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  1. Cell tower inspections?

    Here is a link to a sub-contractor who is looking for tower inspection pilots to work on a per site contract for $100 per inspection. Once proficient, average flight time is estimated to take 30-40 minutes with a P4Pro and auto orbit with POI capability plus keeping the tower centered in the images is one essential flight skill to have. Did not discuss whether or not a VO was also paid for, supplied or required. https://inspirepilots.com/threads/several-pilots-in-new-mexico-needed-other-areas-developing-quickly.19137/#post-172551 If you have some logged flight time experience, have a part 107, own a drone with a 20Mega pixel camera and meet further qualifications, then you may be selected to attend a 3 day flight school in West Point Georgia to familiarized yourself with their flight application and image collection requirements. The flight school is administered by...Talon Aerolytics www.talon.io Another company is also posting adds for tower inspection pilots in UAVcoach Community forum Drone Pilot Talk area... Working on Tower Inspection project we believe will start first quarter this year. We are looking to recruit 4 - 5 qualified pilots in each of the following states; Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Louisiana, Vermont, New Hampshire, & Rhode Island. Equipment requirements are DJI Phantom 4 Pro, spare batteries, mobile charging capabilities and some experience in this field. Training will be provided. Fill out the inquiry at the link below if you are interested. Thank you. http://www.sedronetech.com/drone-pilot-form.html Here is a 2 day class which will provide an OSHA and NATE certification given by a very qualified individual, also includes drone flight time with his equipment. These 2 certifications plus posting videos of you flying simulated missions would go a long way in getting you jobs. http://technicalrescuesystems.net/courses/drone-pilot-training-tower-structure-inspection/ And our own UAV Coach team produced this excellent overview for studying. https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/tower-surveying/ Scour YouTube for many additional videos of what your flight skill set will need to be or become to get proficient with this skill set. However as Av8Chuck shared with us, the application of drones for this service has been long ago identified and the price erosion has already been applied to the onsite acquisition of the data requirements. However if you can take the data set and provide post production services such as creating an accurate 3D point with an application such as Pix4D you might find a customer who would pay more for your time. But this is what companies like Talon Aerolytics offer to their large commercial customers.

    This is a very interesting topic for me and I plan to look at your information web link which you posted. Thank you for sharing that training synopsis.
  3. Have any of you UAV Coach - Drone Pilot Ground School graduates used the certificate of completion to request and achieve a discount on commercial drone operation insurance rates?
  4. This is a webpage produced by Jonathan Rupprecht, who is a lawyer, pilot and certified flight instructor. His information includes citing specific FAA requirements pertaining to complying with the logbook requirements and a review of both online services plus hardcopy paper options. His provided information also includes the upkeep of proper FAA maintenance logs as well. Yes he does offer a $10 paper logbook for sale on Amazon but more importantly he also offers this free for you to print out if you wish. The most important aspect of this information is that he takes you step by step on how to create and maintain a proper logbook practice that will more than fulfill the FAA scrutiny if you are ever asked to provide such documentation. https://jrupprechtlaw.com/drone-logbook
  5. All you need to know about drone log books

    Amen - comments from an experienced pilot and part 107 licensee. Glad that the post did not act as a solicitation for Mr. Rupprecht as that is not my intention.
  6. Major Pix4D Issues

    Tom, Thanks for posting a link to your TCI Corridor Project video. You have obviously performed and delivered a very involved state of the art project for applying drone based aerial survey/mapping technology. Congratulations on completing and sharing with us the details of this project. Michael Watson
  7. UAV onboard PPK systems

    NOTIFICATION DATA ERROR CORRECTION! As per Mr. Pitman, my original post was inaccurate. Loki is in fact a product of AirGon and an excellent White Paper on their PPK position system can be found at - http://airgon.com/loki.html AirGon is a full service technology provider in that they will provide a range of products and services from a Bring Your Own Drone full suite of hardware and software to a fly the site and we will process all of the data for you in-house service. All products and applications are supported with training services available. Current drones supported are the Phantom P4 Pro and Inspire 2. In fact AirGon has several white papers which they have available for you to download so as to better understand their products and technology. Vertical Aspect seems to be a reseller of the Loki drone based system and the Robota fixed wing system.
  8. There are 2 different onboard PPK products that I have found. The LOKI PPK system from Vertical Aspect derived from Robota LLC, both of these companies are Texas based. Integrated onto the P4P and Inspire 2 drones. http://www.robota.us/about/ Vertical Aspect Exclusive Texas Dealer for Robota Eclipse fixed wing mapping platform I am investigating if this Emlid ground transmitter will work with the Vertical Aspect Loki receiver for a base station corrections transmitter. Emlid Reach RS — RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller And this one... UAV Geomatics - UAV Geomatics http://veritymapper.com/pdf/Verity_Positioning_Product_Data_Sheet.pdf Would like to hear from other members with real world mapping experience as to the applicability of these systems on their projects.
  9. West Maui Mountains

    Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful pictures. We never get spoiled by looking at nature's beauty.
  10. Welcome!

