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  1. Skydio

    It looks a bit like Vantage Robotic's Snap.
  2. Large Print Photomerge

    Thanks Jonathan, that is really helpful, and definitely something I'm going to have a go at doing in the mountains in a few weeks time - hand-held camera. I've always preferred to shoot in RAW too but have never used Lightroom so perhaps now is the perfect time to start with it
  3. Large Print Photomerge

    Thanks for the clear explanation. One last question: did you do it all in one flight? It's a fascinating technique for me and the results are stunning.
  4. Large Print Photomerge

    Hi, nor do I Jonathan as I have forgotten what caused me to asked it in that way!! You took multiple shots and merged them. Over what sort of timescale and was the uav holding the exact same relative position for the duration? Better??
  5. I wasn't sure which forum to pop this in so please forgive if I picked the wrong one. So, the drone market is awash with software and applications - cloud based and local - ranging from photogrammetry, tree and plant counting and drone ops logging to in your pocket pay as you fly insurance. Everyone has their favourites and those which they use day in day out and upon which their businesses totally rely. Which are yours? And do they relatively seamlessly integrate to facilitate smooth, dare I say, easy workflows etc? Is there any one thing in your business or even just hobby flying that you would love to see embodied in a single application? It could relate to your specific kind of flight operation or to business in general. Is the DroneDeploy marketplace a good thing, will it grow, how will it grow? Discuss!!
  6. Large Print Photomerge

    All rather splendid. Would love to be able to do this. How great a difference in perspective (if any) do you use?
  7. Something has peaked my curiosity... In brief, we all know that the real and sustainable value in drone operations is the value add of this tool to existing skills and tools. So, I'm wondering where the value add is with regard to drone op franchises. I've seen a lot of adds for these lately (must be a New Year thing), and can only really see a viable business value being for the franchisor. If the prospective franchisee has an existing profession (eg quantity surveyor) and wants to be the go to surveyor using drones in a specific area why would he/she need this? But if they're just an operator for hire maybe it would be a good idea? I'm struggling to see the benefit. Would someone please explain the merits of or drawbacks of anyone entering into a drone franchise agreement.
  8. Why should I start a drone business?

    Hi elchacho, why not check out this thread where we discuss the fact that the drone is not the business. It might help you a bit. See you over there.
  9. Ahhh the firmware update gremlins

    Autel look like DJI clones. But I assume different software?
  10. I think I get what you're saying Chuck. What Gary says is spot on if you look at it in isolation, but in reality nothing exists in a void. It's rather similar to a professional dictating and a secretary typing up the correspondence. In some instances - where the professional is a one fingered warrior - this is a faster workflow. In others - where the professional (lawyer, surgeon, etc) can actually type at a good speed - dividing the labour thus makes for a slower and more expensive operation. It's actually all down to the context of the individual operation. Where and how best the integration is achieved, by whom and the value of the now attainable data or visual perspective. I think the 'invisibility' of the drone element is key to whatever it is that is being done. So, being able to skate is a really good analogy because where, how and by whom it is integrated will never be the same in any two different cases.
  11. Cool. But must admit that I like the dslr and uav shots best!
  12. Video Editing Software

    You could also have a look at Hitfilm.
  13. Hi JBR. Yes, I agree entirely. I recently saw some amazing macro photos taken with uv fluorescence light. Stunning and totally unique to that photographer.
  14. Too true FlyingRaider and Spitfire76 - viable UAV incorporation must be a complementary tool to an existing toolkit or skillset to be acceptable and useful within the industries. It must be invisible, and as Chuck says above, it needs to be able to: Be capable of collecting data accurate enough to meet the requirements of the customer. Ensure that the collection of the data adds an order of magnatude more efficient or enable the collection of the data that is not possible any other way. Ensure that the collection of the data enables a distributed workflow. Without this you're not going anywhere. As for agriculture, we must remember that precision agriculture is all about observing, measuring and responding so that at the end of the day the right stuff can be applied at the right time and in the right place. It's the latter part that is all the farmer really cares about, provided that it delivers reduced costs, higher yields and hopefully a bit of profit.