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    To all professional users out there! The Gremsy S1 Giveaway is now ongoing with a gift set worth $2018 up for grabs! Take this chance to win yourself a new Gremsy S1 gimbal, a powerful companion that will assist you in various industrial applications such as aerial mapping, aerial inspection, surveying, search and rescue etc. This new gimbal also now fully supports Flir Duo Pro R cameras! To participate, simply follow the instructions in the link below and remember to like the Gremsy Facebook page to keep updated about the winning participant. https://gremsy.com/news/gremsy-s1-giveaway/ Participation is free and the deadline is 30th June 2018 so be sure to enter today! More information on the Gremsy S1: https://gremsy.com/gremsy-s1/ Gremsy's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Gremsy/ Best regards, Gremsy Team Questions? Feel free to reach us at contact@gremsy.com
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    Realizing that all my opinion and $5 dollars will buy you is a latte at Star Bucks, I am truly concerned....I can certainly understand an appreciate that there are reliable, honest, hard working folks out there who want a chance to perhaps capture the future or realize a passion for flight, photography even editing but to provide services for an insurance company at what has to be considered minimum wage (regardless of volume) is a danger to all pilots and the industry in general.... ...It sends a message to these companies that there is an over abundance of pilots who perhaps do not know how and/or where to prospect for business and are willing to fly for next to nothing just to get a ROI and in my humble opinion..... that sets a very dangerous precedent when it comes to establishing the value of our services.... ....Those $70 (Drone Base) and $82.50 (EagleHawk Platform/Droners.IO) missions cheapen the value of our services beyond redemption because they will be seen as the norm for excellence as well as industry rates for that kind of service... ...Each pilot regardless of flight or business experience does put in the time, effort and costs to be able to enter into an industry that in some instances may even change a person's life forever....not sound overly dramatic but the issue is serious.... ....The UAV Industry as a whole should be looking to establish general/standardized commercial rates that are equitable and compensatory with the services being provided. Nothing cast in stone mind you, but average rates that any industry/company can expect to encounter which would in essence derail their ability to put pilot against pilot in a bidding war for mission volume.... Perhaps it's time to start talking about forming a pilots association that believes in standardized rates for the good of its pilots. If rogue pilots continue to support the rates of these Insurance Claim Centers, any opportunity of procuring any other business connected with or that can be referred by them, will be unavailable because they believe they have set the industry rate standard for claim investigation because they have pilots that will fly for that rate.... ....Let's be candid here....It's only a matter of time until said Insurance Companies, the Utilities, Law Enforcement, Construction and etc., will provide their own drone operations....business connected thru them will also be affected....translation....there will be even less elephants to bag when on a prospecting Safari....Claims may very well become one of the only ways to generate continuous income as a pilot in the future...if we give the store away now, what will we have later... ....We need to be organized....We need to become more than just a flock of professional rogue pilots in competition with one another....it's time for growth....if there is at least some standardized acceptable rates for ALL then each pilot/drone business can still compete based upon, services, experience, reliability, etc., but at least not for pennies.... ....If we let the claims industry believe that we got our birds at Toys R Us and we don't mind spending perhaps 2 or more hours going and coming to the claimant while burning $10-$20 in gas doing so.... all for $70....then that's all the pilots experience, certification, craft, photography, effort and cost as a pilot is worth to them.... .....Yes, there's always going to be an dissenting opinion and that's America but I've been around the block and I think we all should take a pause and see it from a little different perspective....aerial claim assessment could become the next customer service call centers and right now some pilots are flying for the equivalent of less than minimum wage....not good! How much hot water am I in?
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    I hate to be Negative Nelly here but my optimism has turned to pessimism lately. I attended Drone Focus in Fargo last week (mainly because I could drive there and my kids live there). My thoughts, for what they are worth and in no particular order: It seems like many in the industry are mainly trying to come up with an idea that they can then leverage into a "start-up" rather than solve real world problems with the technology (not all, but many). In the ag arena, it looks like companies that provide or use the large military style drones are going to move into the ag sector. Those drones can fly more acres in a shorter period of time making them more cost effective because, In talking to some drone service providers, they mostly expressed that there is no viable use case for drones in ag, at this point. There may be some insurance work for hail/crop damage claims but farmers aren't willing to pay to see a pretty map that tells them something they may already know or are unable to fix anyway (I concede that there is a large difference between small grains and orchard/nut/other tree crops). We have alot of licensed pilots but the average Joe isn't aware that he can't hire the kid next door with the drone to take pictures for his business. Therefore, we have alot of unlicensed people getting paid a few bucks to do something that is technically illegal but not being enforced in any way. It looks to me like the little "mom and pop" shops probably aren't going to drive this business. You are either going to be an employee of a large corp or you have the resources to start your own "large-ish" business with pilots dispersed over a large area.
