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  1. An Additional Typhoon H Question

    Bill - this websource will give you more information on the Yuneec platform. https://yuneecpilots.com/ The IR packages for the Yuneec are very low level in capability and image quality at this point in the game. The much better Yuneec platform is their newest = H520 as fas as going forward with a long term investment is concerned. There are some very good YouTube videos starting to emerge regarding the H520 Hope this helps you get more information for your considerations.
  2. Offshore Platforms Inspections

    Infrared Camera Inc., Beaumont, Tx. has their HALO industrial UAV which has 100% compatible gimbal, flight and ground control with DJI. In fact ICI is first and foremost a state of the art IR sensor and camera supply company with the industry's second of only 2 airborne optical gas sensor cameras (FLIR the only other) available for the detection of methane leaks. Their gimbal and IR camera control from the ground station is fully functional with the ability to use these configurations with either their HALO UAV or a DJI M600 Pro. The HALO has 8 motor and props mounted on 4 arms and the airframe is a solid carbon graphite construction design which was built specifically for use in petrochemical applications. David Strahan would be the proper sales contact for additional information - https://www.infraredcamerasinc.com/ All of the ICI gimbal and IR plus visible technology can also be bought from CopterSource configured to run on a M600 Pro - Byron Smith, Baytown Texas - https://www.coptersource.com/ Or you can send your own M600 Pro to ICI and they will custom integrate your DJI compatible choice of gimbal and cameras onto your airframe. Respectfully - Michael Watson No I am not employed by ICI nor do I have any financial ties with his company, however I did complete a 30 hour classroom training on level 1 Thermographer Certification there.
  3. FYI https://www.propelleraero.com/aeropoints/ https://www.suasnews.com/2017/10/trimble-gnss-smart-target-base-station-provides-simplified-map-production-uavs/
  4. Roy - I was looking forward to your comments and expertise. Specifically towards using this application with the H520 drone, which is using the u-blox MAX-M8 architecture for 3 way GNSS support - GPS, Glonass and Galileo - https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/max-m8-series . However there must be a trade off somewhere as you surmise even though this application is used most often for photogrammetry applications in deriving specific and accurate measurements. I will delve into this a bit more for clarification. Thanks - Michael
  5. Kara is active on other forums and usually posts information that depicts DroneDeply in favorable light as most of her references are direct links back to DD webpages. Often her actual understanding of the content that is posted is less than expert. While I have often clicked on her links and have learned much information from her posting of them, her practice is usually to offer several different webpage links across several subject topics. The one thing they almost all have in common is that they all refer to a DD generated discussion. To hold her accountable for indepth knowledge on so many topics that she posts about is unrealistic. Just my 2 cents and might not even be worth that, it is only my opinion based on observations, no intent of disrespect.
  6. FYI I have been looking at a rather powerful standalone application for 2D & 3D orthographic mapping applications. This application is currently used throughout the USA and world as a go to photogrammetry software suite, for traffic scene reconstruction purposes. They are able to achieve 2-3cm accuracy without the need to pay for or deploy GPC designation. Also you own the software and can kick off a run of your data whenever you wish to. The application supports the user being able to calibrate the actual camera being used on the drone so that best possible accuracy of your system is realized. Accuracy in the range of 1.2 inches = 3.048cm with your own drone and mapping capable camera. https://www.iwitnessphoto.com/support/iWitnessPRO-Agilis-Released.pdf https://youtu.be/rAYFp9F7dio This is all available for a one time purchase of the application of less than $5,000 Disclaimer - I am in no manner financially connected to the sale of iWitnessPRO Agilis nor am I employed in any manner with this company. This information is being provided to this community purely on a FYI basis. However for those of you that have some background and expertise in using drones for mapping applications, this might be an alternative versus paying for GPC and post processing fees.
  7. Need DJI Replacement Advice

    Av8Chuck, Nice posting above and on YouTube, but your website is a little lean. Will you be supporting a booth at Commercial UAV in Las Vegas next month? More details on gimbal + camera(s) and or IR camera options plus ground control software would help me out. Perhaps a meeting in Las Vegas to discuss your offerings? Respectfully - Michael
  8. Updated Solo

