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  1. Ed O'Grady

    DJI - Iceland

    The beauty of the Northern Region is breathtaking. We went to Akureyri as the second stop and may be the most beautiful place I've ever seen!
  2. Just wondering, for those who live in areas where LAANC has gone live, how is it working? Are you getting the instant airspace authorizations, as advertised? Really would love to hear some first hand accounts.
  3. Ed O'Grady

    Recurrent test ??

    Anyone have any clue yet as to what we do about this?? Mine is due up on 30 Aug. Valid for 2 years – certificate holders must pass a recurrent knowledge test every two years I was able to find this from FAA The FAA acknowledges, however, the burden associated with in-person testing every two years. As such, the FAA intends to look at (in the Operations of Small Unmanned Aircraft Over People rule) alternative methods to further reduce this burden without sacrificing the safety benefits afforded by a two-year recurrent knowledge check. I will TRY to call FSDO ATL tomorrow but I doubt I will get an answer - not sure FAA has made a decision.
  4. Ed O'Grady

    DJI - Iceland

    Me - stupid but lucky! So I just returned from a 2 week trip to Europe. Did not bring a drone but did bring my DJI Osmo Mobile along for the ride to use with my iPhone X. Flew to Dublin and then departed on a cruise to Northern Ireland, Iceland, Scotland and back to Dublin. When we got to Reykjavic, I loaded the battery into my Osmo only to find that it and the backup battery were both COMPLETELY dead. I'll just charge them up - wrong. Apparently I never brought the charger. So we went off on a bus tour for the day and on the way back to the ship we passed a DJI company store. What? In Iceland? Yep. Apparently there are only a few Company stores around the world and there it was. So , next morning we left the ship and got to the store around 10 am and went in and asked for help. He agreed to charge one of them while we went off to shop and eat lunch. Horse meat Carpaccio and minke whale - yum. So went back and got my charged battery and back to using my Osmo. I still can't believe DJI has a store there. The guy told me that there are a lot of drone flyers in Iceland (the scenery is beyond breathtaking in some places) and there are regulations, but they are not followed often and there is no enforcement action (sounds familiar). Although I have not bothered to check what he said, he told me that within 5 miles of an airport you can not fly higher than the tallest building and max altitude is about 400 feet in meters - I forget the exact figure. Here's just a pic or two of the store in Reykjavic. Oh, by the way, when I went to pack up to fly home I found the charger in my suitcase!
  5. @Dave Pitman is absolutely correct. The response that @JBR LIFE Photography got is very similar to what I got back in October 2016. That was before the grids had been published but the contractor called me to discuss it (I was in Winn Dixie). He explained exactly what your guy explained. I also wanted areas that were "0" on the grids but no way. He worked with me and we agreed on a max altitude of 200 AGL covering an area with a 1 mile radius and that actually was more than I needed. I would take everything he will give you now and see if you can simply submit the additional direct to him (probably not).
  6. Well, no, the FAA does not get any money if a 107 operator utilizes an attorney to circumvent some of the obstacles in getting an airspace authorization. It's a matter of either each of us prepares our argument well or we'd rather let someone else do it for a fee. My initial argument took place in the salad dressing aisle of a Winn Dixie store in coastal Georgia but that was right after Part 107 went into effect. I got my waiver for 10 months and in retrospect I should have jumped up and down given the timing and the scope. That was a waiver and it only took about 30 days as I recall. Not saying we should have to use attorneys, but sometimes it helps to get the job done.
  7. Aloha. Those are not NO FLY zones. What you are looking at are the grids that are for the use of FAA contractors when they approve or disapprove an airspace authorization request. Each FAA facility had to submit a set of grids that they felt were approvable. This has become very misunderstood apparently. The reason we should be aware of those maximum approvable altitudes is that they give us a pretty good idea of what we can expect when we request an airspace authorization OR when we are lucky enough to have live LAANC. So if you're in an LAANC area and you want to fly where the pre approved altitude is 0 feet - ain't happenin'. However, at least in theory, you could still submit an airspace authorization request and with all the right dotted "i"s and crossed "T"s you might have a shot. Some have been successful but not many on their own of late and you could expect a year or so waiting. There are a few attorneys that specialize in this and they are good, not cheap but good. Hope this helps.
  8. The change of airspace classification at differing times of day is quite common, especially at small airports. For those of us that are interested in flying UAV's this can be quite helpful. So it pays to look at ALL the available data for a given area to look for these "opportunities". I use Skyvector for sectionals and find it very useful. Not sure about the Travis SUA. Your airspace borders on a MOA that's associated with Travis but I can't find that specific A682. FAA updates the SUA website daily and it can be found at https://sua.faa.gov/ That site can provide a wealth of information, some of which is surprising that it is public. Anyway, off to my MH370 search updates.
  9. OK, again, forget the grid. Since you said you are just outside the class D airspace, the rest is Class G sitting just underneath Class E beginning at 700 agl. But here's an interesting point. Class D is in effect from 1500z until 0400z - other times it's Class G. So from sunrise until 1500z, you can fly right up to the airport. For you, 1500z is 0800 local time (I think). So knock yourself out in the early am!
  10. ok - give me a few minutes
  11. Can't begin to answer your question until you answer a few. First off, I assume you're Part 107. What airport? I would need to look at a sectional for the area you want to fly in. You indicated that the area is not live yet with LAANC so why are you looking at the grids? Those grids are a guide for FAA contractors to use as they review airspace authorization requests. If you were live with LAANC, they would be a guide for you as well to see in advance whether your request is likey to get approved. You say you're outside of Class D but how is that airspace classified? Class E - Class E surface - Class G ? If you can give me the airport and what direction 4nm from the airport I can answer it quickly.
  12. Ed O'Grady

    Last FAA airspace Wavier granted 9/11/17

    Christmas lights on Ala Moana Blvd a sight to remember!
  13. Ed O'Grady

    Last FAA airspace Wavier granted 9/11/17

    Mahalo @JBR LIFE Photography. @Kirkis referring to airspace WAIVERS, a whole different thingy. FAA is dragging their feet on it and will continue to do so, in my opinion, until LAANC is fully implemented. After that, who knows what! The best 30 days of my life (maybe) was spent in preparation of the opening of the Ihilani Resort and Spa on Oahu back in 1992 (I think). Worked all day and partied all night - nice work if you can get it!
  14. Ed O'Grady

    Virginia State Park UAV law.

    It doesn't show up because it's not an airspace restriction - only FAA can regulate that. Virginia is saying that you can't fly in their parks and in actuality it means you can't land, takeoff, or control an aircraft except in emergencies. But they can't regulate the National Airspace.
  15. Ed O'Grady

    Virginia State Park UAV law.

    Here you are.... However, a violation of the Virginia State Park Regulations (4VAC5-30) shall constitute a Class 3 misdemeanor. For Class 3 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $500