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  1. Good chatting with you on the phone, Josh. Will shop this around with some folks...
  2. Alan Perlman

    How's business?

    Well said, @L&L DRONE VIEWS.
  3. Alan Perlman

    How's business?

    Here I am In the future, use the @ symbol before my name and I'll get a more direct notification. I participate in the forum where I can but am laser-focused on hitting a few strategic initiatives so don't always have the time. To me, worrying about other pilots devaluing your services...that's not something you can control. No centralized national body or membership will change that. My advice would be to focus 110% on what you CAN control...building your own business and kicking ass while doing so. Some inspiration for you: There's no silver bullet here. Just a lot of persistence and focusing on the right thing...getting high-quality clients that others can't compete for.
  4. Alan Perlman

    Greetings from Idaho!

    Welcome, @Mdblocker! I was just in Idaho all last week—rafting on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River up near Stanley. Had fun exploring downtown Boise on Thursday night. I really hope to spend more time in Idaho. Beautiful state. Stay in touch and let us know what questions you have along the way.
  5. Alan Perlman

    The Pass (cinematic short)

    Love it, thanks for sharing! Seems like it was a fun day
  6. Alan Perlman

    ​🔝​ Iceland expands food delivery by drone in Reykjavik

    Thanks for sharing, @SkyWatcher Ilan! Here's a big takeaway from the article for those too lazy to click through
  7. Alan Perlman


    Wow, beautiful. Love the variety of shots and the editing in the intro. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Alan Perlman

    New Member in Washington State

    Wahoo, congrats @Dooger09 and welcome to the forum. Love Seattle and the Mt. Rainier area—climbed it about 15 years ago and hoping to get back again soon. Spent some time in Tacoma and Spokane as well.
  9. Hearing this more and more from other folks in the industry. Big fan of Skyward and their team, for what it's worth.
  10. Alan Perlman

    A formal introduction...

    Welcome, @Janus!
  11. Alan Perlman

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Eeeeeeenteresting. More info over here:
  12. Alan Perlman

    New Drone Pilot from Flower Mound,TX

    Welcome, @John Hook! Stay in touch.
  13. Alan Perlman

    Hello from California

    Came here to post that! Welcome to the forum, @spanick
  14. Alan Perlman

    How's business?

    Ooh, hoping some folks will chime in here. I think the general consensus for a lot of folks is that it's very much a one foot in front of the other kind of situation—those that stick it out day after day and continue to build relationships, to fly, to put themselves out there, to learn and to embrace a consultative sales process are the ones who are going to find business. There's absolutely opportunity out there, but it's a brand new industry, and people looking for market rates, quick money, and blueprints of how to succeed don't get what it takes to hustle and to build a service-based business. It's tough work! #mytwocents
  15. Alan Perlman

    Parrot #ITSCOMING