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    Hi all, nice write-up in Drone Life about our humble little community over here. Special shout-out to @Steve Bennett and @R Martin who made the article http://dronelife.com/2017/06/05/a-guide-to-the-top-drone-forums-and-facebook-groups/
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    Aloha UAV'ers! I'm new to this online community, and thought I'd introduce myself, and share a piece of recent work to get started. My name is Jonathon, owner of JBR LIFE Photography, located on the beautiful island of Maui. Primarily, I shoot real estate, although our company also specializes in family beach portrait shoots and the occasional wedding, which we contract out to other photographers. I keep the real estate and commercial media projects for myself The video I'm sharing today is a high-end property located on the south shore. These units sell for around $2-2.5M, which is not really an astronomical figure on this island, but higher than my personal home budget none the less. lol The camera line-up: Canon 7D mkII, Phantom 4, iphone 7+ (yep...4k vid) & GoPro Hero 5. Anyhow, I appreciate your time and views, and look forward to any feedback y'all have to give. All constructive critique is welcome too! Warmest Mahalo, Jonathon
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    I don't think the FAA has updated this yet. There's a chance they've removed this question from their database, but if it shows up on your test I'd answer it as if the most recent court regulation didn't happen. They haven't updated their study guide or official materials anywhere else yet.
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    If GIS needs us, we'll try to help, but being restricted to 400 ft. may make it difficult. I don't know of any inspections which would benefit with the use of our drone. We'll help any of our departments, if we can. Robert
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    Maybe you were thinking about this...... The FAA advises drone pilots to give a buffer of 2,000ft around antennae as they have hard to see guy wires that can extend 1,500ft. ?