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  1. Case law for law enforcement drones

    It was posted on October 6th and it was outdated then.
  2. Case law for law enforcement drones

    Re the link posted by @k9ric above, that information is seriously outdated and flawed. I spot checked a few and not even close.
  3. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    We had a similar issue here in my county in Georgia. "The use, launching or landing of drones or other types of aircraft is prohibited." that's what Hawaii says but I understand they can regulate the launch or landing on State property, but not the airspace. Am I missing something?
  4. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    Hey @Dave Pitman, does your reference to state parks refer to the State of Hawaii or do you mean in general? I'm assuming you mean the Aloha State.

    My (our) pleasure! Keep us posted.
  6. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Here in Georgia, the legislature passed and Governor Deal signed into law, restrictions on any new regulations restricting drone operations for commercial operators that were not in place prior to April 1, 2017. That is a simplification of the law but that's it in a nutshell. It reinforces FAA guidelines and attempts to prevent local ordinances that would go beyond that. Good for us!

    First thing I would do is offload any data from the card to your PC and then format the card correctly (I'm a mac person, not PC so you'll have to research that). Then take some new footage and see what's what.
  8. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Thanks @R Martin for the comment. I live in a county in SE Coastal Georgia where I could actually call the Chief if I needed to. Our county PD would probably be as appreciative as yours is but I was thinking in terms of Nashville actually. To go even MUCH bigger, I am originally from NY and to even think of who and how to contact someone in the right department is out of the question. Take a look at the radio system sometime just to get an idea of how massive NYPD actually is. NYPD would take hours to respond to a drone issue most likely - where I live now, they'd be here in minutes. So, yes, I agree with you in the case of smaller departments but just not sure about Nashville PD (never been there - it's on my list). But it would be worth a try I guess. BTW - isn't it great to live in an area where the PD is so fabulous? Our local "old timer" gave out his cell phone number to a group of about 100 residents a while back and said to call him even at 3 in the morning and he would answer and come out!
  9. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    In a perfect world that would make sense, but that's not the world we live in today. The fact that you called local PD to say you would be flying in the area is not going to satisfy the caller who thinks you're up to no good somehow. You're in (or around) Nashville so who in the PD would you call? Where would that info go? In addition, I suspect that if a citizen makes a complaint they are required to respond. Now on the other hand, what many operators do, when possible, is notify the immediate neighbors about the upcoming flight. Often that might prevent the complaint in the first place.
  10. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    No and in fact, as a general rule, there is no vehicle by which you would contact local atc. You are correct that it might seem logical, but you just can't confuse the issue with logic! There is currently only one way to obtain authorization and that is through FAA's DroneZone portal. If and when LAANC goes widespread, the process may get better but I for one am not holding my breath!
  11. Strange "Custom" Advisory

    Chuck, your questions are just what I was wondering this morning. In addition, the answer from AirMap was a non-answer. I suspect there is a fundamental issue at AirMap about that COA - are all COA's in the US depicted? Obviously not.
  12. First of all, I don't understand a word of Spanish! However, the link here is directly to AESA, the Spanish Government authority responsible for the current rule making. This is direct to them - translation up to you! I hope this helps. http://www.seguridadaerea.gob.es/media/4629429/cambios_nuevo_rd.pdf
  13. Strange "Custom" Advisory

    First off, I wouldn't assume that AirMap is "providing some of the most accurate and current information available." They might be but don't assume it at all. I looked at a lot of charts and maps and I can tell you that within that area there are some very controlled government installations but that has nothing to do with that "poly", as you have dubbed it. I even looked at the daily FAA SUA information and nothing of note there either. I'm going to take a WAG here and say it is an error at AirMap. My guess is someone created that "custom" area and it was inadvertently posted for all to see. Just a guess, since nothing else seems to fit!