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  1. Virginia State Park UAV law.

    Here you are.... However, a violation of the Virginia State Park Regulations (4VAC5-30) shall constitute a Class 3 misdemeanor. For Class 3 misdemeanors, a fine of not more than $500
  2. Estimating Services

    I understand the problem. The software suggestions will have to come from others here on the forum. It's just not an area that I am well versed on - but good luck to you. Just came from dinner where we were discussing a very similar theme. Folks just don't want to pay!
  3. Estimating Services

    That payment structure plus your travel, insurance, etc. definitely is not fair to you. You're in that classic dilemma that currently exists in the drone world. They need to be educated! Seriously, they need to be made aware of the benefit and service you provide and presumably, the cost savings they will realize. A small wooden baseball bat will often awaken them!
  4. Well, at least you got a response, even if it did have typos! My feeling is that they are dragging their feet and hoping that LAANC will be implemented in many areas thus eliminating the need for airspace waivers. Hmmmmm.
  5. you are correct about wind direction and terminology. However, the term "nor'easter" is thrown about quite a bit but as that storm moves over an area, the severe winds typically will come from the northeast, even though the storm itself may be moving in a somewhat different direction. And then as the storm moves away, the winds will shift. Hope that helps.
  6. Last FAA airspace Wavier granted 9/11/17

    Whatever FAA ATC facility you have been calling was instructed months ago that they are NOT to grant any airspace authorizations for sUAS operations. They were told to refer Part 107 operators to the online portal, now called the DroneZone and they were also instructed that there were to be NO deviations from that operating protocol.
  7. Getting your name out there as a freelancer

    Well said @Av8Chuck. Where I live, there are quite a few homes in the area that are listed and sell for quite a few millions. And MANY in the range of a million and in fact, this past year's HGTV give a way home is about 1 mile from where I live (now the Russians will find me). But as Chuck said, his firm would not even entertain a gig for less than a grand, these folks here would laugh at that. I believe and think that SMART real estate agents, men and women that see the big picture and are very professional in their marketing activities, understand the real value of well executed PROFESSIONAL real estate photography. It's not just about drones - that can be construed as a gimmick - but instead it's the whole package. We have a guy here whose interior shots are beyond compare - it's about lighting. Oh yeah, he can do drone shots since he got his 107 - the rest just do it regardless!
  8. One Authorization for Two Airports?

    Kudos to you @scoopieb, you must have written your requests very well! KSEA Class B is not easy and KBFI is difficult for other reasons as well. Good job!
  9. Need advice on drone insurance

    Since your interest in insurance is for non-commercial use, one low cost option might be the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Membership is around $75 per year (don't quote me on that!) and includes liability insurance with coverage up to 2.5 million. I took a quick look at their website and overview of the coverage but I don't know if it provides international coverage. Some countries require it.
  10. Flying over people

    First question. It appears from the sectional that you are probably within a few blocks of Class D Sfc airspace. I can't tell for certain and I suspect you are just outside of it but that's question 1. I don't know the area at all.
  11. Airspace waivers are taking a VERY long time at the moment. For all practical purposes, there really is no one that you can call. Depending on the airspace in question and the extent to which you have provided mitigating measures, you may eventually get a decision but it may not be what you want. On the other hand, you may never hear from them. In the private sector, a lot of these folks would get fired.
  12. LAANC/Class E Sfc

    In the LAANC UAS Service Suppliers guidelines, I came across this. This is important where I live since we do get morning fog and low ceilings. So when LAANC goes into effect, gotta watch the ceilings............ 3.5.2 Class E Surface Area Weather Ceiling Caveat Due to the relatively lower minimums for VFR traffic in Class E airspace, additional situational risks limit the validity of automatically approved Part 107 authorizations provided via LAANC. Specifically, automatic approvals obtained via LAANC are not valid in Class E Surface Area airspace when the weather ceiling is less than 1,000 feet. (This is a situational limitation of the authorization which cannot, in general, be known in advance of the actual operation.) The USS must [3.5.2a] inform operators of this limitation when it applies to their planned operation. The USS should also assist the operator to access relevant, reliable weather information.
  13. Is FlyGuys a SCAM? Are you a Fly Guy?

    I agree with @Av8Chuck that this may not actually be a scam. As long as the terms are clearly stated up front, as he said it's simply buyer beware. I think an important factor would be whether there is a commitment term or if it's simply month to month.

    Frankly, I feel the lack of respect starts with the FAA. Like all pilot certificates, we are required to study long and hard. We are then required to take an FAA exam at an authorized facility, pay our $150 and then we are certificated. But there's nothing we can do to get authorization to fly in many areas. Sport pilots and above get on the radio or the phone and are cleared to fly. It is assumed, since they hold a certificate, that they are knowledgeable and responsible. So what are we? Chopped liver? I know, LAANC is coming soon (my area goes live July 19th). And to your point about pilots, it will be interesting to see what percentage of current certificate holders take the recurrent test and "re-up". I've said before that I believe the renewals will drop off substantially. I'm due at the end of August but no word on what I will need to do.

    I feel for you, @AIRONE. I don't know how much money was lost here but you may be able to recover all or most of it. Go after them!
  16. Online service for selling used phones

    Here in the States Gazelle is a good one along with Amazon. This may not be the best place to look for that info though.

    Well said Chuck - I hope many folks read it before making the same mistake that @Air One (no fault of his own - he just fell into the trap). And to him I would say, consider an attorney in an effort to recover the "tuition". You might very well get the money back and even cover legal expenses. That's the way to stop these scammers.
  18. One Authorization for Two Airports?

    Good luck to you sir!!!
  19. One Authorization for Two Airports?

    My opinion only but I would tell you the following. Airspace authorizations are for one airport only. Airspace waivers can be for multiple airports. At the moment airspace waivers are taking a VERY LONG TIME. Your request for a waiver at SEATAC itself could pose problems for you. If this is a serious commercial venture, an attorney well versed in the process might be advantageous or at least a consultation could help.

    I had to find it, but I have a mailer on my desk from a "drone pilot network". "Sign up now and start making money". 8 missions per day at $50/mission would give you $400 per day. That all sounds great if the pilot stood in one position and the clients came to him and stood in line and waited their turn! Well, not gonna happen. And then factor in gas, insurance, maintenance, blah, blah, blah. This stuff really gets to me.

    Thanks for that post. I live in Georgia as well and although I never thought about them, at least now I know to stay away! I have no personal experience with cell tower inspections but I believe we have other users of this site who are well versed in it. Let's see what the reaction is.
  22. Max Altitude Over Tree Canopy?

    Ok, ok, I'll call in the am! Also on behalf of another member @Nathan. I know this guy - i will be on the phone for at least an hour! But I love it (so does he).
  23. Max Altitude Over Tree Canopy?

    I suspect that FAA's answer would be a resounding NO. Not for any particular reason but for the fact that a man manmade structure has a fixed height - it's not going to change. A tree, well that's something different. Where I live, the tree canopy is a major issue, so if there's enough of an interest I will call the FSDO for my area/state and ask. The answer I expect is that AGL means GROUND!
  24. concern about intelligence gathering issues I suspect.
  25. This may be of additional help to you before you go - you may already have this info https://www.travelchinacheaper.com/flying-drone-china-regulations And this https://phantompilots.com/threads/bringing-my-drone-to-china-zhangjiajie.125138/