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  3. Drone Simulator

    We use Realflight 8. the quadcopter model, with simulates phantom. you can modify the flight environment to simulate in flight emergencies, which is what you should be simulating, like wind shear
  4. the apps for your ipad should be either Map Pilot or Litche. They can both program grids and litche can be set to hover and take pics on angles over your plots.
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  6. Newbie!

    Welcome to the forum. There’s a good real estate and cinematography section with lots of examples of real estate videos. This forum is focused more on the professional than the beginner. Everyone who passes the 107 or has a 333 can become a commercial operator. I bring this up because professionals tend to focus more on the application of the drone than the drone itself. So in context of that, do you photograph or produce your own property videos or stills?
  7. Anyone used Datumate?

    Hi there! I've never heard about Datumate, but can advice you Agisoft Photoscan. It's a realy greate choice for proffessional photogrammetry. If you are loking for photogrammetry web based service you can check out Sputnik Web with Photoscan on server side.
  8. Newbie!

    Hi all, I am a Real Estate professional looking to learn more on how to fly and buy the best drone for my business. Any suggestions? I am considering taking UAV drone certification course. I flew my nephews drone a few times but thats the extent of my drone experience. Below best describes me. Thank you. Newer drone hobbyists looking to hone their piloting skills and maybe one day run their own business / become professional drone pilots.
  9. If you have a promising startup in the navigation and drone industry, you will likely be interested in and eligible for a Drone Innovation Start-up Contest powered by KryptoLabs, offering a chance to win $500,000 investment. The top 5 finalist will get a round-trip for two team members from their home country to Abu Dhabi in order to pitch for the $500,000 and they will have the ability to enroll in KryptoLabs virtual incubator program. Krypto Labs is an all-in-one business incubator, accelerator and co-working space for start-ups and individuals from anywhere in the world. The incubator, associated with Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), aims to help early-stage startups take their idea to the market and they plan to invest between $50.000 to $6M into 100 startups within the next 3 years. If the Drone Innovation Start-up Contest sounds like a good fit for you, please apply using this link: The deadline is April 8th. Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. Best wishes, Xenia Dolovova
  10. Can you send me a private message with the name of the FSDO ATL person you spoke with? I may be able to give you some guidance.
  11. Hey Everyone! I am a newly-certified part 107 certified drone pilot and new here to the community. I need some guidance on what is possible and what waivers & authorization I can ask for under Part 107. I need to capture video and photos in 8 different locations in (about) a mile long stretch along I-75/I-85 (the Connector) in downtown Atlanta, GA for a large project to cross over the interstate corridor. I don't have a hard deadline, but it needs to be completed within 6 months if at all possible. I spoke with a guy at FSDO in my region and I'm even more confused now about what waivers & authorizations I need to get and if this is even possible. I'm super discouraged at the moment. He said I can only get up to 400', but because I'm in a class B airspace, he isn't sure if I can get up to 400'. But, then he said if I had authorization, I might be able to get up to 1000' AGL. Ideally, I want to be at 2350' AGL if possible. To make it easier, I plan to just go straight up and down (as opposed to crossing the 200 lanes of interstate). Would someone mind to have a look at my images/location and help me through my first stab at this? I have images saved in a shareable Google drive folder, but not sure if you need to see those to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for your help!!
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  13. Greetings from the Hudson Valley

    Hi Tom, Sorry about the link, fat fingers Yes Lake George was a long way for us, I am in Western Mass. near Springfield Mass. so you are actually considerably closer. We cover all the way down into NJ. Let me know if you want more info. Rick
  14. Greetings from the Hudson Valley

    Yes, we just released an updated version of our Part 107 test prep and training course and sent an email to our students about it a couple of weeks ago. We'll be sunsetting the original course (shutting it down) at the end of this month, but for now you'll see two versions of the course in your account. Click the one with the longer title to see the newest version of our curriculum. Shoot me an email at if you have any other questions, thanks, @Tom Duggan! Alan
  15. Recommendations for Video Editing software

