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    Aloha gang! I'm back with another outside-the-box video project & happy to share it. This is a property listing video, using an on-camera interview approach to tell the story. I won't belabor the description with words, just let the video do the talking. Enjoy!
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    Robotics teams/clubs are a great place to learn to build drones. Some of the robotics teams in our neck of the woods are starting to include drones in their classes because they don't cost as much as building more traditional robots. We support several middle and high school STEM education programs. The young man in these videos started out in a robotics club and I hired him right after he graduated. He's been working with us for three years and has designed some great drones. Very few of the parts on the drones we manufacture are 3D printed. We're looking into 3D printing metal parts but that's a whole other level. Here's one of the High School STEM classes: Here's Conner maidening one of the drones he helped design: Hang in there. There's a lot of future potential in Robotics and drones.
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    Shadows are your friend if you want to shoot interesting footage that has depth. Most people don’t like shadows because they don’t know how to correctly expose for high contrast scenes. If it’s all bright or all dark then it’s easy. Easy isn’t interesting. Shadows are what separate good photographers from bad ones and separates the quality of your camera. Most drone cameras and GoPros look the best in bright sunlight because they are crap cameras that lack the dynamic range to handle difference in contrast. But contrast is as important to DOF as selective focus.
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    Christian, One topic i really want to cover is the data handle files that FCP generated and how to archive documents. The FCP generated several folders and data Final Cut Optimized Media Final Cut Original Media Named of project Cache with name of project Final cut library name of project What files are you gonna really need, in order to do a backup in a external hard drive On FCP software different between: Librarie Events Project Intelligent collections Not a full explanation but just i main idea to how to handle your DATA between projects. Is necessary create a library every project or every project need a library ..? I know i have some issue to handle the DATA backup i have several hard drives but is alway good is you a find a smart solutions or at least one with good order for a start. Regards
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    Good Afternoon Everyone, I recently launch a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the golfing industry. One of the services I offer is hole-by-hole guided tours. I'm looking for an individual/team that lives in South Florida (Atlantic side of the state) to do contract work as part of my team. I posted this job on droners.io and was overwhelmed with the responses from all over the country. I unfortunately was not specific about the location of the individual/team, so I'm hoping to make that clear here, I just want Florida based licensed UAV/Drone operators. I really appreciate your time and please reach out if you have any questions/interested. I'll be in Boca Raton from May 1-11 and I'm looking to meet prior to agreeing to any terms. Thanks, Matthew Neumann
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    If you're a beginner, just practice flying. Today's prosumer-level UAVs don't need any additional attachments, but those that do are usually reserved for more experienced pilots who want to improve their flight or enhance their shots. That said, the only attachments I have for my Mavic are PolarPro's Cinema filters.
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    The period of beautiful sunsets and sunrises is open. Thanks for watching! Gear---DJI Phantom 3Pro+PolarPro Cinema Series ND+ND/PL 8,16,32 Filters. Edit in DaVinci Resolve
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    As Avatar Meher Baba, and Bobby McFaren once said. "Don't worry, Be Happy".
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    Did some checking before I call (good luck right) the FAA to ask about my 9 month old airspace waiver (107.41) requests. I posted the question here “has the FAA stopped granting airspace waivers”? Someone said they were still granting waivers. The FAA granted waivers database shows that the last waiver was granted 9/11/17. That’s six months ago. Assuming people are putting in requests regularly the FAA has halted granting airspace waivers.
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    Hi Matthew, I also would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and have a conversation about your business. With more than 300 golf courses in South Florida, including 120 with 15 miles of Fort Lauderdale, there's a lot of ground to cover. I operate a Phantom 4 Pro, and provide architects, engineers and contractors with photographs and video of job sites, as well as point cloud data that be converted to 3D models and orthomosaic images. Please visit: www.skydatauav.com and www.sunshinedrones.com. Best Regards, David
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    Matthew, I am based in South Florida and operate 2 drones at the moment, Phantom 4 Pro (which I am likely going to sell) and an Inspire 2 with X5S camera. I am one of the first to obtain the 107 license and well versed in commercial operations, along with being a professional photographer as well. Please let me know if you would like to meet with me when you come to Boca Raton and I will be happy to accommodate one of those dates. Have a wonderful day! Robert
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    PROBLEM SOLVED!!! I reinstalled all the suggested drivers from the rc manual and the clean flight welcome menu, and changed my USB cable to a high quality cable from Sony thanks so much for helping and advising me, this step is finally done. I might be coming back to you when I flash the ESCs thanks a lot!
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    As a result of the strong economy in 1998-2001 there was a major increase in new GA pilots, did the FAA authorize companies to hire people to shoot them down!? When a-holes flew planes into buildings we called them terrorist what do you call this? Haven’t we lost enough of our civil liberties because of the actions of a few misguided people? I couldn’t stomach reading the whole article but I thought the drone industry had moved beyond this kind of hype. So in 2014 the FAA issues a far over reaching mandate that gives them authority over anything that flies and defines drones as aircraft only to authorize people four years later to shoot them down!? Maybe it mentioned in the article how many hundreds, tens, or even one incident at a NASCAR race involving a drone?
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    Here is a webpage that has a great amount of information pertaining to all drone laws beginning at the Federal level including individual federal agencies regulations and extending to the state level laws. https://jrupprechtlaw.com/drone-laws
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    Good method to your madness. Get licensed first to fly and continue researching the drones you would be interested in (and can afford) that could possibly fulfill the role you intend to use it for. DJI is probably the most readily available but the most problematic to fly. Yuneec makes a great product as do a few others. Next think about the camera. Precise work calls for a good camera. For general mapping purposes the absolute minimum would be a 12 megapixel camera which will do the job roughly at less than 120 ft AGL. A better choice would be something in the range of 20 megapixels or you could always design a system around a Sony A7Rii if you can afford it. Pixel count equates to image detail and also allows you to fly at a higher altitude capturing more data per picture and covering more ground which decreases flight time or increases area covered per battery. The newer units fly with a dual-battery setup that may give 25 minutes of flight time under ideal temperatures and battery condition. Single battery aircraft (DJI) can be reasonably be expected to fly about 15 minutes per battery. Batteries run (for my aircraft) roughly $200US each (although I did just purchase 5 TB48 5700 mAh batteries with my government discount for $832 US). I fly small to medium sized job sites (2-47 acres). I have six batteries on hand with five more shipping. If I knew then what I know now, I would have purchased a higher end UAS and paid the price up front instead of my current situation which is now trying to justify purchasing a $20,000 US aircraft to do the job that my $3,000 US aircraft does. Bottom line: take your time and be able to justify your decision before you leap blindly or at least half-cocked into the UAS business. Identify your needs for the service you intend to provide and then find an airframe that will cover those expectations. Also build some redundancy into you needs. Think strategically five years ahead of what you not only need at the moment but what you need to cover other possible aspects of a project (IR roof inspection as an example).