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    Aloha gang! I'm back with another outside-the-box video project & happy to share it. This is a property listing video, using an on-camera interview approach to tell the story. I won't belabor the description with words, just let the video do the talking. Enjoy!
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    There are a couple of examples and guidelines in this guide we put together: https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/faa-airspace-authorization/
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    Yikes, somebody left the water running and the gas range on.
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    Hi guys! Short film of an abandoned factory explore - used the drone inside for a few shots along with the train-yard stuff. Thanks for watching!
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    Its really not good for anyone. Emerson, Lake and Palmer did this great song about the commercialization of Christmas and there's a line "the Christmas we get we deserve." The same things is happening in here. People want to bury their heads in the sand and leave the regulations to bureaucrats that have little if any real world experience, politicians who are simply trying to sell books, "community based organizations" who have outlived their usefulness and drone manufacturers who are trying to regulate out competition. Even people engaged on forums like this don't want to talk about it, or they want to justify the slow failure of rule 107 as though its someone else's problem. You have to give Bruce credit for at least speaking out about it. The drone industry we get, we deserve.
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    Shadows are your friend if you want to shoot interesting footage that has depth. Most people don’t like shadows because they don’t know how to correctly expose for high contrast scenes. If it’s all bright or all dark then it’s easy. Easy isn’t interesting. Shadows are what separate good photographers from bad ones and separates the quality of your camera. Most drone cameras and GoPros look the best in bright sunlight because they are crap cameras that lack the dynamic range to handle difference in contrast. But contrast is as important to DOF as selective focus.
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    Christian, One topic i really want to cover is the data handle files that FCP generated and how to archive documents. The FCP generated several folders and data Final Cut Optimized Media Final Cut Original Media Named of project Cache with name of project Final cut library name of project What files are you gonna really need, in order to do a backup in a external hard drive On FCP software different between: Librarie Events Project Intelligent collections Not a full explanation but just i main idea to how to handle your DATA between projects. Is necessary create a library every project or every project need a library ..? I know i have some issue to handle the DATA backup i have several hard drives but is alway good is you a find a smart solutions or at least one with good order for a start. Regards
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    Did some checking before I call (good luck right) the FAA to ask about my 9 month old airspace waiver (107.41) requests. I posted the question here “has the FAA stopped granting airspace waivers”? Someone said they were still granting waivers. The FAA granted waivers database shows that the last waiver was granted 9/11/17. That’s six months ago. Assuming people are putting in requests regularly the FAA has halted granting airspace waivers.
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    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I reinstalled all the suggested drivers from the rc manual and the clean flight welcome menu, and changed my USB cable to a high quality cable from Sony thanks so much for helping and advising me, this step is finally done. I might be coming back to you when I flash the ESCs thanks a lot!
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    G'day A newbie here from Western Australia. Just starting out. I'm interested in getting into real estate and thermal imaging. I have a Dji Phantom 4 Any advice about getting onto real estate is appreciated as I really need to start paying off my drone. Think that's about it. Cheers
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    So... I can't wait to see this updated on whether local LEO got permission to use jamming or just Feds... https://gizmodo.com/nascar-events-in-texas-are-now-guarded-by-devices-that-1825196602
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    As a result of the strong economy in 1998-2001 there was a major increase in new GA pilots, did the FAA authorize companies to hire people to shoot them down!? When a-holes flew planes into buildings we called them terrorist what do you call this? Haven’t we lost enough of our civil liberties because of the actions of a few misguided people? I couldn’t stomach reading the whole article but I thought the drone industry had moved beyond this kind of hype. So in 2014 the FAA issues a far over reaching mandate that gives them authority over anything that flies and defines drones as aircraft only to authorize people four years later to shoot them down!? Maybe it mentioned in the article how many hundreds, tens, or even one incident at a NASCAR race involving a drone?
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    Hello, I stayed at this inexpensive beachfront spot in the Philippines, close to some beaches/sandbars, marine life, and falls. I’ve never really “featured” a location so let any feedback to make my video better would be great! There are drone shots and Gopro clips on this one. Thanks for watching!