    OS - Have you performed any indoor flying while in GPS mode since your initial post indicated 7of9 sats locked indoors? What are your typical flight times? THX - Michael
  9. Updated Solo

    OS is obviously leading the way on maximizing the Solo's capabilities. And just as groundbreaking is his ability to ferret out up to date state of the art components. Just as amazing is the story behind mRo - http://mrobotics.io/mayan-robotics/ With this GPS chip in the Solo - it just might be the deal of the year to go out and get one before they are all gone or a lightly used one out of the classifieds.
  10. Updated Solo

    OS, You have made the Solo a very reliable platform as that was one of the major drawbacks associated with the platform. Indoor sat lock is pretty darn good and it would be interesting to know if that is now typical since this added capability would greatly improve indoor camera uses if reliable. It will be interesting to hear your report of how much the Solo continues to over shoot or drift past a center stick position to a stable hover once you quit giving movement commands. With your initial report I am sure it is rock solid in hover, I am just curious of the transition to stop and hover in place with minimum overshoot while slowing down. I bet RTH is also greatly improved in accuracy too. Are there other forums which commented on this GPS as a "plug-n-play" for the Solo? The weblink you provided is pretty lean in description of this product. Michael
  11. Autel X‑Star Premium

    This guy has excellent Waypoint / Autopilot tutorial demos with Autel & Starlink ground control app on youtube QuagmireLXIX
  12. Autel X‑Star Premium

    RE: Airframe integrity - these guys have made a good business out of replacement airframes for a lot of different quads including the Yuneec products. There are several Blade quads that many people swear by, but I do not believe that their ground control apps are as sophisticated as Autel nor DJI. http://www.rakonheli.com/ However Yuneec - IN MY OPINION - does not yet have their SW dialed in, for example their 6 motor unit is supposed to offer redundancy if you loose one motor. And the obstacle avoidance app is not prime time yet. Well if you look hard enough you will find many posts of individuals who got a BIG pucker factor experience trying to land that bird with 5 blades turning and each of those reports indicate pre-mature motor failure just happening all of the sudden. Postmortem analysis might prove them correct in component failure but as you know the vast majority of crashes involve human input to some degree.
  13. Autel X‑Star Premium

    Bill - as an aviator you have a deep appreciation of just how complex this software is esp to get all the revs and links working together within the boundaries of real time operating systems constraints. There are a load of sensors and processors that have to behave to micro second or less intervals and tons of interrupt requests going on every clock tick represents a different decision path. The Mavic will be a modern miracle with 26 processors at work doing of all things gesture recognition. Airframe integrity is only the tip of the iceberg, and one must realize that these are for the most part consumer to prosumer products with very little redundancy of components designed in. In fact they are deemed to be crash and replace for the most part. My biggest concern aside from cockpit error is software glitch due to some unforeseen and therefore untested command sequence which results in flyaway or worse devastating crash. Or for instance fly too close to a car and scramble the signal? or what have you. You might try youtube with a drone model followed by the word fails. And yes I did not inspect prop torque on my second flight and did a low level inverted hard crash that took less than a split nano second which resulted in disorientation and loss of emergency rotor shutoff. I had to pick it up by the landing gear while the props were spinning at full speed and get my wife to hold it while I disconnected the battery connector. Back to the Mavic - with all of the many thousands being primed in the distribution chain and the holiday season buying binge upon us, it will be interesting to see what posts show up as to control and airworthy issues for newly released "production" software. I look forward to learning much more from your experience BTW I too am of the grey haired generation, with no real hand eye coordination developed by hours of video interaction, very much a newbie! Michael
  14. Autel X‑Star Premium

    Bill in PA, I sent you a PM including some of the details you are seeking. Hope that helps. Michael
  15. New to 3DR Solo

    Behind The Crash Of 3D Robotics Forbes details their demise - http://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanmac/2016/10/05/3d-robotics-solo-crash-chris-anderson/#3405017a4840