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  1. Where in LA Area (San Pedro / Whittier) can I fly?

    Hey @Roger Davis, what local park or parks do you have in mind? I'm not too familiar with the particular airspace in either San Pedro or Whittier and will have to do a bit of research. Much easier for me to check by location, and then to work backwards to explain why you can or can't fly in that location and to teach you a bit about the rules that way. So can you provide 2-3 locations for me to look up? I'll be using a combination of AirMap and VFRMap to help explain. Thanks!
  2. Podcast on Drone Safety

    Ooh, good find @Spitfire76. What's been going on / keeping you busy so far in 2018?
  3. Hello Everyone

    Heyoo, @Darren Johnson, thanks for joining. What part of Indianapolis? I had family in Carmel for a while, did some drone flying around one of the outdoor music venues.
  4. Evidence Of Passion

    Loved this. Your sound effects are great of the birds and the train. Where was this filmed? Thanks for sharing your camera details. Those PolarPro filters are great.
  5. UAS Drone Pilots Code

    Enjoyed reading through this. Thanks for sharing, @victorbravo77.
  6. Manjuyod Sandbar - Aerial 4K

    Nice video! Thanks for sharing. What are you flying here? What'd you use to edit?
  7. Hello from a New Member

    Hey @DavidCBaker, our company is based in Nashville (Bellevue). Let's get together and fly sometime! Welcome to the forum.
  8. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    Thanks @Dave Pitman! Now it's time to scout out some prime flying locations. Wasn't aware of the state park ban, thanks for sharing the link above. I wasn't aware of this crash. That's awful and will put local authorities on heightened alert
  9. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Great discussion. @Tndroneworks, our company is based in Nashville. Would love to get together to go flying at some point. Too much rain the last couple of weeks I put in for our BNA Class C wide area clearance authorization one month ago, and it's still under review. If you plan to do more Part 107 // commercial flying in the area, it's a must have. And like @Ed O'Grady said up top, you can get one through the FAA's new FAADroneZone portal. We wrote up a guide that walks through how to apply over here: I'd go ahead and put in for yours to get in line. Hopefully LAANC is fully operational by the end of the year. I have a feeling that we'll soon get to a point where the FAA is still taking in new authorization requests but not necessarily processing them, similar to what we saw them do with hundreds of 333 exemption requests back in 2016.
  10. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    Hi folks! Will be traveling to Kauai in April 2018 and plan to bring my DJI Mavic Air. This would be Part 107 flying. I wanted to crowdsource my research a bit, as so far I'm finding a lot of out-of-date info on various websites and want to do as much due diligence as possible before the trip. So here's where I'm at so far. The Class D airspace is pretty easy to spot. And I read that I'm not allowed to fly in Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. Just wanted to do a gut check and make sure I wasn't missing anything. Also, any good places you'd recommend to fly? Can't wait to explore the island, both from ground and from air
  11. DJI Customer Service?

    Thanks for the update and sorry to hear about your experience with DJI
  12. DJI Customer Service?

    That's frustrating. Have you tried calling or using the live chat? I've had good luck with both.
  13. Drones and Slung Loads?

    Hi all, moved this to a separate thread!
  14. Hi all, I applied for Class C authorization using the FAA's new FAADroneZone process a couple of weeks ago and will report back with more information as I receive it. I just received an email that is a good (and unfortunate?) fit for this thread: Mhmm. We're moving in the right direction with LAANC, but this is frustrating.