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    Thanks! I think my last transition with the rolling film thing was too much haha
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    The beauty of nature at its finest. Such a unique way of filming. And the way how the drone rotated from above was sensational. May I know what kind of drone and camera are you using?
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    great shots and choice of scenery may i ask what drone are you using and the equipment you're using?
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    Wow! Exceptional. One thing to consider, probably not something you either need or care to do, but your overall look is getting really tight and one thing that would improve it is if you used a better aerial camera. One of the challenges with smaller crop sensor cameras is that they focus to infinity, every shot looks like f./22 so everything is in focus. Most people don’t push the limits of the camera so it doesn’t matter, but your really pushing the limit so you might consider moving up the camera food chain. Have you shot with the Sony a9 or Canon 5dS? If you want to also move up the drone food chain you could try the Sony FS7, Canon C200/300, or any camera that shoot RAW ProRes... i think Rudy shoots on an FS7. Check out his work, he has a lot of inspirational footage. Nice work as always.
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    That was quite entertaining! I love the idea of living in a stilt house on the sea. I really enjoyed the speed at which this piece moved. Great music selection, well-timed, and good job using a diverse set of transitions. If I could offer any creative input, it would be to maybe use fewer transitions overall, saving those gems for just the right time. Nothing wrong with straight cuts Aloha!
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    I have the Phantom 3 pro and I am happy with it but I recently damaged it in by hitting a wall and sent it back for repair. I was billed a little over a hundred dollars for repair which I thought fair. But to my surprise they just sent me a brand new one. I guess as that model is no longer around they just decided to do that for me . they must have some just for parts or something. Pleasantly surprised
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    If it is a good price and everything works, get it. The repair on them is always reasonable if something goes wrong so a used one that is working when you get it is a good value. Just get the batteries with it as they cost bucks
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    Bill- Keep us posted- I'm in the same boat as you. Would love to get a DJI - something I can trust more than the ones I have built. They are so darn expensive for the average Joe though. John
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    Film industry is a pretty broad term. Drones/aerial is a very small percentage of overall production. There will be a very small percentage of drone operators who have the opportunity to transition to being an “aerial DP.” Most people shooting aerial for the film industry are already DP’s, aerial cinematographers and AD’s that learned to add drones to their toolset. If your aspiring to be an independent film producer then which drone you use doesn’t really matter. You can tell a story as well with a MAVIC as you can with an Alta8. The influencing factor there is your deliverable, YouTube, broadcast, or cinema (theater). It really depends on what part of the industry your interested in and chances are it has little or nothing to do with film...
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    Since your interest in insurance is for non-commercial use, one low cost option might be the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Membership is around $75 per year (don't quote me on that!) and includes liability insurance with coverage up to 2.5 million. I took a quick look at their website and overview of the coverage but I don't know if it provides international coverage. Some countries require it.
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    Yes, you absolutely need two or three people for something like this. And like @Av8Chuck said, you wouldn't need that waiver with proper pre-mission planning. Definitely possible and would be a really great experience.
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    Hey all - My name is Ryan and I’m new to the drone community here in the northeast. Looking to dive into this industry and see how we can incorporate it into our civil/survey workflow. Kudos to Alan and the course curriculum he tought. Passed the Part 107 Test yesterday with a 95 👍🏻 Ryan B
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    Hey Bill (@leyrerwa) , when buying anything used, there's a buyer-beware component to that, but based on what I've seen in the market the last 12-18 months, there are definitely models out there that would qualify as like new or slightly used that are good deals and something I'd feel comfortable piloting. Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and eBay are big sources of local deals. But again, buyer-beware. Make sure to ask a ton of questions and trust your gut. Happy to help you evaluate any deal you come across. Keep us posted.
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    DJI's are consumer drones with questionable quality control, the odds that a new P4 will have issues is pretty high. For all the DJI fanboys out there, that's a backhanded compliment. Your just as likely to get a good used P4 as you are a new one. Go for it. Google P4's, check out the forums to see what issues are trending and simply ask the owner or test fly it. It really depends on the price difference.
