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    Hydrogen energy is a type of clean energy produced from water electrolysis In comparison with other energies, hydrogen has many advantages: it is renewable, highly efficient, can be produced from diversified sources and hydrogen byproducts produce no pollution. Hydrogen also has many disadvantages and challenges that need to be resolved: it is expensive, it can be highly explosive and lacks smell, and it has a low volumetric energy density and must be compressed at a high pressure to be used as a transport fuel. With the introduction of the ORCA 1 hydrogen fueling station from BSHARK HOLDINGS LIMITED. “BSHARK”, these disadvantages and challenges have all be solved. The ORCA 1, a hydrogen fueling station for UAVs is composed of several units, including the control system, storage tank, compressor and dispenser. The ORCA 1 as a renewable energy technology all the units and related technologies are important for ensuring the reliability, high hydrogen utilization and safety of the ORCA 1. The R&D team from BSHARK with far-reaching sustainable energy technologies has equipped the ORCA 1 with the technology that includes high-pressure hydrogen transfer from the storage tank to the FVC and integration of the key units in the hydrogen station control system. The ORCA 1, the future technology for sustainable energy outweigh any disadvantage. The technology helps to solve the high risk involved in transporting Hydrogen. The ORCA 1 is a mobile hydrogen fueling station, easy to move to any location and start producing hydrogen. It is the aspiration of the R&D team from BSAHRK to explore more into the new energy technology (hydrogen technology) and also bridge the gap within the UAVs flying time. BSHARK HOLDINGS website, check this out https://www.bsharktech.com/
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    The point to remember which is where you are getting confused, is that your Remote Pilot Certificate does not expire, ever. It is a life-long certification unless specifically revoked. That does not mean you are legal to operate under the certificate for life without fulfilling the FAA currency requirement, which in the case of the RP is passing a test. So, you are legal to operate under your certificate so long as you have passed the test within the preceding 24 months. If you passed your test anytime in Sept. 2016, you are legal to operate until the end of Sept. 2018. On Oct. 1, 2018 you will not be legal to operate until you pass the re-currency test. If you do not want your operating privileges to lapse, even for 1 day, then you need to pass your re-currency test sometime in Sept. 2018. If you don't care that it lapses and wait to take and pass your test on Oct. 1 2018, you will gain a month in the next 24 month cycle. There are no "black marks" associated with letting it lapse but the timing is entirely up to you. You could wait 6 months and then retake and pass the test and the 24 month clock starts from then. You would not be legal to operate in the meantime. Hopefully this is helpful.