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  1. The LAANC Plot Thickens

    I think the answer is this. Even though FAA wrote the rules, wrote the sylllabus, created the testing, and issued the Remote Pilot Certificates, I don't believe that they put certificate holders in the same category as pilots, and I'm not suggesting that they should. If they did, then we probably would not have to go through all of this.
  2. The LAANC Plot Thickens

    @R Martin, I got the same release from Jonathan earlier today. This will enlarge, explode, and so on and so forth. There are those that will criticize whatever the outcome, I'm sure. In spite of all of that, I do believe that FAA is at least trying to work this all out. OK so I'm an optimist!
  3. LAANC Fast-Track Requested by FAA

    And according to Jonathan Ruprecht's release, so is Amazon, Google, Harris, and Boeing!
  4. The LAANC Plot Thickens

    Hmmmmm. Time will tell but it sounds "dollarish". Not sure it would be legal to charge for it.
  5. Thanks Jonathan for your reply. I suspect if it was a real problem for the Park Service, the US Park Police would be all over you! I have the HIGHEST regard for them and have had quite a few interactions with them over the years - they are the BEST! Really glad that the P-town folks are so cooperative. Have only been up there twice - once when I was 5 years old and again about 5 years ago. 60 year gap in between! Great place. Watch out for Pave Paws!
  6. @jonathan atkin, it's refreshing to hear that P-town's folks are so helpful re drone flight. But I'm puzzled by something. As I look at the US Park Service maps as well as the sectional, it appears to me that the entire area near P-town is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Doesn't that prohibit drone landings and takeoffs without a special use permit from the US Park Service?
  7. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    You are wrong, you have been told you are wrong, and I wonder what it will take for you to understand that. I would give you FAA phone numbers for you to call and speak to inspectors, as I have done in the past, but you would probably say THEY are wrong.
  8. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    Had to jump in here. Alan is 100% correct. There just isn't anything to discuss about it. In addition, I have had very lengthy discussions with an FAA inspector about this and much more. Again, Alan is on the mark.
  9. I have looked at this very issue in the past and I believe that @Dave Pitman is correct.
  10. The Challenges of Running A UAS Business

    Kudos to @Drone Dave and @L&L DRONE VIEWS. You guys have hit the nail on the head and driven it all the way home. Good luck to you both.
  11. FAA 50 US cities limited fly without Waiver.

    do you recall where you saw that? Or any other way to go back to it?
  12. Significant regulation changes for Irma

    I'm 1 hour North of NAS JAX in St Simons Island. We had Matthew last year came by about 30 miles offshore. This one now looks like she will come up the gulf side, so I think we'll be fine here.
  13. Significant regulation changes for Irma

    Thank you @R Martin. Looks like where I am, SE Georgia, Irma will cut me a break!
  14. Spotted this FAA posting today. There are some who will criticize anything FAA does, but this is a reasonable adjustment to the present regulations in view of very serious conditions. I know, because Irma has a direct bead on me for the next few days! https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=88750