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  1. Ahh, thanks for clarifying and glad you got in contact with the help line. Good rule of thumb is to never copy directly from Microsoft Word. I always have a program called Sublime Text (same thing as Notepad) open on my computer. It strips the formatting and saves me a ton of trouble with writing emails, keeping tabs of lists, copying/pasting content, etc.
  2. Hi all, assuming good weather, I was planning to do a time-lapse of the moon's shadow racing across a field at the park across the street from my house during the solar eclipse next week. I'm in Nashville, TN and right in the path of the totality, so looking forward to a wild show. At first, I was worried about noise pollution, but there aren't usually folks home in my neighborhood, certainly in this park / field during the day. I'll be at around 300-350 ft. AGL, so there may be a small whine, but it shouldn't be distracting. By hovering / doing a time-lapse, I don't have to be as concerned about having a VO / maintaining situational awareness, and I can take some time to actually enjoy the eclipse. By the way, public disclaimer, make sure you get special glasses if you plan to look directly at the eclipse! Saw this note from the FAA as well and thought I'd share. If you ARE flying next week, know that there might be more manned aircraft traffic in the air and to watch out just as you normally would (but with extra vigilance!). -- FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education Are You Flying to the Eclipse Path Notice Number: NOTC7320 Do you plan to fly your aircraft on August 21 during the solar eclipse? If yes, you’re not alone. Several airports located in the path of the eclipse have notified the FAA that they are anticipating a significant increase in air traffic before and during the eclipse. Many of these airports are non-towered and have limited capacity to accommodate an increase in traffic. Here are some tips to fly safe in the path of the eclipse. Use US Chart Supplements (formerly AFD). Check NOTAMs for your departing and arriving airports, including airports along the route of your flight. Remember, some airports may already be at capacity. Call your destination airport, and respect the runway closures and safety information they provide. Expect Unicom congestion, and check for additional instructions on ASOS/AWOS voice over. See and Avoid is a high priority. Watch out for possible drone activity. Utilize Air Traffic Services when available. Use IFR operations when appropriate, file VFR flight plans …. let Air Traffic assist you! Have some specific questions about an area or airport? The FAASTeam is here to help. Our local FAASTeam Program Managers (FPM) are available to help with local knowledge. Find your local FPM for any given area For a refresher on non-towered airport communications, click
  3. Thanks for posting here. Hopefully someone can chime in with some insights!
  4. 8/12/17 - Community Update

    The Taft Drone Club in Cincinnati, OH was just awarded a HUGE grant to support STEM learning by bringing drones into the classroom. Learn more about the grant (and check out our new scholarship for high school students!) over here. FPV racing? Yes please. DR1 just announced their roster, locations, and sponsors for the 2017 season, and we can't wait. The DR1 Champions Series will start in October—read about the series and see pictures of all the locations over here. As an industrial tool, the DJI Matrice 200 is rated IP (Ingress Protection) 43,which means that it’s waterproof and can fly in the rain just fine. It can also fly in sub-zero temperatures, with a heating system that kicks in to keep the batteries and sensors warm when under freezing conditions (pretty cool, right?). Gap Wireless will be demoing DJI Matrice 200 drones at The Big Drone Show. More on that announcement over here. Last call! Use code UAVCOACH when registering for The Big Drone Show, Canada's premier drone event, to get 25% off the $90 conference ticket. From The Community Forum Here are some notable threads from this past week: Looking for a private instructor Eagle Eye UAV (Thanks to UAV Coach!) Aerial Downtown LA DJI Matrice 600 for sale Temp certificate
  5. Hi all! Wanted to open this thread up to the UAV Coach community to see who will be going to Interdrone? This'll be my third year going, and the first year for Lana Axelrod (Chief Strategy Officer / wife extraordinaire) and @Zacc Dukowitz (Director of Marketing). If you haven't registered yet, you can use the code FLYIT for $100 off. We'd love to organize some kind of casual event / get-together for you all, so let us know if you plan to be there and we can start to get a sense of numbers. Vegas baby...Vegas!
  6. Who will be going to Interdrone in Las Vegas?

