14. While I hope the best for your waivers, I am doubtful they will get approved. I've had lots of success obtaining airspace authorizations in socal, waivers were denied. The closer you get to the airport, the less likely the airspace authorization will get approved. The realtors are not on the hook, pilot in command takes ultimate responsibility when arming the aircraft and departing the ground. I would avoid telling realtors that others are flying illegally in the area, never know if it was a family member or themselves that took their last round of photos. I would highlight that you abide by FAA part 107 rules & regs and take safety very seriously.
  15. Well, if you wait for your initial application to finish, you're a month minimum into it. If approved, you know you have the right verbiage in your request which you could then use to submit for other airports. If you file a bunch right now and your initial one is denied, you've got a bunch of potential denials coming back. I know its hard to wait, but I would wait to get back word on your first application before submitting more...
  16. Thanks for sharing the idea, not bad! You should market that as a kit on Amazon... Pre-made sizes for iPad mini or full would be great too...
  17. I've seen others use it with DD, however I'm not seeing it used for highly accurate mapping.
  18. Hello everyone. im Brian and i Hold my Sport pilot license and my add on for drones is in the mail Totally new to this but i do freelance photography now so this is going to be an interesting ride
  19. Mr. Weber: I have recently purchased a Parrot Bebop 2 Drone and am quite interested in getting involved in this group so I have a safe place to fly as well as a like minded community to learn from. How do I go about joining? What all is involved in being a member? Are there regularly scheduled meetings where I can learn from more experienced pilots? What are the hours that the Air Field is available? Thank you, Mark Bamberger
  20. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:,-97.8350256458189&chart=27&zoom - SkyVector for aeronautical charts & airport information!/ - 1800wxbrief for weather briefing - NOAA graphical weather - flight planning and weather, aeronautical charts with satellite view - Check NOTAMs before flight - check TFRs before flight - FAA UAS data in ArcGIS Online format *** - Texas Privacy Act - Drones ***;sid=bdbd83b90630a32f49bc9b59cc3b8605;rgn=div5;view=text;node=49:;idno=49;cc=ecfr - NTSB accident reporting criteria and methods - Stress killer
  21. Thank you so much! How do I go about learning everything else? What would be the best way to go about that - I feel very overwhelmed because there is so much valuable information. Just looking for suggestions and advice
  22. Hey everyone, Jason LaVanture made this video the other day for his customer base over at BlueLaVaMedia If you remember from the webinar, he is using google forms for his booking system. and helping them stay organized.
  23. Depending upon where specifically you plan on flying you may need a COA/Waiver. Without specifics, its impossible to answer your question. I do not see any place along the coast that would prohibit you from flying though.
  24. So, I have introduced myself and looked around the site trying to learn everything I can about flying. I have my pilot certification and would love to meet other pilots.  Any suggestions?  

  25. Thank you! I am very interested I looked at and it is fantastic! I am very impressed. I would love to visit with you guys some day, if possible.
  26. From what I've seen from other posts in the forum this seems to be the company to get a decent professional gimbal from - I need to do some more research on how well these gimbals interface to the Pixhawk 2.1 and Arducopter firmware.
  27. Good morning; I am new to this but am trying to do roof inspections in south Florida. In my research, it appears that there is virtually a NFZ from Miami to West Palm Beach. I think Delray Beach and Boynton Beach have a few areas that can be flown. I see several drone companies doing inspections in the NFZ areas. How can this be? Do I need authorization, or a waiver? I would be flying at 40 AGL. Thank you for your help
  28. It kind of depends on who the third party is doing the overlays. They might suffer from the same issues that DJI is having. Having wrong information is worse than having no information. If you use current sectionals and check NOTAMS, that's all that's required. There are a lot of third party vendors gathering data off the Internet without vetting its accuracy. So who's NFZ should I trust? AirMap's original business model was to create a website where businesses could log into and for a fee retrict the airspace around their businesses. Now they're the experts.
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