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    While capturing video with the Inspire 2 and using my iPad air with the DJI Go app, i have been getting a warning that says my "Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected". As a result, the latency between the drone and the iPad becomes about a 2-3 second delay, making it nearly impossible to accurately fly and record video. I've attached a screenshot of the warning. Anyone experience this?? FYI, the iPad is updated to the latest ios, has plenty of available disk space and the Inspire 2 has all the latest firmware updates.
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    No, it includes authorizations as well.
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    As long as you are not flying for profit (commercially) and are flying under 336 rules (AMA) you are not required to file a NOTAM. You need to have a COA in order to file to my understanding (which may or may not be correct). I always call the tower to inform them that I am flying 15 minutes prior to takeoff, and while this is not necessary it is in accordance with a deal we struck when I began flying. You might contact the local airport manager and meet with him face to face and see how he wants to handle it. It could be something as simple as a letter of agreement or just a call to the tower (or no contact at all in some cases). At least give him/her the option and you should not have any problems.