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    Maybe it sounded like it but it wasn't my intention, rather admiration for a clever campaign and keeping it so secret. Having lived and worked in France for 12 years I don't have anything but respect for them being a French company.
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    It's been less than expected, and clients ideas of what things should cost are entirely way too low. I am apart of Dronebase and droners.io and it's insane. On Droners.io I have seen multiple people requesting commercial photos/video 1-3 min for $150. And what's more insane is that there are 15 bids on it! In any case I do believe my business will eventually grow, but I know its going to take a lot of work to develop it.
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    Great question and I hope others chime in as well. I'm based in Atlanta and moved there about a year ago. I also do ground photography which is the majority of my business. However I've been getting more and more inquiries on drone and have probably about 10 quotes out right now including a few that are recurring shoots for construction projects over a few years. Hoping I get them. I'd say overall I'm about as busy as expected. Obviously I'm not pushing drone maybe as much as those who only do drone but still getting a number of jobs a month. Those clients that understand the value of the drone are great. Others it is still a work in progress. "Why are you more expensive than a helicopter?". I think that's the big hurdle to overcome. I've actually leveraged this to my advantage too. As Alan said. There is work out there and how much you push for it and do good work and stick it out is important. Cheers All!
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    Ooh, hoping some folks will chime in here. I think the general consensus for a lot of folks is that it's very much a one foot in front of the other kind of situation—those that stick it out day after day and continue to build relationships, to fly, to put themselves out there, to learn and to embrace a consultative sales process are the ones who are going to find business. There's absolutely opportunity out there, but it's a brand new industry, and people looking for market rates, quick money, and blueprints of how to succeed don't get what it takes to hustle and to build a service-based business. It's tough work! #mytwocents
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    @Spitfire76, my apologies to you. You were right on the money and I just never read the article in the link that you posted! You had the scoop all along. @Alan Perlman, you said you would prefer a flight check/ops check. I think you know the odds of that happening!
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    We both were posting at the same time but you had the news! And it's bad news in my opinion. I predicted almost a year ago that if the FAA required recurrent testing at test sites requiring another $150 that I believed that many folks will not retest. They will just continue on since there is no enforcement action what so ever! And we will probably never know the real numbers involved. Thanks very much Alan for getting the "scoop".
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    The FAA just updated their ACS standards today to include more info about the recurrent testing process. Happy to answer any questions if you have them. We'll be sending out a note to our students in a few weeks once we've finished mapping our modules / lessons to each of the items up for the recurrent test.
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    Yep! Was going to send an email out on Saturday morning. Wrote up a short article about it over here: https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/recurrent-knowledge-test-part-107/ No specifics on # of questions, but I'm thinking it'll be 40 or 50 based on the 90 vs. 120 minute test appointment time.
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    Actually it is available for all. https://uavcoach.com/scholar-farms/
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    I agree and it takes the fun out of flying but like you I do admire their technology. Here is a repost of the link.
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    I am a retired post master with both a military and a law enforcement background. Currently I volunteer my drone services to a local VFD for missing persons and search and recovery. I fly a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and I am looking for the opportunity to expand my abilities and the services that I can provide. Being retired, I can deploy on short notice and stay deployed until task completed. I would like to expand what I do so that I will have a broader background and greater knowledge as I grow in the field.
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    Luke, I do volunteer work for a VFD located near me. The way I did it was took the time to go by the station and meet the volunteers and talk with the Chief. My primary reason for meeting with him is because I am an experienced SCUBA diver and we have a large lake nearby. None of the VFD's in the area had an active dive team. Subsequently, "I was DRAFTED" to help them establish their team. During our conversations, I made the chief aware that I had my 107 and my own drone. As of last Monday's County VFD meeting, at which my chief made numerous VFD's aware that I was making my drone available to help with search and rescue and missing persons. I haven't been called out yet (2 Days) but with the upcoming holiday I'm sure that my phone will ring. All you need to do is take the first step. VFD's have limited resources and anytime they can get added support they are more that happy to utilize you. If I can be of further assistance let me know.
