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  2. Another 5 Mi airport ?

    Hi Javi. The "5 mile rule" that you referred to is for Hobbyists. Since you said you are operating under the Part 107 commercial rules, you must abide by those rules. The specific rule that applies in this case is 107.41 "Operations in Certain Airspace" which pertains to controlled airspace. If you're a new pilot and not as familiar with VFR Sectionals, which is what you provided a link to with Skyvector, I would recommend using view controlled airspace. When you do, be sure to choose the FAA-107 option to ensure that you are looking at the correct maps. I've attached the one that pertains to your question. From this image, you can see that Lake McMurty Park lies outside the Class D airspace of KSWO, however, the southeast edge of the lake is very close to the controlled airspace. As long as you do not penetrate the Class D airspace, you are able to fly commercially under Part 107. By the way, the Class E airspace that you mentioned doesn't start until 700' AGL, so you'll need to make sure you remain below that and since you are flying under Part 107, you are required to remain below 400' AGL (unless you are flying within 400' of a tower). Of course, you may need to check other rules and regulations such as park regulations. A quick Google search turned up this site which describes the rules and regulations. And it doesn't appear that they have banned drones yet. Good luck!
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  4. Ok, I am trying to gain clarification specific to my area. I have read through many of the forum answers in regards to the 5 mile rule. I am in stillwater, OK. I am currently wanting to operate at Lake McMurtry ( west of stillwater regional airport) As a part 107 commercial operator ( I work for a non profit parks/recreation company called Lake McMurtry Friends ) wanting to operate at Lake McMurtry which is in Class E airpsace ( mostly ) and the Stillwater Regional Airport is Class D, would I need a waiver to operate since the airport is controlled airspace ...even though my operation area is outside of that airspace? ( or at least I think it is..) On the map Lake McMurtry is located directrly under the text "stillwater regional SWO" I believe to be on the safe side since just the east edge of the lake appears to be in class D I would need to request a waiver..,-97.085888889&chart=301&zoom=3 Thanks
  5. DJI Spark used to build 3D model

    I map professionally using the Phantom 4, Mavic Pro and now the Spark. The camera quality is good enough to get most job tasks completed, including 3D models. I successfully use the data with FARO 3D Laser scan data. 3D maps of land and roadways are easy for most any model and camera, 3D modeling is more challenging with lower quality cameras but can still be achieved. The phantom does the best job overall followed by the Mavic Pro, but the spark surprisingly does a great job for the money and is less noticeable, smaller, quieter. Good luck.
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  7. Property Video

    Beautiful job... particularly liked the steaming kettle, the sprinklers through the window and the pull focus at 1:28... Well done... also the grading was spot on.
  8. My first drone circa 1975

    Oh man, right up there with gas powered airplane on a string!
  9. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Alan, I'm stoked to see your time-lapse! I would think the city skyline should provide a great scene for the shadow passing. Wish I could be there to share the experience... And pulled pork...
  10. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    OMG that dude on the cocktail video was PAINFUL to watch. I gave up half way through. I hate gin anyway, so no loss for me😵😜🍻
  11. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Ha ha! Sounds like he had to make a few before he got it right!
  12. Positive news related to content with drones

    It actually was on the front page...
  13. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    I mean, this guy definitely knows what he's talking about. I trust him wholeheartedly.
  14. Positive news related to content with drones

    Nice share, Ed!
  15. Positive news related to content with drones

    Here's an article that appeared in my local paper, The Brunswick News, today (Brunswick Georgia) and I reprint it here with the OK of the paper and the reporter. Police call on drones to help nab suspect | Local News | The News.pdf
  16. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Funny you mention that Chuck. I was thinking about driving north on I 95 towards Charleston to get a better view and then I thought exactly what you said. No way. The delays, fender benders, etc. I know that Georgia State Patrol will be out in full force to keep folks moving along. Now, if I can just create an Eclipse Cocktail.
  17. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Not to be a total downer, but does anyone want to wager o the number of auto accidents because drivers are trying to look at it while driving? I like Ed's approach.
  18. Howdy from a Noob

