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  1. Alan Perlman

    What are you doing re: illegal drone flights?

    Amen, @Av8Chuck.
  2. Alan Perlman

    18 Reasons to Attend InterDrone Next Month

    Gonna miss seeing you too, Derrick!
  3. Alan Perlman

    The Challenges of Running A UAS Business

    Holy batman, I finally watched @AeroEyez's video. You handled that like a champ. Kudos to you for having the headspace to pull out your camera and record for others. We can all learn a lot from this situation. Virtual high-five for being a great example for the sUAS industry.
  4. I know this is a reoccurring issue that surfaces on this forum and in almost every other sUAS community I've seen in some variation. Got an email from one of our students and wanted to share below. How would you respond?
  5. Alan Perlman

    No use of drones in National Parks

    Stupid will always find a way. This is ridiculous.
  6. Alan Perlman

    New to UAV Coach

    @Studio 63, welcome to our community (and the drone industry)! Big fan of the Mavic Pro Platinum. Packs a powerful punch for such a small and portable bird. When it comes to Part 107 test prep, there are many ways to study. Online programs like ours (and RemotePilot101, DroneLaunchAcademy, DARTdrones, etc.), $20 test prep books on Amazon, iPad apps with test questions, 3DR's free test prep portal, the FAA's study guide, YouTube, cheap Udemy courses and I'm sure a few more I haven't seen yet. You could probably get away with just watching some YouTube videos and passing, but what I've found is that a lot of that information is just about passing and not much more. And a lot of the test questions / industry information is out-of-date. Stuff like airspace authorization, applying for a Waiver, and really understanding the nuances of Class E airspace. If you're leaning toward a more premium online course, I think the two biggest things to consider are: Time saved. You're being told exactly what to study, and through online learning best practices — like a video with motion graphics and dynamic illustrations, lesson notes broken up into digestible chunks, on-going quizzes, full-length (and timed) practice tests with real FAA test questions, knowledge gap reporting, etc. — you'll be able to digest the information much more effectively. Real world support. The FAA has done an OK job with the test, but they leave out so much of what's happening in the real world. We do a lot of 1:1 support with our students, helping them understand what systems to buy, what software to consider, where people are getting jobs, etc. And we have bonus lessons in topics the FAA doesn't necessarily teach you on. Things like Flight Operations Management, Legal Considerations, Real Estate Marketing, and Drone Insurance. It's a more premium price to enroll in a course like ours, but you get a real person on the phone to speak with. To answer your question more directly....yes, I've spoken with a number of folks who have self-studied using the FAA's website ( and YouTube. It's definitely possible. But anecdotally, I believe the majority of the 100,000 FAA-certified pilots have used some kind of test prep program. That's not just based on our own students, but looking through other industry forums, FB groups, and folks I've connected with at conferences and other industry events. Hope this helps and happy studying!
  7. Alan Perlman

    New to forum

    Great thread, welcome to both @Droner66 and @Rick Barber. Good to see y'all in here. You too, @Isabella | UAV Coach!
  8. Alan Perlman

    Score Free Advice From Industry Professionals

    I don't think anything is wrong. I think it's human psychology. People are much more inclined to take that initial action of setting up a username and password (for one more new thing) and logging into our forum if there's a chance they'll win a fairly significant package. That's one of the reasons we chose to host the raffle over here. Hoping to drive more engagement amongst our community members. Not everyone will stick around, but at least they're exposed to some of the great discussions going on over here and might feel inclined to participate longer term. As for the millennials, when I first got into this industry, that's who I thought our target persona / market would be. I was wrong! Our students and community members seem to skew more toward your vintage. ALSO, I think some people just don't get your sophisticated humor
  9. Awesome, very helpful. Thanks, also for weighing in @Dave Pitman and @Ed O'Grady.
  10. Alan Perlman

    The Challenges of Running A UAS Business

    @Av8Chuck — that's so great to hear. Glad we could catch up at XPONENTIAL earlier this year and congrats on the success. @L&L DRONE VIEWS — I can't tell you how many times I've felt stuck since we got things started back in 2014. I can definitely relate to these words, thanks for sharing.
  11. Alan Perlman

    Score Free Advice From Industry Professionals

    Thanks for posting, @Av8Chuck. Always appreciate your input and spirit for this community. Yes, we send out a weekly industry newsletter to both our Drone Pilot Ground School students and to anyone who signs up from the UAV Coach website. If you scroll to the bottom of this page — — you'll see a "Subscribe" button. @Dave Pitman — we do not yet have our forum software connected to our email newsletter, not in the kind of elegant way I'd ultimately want to have. Would love to have you join our newsletter, though! And @Av8Chuck, yes you've suggested that the topics in the email / our regular blog posts have a corresponding thread in the forum to encourage discussion. Let me chat with our new Marketing Manager, @Isabella | UAV Coach, about this so we can get it going. Appreciate the nudge.
  12. Alan Perlman

    Finding Your Fortune in the Drone Industry

    Let us know what you think! Looks interesting.
  13. Hi folks, I had a great call this morning with a department in Florida who sent me this: Do you know of anyone doing something similar in the U.S.? More specifically, using a drone to deploy an inflatable rescue device over water. Any and all tips / thoughts appreciated.
  14. Alan Perlman

    drone operator required for gender reveal party

    HAHA much different. If I was in the STL area, I would definitely help out, this is a fun project
  15. Alan Perlman

    drone operator required for gender reveal party

    Hey @myklrob — nice chatting with you on the phone. The max altitude requirement is 400 ft....any chance there's some kind of balcony the drone could fly over, instead of being away from the building?