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  2. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Not sure about which YouTube video to watch but it’s a MAVIC, probably the easiest drone there is to fly. Don't over think it. Search this forum regarding learning to fly, it does not have to be MAVIC specific advice, the fundamentals are the same for all multirotors. Charge the battery, find a large open space with no one around and learn by doing. I think watching a “few” how-to videos is a good idea but you probably don’t need to spend that much time. The sooner you get it into the air the sooner you get over the oh-sh&t factor, start learning and have the a breat time. Just stay away from EVERYTHING and don’t get overconfident and fly to far or too high and have fun.
  3. Drone Operator. Licenced and experienced

    There’s quite a few threads about drones and real estate in this forum. Here’s one with a lot of examples: We don’t make a living doing property videos but we do quite a few of them. We’ve found that realtors won’t pay nearly what it takes to produce quality content, we’re relitively expensive so the homeowner always pays us directly. But what we were also told, and I’m not sure if this depends on the area your in (we’re in California) that there was no way to be paid out of escrow.
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  5. Cell tower inspections?

    In the US the cell tower part of the telecomunnications industry has been rolled up into a few very large companies that lease space to the witless carriers. They are the ones who who are responsible for the inspections and the likelihood that an individual with a 107 will be hired for inspections is unlikely. We’ve done quite a few but there are a lot of towers spread all over and the crew spends way more time on the road than in the air. At the time they didn’t want to pay enough to make it feasible. Here’s a short video of an inspection. Many cell towers are very tall ~300’ which makes dumb thumbing it very difficult, there’s a lot of RF interference which can interrupt the video feed so you can’t trust FPV, and it usually quit windy so you need a very stable drone.
  6. Cell tower inspections?

    I see that this is an old thread, but maybe some of you would be interested in this state-of-the-art article about cell tower inspections, written by one of my colleagues:
  7. Precision Hawk

    Shanmugavel, I bought the package but have yet to use the precision hawk software, as it is very hard to get into the farming communities around my area. dji drone from them is just a phantom 4 pro with no changes to the model. Sorry I am not much help. If you would be interested in the card i am selling as a Christmas special of 600$, card still has yet to be scratched for the code and can send pictures. of card (drone not included)
  8. Great to see all the interest in what is certain to become a vital business. Aerial photography is important to Real Estate. I am the owner of Ocean Discounts. This is a full featured UAS and we offer inexpensive drone opportunities for anyone interested. For Realtors, the final cost is passed to the seller and collected at closing. There are no out of pocket expenses for the agent. Every flight is continent upon a site evaluation and weather conditions. See our website for more information:
  9. Any suggestions on Best you tube videos to watch ( there are just so many channels and how to topics) as new mavic pilot. I have watched Dji go 4 etc etc. hoping any of you have your favorites that you might suggest. i do realize it’s a pretty open question ( sorry about that)
  10. Hello from Dutchess County NY

    Hi all proud to be a part of this growing team of pilots with various needs. i am a Real Estate Broker having been licensed forever, Former President of NY STATE Association of Realtors and now looking to developed into a safe and responsible drone pilot. Hoping to create a team of fellow brokers and others interested in drones in the form of a club to share our talents and better serve the general public with qualified and licensed pilots.
  11. Intro & Question

    Thank you. Is the DJI go app the only one that can be used?
  12. If the article was accurate, the guy knew what he was doing was wrong and did it anyway under the blanket of recreational flight. And again, if the article is accurate it wasn't the first time that day that he ignored the regs and AMA rules.
  13. Precision Hawk

    hello timmy67 . My query is also same as yours, now you bought your package, can you give some feedback and suggestions thank you
  14. Ever heard the expression truth in advertising? I didn’t follow the link, I’m also in no way justifying what this guy did but I’ve seen adds and promotional videos about how far you fly a MAVIC and P4 FPV. Something like two or more miles. On one hand DJI makes GEO fencing mandatory but if you can arm it you can fly it way beyond VLOS. I don’t understand the hypocracy.
  15. That's the big question. I think they will go in a fairly big way on this but it could be fines or it could be part of a new training initiative. Can't speculate on it.
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  17. Aware of the regs and ignored them with predictable results. Wonder if the FAA is going to fine him?
  18. WASHINGTON (December 14, 2017) — The National Transportation Safety Board determined Thursday the operator of a drone that collided with an U.S. Army helicopter failed to see and avoid the helicopter because he was intentionally flying the drone out of visual range and did not have adequate knowledge of regulations and safe operating practices. To read the full investigative report click here
  19. Phantom 4 Pro (extras)

  20. Mavic Pro filters what is best

    Sorry meant appreciate feedback will give it a try
  21. Mavic Pro filters what is best

    Appr Coates feedback. I’ll give it a try
  22. Free Music Resource for Your Videos

    Happy Thursday everyone, Here are this week's new free tracks: On the Dark/Ominous page: "Dark Things" (Looping) "Dark Things 2" (Looping) On the Funny 4 page: "Beware of the Blob" (Looping) And on the Puzzle Music 3 page: "The Snow Globe" (Looping)
  23. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    @Zacc Dukowitz, I don't see on the FAA or AMA websites any information on the reintroduction of registration for hobbyists on having to register each UAV that they own. It appears to be the same as before in that we just need to register once. If it is indeed the case that we have to register all our UAVs it maybe good for market analysts but not for RC model aircraft pilots. This is why I agree with Bruce (earlier post in this thread) as the FAA has not done a good job of defining a drone. They simply define it as a remote controlled aircraft weighing between 0.55 to 55 Lbs so this includes all RC model planes and helicopters. Also I don't think it would be of interest to any drone market analyst that I fly a model Spitfire at my local RC club's airfield.
  24. My name is Mark from NJ. I am a graphic artist with a 26 year background in the commercial printing industry. I am interested in learning as much as I can about the UAS industry with a focus on purchasing equipment, becoming certified and starting a new career. I have a lot of questions and would hope to get good advice from this forum. Thanks and I look forward to your comments. - MV
  25. Drones for good!

    At least most drones don't have 20 pound windows to drop on school children...
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  27. Remote Pilot on Resume

    Interested in mapping and inspection mainly but open to possibilities. I will take a look at the site. Thanks!
  28. Remote Pilot on Resume

    Hi Pat...have you done any videography with your drone? Also, what type of opportunity are you looking for? If you want you can go to our site and fill out this form and speak with one of us. Thanks.
  29. Introduction

    Hi Aurora, Just know that the DJI drones are great for flying with all the anti-collision features built in with their phantom and mavic models. If your fly them and suddenly need to stop, all you need to do is let go of the controls and the drones hovers where they are at. This give you time to get your bearings and ease the drone back to where you want it to go. There are other drones with the same features but you need to feel comfortable with the drone you fly. Sometimes spending a few hundred dollars more saves you a world of head aches.
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