    I just purchased my first real drone to learn on. It's a Parrot Bebop 2 which I'm finding a breeze to learn to fly with as opposed to the toy drone that I started out on. I'm doing it mainly for a hobby at this point but may consider doing it as a side job once I get my air legs. Any other Parrot owners out there?
  19. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    I may add an additional item. Marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts on the grill, sliced thinly, on a Kaiser roll with asian sweet chili sauce. Butter the rolls and lightly toast them.
  20. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Ooh, pulled pork is a good idea. I'm still trying to decide what I want for lunch. My folks are coming over, and we plan to grill something yum yum
  21. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Alan, as you know I'm about 10 hours SE of you. We'll have 93% occlusion here. I've got a bunch folks that will be in the pool watching it and I'm looking forward to getting pics of them wearing those crazy glasses! That is, after my pulled pork sandwiches for lunch!
  22. Pricing By Work Product?

    Not sure there's a need to break it out by travel, set up time, etc. But I've always liked the idea of breaking it out by data acquisition vs. post-processing. That demonstrates that you're not just a guy with some cool drone equipment, but that there's real expertise here and that you're taking the data and rendering in a way that'll be beneficial to the client. That's where the real value is and what separates you from a commoditized drone pilot who charges by the hour. Re: the data acquisition part, I know a handful of pilots who charge a flight minimum of 2-3 hours. So even if you're only up in the air for 15 minutes, you're still charging your minimum, which makes sense given the airspace research / scouting you're doing, the travel, set up, flying, take down, etc. You can also charge a half-day or day rate as well. And on the post-processing side, you're absolutely right that some of the end products have varying degrees of work / expertise, and you should build that into your rate. If a client balks at your price, ask them why. That'll help you understand product / market fit and whether or not that particular type of mission and use case and client are going to be a good fit for you longer term. Building a service-based business is tough! It's a lot of back-and-forth and experimentation, particularly with price and service delivery, until you feel like you're getting it right. Internally, I like the idea of tracking your hours just so you know how to forecast your own efforts. When I ran a marketing agency a few years ago, I had an internal goal of getting at least $100 for every billable client hour. My pricing evolved over time to be more value-based vs. simply deliverable or hours-based, but that number helped me understand whether or not I was finding success on a month-to-month basis.
  23. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Due to the angle of most sUAS cameras, you likely won't be able to position the camera to get the eclipse in field of view. Even if your camera tilts 30 degrees up, the sun will be high up in the sky on Monday. I plan to film the shadow, but even then my expectations are pretty low. Not sure I'll be able to discern anything at 300-350 ft. Would look a lot cooler from higher up
  24. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Thanks Alan - was thinking about doing something similar, but just starting to think about what the best angle, objects, etc to record would be....nature/trees, or buildings (i.e. Space Needle in Seattle) the nature of your post I'm guessing the shadows will be cooler to record than the eclipse itself?! Love any additional thoughts on what the best views may be! Thanks.
  25. First Clients - Almost

    Onward and upward. Was the farmer pleased with what you could show him - did he see it as a good roi? I hope the interested parties take you up. Good luck.
  26. For those doing commercial drone services, how do you handle the pricing structure when the work product involves different types of products such as Othomosaic Photos, 360-degree Spherical Panoramas, and 3D Models / Point Clouds? It seems the data acquisition phase (the flying) can easily be an hourly rate. But these work products I've mentioned have varying degrees of complexity, labor, processing time, and most importantly value to the client. So for example, what do you charge for a 360 Spherical Panorama and how did you come to that figure? Do you break it out or just quote a total price for the job which includes travel, setup, flying, processing and delivery (not to mention normal business overhead costs must be factored in). Or do you break it out into data acquisition, and then post-processing? It seems the post-processing on a 360 Pano might be in the range of around 15 minutes of work, if that. So if your hourly rate is $100/hr do you charge $25 per pano? That seems very low considering in the client's eyes it can be a very useful and impressive work product. What about a 3D Model? It might be a half hour of labor setting up and verifying the processing, and depending on the complexity could be several hours of server time crunching the numbers. How do you assess a fair price?
  27. Are you offering standard real estate photography?

    Lol indeed! The life of a young grandpa
  28. Awesome site! I am developing my own right now, thought it was decent...until I saw yours haha.
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