    Does anyone have any thoughts for apps or software for doing after effects on the finished videos.
  16. Recommendations for Video Editing software

    I live near a small city of 35000 our local library has a media lab with Adobe premiere pro and apple final cut pro after taking a 2 hr class to be certified I can use it for free anytime the library is open, with 2 people on staff to help work out any issues. If you have a library near you give that a try. I take my drone footage as well as my interior walk through and do my editing in a quiet environment without distractions with no time limit. Ps. take an external hard drive to save your work because they wipe the computer clean at the end of the day
  17. تلویزیون شهری

    تلویزون شهری یک نمایشگر بزرگ می باشد که از دیود های ال ای دی تشکیل شده است . تلویزیون شهری بیشتر در فضای بیرون از سالن استفاده می شود . کاربرد تلویزیون  شهری در میادین شهر و مجتمع های تجاری شهری , سردر سازمانها های دولتی ,خصوصی , پارک ها , دانشگاه ها و غیره می باشد . این نمایشگرها قابلیت برنامه ریزی و ساخت تیزر و نمایش آن را به دفعات نا محدود دارا هستند .شما می توانید با نصب این نمایشگرها جلوه ویژه ای از تبلیغات را برای مکان تجاری خود تامین کرده و باعث جلب توجه مشتریان و معرفی هرچه بهتر خدمات خود شوید. با کمک این نمایشگرها قابلیت انواع نوشتار متحرک ، عکس ، فیلم و تیزر تبلیغاتی خود را به دفعات و به طور شبانه روز بر سر در مکان تجاری امکان پذیر است.
  18. FAA CoA

    Thank you, ED, for that link. I was asked about the new, expedited, process for emergency waiver by a state manager just last week. If needed, we will apply for an emergency waiver. Now I'm thinking I should apply to operate in just the G airspace, statewide, and not include any of the controlled airspaces in my geographic depiction, although we have a need to fly routine missions in those as well. I can always attempt to add the controlled spaces when it comes time to renew the CoA. I note that Reno made the list of LAANCs. I wish someone could tell me if there is an acreage limit to the operational area I can submit in the form? I guess I'll have to submit the app and get rejected to find out their limits. Then I can report that to this community. Does anyone know about an upcoming workshop or conference where the FAA will attend and possibly host a lecture on applying for CoAs or waivers? Does the FAA have representatives at the InterDrone or other Conference held in Vegas, in the fall?
  19. FAA CoA

    One thing I can tell you is that if your agency needs immediate assistance regarding airspace authorizations there is a process for that. On the other hand, if your requirements are ongoing (as you suggested), then this is going to be a protracted process I suspect. Obviously, G airspace is open to you and the TFR's are not. So that leaves the remaining areas. For that you might consider simply utilizing Good luck
  20. FAA CoA

    Av8 Chuck & other interested folks. I'm not sure I'm half way thru what I think could end up being a 40-hour effort to complete the form. The process is proving to be quite a hassle, requiring patience and persistence. To be clear, I'm attempting to get a CoA that is good for 2 years, not the temp one that can be accessed from a link on the FAA website. My agency has been advised by the FAA that having a CoA will make it easier to obtain a waiver to fly beyond line of sight, which is our real desire, since all our pilots are part 107. Two major steps: 1. Getting the FAA to give me the link to the online form. This required submitting a letter of request & getting security access to the FAA website. 2. Filling out the actual form. The form is not instructive and has problems. I've been obliged to spend a number of hours in trail and error, making dead end data entry mistakes, and getting short email clues from the FAA, after waiting days for the replies. The person filling out the form should be a UAS pilot to handle the technical questions. Regarding my initial post, the form queries the applicant for a geographic depiction of the intended area of operations. I have questions about this. I've been writing down notes of the specific steps and things I've learned. My notes are way incomplete at this point. It would not be practical for me to simply post the pages of short hand notes on this forum. If you have specific questions, for which I can give short answers, post them to this topic. I'll see what I can do. Once I've successfully submitted the completed form and received an initial response from the FAA, I'll brief Alan Perlman to see how he wants to get details I've learned out the community. Ken
  21. FAA CoA

