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  1. Drone Jobs

    Awesome thanks for ssharing .
  2. Is anyone excited for November 15th?

    My main purpose for flying: Setting in motion the making of a UAV business. Starting with a Phantom 4,Inspire 1 and waiting on the Mavic Pro .
  3. Is anyone excited for November 15th?

    I was waiting also, so if you get it please let me know thanks.
  4. Is anyone excited for November 15th?

    Just purchased the Inspire 1 so I am excited about that! lol Still waiting on the Mav.... but with all the issues I hear about, I don't mind waiting!
  5. Pretty good ! Gave you a ?!!! How did you charger? If you don't mind sharing ? email me if you like:
  6. DJI Mavic Pro Status

    Ebay Authorized Dealer Coming Out of Washington
  7. DJI Mavic Pro Status

    Well, here is the latest update on the status concerning delivery of my Mavic Pro! Dear buyer,so sorry to tell you ship date will delay.we got news from DJI and they said ship date will delay due to hot sale.they also explain it on DJI website,you can check that later.According to your order time and DJI policy,we will send it to you from 24th,Nov to 10th,Dec.If it is ok for you?If not , we can cancel the order for you,how do you think?Sincerely Has anyone else experienced the same ordeal???
  8. Pricing for Real Estate Photography

    Nicely done sir!
  9. Green Screen DJI Phantom 4

    @FlipItoo had to upgrade
  10. Completely confused

    Here is one good example of why you should comply and understand the Law:
  11. Quotes for Jobs

    @Silk Purse thanks so very much! Gonna purchase this app!!! The application seems so very promising!
  12. Filming In California

    I think it would fall under both. @Spitfire76
  13. Quotes for Jobs

    Thinking about purchasing the Litchi App But it has a lot of bad reviews??? Who's all using this app? I am also taking a course on using the app and the topic of discussion is "Waypoint" Thanks
  14. Filming In California

    Good question??? Is it a National Park? @Spitfire76