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  2. Whistler

    Hi from Burbank

    Hey everyone. I’m in Burbank, Ca. Interested in most things drone; photography, video, maybe a little real estate and/or inspection. Still exploring it all. Just got a Syma X5C in order to learn to fly before I move on to something better. So far it’s a blast. Was wondering about any clubs/organizations in my area. Any help or hints? Looking forward to it all. Thanks
  3. Av8Chuck

    Maui Motorheads

    Now we're talking! Great use of shallow depth of field. Cars is what I do. I've photographed about 18K of the most expensive and famous cars on the planet. For about five years I was the guy people with extravagant car collections called to photograph and film their cars. This video is more of a slideshow but you can get a sense of the cars that I shot: This video is long and slow but it was the first video I shot using a home built servo gimbal, Canon 5D2 and features me and my wife in her car. I was trying to figure out how to mount camera's for creative shots - tough to do when the car is plastic... The first part is me messing with the gimbal on a jib, no real motion. The about 1:18 in starts the motion. There's one aerial shot, I didn't have the nerve to fly the 5D back then...
  4. It says to consider using the LAANC system instead. I would much prefer using that but it's not available for KAPF. I'll try for the shorter authorization since that should get a response faster, if I get that then I'll submit for a waiver. Also looking at the waivers granted, there has been nothing posted for 107.41 in 2018, I don't understand that.
  5. Bassfisher

    Hi from Arkansas

    I’m from central Arkansas. New to drones, but over 30 years flying RC. Maybe looking for a new oppprtunity to get into a new field making a little extra pocket change. I passed my 107 test on the first attempt with a 93%. I’m in the middle of a purchase for an Autel X-Star Currently flying a smaller drone to get my skills up. No crashes yet. Lol would like to get together with someone local to learn a bit more about photos opportunities thanks
  6. Bassfisher

    Hi from Arkansaa

    I’m from central Arkansas. New to drones, but over 30 years flying RC. Maybe looking for a new oppprtunity to get into a new field making a little extra pocket change. I passed my 107 test on the first attempt with a 93%. I’m in the middle of a purchase for an Autel X-Star Currently flying a smaller drone to get my skills up. No crashes yet. Lol would like to get together with someone local to learn a bit more about photos opportunities thanks
  7. The reason I suggested only applying for 2 grids is as follows from FAA: "If you make a request under Part 107.41 in the Drone Zone and ask for a wide-area or long-term authorization without an associated operational waiver, you will be sent a denial notice stating that you must apply for a specific date and location that can be reasonably flown in one day. " Let's see what happens with it.
  8. Spitfire76

    In Search of Outback Joe - UAV Challenge

    Day 2 summary
  9. Based on your advise, I've revised my planned request. Here is the map, I took 200 and 300 and plan to ask for 150. APF Grid Waiver 1.pdf
  10. Well, yes, I was hopping for one blanket waiver considering if it were included in the LAANC system it would be essentially be pre determined for manual approval at altitudes much higher than I was asking for. I will scale this way back and ask for just a small section and see how that goes, then re apply for other areas based on my priority. I'll redo that map and post later. Thanks again for your great advice
  11. First of all, there is a single 150 grid. Wonder if that's correct - I've never seen one before. So are you asking FAA to approve the entire area in one fell swoop? I'm assuming you are excluding the 0 grids (the red no fly grids). My guess is very little chance of approval - almost none. My previous point was that if you were looking at, let's say, 2 adjacent grids of 100 and 200 AGL max altitudes, request 75ft. Otherwise, you would need to show clearly how you would avoid exceeding 100 ft as you transition the adjacent grid. Start small with 2 adjacent grids as a test.
  12. That great, thanks! So what I did was to take the KAPF facility map grid and color coded it as I've seen in approved waivers. I put all 0 grids as NFZ, 100, 150 = 75' 200 = 150' 300, 400 =200' Do you think that is okay or is that too many zones? APF Grid Waiver.pdf
  13. JBR LIFE Photography

    Maui Motorheads

    Aloha UAV Ohana, When most folks think of Maui, they imagine beautiful sandy beaches, sapphire blue water, and palm trees swaying in the wind. These aren't incorrect descriptors, by any means, but there's much more to this island than just the magazine & travel ad material. There's a decently sized motorsports community here, ranging from bikers to drag racers. We have a motorsports park with a corner-carving track, a motocross track, a drag strip, a dirt stock car track, and a range of offload trails that people tend to use for blowing off a little steam now and then. There's just something timeless about burnouts and donuts, no matter what you're driving. I had the pleasure of filming a project for a small group of motorheads, cruising upcountry and around parts of Haleakala. Thought I'd share a little vid of some of the action. Enjoy!
  14. droidbull

    Drones for security purpose

    I think you should consider FlytSecurity on your list. It is really a great product. I will try percepto too
  15. Oh well. I don't think "freelance" anybodies are useful in times of emergencies and natural disasters. I've handled many in my 20 years in the airline industry. I handled plane crashes, a bombing at LGA, and many serious snowstorms. There was NEVER room for amateurs - I needed pros and thank God, we had them! Dont want me to get me started!.
  16. And that's the reality of it. I don't really know what they would have us do anyways. If you did go, How would briefing go down ? Who are you meeting for work ? where are you meeting ? etc. Things to think about.
  17. Thanks @Luke for the update. It unfolded pretty much as I expected and I hope you were not sitting around waiting for the call! If you think about it, if you were the regional commander of whatever service, what would you do with a bunch of folks like me. You don't know me, what I can do, I don't know what you really want, and you're under a tremendous amount of pressure. Folks like me just get in the way.
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  19. Lewis Soloff

