Hello fellow dronesters!

My name is Alan, and I started this community forum to help better connect those in the UAV industry. As this community evolves, naturally so will our guidelines.

For now, in lieu of anything formal, I'll simply request that you use good judgement when you participate in this community.

Oh, and you won't be able to directly upload images / videos that are larger than 1MB...we encourage you to reduce your image file sizes (and link out to higher resolution photos), and for videos we recommend using YouTube or Vimeo and dropping the link directly into your forum post. Our software will magically embed the video right into your post, and it looks GREAT on mobile phones / tablets.

Respect other community members and do what you can to strengthen the forum by sharing your opinions and experiences, by sharing your projects, by asking questions, and finally by offering helpful tips / tricks for others in the UAV industry.



P.S. Any issues? Reach our team at

  • Welcome to UCCF.

    The UAV Coach Community Forum is actively moderated by the UAV Coach team and offered to help serve those in the UAV industry. Use this space to meet and greet, to ask and answer questions, to share what you're working on, etc. Have fun, play nice, and fly safe! :)

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