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    A small video. There are not so many shot from the drone, now there is a very strong wind. But still decided to share. Thank you for watching 🙂
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    I explain that to every architect and civil engineer that we send utility data to and somehow that does not translate into their language. They still try and pass the information off as gospel and when it bites them, point the finger back at us and it suddenly becomes my fault that they didn't perform their own discovery required by their contract. Even a disclaimer and watermark on all of our deliverables doesn't deter them. So we quit providing any data other than points and polylines and no attribute data. " But what if they just want an orthomosaic with precise absolute geolocation data so we subcontract a land surveyor to lay down the ground control points, but the ortho isn't going to be used in any legal document or certified land surveying map? Same thing for something like a topo contour map." You can't provide a service like that without a license even if the control points were shot in by an RPLS. YOU aren't an RPLS and you can't stamp the documents. You CAN set your own control with a mapping-grade GPS and provide a "relatively" accurate product (20mm - 2-3cm depending upon your GPS capability and skill) or hire an RPLS and stamp it "For informational purposes only. Not to be used for engineering or design purposes. No guarantee of accuracy is implied nor given. Not a survey document." Add whatever else you feel is necessary to convey that you are not an RPLS and this is just for private consumption with no guarantee of accuracy implied. THAT is mapping grade and you should not need a license to do that. I find it odd that your local shops are not embracing the technology. Two of the major firms in this area have a UAS department that does nothing but UAS land surveys (under an RPLS and field team who also spot check the data with conventional field work). It was one of these firms that got my interest and pointed me in the right direction to establish a program in my own department. Like it or not, this is the future. You can ride the wave or watch is wash over you.
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    Hello all! My name is Shanelle and I just got interested in becoming a drone pilot because of a job opportunity. I have been working in security for 4 years now and am a control room operator- so far the best paying positions. I found an opening for a Drone Pilot/Security Guard that pays the same and better and it seems exciting! I am looking forward to learning about this from you all here.
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    Beautifully shot, thank you for sharing.
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    Yah, either she does directly or has been hired by them to build links. We have a no link-stuffing policy in our posts, so I'll be removing the ones in this thread and warning her. Thanks for the heads up, @Av8Chuck.
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    Nicely done. It was a bit dark but I'm sure that was the look you were going for. The exposure and grading were very even, Congratulations.
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    My opinion only but I would tell you the following. Airspace authorizations are for one airport only. Airspace waivers can be for multiple airports. At the moment airspace waivers are taking a VERY LONG TIME. Your request for a waiver at SEATAC itself could pose problems for you. If this is a serious commercial venture, an attorney well versed in the process might be advantageous or at least a consultation could help.
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    Great article! Stay informed! https://www.thedroneu.com/blog/the-uniform-law-commission-and-their-taking-of-the-nas/
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    I can’t imagine the FAA would carve out a regional implementation of the rule. Regarding the height above trees, I believe the reason for allowing a drone to fly 400’ above a structure is becuase manned aviation is expected to stay 500’ from any man made object or person. That doesn’t apply to trees, unless there’s some one climbing it I guess.. So if everyone follows the rules there’s still separation between aircraft.
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    Ok, ok, I'll call in the am! Also on behalf of another member @Nathan. I know this guy - i will be on the phone for at least an hour! But I love it (so does he).
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    I suspect that FAA's answer would be a resounding NO. Not for any particular reason but for the fact that a man manmade structure has a fixed height - it's not going to change. A tree, well that's something different. Where I live, the tree canopy is a major issue, so if there's enough of an interest I will call the FSDO for my area/state and ask. The answer I expect is that AGL means GROUND!
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    Hey @Alan Perlman! Sorry for my delayed response. I thought email notifications were turned on but they were not. I really appreciate you taking time to chat with me earlier and having a look at the photos to understand my questions in more detail. Looks like it should be possible to get around 6 views (of the 8) that I was wanting because they are under 400 ft. AGL as long as I can stay away from people and moving cars. For the views over 400 ft. AGL I will look into finding some options where I could be within a 400 ft. radius of a building and 400 ft. above the building. Thanks again for your time! Your course and this forum have been crazy helpful thus far!
