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    Looks like they changed the restrictions on the number of pictures you can post in a thread. Thanks Alan, I will certainly try not to abuse it. This is actually the subject of our survey. Can't say much about it, but it came out really well.
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    Longer shot of Downtown.
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    Greetings, Folks. Just got a Phantom Pro +, learning to fly it and starting to study for the 107 test. Pretty daunting. Interested in Cinematograpy, I'm an experienced aerials cameraman, flown with people you know, Alan. Paul Barth and Al Guthery in Florida, and the Tamboros in LA.
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    Here's my most recent effort at producing a property video. I hope you enjoy.
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    Hiya. I'm Todd and I've been flying for about two weeks. Unless you count my favorite all time toy as a kids. Just wished it could fly without the arm.
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    Dude, your son? C'mon I told you I'd help out...
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    I really enjoy seeing other countries through the lens of aspiring film makers. When I first started doing aerial I was online sharing videos with a guy from Ethiopia. I had no idea what a beautiful country it is. Drones and photography have given me the opportunity to travel all over the world so I thought maybe its not a bad idea to start a thread to share video's from around the world. These videos don't have to be about aerial, might be nice, the first video I'm sharing has quite a bit of aerial, it was really challenging because it was before brushless gimbals. This was shot in Kenya over 21 days. It was so challenging getting the equipment on location to get the kinds of shots we wanted. The planning for the trip was as important as the actual production. You couldn't buy things that you forgot, there were several days that we didn't have access to power, and what ever the plan for that day, it changed in the first 20 minutes. Its a beautiful planet and (aerial) cinematography is a great way to share it.
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    We had a mission in downtown Los Angeles and I thought I'd share some stills.
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    Just another fun day will DallasFPV! So Brian dared us all to fly the dried up creek and hit the bridge up and of course we did! Always a blast flying with these guys! And this is my test for Tattu 2305 2450kv motor and Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery.If any of you live in the Dallas and want to fly, just hit us up! MigViceQuads Drakko FTattu 2305 2450kv motorSpedix IS30A MultishotRaceflight Revolt RC18MatekHUBOSDSE-8 Runcam Mini 2.1 lensHQ 5x4.3x3 v1STBS Unify Pro Race 200mwTBS Triumph XSR Fatshark Dominator V3VAS Mad Mushroom TBS PatchTaranis X9D PlusHall GimbalsThunder Power Adrenaline 1600 (Extra Juice)
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    I'm very happy to announce that with the help of UAV Coach, I was able to pass the Part 107 drone pilot exam with a 90% score. A couple of suggestions: It's hard to guess, but I had never seen about 20-30% of the questions on the exam. It is very important to learn the basis behind the rules and class material and not depend on memorizing the practice test answers. Learn all you can and repeat and repeat everything you learn. I am quite sure I would not have passed it on the first round without taking this course. Thanks to Alan and Mike for always responding in a timely way to a number of questions I had for them. With gratitude. Stan Nickel
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    I don't know about Steve, but I certainly am... (That's a joke)
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    One of my favorite photos, Laguna Salada de Torrevieja in Spain. No editing required. The algae and salt turns the water a pink hue. Shot with a Phantom 4 Pro and I used a Polar Pro ND8 filter.
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    Aloha dronemates! Today's feature is not about selling a home, but rather about selling an experience. The fundamental basics of sporting a vacation rental are the same as properties for sale -straight lines, wide shots mixed with narrow shots, movement, flow, etc. However, these Bavarian videos need the area attractions mixed throughout the video, which can make the flow a bit challenging. This vacation home is pretty large, targeting high end luxury markets. It runs a little over $2000/nt, and is already seeing increased bookings (yay!).
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    This is a second video for the same property. The first video was intended to be kind of a trailer to get people to the property. This one show's more the property. This brings up a bit of an issue. I think if a video shows too much of a property the viewer might be less inclined to actually visit the property. http://iplayerhd.com/player/6ea89a05-fb58-4337-941b-62be39c86be6
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    I went to a concert in the park yesterday. About 3000 people attended, a beautiful day and great music. Not a single drone for three hours. A really drunk woman wrapping herself in a flag, running on stage and taking out half the band members brought the concert to an amusing halt for about ten minutes, but no drones. I live in the LA area and I'd be willing to wager there are probably more drones sold here than any other city or state and yet I'm still surprised when I see a drone in the wild. Equally when we're flying mission that are about 150- 200 feet most people aren't even aware of the drone [and we fly large drones] Why are people so concerned about regulating drones? Where are the accidents, people getting injured or killed by civil drones? Where's the justification for all this legislation? I'm not saying they aren't dangerous or that they don't pose a threat to privacy but that's not how the overwhelming majority of people are operating them.