    Surveyor Business Question

    I am a licensed land surveyor in California. I own a land surveying company, and am active in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo Counties. I am studying with the hope of getting a drone license in the next month or two. Still I don’t have any equipment, software, or experience piloting a drone, and I am getting requests for drone surveys, which is mostly topographic mapping to result in AutoCad linework. I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to do the flying, photography, and potentially the processing on a subcontracting basis. Please feel free to email me at, or call me at 310-729-9606.
  20. Av8Chuck

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    DJI certainly seems to be trying to out market the truth. I'm guessing Drone Girl really likes her relationship with DJI. A couple of things, first I couldn't care less if the Air Force wants to purchase 35 MAVIC's, they can't and no amount of this "fake" news is going to change that. Second, they compare the MAVIC Pro to a Tiny Whoop - which is more of a toy than the DJI, the Ebee - which is a fixed wing, and a 3DR SOLO which hasn't been manufactured in two years. Kind of a false choice don't you think? Finally, “Until there is a viable alternative that provides the same capabilities, the 720th OSS will continue to pursue use of this airframe due to the training requirements and limitations surrounding approved equipment,” And just so people understand, DJI was not banned just for the cyber-security issue. If the US and China get into a shoving match, DJI has the capability to make it so that none of the drones the military purchases will arm. Its isn't the fact that it can phone home, its the fact that they built JSPush (and whatever else they could think up) into their firmware. This is literally propaganda from DJI. They seem to be putting it out everywhere.
  21. So, They closed operations to us the other day. Looks Like I can stay home, and dry Would've been kinda interesting to see what's really going on over there, But I wasn't too fond of staying over there for to long. This was the last email they sent me: Hello Pilots,Minimal sUAS pilot deployments have been used in the Hurricane Florence recovery efforts, in all fields, not just telecom / power infrastructure inspections. Power companies and insurance companies received BVLOS and were used to assess damage, but the number of sUAS pilots utilized is significantly less than initially estimated. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have suffered loss of loved ones, and those personally impacted by the devastation left behind from Hurricane Florence.As stated previously, we appreciate your willingness to offer assistance to those in need, you are to be commended. IF we receive pilot activations in the coming days/weeks, we will be calling the pilots who are based in the NC/SC area. Also, as previously stated, it you have other opportunities, you should consider them, we do not have a schedule nor guarantee of pilot activations. Finally, as stated in the first email from Monday 9/10/18, we were looking for sUAS pilots with Part 107 willing to assist in the recovery efforts. As the vast majority of the pilot network members recognize, there was no request to travel to the affected areas nor guarantee of deployment, and compensation would not begin until the pilot is activated. Pilot activation means being placed on Standby (confirmed by phone call) or deployment (confirmed by mission profile, schedule, and asset locations). Thank you all for the continued patience and your partnership in this effort. If you have additional questions, please reply to this email at @Ed O'Grady @Av8Chuck @R Martin
  22. Latest from the AMA. As far as I understood this is what they like for hobbyists Better defines a community based organizations like the AMA Better defines FPV Removes notification rings around airports remote id not yet imposed and this is what that don't like comply with 400 ft AGL cap obtain airspace authorization in controlled airspace near towered airports or fly only at community based flying sites that have an agreement with those airfields
  23. Rich, I suspect that KAPF has an FAA contract Tower (FCT) rather than one that is manned by FAA employees. Seems that these towers are not in the LAANC program and it's hard to find information on what's coming next regarding these airports. But I would not assume that the Airmap tag about "coming soon" means very much. FAA at the moment is not prone to issuing airspace waivers as you suggested. That does not mean you shouldn't apply for it however. The problem comes in when you are looking to transition from one grid to another and the altitudes are different. FAA does not really want to hear that you will do this and that to mitigate risk. You're best shot is to apply for the lowest common denominator. If the adjoining grids show 100/200/300 AGL altitudes, then you would be best to apply for 90 AGL. I'm not saying you can't get more than that - just saying that might make it easier. If you get it you can always reapply for higher. I am constantly flying in 0 AGL grids, literally under approaches to my airport and I have never been denied yet. I typically get approval in less that 36 hours but I make it easy on them. If I really only need 75 AGL, that's what I ask for and get. Even though I'm smack under a few approaches, if a manned a/c was at 75 feet then he's going into the marsh and has much bigger problems.
  24. Spitfire76

    InterDrone Keynote Speakers Include Over One Dozen UAV Visionaries

    Another article from Sally reporting that the Air Force want to use DJI !
  25. Spitfire76

    Matrice 210 RTK and NIR with post processing

    Greg seems to know a thing or two about this technology.
  26. I'm shopping around and want to make sure I do my homework before I make the plunge here. I have a few questions. I'm doing wetland inspection which compares to crop health inspection through chlorophyll measurement. also building inspections including thermals, landscape photography, and any other environmental applications that my little heart can dream up. 1. I want the best multispectral camera and most user-friendly postprocessing I can find. 2. should I pick up an intermediate drone somewhere between this commercial giant and the phantom series before i pick up this one? 3. any suggestions on vendors? 4. any additional comments are welcome? Thanks
  27. Oof that intro shot is so good.
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