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  1. Awesome site! I am developing my own right now, thought it was decent...until I saw yours haha.
  2. First Clients - Almost

    Okay for the first time trying. I still have only one client, but one or two are interested for early next season. Nothing truly dramatic happened in the fields that I am flying for the farmer other than what he knows will happen because of some high salinity in parts of the field. You can definitely see it in the imagery, but the only way to fix it he said would be to dig down about 20 ft and replace all of the soil...which isn't cost effective. I was asked about some mapping of a canyon and the accuracy so I explained to them GCPs and that I am not a surveyor (although i would have a surveyor lay the GCPs as I don't have the equipment). No response on that quote...
  3. Weed Detection

    I would like to, but currently I don't have the customer base to afford a proper thermal camera
  4. For me to get my name out there quicker in my local community Facebook is a necessity. I bit the bullet and have started "posting" there more. Not sure if it's generated much, but it is nice to see how many people view the photos and such. I am not a social media guy, but anymore it seems to be a requirement.
  5. Weed Detection

    What you are looking at here is population density. The blue area is where the farmer over planted his beans by 250,000/acre compared to everywhere else being around 140-150,000/ acre. The picture(s) on top show the difference in population by illuminating the plants in green and where there is a low population we can tell by the photo on the left compared to the overpopulated area with the picture on the right. He had to replant the entire edge of the field so that is why there is almost no color on the edge as they are about a week and half behind. At the time of my flight the plants were only about 2"x2" in the overpopulated area with them averaging around 1"x1" for most of the field.
  6. Weed Detection

    An example of the imagery below:
  7. Weed Detection

    I have a contract for the summer on two fields possibly more if it turns out to be worth it. I just flew last weekend and it was about 15-20mph winds with gusts at 30. Wasn't easy flights and I do believe it messed with the imagery a bit at least on the corn. I provided two reports to the farmer and haven't heard back yet on his thoughts. Hopefully we can both find it useful!
  8. Flying professionally in New York City

    I would have passed on the job as well. Couldn't imagine trying to get a business going in NY City with current rules and regs.
  9. Quadcopter Descent

    I manually descend mine as well at an angle. So far any app I have seen does a vertical ascent/descent...which is good IMO because otherwise it may fly right into a tree or building.
  10. Help with some airspace

    I am in Denver at a friends place and he is wanting an aerial picture of his new home. He isn't paying or anything so I am thinking this is more of a hobby question, but it's right on the edge of some airspace. But then it's inside a mode c veil. I won't go beyond 100' if I do it, but what do you all think? See attached: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yj1s0exyoj3lol/Screenshot 2017-05-26 21.13.24.png?dl=0
  11. Reports

    Can't help you on those points as I am in central US. Home inspector...just do some shots of your own home and a friends and show them to him to see what he wants. Pitch wise you may be able to save time or put his time to better use by finding the "bad" spots, although a lot of roofs can be damaged underneath and only felt by walking them. Since UAVs are "new" it will be trial and error for your location on pricing unless you find a competitor and see what they are doing. Just be sure to calculate cost of drone - depreciated out liability and hull insurance cost of camera's your time special software if any batteries extra controller extra tablet marketing material web site creation utilities if you rent a space or have designated at home very good printer ink paper Just some things off the top of my head that you may need yet.
  12. GPS tracker device

    If you have $10,000 flying through the air, it may be beneficial to know where its at even when you lose communication from on-board system. If you have $60 flying around then probably not so much.
  13. Reports

    For Ag, talk to the farmer themselves. You will need a multispectral camera IMO not a filtered RGB (although they are improving). As far as reports I like the KISS formula. Pictures can show a lot, but you will also need to take notes and photos of the problem areas on the ground. An agronomist would be handy to have in your hip pocket as well. Your different indexes can show a lot, but again make sure you walk the field and ID whether it's a nitrogen problem, irrigation problem, fungus, soil, or animal. An index won't tell you that.
  14. XPONENTIAL 2017

    Great video! Did appear to be a lot of military and way out of "normal" commercial affordability. That copter with what appeared to be a liquid payload is interesting for Agriculture, but I am assuming wants topped off it would be over the 55lbs. Gotta love regulations that prevent innovation.
  15. How many platforms/systems do you own

    Seems like a nice unit, I wonder how easy it will be to change between the different imagery systems? See if I can't find a dealer nearby as even with RTK it's cheaper than the ebee RTK and it has vertical takeoff and landing.