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    We are currently using an Inspire 1 to track progress on our new Visual Arts building. Our last flight was used to identify and locate foundation piers and grade beams. We compared that to the site engineers survey and I was pleased with the results. It did not locate every pier, due to some being buried or covered during the flight, but overall the UAS is a great tool to streamline our processes and save me a considerable amount of time in the field. Note: the image was heavily stepped on and cropped to fit within the d allowance for images sizes here.
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    Probably the thing that holds most back is that they're not photographers. There's a lot more to good architectural photography than buying a Rebel and processing HDR.
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    Uploading these really changes the color.
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    I may add an additional item. Marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts on the grill, sliced thinly, on a Kaiser roll with asian sweet chili sauce. Butter the rolls and lightly toast them.
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    I Agree, AV8Chuck. The good thing is a photography is a very learnable endeavor. It is, of course, a challenge to learn new things while you are trying to run a business. Realtors like to have one person who can provide them with everything. JBR I believe you are in a high-end market. Do you hire employees who are photographers, or work with 1099 subcontractors?
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    We have a field where we do testing and training. Most training is for our customers but if you wanted to come to our field for training we'd be willing to consider it. this is about the only video I have on YouTube that shows the facility. we're located in Thousand Oaks so it'd be an if of a drive but if you arrived early we could do two or three hour blocks. Also we don't really teach people how to dumb thumb, it's more autonomous mission based training but we have a couple of hotdogs who could certainly help you improve.
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    Hi Wilie, I work in Long beach near the airport. If you are flying as a hobbyist and looking to fly in the area, you'll need to be about 5 miles away from both LB airport and El Monte Army Airfield along with the numerous helipads in the area, unless you already have agreements with these facilities to fly in the area. As a part 107 pilot, I've got similar restrictions unless I get an airspace authorization from FAA and that takes about 30-90 days. Best to go slightly outside the area and look for a clear spot using the FAA smartphone app called B4Ufly. That being said, what type of craft do you have that you are looking for lessons with?
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    Hello UAV Coach Forum, I've been reading the forums for a while now and have benefited greatly from the information. Received my 1st airspace authorization a couple weeks to operate in Class D Airspace near Santa Monica Airport and have been ramping up my real estate work. Looking to learn more about 3d mapping and different drone applications for architecture, real estate and construction industries. I currently work full time for a real estate agency doing all their videos - (Would love any feedback) Big thanks to Alan and everyone at UAV coach for cultivating such a helpful community. Cheers! Cameron
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    Just announced by 3DR although I need to check out what this really means for us DIYers. https://3dr.com/blog/announcing-opensolo/#
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    Congrats to you also Nick. it is a huge relief
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    Was recently contracted to make an ad video for a commercial office space listing. I thought to myself, 'Now...how am I gonna make this place interesting?' After all, there's no fancy kitchen, no beautiful water faucets, no elegant staircase or handcrafted tile work. Nope, it's just a few cabinets here and there, a couple windows, a commercial public restroom, and some office furniture. In the end, here's my stab at it.
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    That's outstanding news, congratulations!
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    Back in February, we took a few days off to visit Moloka'i (island next door) with Beth's parents. Of course, I just had to bring my Phantom 4...and a gopro....and a dslr...and then the iPhone 7+....and then....and then... Anyhow, here's a little fun vid I tossed together. Fun times!
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    Congrats, @NickStan! You were a great student. Love the additional tips you're sharing in this thread, will make sure they're integrated into the course
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    Now we can only hope that the professionals will abandon DJI!
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    I doubt that's the case. DJI's refusal to allow professional users to turn off or "opt out" of GEO is really what started this mess. I think that if that were true everyone would be talking about it. It might be that you can choose between GEO and NFZ, which is a more restrictive form of GEO fencing. I don't really know, I haven't upgraded either. Then again I haven't taken the Phantom out of the case in over six months.
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    Your best bet would be to take an engaging, thorough, easy-to-follow course like this: https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/curriculum/ It pays to be prepared, they do throw trick questions your way and add on three test questions that won't impact your overall score - only issue, you don't know what they are. I like to think that Part 107 is more than just passing the Knowledge Test. You'll need to know all this stuff when you're out on the field doing work for clients. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.
