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  1. Positive news related to content with drones

    It actually was on the front page...
  2. Positive news related to content with drones

    Here's an article that appeared in my local paper, The Brunswick News, today (Brunswick Georgia) and I reprint it here with the OK of the paper and the reporter. Police call on drones to help nab suspect | Local News | The News.pdf
  3. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Funny you mention that Chuck. I was thinking about driving north on I 95 towards Charleston to get a better view and then I thought exactly what you said. No way. The delays, fender benders, etc. I know that Georgia State Patrol will be out in full force to keep folks moving along. Now, if I can just create an Eclipse Cocktail.
  4. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    I may add an additional item. Marinated boneless skinless chicken breasts on the grill, sliced thinly, on a Kaiser roll with asian sweet chili sauce. Butter the rolls and lightly toast them.
  5. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Alan, as you know I'm about 10 hours SE of you. We'll have 93% occlusion here. I've got a bunch folks that will be in the pool watching it and I'm looking forward to getting pics of them wearing those crazy glasses! That is, after my pulled pork sandwiches for lunch!
  6. Looking for private instructor

    I have to add that @Av8Chuck's instructional advice is so basic yet so profound! That is the best "back to basics" I think I've seen yet!
  7. Newbie Here Folks

    And most of all, GO DAWGS!
  8. hello everyone

    First of all, thank you for your service Sir. Secondly, welcome to the forum. Alot of really sharp folks around here so sit back and relax and enjoy the ride!
  9. City ordinance

    This, my friend, is an ongoing sore spot of an issue. Federal law is clear on this, but the Feds have not taken a Pre Emptive stance (i'm not an attorney, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express for Hurricane Matthew). My state, Georgia, recently passed a law that says essentially that a local entity can not pass a law that would be in contradiction with federal law re drone operations. I would love to see more of that. The legislature and the Governor here pointed out that they wanted to see the burgeoning industry flourish and not be bound by restrictive covenants (my words).
  10. You're doing a hell of a job - keep up the good work! If all goes well, I expect to show you a picture of something I think MAY be a first - stay tuned.
  11. Airport Operations - Landing Aircraft

    Rwy 4/22 is closed in this example.
  12. Fun / Challenging FAA Part 107 Practice Test Question

    The exact answer would be 2607 but that's not what a report would indicate. If it showed a cloud base at 2600, in theory that would be too low. So I believe the correct answer would be 2700.
  13. OOPS never mind. Thought this was a new post - sorry.
  14. What form of payment do you accept?
  15. Airport Operations - Landing Aircraft

    Which means just what @Steve Bennett said, as in landing in the direction the tip is pointing to. As a general rule, you want to land into the wind, as Steve pointed out.