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  1. Farm work successes

    Has anyone had any good successes this last growing season? Juggernaught, have you had positive feedback from your client? What platforms, sensors and software are you using and are you satisfied with the results? What will you most likely change going forward? Is agri really worth all the hype? Cheers
  2. First Clients - Almost

    Onward and upward. Was the farmer pleased with what you could show him - did he see it as a good roi? I hope the interested parties take you up. Good luck.
  3. Mavic Pro & Agri Work

    Hello I'm looking at entry level drone for agri work. Something that I can start with and which might also suit other farmer operators to whom I give business advice. I like the Mavic's small portable size as compared to Phantom, I know that one supplier can add a specialise NDVI sensor to it and was wondering if anyone was using this and with what results. In time I will upgrade to more substantial platforms and sensors, if needed, but for now I'm looking at this or another for proof of usefulness and of ROI purposes. Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Thanks PS I am a qualified pilot and am currently doing uav ground school.
  4. First Clients - Almost

    How's the season panned out Juggernaught?
  5. Nano / Micro Drones

    Anyone got any experience with operating micro or nano drones for anything other than early training or military? I have recently gotten very interested in these and flapping wing drones as both seem to me to be more wildlife friendly. Thoughts?
  6. Apps! Who needs them?

    There are just so many drone related apps out there. We have dronelogbook, autoflightlogic, dji, dronedeploy, rpaslogger, uav logbook, uav forecast... the list goes on! Some good, some really good and some not so good. I currently have no personal need but that will change. Is anyone using any of these? If yes which and why? If not why not? I currently have no personal need but that will change within the next 12 months. I also confess to having a vested interest as I have been into app development for a couple of years and have made a few for small businesses I know - golf clubs, fitness business, equine, etc and I'm interested to know if business apps are the sort of thing that drone businesses could find useful for client retention. When I'm eventually up and running I can see the potential in using an app to tell existing clients that "I will be in your area in 4 days time and would you like me to fly a mission?" and maybe letting them know if I've acquired more sophisticate equipment. What do you guys think?
  7. Incident

    Ooh bad luck but thanks for sharing...
  8. Bee vectoring technology

    Well, it'll be interesting to see how things develop. But one thing's for can't beat healthy debate.
  9. Bee vectoring technology

    Interesting points everyone and thanks for the references Alan. Silk Purse, I too know the workings of bee colonies but most probably not as well as you do and the enormous pressures that the industrial world has put them under. In Europe neonicitinoides have been banned while we wait to see proof of their harm to bees. The actual question that I was posing was this: given, rightly or wrongly, that bee vectoring technology has been developed and is being used, perhaps it won't be too long before those principles can be combined with nano drone operations. I.e replace the bee with a very small drone. Have a whole lot of them go out on a mission to pollinate a crop. Because they are digitally controlled, unlike a bee, their actual movement can be tracked so we can know exactly how many flowers and plants were pollinated / pest treated in a specified time. How feasible is this? Can you see that such an operation would also save water since it could do away with crop spraying in certain circumstances. We have a global fresh water shortage so any water saved is good! I am fascinated by this whole area and as a 'frustrated' farmer would love to focus and get involved in it. But where, with whom and at what cost?????!!?!!!!
  10. Bee vectoring technology

    Hi, I've been reading lately about bee vectoring technology - the use of bees to carry and deposit pesticides as they go about crop pollination. Fascinating stuff. Does anyone think we will get to a point of small enough drones swarming to do the same thing, which then be capable of accurate and timely monitoring? I
  11. Viability of Agri Drone Operations

    Hi @Sergiy, Do let us know how you get on please. I have a friend who used to manage farms in the Ukraine - you have some seriously huge farms out there so a fixed wing makes perfect sense. Which platform are you using?
  12. Hello from UK

    Hi Andy I know the feeling and agree that flying something smaller than a 'proper plane' does give a half decent flying fix. I love photography too so will be very interested if you post some shots when you upgrade. Have you thought of building your own? Then you might be able to have more options on cameras, lenses and costs. Just a thought. Battle on with the Hubsan - it's character building(!!!!) and I suspect that I'll kill mine before you yours :-) All best Imogen
  13. Hello from UK

    Hi Andy Ditto Hubsan and it is tricky but given the weather at least it can be practiced on inside! I am more used to larger things and once the summer comes I will upgrade too. I like photography too but my main interest is in using it to reduce my farming workload - if I can fly once a day to check sheep then I would only have to walk round once...bonus! I have an aviation background so am also v interested in crop scouting and spraying business BUT a lot of hurdles to that for now which is a shame - the platforms and sensors are there but the will in our very depressed agri industry is regrettably not. I'm from the Taunton area. All best Imogen
  14. Hello from UK

    Hi, I'm in Somerset too! What's your key area of interest?