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    I'm one of their "very few" customers who always fly there. As a certified remote pilot, I know to file for my authorization with the governing body (FAA) and also how my local tower wants me to keep them informed. So to Brendan I would say, thank you for covering your own rear but its really not your rear on the line, so kiss my rear and find some other way to feel good. And for those of you who are having trouble with geo-fencing I have a sure-fire way of avoiding all the problems associated with the latest fiasco from DJI. Stick with the firmware you have that is working. Just because it the newest thing out there does not mean its the smart move to upgrade without giving it a teething period to work out the kinks....
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    Aloha droners! Just the other day, one of my clients sends me a text asking, 'Do you think your heli can handle this wind?' I knew already he was trying to get some aerial footage of himself on a kite board. The wind wasn't really the best for kiting, only around 16-18 knots, gusting to 20 or so, but still strong enough to require Sport mode on my little Phantom 4. After a quick wind speed check, I was already packing up the kit and texting him to find out when and where. I had a DSLR and a long lens (18-270) on a tripod for ground-level shots, and of course, I shamelessly used my iPhone 7+ for random video grabs. The video I'm sharing was a quick phone edit. I loaded a couple aerial clips onto the phone and used Quick, by GoPro to make something they could immediately share on Instagram and other social media. Unfortunately, Quick only renders in 720pHD, so there's no 4k wow-ness on this one. I'll be working on the long / hi-res version later this week, and will post it up as well. In the meantime, enjoy and Mahalo for viewing! -Jonathon
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    Since this is such a speculative thread, here a bit more to add to the drama that has become DJI. Appaerently what has come to light is that the flight stack (software) DJI uses for its flight controllers was hacked/stolen/whatever word you'd like to use from open source. I'm guessing that in the Chinese dictionary that's the definition of irony. The author of that code has come forward and asked DJI to stop using it. Now it will be interesting to see what DJI does. Do they try to license it? Start over? Or just attempt to keep going? They didn't even remove or change the name in the comments when they pirated it. Not only are they terrible engineers, they're lazy. You can't make this stuff up. I have no way of knowing the validity of this, so I consider it gossip, but it's all over the web and it wouldn't surprise me in the least.
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    Very cool, fun video. I like the music too.
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    And other assorted issues.. Have you changed the layout or did I inadvertently change a setting? "Drone" topics used to be segregated by manufacturer now its by model of drone. I'm not sure of the affiliation between "UAV Coach" and "Drone Pilot Ground School?" I assumed that UAV Coach was the Community forum for DPGS and so I assumed that the forum was more focused on the "professional" application of drones regardless of model or manufacturer. MultiRotorForums.com was started because of a need for a forum for professionals to hang out and discuss issues related to the application of drones. In the beginning it was focused on issues they cared about and there was very little discussion of manufacturer's and any discussion of model of drone was in context of its capability to achieve a commercial mission. It became a very popular site. Once the forum was formatted in a similar way to your new layout, people started doing product reviews, much of the discussion started to shift towards the drones and away from the application and a lot more "hobbyists" joined the conversation at the expense of the "professionals," who had little interest discussing the concerns of hobbyists. Initially there was a significant increase in membership but as the professionals left so did the websites unique value proposition, it became a smaller version of RCGroups and the hundreds of other "Hobbyists" oriented sites. The layout of a forum is important, it has to reflect the mission of the overall site, is it focused on hobby or professional related issues? It cannot be both. Curious, is traffic/subscribers for the forum driven by students of DPGS or are more students finding their way to DPGS as a result of the forum? Also, I've recommended quite a few people to your $299 coarse, pointing them to the UAV Coach website and several of them reported that they couldn't find where to sign up.
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    Unfortunately I don't believe this is simply about the process of unlocking a NFZ, what gives DJI the right to restrict my equipment? I paid for it, I'm a professional and none of the way DJI implemented GEO fencing is required by the FAA? Brendan Schulman and DJI can't have it both ways, they can't implement these types of "nanny" policies and then play the hero and complain about restrictive government regulations. It was pointed out to Brendan Schulman very early on in the development of this policy what the unintended consequences might be and this is what happened: https://www.cinema5d.com/canada-drafts-stricter-drone-regulations-dji-disappointed/ And for those that really want to dive into the details: http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2017/2017-07-15/html/reg2-eng.php#contact The problem is, this isn't about DJI, this effects all of us and DJI is screwing it up for the rest of us.
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    Check out this thread that has several recommendations for a device called trackimo you can attach to your drone with a GPS tracker.