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    Thanks. Glad you like it! It's Ukraine, Kiev. I shot on DJI Phantom 3 Professional with ND/ND+PL 16/32 PolarPro Cinema series filter. Edit in DaVicnci Resolve 14
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    The FAA has been bad when it comes to clarifying the difference between an airspace authorization and an airspace waiver, and why you'd want one vs. the other. Here's the current language as it stands today...how is a reader supposed to interpret when to apply for one vs. the other. The expectations need to be a lot simpler here. This is straight from the FAADroneZone Part 107 portal when you're beginning your application:
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    Hey @Letac, great question. First off, let's clarify something that many folks misunderstand (not necessarily you). The UAS Data map from FAA has nothing directly to do with whether you can or can;t fly in a given area. These maps and their allowable altitudes were created and approved by local FAA facilities personnel as a guide to the folks charged with granting an airspace authorization or, very occasionally, an airspace waiver. So put that aside completely. You are BELOW SEA Class B airspace as I see it. It's Class B from FL 100 down to FL 30 and below that it's Class E down to 1200AGL. Under Part 107, you will be below 400 AGL. So as I see it, you are good to go. BUT...........I will admit it's a bit complicated airspace and I suggest we wait for others to chime in here. These are great questions that get many of us thinking. Welcome aboard.
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    It’s nice to see something different. Well done.
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    You got a lot of good visuals from a limited source. Cool (in many ways) concept.
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    Welcome aboard mavpp1
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    Here is a webpage that has a great amount of information pertaining to all drone laws beginning at the Federal level including individual federal agencies regulations and extending to the state level laws. https://jrupprechtlaw.com/drone-laws
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    Good method to your madness. Get licensed first to fly and continue researching the drones you would be interested in (and can afford) that could possibly fulfill the role you intend to use it for. DJI is probably the most readily available but the most problematic to fly. Yuneec makes a great product as do a few others. Next think about the camera. Precise work calls for a good camera. For general mapping purposes the absolute minimum would be a 12 megapixel camera which will do the job roughly at less than 120 ft AGL. A better choice would be something in the range of 20 megapixels or you could always design a system around a Sony A7Rii if you can afford it. Pixel count equates to image detail and also allows you to fly at a higher altitude capturing more data per picture and covering more ground which decreases flight time or increases area covered per battery. The newer units fly with a dual-battery setup that may give 25 minutes of flight time under ideal temperatures and battery condition. Single battery aircraft (DJI) can be reasonably be expected to fly about 15 minutes per battery. Batteries run (for my aircraft) roughly $200US each (although I did just purchase 5 TB48 5700 mAh batteries with my government discount for $832 US). I fly small to medium sized job sites (2-47 acres). I have six batteries on hand with five more shipping. If I knew then what I know now, I would have purchased a higher end UAS and paid the price up front instead of my current situation which is now trying to justify purchasing a $20,000 US aircraft to do the job that my $3,000 US aircraft does. Bottom line: take your time and be able to justify your decision before you leap blindly or at least half-cocked into the UAS business. Identify your needs for the service you intend to provide and then find an airframe that will cover those expectations. Also build some redundancy into you needs. Think strategically five years ahead of what you not only need at the moment but what you need to cover other possible aspects of a project (IR roof inspection as an example).
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    I'll add my opinion to this thread. If you want to teach kids about drones have them build their own. Not only will it teach them how drones work but its a lot of fun. Also when they crash they will be able to repair it.
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    I've spoken with the Director in charge of the Drone program at AT&T. Unfortunately, they are not accepting any new vendors at this time. However, they do plan to release a new RFP in the future. I'm not sure how to get into contact with Verizon yet. I have also reached out to Montico Inc. which is one of AT&T vendors and there may be opportunities there if you are on the West Coast. They mentioned they may plan to expand to the Midwest next year but not dates have been provided at this time.