    Lewis - Looking at your use of aerial images to calculate 3D volume specific measurement information for your clients is really impressive. I am less than experienced with this process, but am soon to receive an Inspire 2 with X5S. Your technology partner, Skycatch, does not have this drone + camera listed in their product lineup. Would this equipment serve well as a platform for this type of application? If yes then what size lenses and at what flight altitudes would you recommend for use of the I2 + X5S? I also assume that your online mapping course details how to adjust for the least accurate dimension provided by DJI drones and their EXIF files, the Z axis, which is crucial for volume calculations. Thank you sir, Michael Watson
  11. DJI data and information security = NOT

    Chuck - Thank you for bringing to light, at least for me more background information on this topic. You are certainly much more informed about this issue than I. However there are many others who like me are not as well informed. For those forum members I wanted to make them aware of the factual components involved with the DJI IT security issues. Many of their commercial customers have contracts with our members which stipulate a measure of privacy that of which they are in no position to implement nor capable to honor. OK - Kevin has motives which might be called into question, however he is of superb talents and does work for a counter drone measures manufacturer who's goal is to sell and market frequency jamming systems to the industrial marketplace. And a primary target audience for their product is the electrical power generation facilities. It is his job to seek out these openings and by bringing them into the public forum he creates a market awareness of these vulnerabilities which can predispose his target customers to procure their jamming equipment. BTW, he did not exclude 3DR from his discussions and accurately details just how easy it is for commercial drones to be deployed with explosive payloads on the battle field, both multi rotor and fixed wing. This is the real impetus for DJI and the open source flight controller developers to explore geo-fencing restrictions, not the FAA 400ft AGL or above a tall structure limitations and also horizontal restrictions. Battlefield use of easily available and afforded commercially available drones is a far more serious situation than being able to freely navigate legal US airspace boundaries. The actualities of what whoever the end user of these drones chooses to use them for is well beyond the ability of any manufacturer to impose limitations on. It must be somewhat of a liability nightmare for those corporations to ponder. Thank you for taking your time to share you insights and opinions, as previously stated, I learn something from all of your posts.
  12. Here is the inside story of why our DoD found it necessary to recently restrict use of DJI platforms as presented by Kevin Finisterre an experienced counter espionage software expert. Here are 2 versions of his article in dealing with DJI corporate and their $30,000 bounty reward for reporting software deficiencies. A sUAS article - https://www.suasnews.com/2017/11/dont-mess-bug-bounty-hunters-dji-full-infrastructure-compromise/ His complete and detailed report - https://www.suasnews.com/2017/11/dont-mess-bug-bounty-hunters-dji-full-infrastructure-compromise/
  13. DJI data and information security = NOT

    If you have not bothered to read this information then why comment as to the politics of the verbiage used in thread topic or initial sentence? This article delves deeply into the facts concerning the lack of security of the DJI IT architecture. While your statements are accurate and true, the fact of the matter, as detailed in this report, is that DJI has severe security gaps and he proved it to them. Also DJI sponsored a bug fix program that actually was not focused on finding and fixing bugs, which he also very factually details in these reports. Mr. Finisterre is a world class IT counter espionage software expert. His report is very detailed and provides factual information on the huge security holes that he found within the DJI IT infrastructure. When pointing these deficiencies out to the highest levels of DJI management they chose to send him legal concerns versus reward him for sharing what he found which was the stated objective of their bug fix $30,000 bounty program. I have read this article and several others that reported on his efforts, and the fact that he had to involve his legal team to review his work plus his response to DJI management tends to support the factual basis of his article. It is my belief that if the "King has no clothes on" them people should know about it. If you take the time to investigate Kevin's work and reports then you can judge for yourself just how much risk you and your clients information is exposed to. My sharing of this article has no intention of further debating the merits of the DoD ban, rather it serves to point out and provide details about the fact that DJI has IT practices which are counter to common security practices that are in effect throughout the e-commerce landscape by companies such as Amazon, E-Bay and others. The additional fact of the matter is that so many of our videos and pictures which are taken and most of which have some access by the DJI IT infrastructure, have geotags associated with them which provides vast amounts of structural details and locations about the infrastructure of the USA. This is found troubling by some higher ups in the defense business. Is your final premise that the DoD announcement was a ruse so that it might enhance DJI competitors ability to gain market share or capital assets? Well that is an interesting theory but not pertinent to the scope of these articles that I posted. Finisterre was motivate by what he saw as an easy grab of the $30,000 bounty as it only took him one evening of snooping around to initially discover some big gaps in their system which were readily available to hackers with skill sets much less capable than his. In fact some of the security gap information was easily accessible and out in public domain for a long time. There is not really a lot that we as users of DJI technology can do to protect the accessibility of the visual data which we collect with our drones and sensors, as doing such would drastically reduce the use of some key navigational features that are most often used while flying. But not being aware of the lack of data security issues does not improve the situation either. Thank you for your post on this matter as I learn from it and so many of your other posts as well.
  14. Here is a very detailed presentation on what DJI, 3DR and other drone manufacturers are having to deal with in regards to geo-fencing restrictions with respect to consumer drones being used to deliver ordnance in war zone territories. Presentation given by Kevin Finisterre at sUSB Expo 2017.
  15. Mount Tom Fall shots