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    My take on the DJI geo no fly zones is we are seeing an international company setting policy consistent with their home country being poorly translated to other countries. Since DJI is based in China, they are creating their restriction policies consistent with Chinese government requirements consistent with their no fly zones as well as registration requirements. As one example, while in the United States, we have the policy of contacting the FAA to receive permission to fly in no fly zones in a variety of ways. I'm not sure how the system works in China to receive permission to fly in no fly zones.
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    Liability is the excuse they used to begin this mess, yet no regulatory agency in any country requires it, there implementation of GEO Fencing makes it more difficult for commercial operators and I don't see how it limits their liability. This appears to be more of a push for "pay-to-play." People can debate the quality of their products and support but it's getting a lot more difficult to defend their position. Most of the noise lately is thier attempt to prevent the hacking of thier Go app. It has not seemed to occur to them that once I purchase one of thier products it's mine to do with as I wish. Also, I'm a professional and dont need DJI's permission to fly anywhere.
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    I like your style. Do you come up with the tag lines or does the realtor? I like how you can add a message to the video through the use of graphics. I can do the graphics but it would take way longer to think of what it needs to say...
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    Av8Chuck hit it right on the head. In today's ever saturating real estate drone world, few pilots would have a shoot if airspace was limited and/our standard photography was required. Our company offers standard photography, video production, 3D dollhouse models, geospatial mapping, and floor plans (can be supplied by infrared scanning or by hand measuring and rendering). Fortunately, we get to create media for multi-million dollar homes weekly, and that melee requires more than the standard photo shoot.
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    Hi Carlos, It is refreshing to see a video that uses drone footage mixed with other interesting views to tell a story. Watching great drone footage that is only drone footage only goes so far. I like the under water shots and under water/above water transitions. It's creative and really helps to tell the story of the event. A you said, this is a video of your vacation and your family. I think that since it's for your rememberances, you've done a great job. If you wanted to make a video of the venue for general web viewing. I suspect that you would have made different scene selections. IMHO, I think concentrating on drone view only videos, as great as the views and shots are, is somewhat of a problem for the image of drones. Making videos where drone footage is not the main character, but only used to enhance story telling is what will pull drone technology into the main stream and foster greater acceptance of the technology. I've seen some advertisements where this has been beautifully done and IMO, makes for much more compelling and impactful drone footage. There will be exceptions where the story is best told from a drone view. My goal as a videographer is to have the viewer almost not realize that drones were used, but come away with appreciation for the video story as a whole. Dave
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    Thanks Alan. Its really not about the drones or camera's we use but the technique and workflow used to achieve it. Its not just how much someone will pay to produce this type of video but the time they'll allow you to take to produce it. I doubt my videos would be any better, even as good as, other property video producers given the time constraint they have to meet for profitability or access to the property. Its a process. The first property video I did took much longer than most realtors wanted to spend at the property [unless your bonded, in CA the realtor has to be present while you work] but when I did the next video the property owner said they wanted a video just like the first and I was then able to say "then this is how long it will take." Once the property owner and realtor started to see how much work went into the production then they understood why I'm more expensive than some others. JBR alluded to this as well. These are the things that are way more interesting to discuss in forums like this, not just a place to share the video. In another thread, Steve mentioned that he hadn't commented on the video because its not his thing, I get that. However, if our discussions are more about the methodology than the tool, then there's insights that can be gleaned from whatever the application of the drone.
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    I did NOT produce this video. It's from a discussion an a different forum and I thought it is worth sharing here. It so nice to see an example of such wonderful photography. I have a saying, if you want to take cool pictures point the camera at something cool. But if you want to take an interesting picture, then become a more interesting person.The scenery makes this an extremely cool shoot, the amount of planning, effort to get it right, and integration of shots is what makes this an interesting video.
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    Ps if you need a sectional for the Los Angeles area. http://vfrmap.com/
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    I agree Av8Chuck, I fly the Autel X-Star premium also. So far I have been happy with the performance.I use my X-Star for commercial purposes and it meets all my needs. Although I must admit that I have never flown a DJI or any other system, so I guess I have nothing to compare it to.
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    FAA wisdom= hobbyists can fly at night, us licensed commercial operators (even with commercial manned aircraft pilot certificate) have to get a waiver, wait months AND equip our birds with strobelight visible for 3NM AND must have a visual observer.....As General McAuliffe replied to the German commander who asked him to surrender at Bastogne... "NUTS."