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  1. That's the big question. I think they will go in a fairly big way on this but it could be fines or it could be part of a new training initiative. Can't speculate on it.
  2. WASHINGTON (December 14, 2017) — The National Transportation Safety Board determined Thursday the operator of a drone that collided with an U.S. Army helicopter failed to see and avoid the helicopter because he was intentionally flying the drone out of visual range and did not have adequate knowledge of regulations and safe operating practices. To read the full investigative report click here https://go.usa.gov/xnnkh.
  3. Drone Pilot Deploy

    Hello Robert and welcome. I will be visiting Belfast in May 2018 bringing a drone as well. Based on my data, I will be legal to fly. Where are you located?
  4. Sorry, you are 2000 feet below Class B. Your max altitude would be 1600 below.
  5. Not to defend DJI, not at all, but based on the address you provided you are in Class G airspace but 1600 feet below the floor of BOS Class B. In that particular area, the floor of Class B is 2000AGL. Yes you are legal, but you are close (albeit below) to class B.
  6. You're mixing apples and oranges. Depending on EXACTLY where in Clearwater Beach you are looking to fly, you may not need any authorization at all. I would need the exact address to tell you for sure (you could simply message me). Much of that area is Class E (not sfc). Then I can explain to you exactly what you're looking at.
  7. Trevor, congrats on your test results! I'm concerned though, that your original posting gives me the impression that you may be expecting to get airspace authorizations in a matter of days. Hence the concern about waiting the 7 days for your temp certificate. Lately, those authorizations are taking months - many months! You should familiarize yourself, if you haven't already, with the FAA UAS Facility Maps and grids for your areas of interest and file for at or below the indicated altitudes. That will probably speed up the process. On the other hand, maybe you're in an area that is part of the LAANC test program. If so, lucky you!
  8. Hi From Atlanta

    Hi Mark I live in Georgia as well. The following is from the current State Park Rules and Regulations..... Drones Drone operation is prohibited in Georgia’s State Parks and Historic Sites. However, occasionally waivers are approved for professional projects which may generate revenue or in other ways help promote the sites. In these cases, prior approval is required from the Division Director. A commercial film/photography request application detailing the project description, specific site location requested, and exact dates and times of drone use needs to be submitted along with the FAA registration and documentation of operator competency (pilot license preferred). Blanket requests will not be approved and drone use is not allowed over populated areas that may put park guests at risk. To request approval, contact Colby Moore at Colby.Moore@dnr.ga.gov...... The good news is that Georgia recently passed (and Gov Deal signed) legislation that prohibits restrictions on commercial drone operations that are more restrictive than those of FAA, unless they were in place prior to April 1, 2017. Look for 6-1-4 of Official Code of Georgia Annotated
  9. Autonomous Killer Drones ?

    Chuck, emphasis on the first line "What a load of crap". But frankly, right from the beginning it's obvious that it's crap. We've all seen this type of nonsense before regarding many diferent types of information and many of us know how to identify it immediately. This one is blatant! But stupid, to say the least. There's enough stupidity in this country right now - we don't need more stupid people adding to more stupid stupidity from stupid people. Did I say stupid?
  10. Released this morning... The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted a waiver from the agency’s small drone rules (Part 107) to Cevitasnow in Columbus, OH, to allow the company to operate a helium-filled Aerotain Skye tethered aircraft over people on the ground. The Aerotain Skye resembles a tethered floating beach ball, but is technically an “aircraft.” It carries a camera and small motors for propulsion. The Skye’s diameter is about 7.5 feet and it weighs about 14 lbs. deflated. The envelope is filled with helium. There is no location limitation in the waiver, so Cevitasnow can operate anywhere in uncontrolled airspace. An airspace authorization or waiver from the FAA is required for flights in controlled airspace, just as for any other drone operator. The Cevistasnow waiver is part of the FAA’s continuing effort to expand drone operations in the nation’s airspace while reducing risks to public safety and security.
  11. Night jump into stadium

    Not only that but the postponed launch was delayed 5 minutes due to 2 boaters having been close to or in the safety area. ! if by land, 2 if by sea.
  12. LAX airspace question help.

    For @Kirk - you said you looked at the "FAA waiver approved site" and no one has authority to fly there. As you pointed out, the site you are looking at is the "Part 107 Waivers Granted" page of the FAA website. That has nothing to do with airspace authorizations whatsoever. You can't see what and where and to whom the FAA has granted airspace authorizations - at least as far as I know and from what FAA has told me. I wish that were possible, but it's not.
  13. LAX airspace question help.

    Scott does have a point. Real world example - I was offered a job to shoot a particular building a while back. That building sits about 1/3 mile from an 8000 foot runway at a non-towered airport and the entire area is in Class E surface airspace during daylight hours (that's rounded off, but close enough). Given the proximity to that particular airport and the fact that the client wanted 300 AGL shots it was unlikely that FAA would have granted the airspace authorization and further, that the client would wait. But a close look at the FAA Chart Supplement showed that on Sunday mornings, the airport remained Class G until noon time (no idea why). So I was good to go. I doubt anyone even knows this around here. I passed on the job (wasn't worth it) and I'm sure someone just flew it anyway without regard to airspace, but this is an example of doing your home work. BTW - none of the "apps" reflect Class G sundays only.
  14. LAANC Fast-Track Requested by FAA

    Voila! https://jrupprechtlaw.com/low-altitude-authorization-notification-capability-laanc-system
  15. LAANC Fast-Track Requested by FAA

    Well said @Dave Pitman. Of course, Skyward will pass the buck and simply say you should pose that directly to FAA and then you'd never get an answer that was worth a damn thing. Your point is a good one - if they don't see us as responsible enough, then make it harder to qualify. We can debate this ad infinitum but we won't change it. At least not on the short term. Reminds me of where I live - until the good 'ole boy network is gotten rid of, nothing will change. I'll be tuned in to that webinar.