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    Whooooo Hoooo, just passed my test with a 95%. Thank you UAV Coach Ground School. Also, thanks for all the encouragement.
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    Hi @Chuck Webb. First I would like to thank you for serving our country, My deepest gratitude. I have found a interest in working for the search and rescue. Do you have any advice on how to go about that. is there something I should look into first ? something I should do ? I already have my part 107 and a YUNEEC typhoon H. Welcome to the drone pilot forum. Luke Dietz,
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    What do you have now? My wife has a rule, I can spend all the money I want on drones as long as I can make enough money with the drone to pay for it. That’s actually how I started my business. I started selling a couple of quads a week for about $1500 each and a couple hundred drones later now I sell drones for as much as $45000 each. It’s certianly something that is addicting.
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    Oh no! Is this the used one you took a chance on?
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    Great website. Also like your Panos. Do you use Adobe PS stitching? Also what do you use to tag them with the Goggle info? Thanks.
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    @Av8Chuck no worries sir. Unfortunately I get quite a bit of feedback from pilots that question the validity of our project and/or company. I am in central time and will have some time tomorrow afternoon after about 3:30 Central. I'll send you the contact number. Thanks!
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    Sorry @Helo, I did not intend to imply that what your off to do is a scam. Only pointed out other people’s experiences with services that might be considered scams and that this sort of work requires real application engineering that your not likely to get in off the shelf drones. Also, your fast, I was re-editing my post when you replied. I’m certainly open to discussing this on the phone. PM a number and time I can call you. What time zone are you in?
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    There’s been a lot of discussion about websites popping up that offer to broker work between the owners of drones and cell towers. The opinion of people who’ve actually tried this is that it’s a total scam. You might check out the threads on this and other forums. I have never used that kind of service not have I scanned a broadcast tower but have scanned cell towers for American Tower and Crown Castle. A lot of drone operators don’t know the difference between inspecting a tower and surveying a tower and seem to think that all you have to do is fly a drone around the tower and point a camera at it. Cell towers can be very complicated, extremely dangerous and the owners generally require a very detailed report. None of which Should be attempted with a Phantom or by anyone who has to ask what happens to a drone that flys in front of a microwave antenna. There are a whole host of risks associated with flying a drone around a tower, from the tower owners perspective frying the electronics on your drone really isn’t high on their list. Not saying that it couldn’t, but that has not happened to us. We have had it interfere with the control of the drone but we have multiple ways that we communicate with the drone and have never had it interfere with all of them at the same time. Doing this type of work is very difficult, especially on a tower that is 1500’ tall! It is next to impossible to fly the drone by hand. Depending on the equipment, not just microwave, there’s a good chance your video downlink will be interrupted. Even if you had the nerve to dumb thumb it what are you going to do when video drops out and your looking straight up, totally disoriented and only feet away from the tower?
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    Thanks @Ray Kaforey & @Steve Bennett glad you all enjoyed it. Since UAV Coach does a great job teaching us on flying, different industries, rules, and regulations etc. I am going to focus on what I call "drone culture". Stay tuned and fly safe!
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    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for your help here. I'm part of a uas group in a surveying and mapping department. We primarily fly for mapping and inspection purposes of our transmission and substation assets. In the two years of our groups existence we've used a few aircraft, but recently around 80% of our work is done with a DJI Inspire 1. We fly mapping missions for ground contours, 3d models and orthos, inspection photo flights, 360° panoramic photo flights, some thermographic flights and video flights for a number of uses. Sensors we currently fly with the Inspire: x3, z3, x5 and the xt. Found out this week that our internal security department is grounding our DJI aircraft. Kinda throwing a kink in our productivity. We had also just ordered a M600 with a z30 sensor for an offshore inspection flight. That got shut down as well. So what I'm looking for is y'alls idea of good replacements for both aircraft for the work outlined here. We have some ideas and are pursuing a few of them already, but I wanted to poll the audience and see what you could come up with. Been very impressed with the communities knowledge and involvement here and am looking forward to any information y'all can pass along. Thanks! -mark