    I'd be interested in the process you go through to get your COA as well. We are scanning power substation in California, there are approximately 2500 of them and they're often in close proximity to airports having to apply for waivers one at a time is a deal breaker for the utilities. We'd like to be able to accomplish this in out lifetime.
  22. FAA CoA

    I'm the lead part 107 pilot for a Nevada state agency. I'm filling out the online FAA form for a CoA for this agency to operate under. The form includes a question to delineate the area of flight operations. Since my state agency could be tasked for flight missions almost anywhere in the state and most of the state is G airspace, rather than delineating some geographic areas we might fly in, I'd like to delineate the entire state, minus the airspaces over the air force bases in the south and parts of the ATC airspaces in Reno and Las Vegas. I'd like the community to comment on this. Does anyone know specifically what the FAA is expecting, and, possibly, what they will accept for this answer? Ken
  23. fly in the rain. -

    Hi, sorry for the delay : its been almost 6 months since are launch and we have sold over 5000 units world wide I might add. We do have a warranty in place that is based off the DJI flight report. We let DJI make the call. So far no call have been made. We engineered and designed a Surge Ring now that protect the Gimbal ring , we made it .55mm thinner and just a bit tighter The Neoprene has had no effect on the GPS signal at all this is do to its being only 1.7mm thin , As far as the rain on the sensors , the sensors do not as you already guessed do not affect the Sensors or the props or the motors. We have had several conversations working with the DJI team into the motors being brushless and how effective they are at withstanding water. Are concern was not the water in the motors but just keeping it out of the drone period. We are amazed at how much water the drone can take in 20 minutes and not get a single drop in the drone. Not only has the Wet Suit made a difference in flying in the Rain but really any extreme weather such as freezing cold. We can now fly in 20 below better than ever before because the battery is sealed better , This stops the cold air from getting in behind the battery and has made a big difference, We also used Closed Cell Neoprene which keep the heat in bit more but in noway can heat the drone up enough to cause any problems. Keeping blowing sand out of the gimbal is yet another added benefit that we have been thrilled with. We also found that the Prop covers lock in the props and make it more difficult for them to pop off as we have read many of incidents of that happening and thus the drone crashes , so this was another added benefit. Last to mention is the landing Gear protection wraps protect the clips on the phantom and provide a nice 1 hand catch and release handle non slip. If there is any negative its that not every drone can be protected . We have had tremendous success with the phantom series 4 but we were not able to make it for the Phantom 3 series nor 2 for that matter. For those that fly the Phantom 4 , this was a game changer in many ways. Here are some really nice pictures of the phantom 4 pro Black Obsidian: Enjoy I am struggling with being able to post any more pictures. Had to make these very small. Thank you 440 - 315 - 4804 coal
  24. DIY ART

    I think I'll try this technique to tidy up all those wires.
  25. Greetings from the Hudson Valley

    Thanks, Alan! Quick question...not sure if this is the right place...I've been lax and have not kept up with the prep course ( bad!), but I think I remember that there's been a change by the FAA which is now reflected in course material? I think I remember reading something to the effect of you can continue with the older curriculum or switch to the new? Is that what is now presented when I logon? Sorry! -Tom
  26. Who, at the FAA is the best person to call for questions. I sent an email, got a automated response, but no one as contacted me from that request. It’s beem Nine months since I sent my waiver requests in. This is ridiculous.
  27. Has the FAA stopped approval of waivers?

    They are still approving, I got two approvals 1-2 weeks ago from 5 months afterward submitting them. Big backlog.
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