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  1. Restricted airspace

    Hey Marty. Chuck is absolutely correct - faadronzone is the ONLY way to apply for an airspace authorization. There is no other process - period. The only fly in the ointment here might be what you refer to as "restricted airspace". If you are able to give us the location, I'm sure we could guide you in the right direction. BTW, I believe you are correct in your interpretation of your project. Adding it to your portfolio for future income opportunities would certainly be considered commercial.
  2. power-point presentation help?

    FAA has very little in the way of enforcement personnel and I doubt they have much interest in actually enforcing Part 107 compliance. Notwithstanding an actual noteworthy accident, I doubt that we will see enforcement of activities such as real estate and wedding activities. Unfortunate but probably realistic.
  3. Life Guard Drone used to save lives of two boys

    The story has changed just a bit. According to Nat Geo Adventure, "At the time, the lifeguards were in the middle of their training to use the Westpac Little Ripper Lifesaver drone. Supervisor Jai Sheridan seized the opportunity to put the drone into action and piloted it over to the struggling teens." So the drone was already airborn, as opposed to the story about 70 seconds from liftoff to drop. Nat Geo also stated "Once the drone was about a half mile above them..." What? That's 2640 feet!
  4. @jluengo1983, you mentioned 5 miles from an airport as a determining factor. Flying under Part 107 has nothing to do with that - it's all about airspace classification. In many cases you can fly right next to the airport but it depends on classification. You are probably aware of all that, but it just struck me for a moment.
  5. Life Guard Drone used to save lives of two boys

    I hate to be the skeptic here, but this system has been used in training for a while in Australia to perform this exact task. However, in this video everything just seemed to go perfectly. the impact point was almost directly between the swimmers, neither of them appeared in distress, and all ended well. Hmmm......
  6. NOTAM vs UOA Notice

    I strongly agree with @Dave Pitman about NOT offering NOTAM information. FAA really doesn't want or need that info added to the systems. Dave's point is a good one, if FAA wants it they will tell you. Most likely, they won't. "It can't hurt" might be the wrong approach.
  7. Authorization to fly in Class B Airspace?

    @Fotomon, You can get a Yaesu hand held aviation transceiver for around $200. I have one and it's very good. But you can get a hand held scanner for under $100 and it will provide you with many other listening opportunities. Depending on the airport you are working near, such as CLT, you can get of lot of radio traffic on your smartphone. There may be some processing delay so you would have to experiment with that. In the case of CLT, on my iPhone I can receive CLT approach, tower, ground, clearance delivery, and departure control. But again, lag time might be an issue. Where I live, there are no control towers so I can't do a comparison.
  8. FAA released the following this afternoon..... https://www.faa.gov/news/updates/?newsId=89365
  9. Authorization to fly in Class B Airspace?

    @Fotomon, While the use of a dedicated aviation radio to monitor local traffic is a valuable tool, that can be done very well, if not better, with a decent scanner. Don't even think about using an a/c radio to talk to your local tower. First of all, unless your very close (probably too close) they won't hear you. Second, they don't want to hear you. Plain and simple. Sounds harsh but realistic.
  10. Authorization to fly in Class B Airspace?

    There are currently only 3 Class B facilities participating in LAANC (PHX/MIA/CVG). Until at least late spring, I don't think much will change. At that time LAANC is supposed to go nationwide on a Beta test basis. Have no idea how that will be implemented and as I have previously stated, I expect things to get "cloudy" at best. And to @Av8Chuck's point about "The odds that your drone is going to in be conflict with me when I transition the same airspace are so small", don't tell that to the 2 Blackhawk guys that struck a Phantom over Raritan Bay last September. 1.5 inch dent in a rotor and never saw it coming.
  11. About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    I checked with CAA in the UK and as of Dec 12 there were 3558 active approved UAV operators so that 1500 is a very large number and that's what I expect here in the States. I agree with all of your points @Av8Chuck but I take issue with the comment about unlicensed drivers. According to a report from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety issued in July, one in every five fatal car crashes in the United States each year involves a driver who does not have a valid license or whose license status is a mystery to law enforcement. I'm not equating it with unlicensed drone operation but neither should be tolerated.
  12. About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    But just to add - another outcome may also be failure to renew due to cost and study requirements but continuing to operate commercially anyway. Also, a disregard of the renewal requirements and continuing commercially as well. In spite of Part 107 regulations, I am well aware of "commercial" operators doing so without a Remote Pilot certificate and in controlled airspace without FAA authorization (Class E Surface). My locale has three airports but none have control towers so basically nobody cares. And when these guys are asked, they will say they are "registered" with the FAA (that's their drone) and that they are insured (that's AMA insurance which comes with membership and does not cover commercial ops). I know this for a fact. Unfortunate but true.
  13. About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    @Mad_Angler1, that is exactly what I have predicted for the US Part 107. I think the drop out rate will be in the range of 40% for the very reasons you have pointed out.
  14. Cyber security issues with my E-Commerce Website !

    Who hosts your site? For example GoDaddy, Wix, etc. They are the first ones to talk to.
  15. Help securing Waivers

    One that I know of for sure with a good track record is https://jrupprechtlaw.com/
  16. About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    I suspect that many will not renew, but we shall see. To my knowledge, FAA has not announced how renewals will be accomplished.
  17. About to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro

    @Av8Chuck, yes you do have to pay the full freight each time you schedule a test. Waiting to see how the recurrent test will be handled come August.
  18. Night Drone footage on Sports Network

    From that single still shot taken off your tv, there is no way to even attempt a guess. If it was shot from a drone for broadcast purposes, yes it would be considered commercial. Night waivers are very common and there is a good chance it was in play here, that is if it was a drone shot at all. As far as what to do - there is little likelihood that FAA will do anything about it so instead, I would watch the Georgia Alabama game Monday night.
  19. Important news re waivers and authorizations

    FRom the Desert Rose Band... One step forward and two steps back Nobody gets too far like that One step forward and two steps back This kind of dance can never last… Founded by Chris Hillman (formerly of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers) along with Herb Pedersen and John Jorgenson in 1985. Showing my music roots here!
  20. This was posted this morning on the FAA site. The FAA will be launching the FAA DroneZone on January 6, 2018. The forms on this website will not be available once the FAA's DroneZone Portal launches. The FAA DroneZone requires users to create an account to apply for part 107 operational waivers or request to fly in controlled airspace.
  21. Important news re waivers and authorizations

    Very well said @Av8Chuck. One of my 2018 predictions was about the demise of LAANC - I suspect we can add this new authorization process to that list!
  22. Important news re waivers and authorizations

    FAA has opened DroneZone, but in fact it's already been there. This is the same area that we all used to register our various drones, whether under 107 or 333 or even when hobbyist registration was mandatory. Same user name and password gets you in (thank God I figured mine out!). After getting in, the site tells me I have no registered UAV's ( I do) and that I have no airspace authorizations ( I do ) and no waivers ( I do ). For the moment, I will assume they mean no waivers or authorizations done through DroneZone and that would be true. But what about UAV registrations. So far there is no place to enter existing a/c registrations that I can see. For those who have dealt with Federal Government web sites, this will all seem familiar - who designs this stuff? If past experince is any indicator, those using Apple Safari as a browser may run into trouble. I was told by FAA that they don't support that browser. What?! Solution, if having a problem, is to use Google Chrome in that case. More to follow after I do some work on real websites.