    Look forward to meet you there!
  7. DJI Matrice 600 for sale

    Thanks, Steve!
  8. Looking for private instructor

    Love this community, thanks guys.
  9. Preparing for airport development

    Great to meet you, @John Woo!
  10. We are pumped to announce the Big Drone Show, Canada’s premier drone event, as our latest community sponsor. The show happens next month in Toronto, Canada on September 27th and 28th. If you're interested in attending make sure to use the code UAVCOACH for a hefty discount of 25% off of what is already a very low ticket price of $90. The Big Drone Show is packed with events, and will feature talks by drone industry leaders from around the world, the Toronto Drone Film Festival, a B2B Meeting Zone where companies can connect, a 2 day Hackathon, and of course lots of product releases and announcements from big companies like DJI and others. You can also read our article to learn more about the show:
  11. Community Updates

    Will be bringing our Saturday morning emails into the community forum from now on. Will be posted over here: Thanks for the suggestion, @Av8Chuck!
  12. 8/5/17 - Community Update

    We are pumped to announce the Big Drone Show, Canada’s premier drone event. The show happens next month in Toronto, Canada on September 27th and 28th. If you're interested in attending, make sure to use the code UAVCOACH for a hefty discount of 25% off of what is already a very low ticket price of $90. More about the event over here, where we walk through their film festival, hackathon, and more. 3DR and DJI, partnering up? A year ago when 3D Robotics Inc. and DJI were going head to head in the consumer drone market, this idea may have seemed crazy. But today, 3DR has one of the top platforms for processing drone data in the commercial sector, and DJI wants to expand their use cases for the Phantom 4 (for starters) so that it can be used in commercial scenarios. Read this article to learn more about their unlikely partnership, and why it makes so much sense. Meet Mike McGuirt, the newest member of our team. Mike served in the Air Force for 28 years, and has been working more recently as an Aerospace Science Instructor for high school students in Arkansas. He's also an FAA certified drone pilot, and the new Student Support Manager for our Drone Pilot Ground School students studying to pass the Part 107 exam. We couldn't be more thrilled to have him on board. Read our interview to learn more about Mike's experiences in the Air Force and his in-depth knowledge of UAVs, aerospace science, and customer support. Use code UAVCOACH for 25% off an (already low) ticket price of $90 to Canada's premier drone event, the Big Drone Show. From The Community Forum Here are some notable threads from this past week: Office Space in a Complex U.S. Government Bans the Use of DJI Products Mapping a roof with Olympus 45mm (Inspire 1 Pro) help! Aerial Downtown LA FAA Airspace Authorization & Waiver Experiences / Notes Who will be going to Interdrone in Las Vegas? Until next week...
  13. Aerial Downtown LA

    Ooh, love that last shot!
  14. New to forum

    Welcome, @Mark Hollowell!
  15. Newbie that just passed!

    Wahoo! While I still like flying my Yuneec Typhoon H, I'd stick with DJI for now. Here's a good breakdown of Mavic vs. Phantom vs. Inspire:
  16. Passed Exam this morning - Heart of Virginia Airport

    Wahoo! Congratulations. Heard you had a good call with @Zacc Dukowitz the other day. Glad to hear things are going so well for you and your club and can't wait to publish our interview with you soon enough
  17. Who will be going to Interdrone in Las Vegas?

    Heck yeah, can't wait to see your new stuff. Remembered demo'ing last year and was pretty blown away. Look forward to reconnecting.
  18. UAV journey

    Congrats, @surudad! Great news Stay in touch and let us know how things progress for you along the way.
  19. Wonder if there will be just as much push back over there as there was over here, a la the Taylor lawsuit and eventual overturning of the requirements.
  20. FAA Airspace Authorization & Waiver Experiences / Notes

    I can't imagine it would hurt you, @davis.
  21. Community Updates

    You guys are the best. Great idea and will get this going for next week.
  22. Passed Exam this morning - Heart of Virginia Airport

    Congrats, @NickStan! You were a great student. Love the additional tips you're sharing in this thread, will make sure they're integrated into the course
  23. Community Updates

    Good idea, will add this to the list! Forum styling is broken today after a big software update. Working to fix this afternoon
  24. UAS temporary job available

    CC @Liz can you offer any comments re: the Outlook Web App? Thanks!