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  1. Thanks for breaking it down, @Ed O'Grady. I'd like to think your time is worth a bit more than that. I mean, at least selfishly, I'd much rather have you on the forums for an hour than you netting $10 for your time and travel and equipment amortization
  2. That's frustrating. I'm about to start getting into DD more seriously and will keep my eyes out for this.
  3. Does this help?
  4. Hi @DivenParker, you should be able to use 1800-2000mAh for longer run time. I don't have exact calculations...that range will produce a heavier battery, so at some point you lose the advantage. And if you're working with limited space, most 3S batteries up to 1500 mAh are about 70mm long...after that they increase to 100mm.
  5. Thanks for sharing, @LelandJames!
  6. Thanks for sharing, @Bert! Nice footage. Dramatic music
  7. Welcome. @Richard Hawkins!
  8. Congrats @timmy67, you were a model student and asked great questions. @MikeV, our average student takes about 20-25 hours to study over the course of 2-3 weeks.
  9. Welcome, @Skyanchor!
  10. Welcome @Terry W, Mavic is a great sUAS. I've flown mine about 8 hours so far.
  11. Welcome, @ndroll!
  12. Good points guys.
  13. CC @Carter, did you get a chance to review Christian's feedback above? Great video.
  14. @RicardoGray @Pixel Perfect Photography Unfortunately (unless I'm missing something, which I hope I am) the Mavic doesn't have a manual ATTI mode like the Phantom models do. Doesn't make ANY sense to me
  15. Welcome, @Michael Sebastian! Any chance you can share a link to your roof inspection company website?