    Bert - just think...you will get better! Heck what a start if you are new to this aerial video thingy. I do not know how much post production effort was required, but this video looks GREAT!
  16. Woodland Sky Reel

    Nice demo video and an extra large variety of pic on your website! Extreme clarity from the Yuneec camera.
  17. Large Print Photomerge

    J&BR = very nice of you to share!
  18. West Maui Mountains

    WOW - I envy what you have to consider your work site! Thanks for the pic - what equipment did you use to take that photo? I would really appreciate if you next entertain us with a shot or 2 of the NaPali coastal range! I took a long helicopter ride over Northern Kuai in fall of 1989 and will never forget it! Or perhaps a pic from the peak of Mauna Kea? Yah - Cali has a real problem with fire load fuel buildup as a perpetual issue esp from the eucalyptus trees that they imported onto their land. One should also consider the fact that the tree actually has the ability to generate intense hot fires which they use to their advantage to repopulate and thrive upon recently burnt land. Freaky bad situation. https://ww2.kqed.org/science/2013/06/12/eucalyptus-california-icon-fire-hazard-and-invasive-species/
  19. Hi From Atlanta

    I spent 20 years living in Alpharetta until 2006. You will absolutely love everything but the traffic. Here is a place in Cumming that might be of interest to you as I am sure they have plenty of other local pilots that you might meet there.
  20. Flight/ Hours Logging

    Membership in UAVSA provides a free use license for Drone Logbook. http://www.uavsa.org/ http://www.uavsa.org/flight-logbook/
  21. FYI https://www.propelleraero.com/aeropoints/ https://www.suasnews.com/2017/10/trimble-gnss-smart-target-base-station-provides-simplified-map-production-uavs/
  22. An Additional Typhoon H Question

    Bill - this websource will give you more information on the Yuneec platform. https://yuneecpilots.com/ The IR packages for the Yuneec are very low level in capability and image quality at this point in the game. The much better Yuneec platform is their newest = H520 as fas as going forward with a long term investment is concerned. There are some very good YouTube videos starting to emerge regarding the H520 Hope this helps you get more information for your considerations.
  23. Offshore Platforms Inspections

    Infrared Camera Inc., Beaumont, Tx. has their HALO industrial UAV which has 100% compatible gimbal, flight and ground control with DJI. In fact ICI is first and foremost a state of the art IR sensor and camera supply company with the industry's second of only 2 airborne optical gas sensor cameras (FLIR the only other) available for the detection of methane leaks. Their gimbal and IR camera control from the ground station is fully functional with the ability to use these configurations with either their HALO UAV or a DJI M600 Pro. The HALO has 8 motor and props mounted on 4 arms and the airframe is a solid carbon graphite construction design which was built specifically for use in petrochemical applications. David Strahan would be the proper sales contact for additional information - https://www.infraredcamerasinc.com/ All of the ICI gimbal and IR plus visible technology can also be bought from CopterSource configured to run on a M600 Pro - Byron Smith, Baytown Texas - https://www.coptersource.com/ Or you can send your own M600 Pro to ICI and they will custom integrate your DJI compatible choice of gimbal and cameras onto your airframe. Respectfully - Michael Watson No I am not employed by ICI nor do I have any financial ties with his company, however I did complete a 30 hour classroom training on level 1 Thermographer Certification there.
  24. FYI I have been looking at a rather powerful standalone application for 2D & 3D orthographic mapping applications. This application is currently used throughout the USA and world as a go to photogrammetry software suite, for traffic scene reconstruction purposes. They are able to achieve 2-3cm accuracy without the need to pay for or deploy GPC designation. Also you own the software and can kick off a run of your data whenever you wish to. The application supports the user being able to calibrate the actual camera being used on the drone so that best possible accuracy of your system is realized. Accuracy in the range of 1.2 inches = 3.048cm with your own drone and mapping capable camera. https://www.iwitnessphoto.com/support/iWitnessPRO-Agilis-Released.pdf https://youtu.be/rAYFp9F7dio This is all available for a one time purchase of the application of less than $5,000 Disclaimer - I am in no manner financially connected to the sale of iWitnessPRO Agilis nor am I employed in any manner with this company. This information is being provided to this community purely on a FYI basis. However for those of you that have some background and expertise in using drones for mapping applications, this might be an alternative versus paying for GPC and post processing fees.