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  1. Hi all, I want to buy a drone recently, which is 5.8G 4CH 6-axis, and i found a similar one on eBay, but i don't know how about it. Anyone also has this FPV? Any advice?
  2. Laliy220

    New Drone Review Show!

    It looks good!
  3. Laliy220

    Introduction: Drone Pilot Uk - Hello from Manchester UK

    Hello, welcome to this forum, i am a newbie too.
  4. Laliy220

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your advice, it is very useful !
  5. Laliy220

    Beginner FPV RTF drones

    I am also a beginner about drone, and i bought my first drone a few days ago. It is a T915 RC drone, which is a little cute thing. I know little about drone, i hope to learn more information about drone at this forum.