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    One of our strong clients recently asked us to put together a 1 minute Maui lifestyle video for their upcoming promo. This is what I put together for them, had a great time delving into already-collected footage. Enjoy!
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    Hey, where's the digging foundations in volcanic glass, sanding drywall and protecting against rust? (Yeah, I work in construction.) Looks fun to me!
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    I love the editing at 0:16-0:17. I've found this is a really easy effect to add into pano shots like this, or really any shot that's kind of long where the beginning is important, and the end is important, but the middle can be sped up through to match music, or just to offer a cool visual.
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    Interesting but disturbing video about the possible use of drones in the future. Link to organization that issued the video and that is trying to get AI weapons banned. http://autonomousweapons.org
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    Former US Marine. Career construction manager with a background in architecture. Photography and cinematography are my continuous ventures. Drones have been my fascination for a few years now, and with the use of drones, the world becomes a larger canvas to enjoy. I look forward to following and being part of this community!
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    You nailed it. Almost felt like watching it twice.
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    Cool. But must admit that I like the dslr and uav shots best!
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    I agree that the approach you mention is a good approach, but the state of the realtor's relationship with their media company shouldn't be assumed, If the big producer needs a property shot right away and their current provider is booked there could be a door open. If their current provider is a little bit lazy in their business practices there is another possible opening. There are also plenty of realtors out there who simply need to be made aware of the value high-end photography/videography bring to the table. That being said you mentioned that you would not recommend "only chasing the big fish". That I agree with, but I feel photographers should be actively seeking out those opportunities.
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    That's so true and so sad... I guess this is what happens when accountants and attorneys form a committee to make regulations. I'm adding more to my saying: Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach, those that can do neither, do social media and those that cant even do that, regulate.
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    Hi Jonathon , Thank you very much for watching my video and the advice! I really appretiate it! You're right, that particular day the sky didn't cooperate at all. I really tried to "fiddle" with exposure in post but when one part of the same clip was exposed correctly the other would be either under or overexposed. But I still had a blast doing it and can't with for the winds calm down this week to get more flight time and footage to work with! Once again Thank you! Greetings from Florida!
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    Pretty cool vid, I like the music. The titling was good too, love the parallax effect (where the title sticks to a point and tracks it as the frames drift). It looks as though you had some tough lighting that day, as silver skies can be the hardest to show color and detail without being too blown out. Kudos for making the best of it! Only constructive advise I could give would be to knock your exposure down to -.03 next time, and bring up the darker tones in post. This way your sky will show a bit more of the highlight detail, especially on a silver sky day like that one. Nice work, thanks so much for sharing, and let's see some more! Warmest Aloha, Jonathon
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    I remember watching that when it came out as well. Blew me away at the time. Still kind of does
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    Nice! 4 years ago, I thought Raffaello D'Andrea's Ted Talk demo was amazing. ted.com/talks/raffaello_d_andrea_the_astounding_athletic_power_of_quadcopters Will your system by dynamic? In other words, will it move the position hold point if the operator moves the craft to a new position within the control area? A system like this would be very useful if it is fairly easy to deploy. Like if the targets are on poles that can be placed around a perimeter of an area quickly and without need for precision. Then the craft needs to be able to maintain it's position within that control area and able to be moved to a new point and then be held there. It would also be good if automated flight plans could be calculated and autonomously flown within the control area. Is your system software run on a laptop and wirelesly interacts with the craft?
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    I'm an editor, I do everything the hard way... I didn't even know such a plug in existed.
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    While flying a huge empty property for a client, this pueo came around a couple times. So, used some digital zoom and went for a closer look. Shot on a P4, 1080p @ 60fps, worked in FCPX using Twixtor.
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    This is a great post, and it's interesting to learn what y'all are doing with your aerial data collection. Our biz model was already established as a real estate media provider before delving into the sUAS game. Now that our local Costco sells Mavic Pro's, more and more 'real estate drone companies' are popping up around every corner, FAA Certified or otherwise. Consequently our challenge has continued to be finding a unique way to use the tools, rather than depending upon the 'have this tool, ready to work' model. This has been the constant battle of paid photography ever since consumer cameras started producing marketable imagery. Is real estate media the most profitable in terms of dollars per sUAS flight? Not at all, but changing that mentality to understanding the sUAS as simply another tool in the box makes the overall biz more profitable.
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    This drone is amazing. Its a small quad with 5" props that has a 6-axis gimbal, can carry a Canon 7D for about 45 minutes. Plus the batteries only take about 10 minutes to charge and cost $10!