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  1. There are some beautiful photos are shoot by DJI Phantom 4 Pro, .
  2. This is an interesting motor as a first entry as it bucks a few of the current trends in the dominant motors on the market. Review: The stator size is right in the middle at 2305, a bit smaller than the popular large motors, and a bit larger than the popular small motors. The weight is right in the middle as well, coming in at just under 30g. This seems to be a motor of the middle ground on just about every front, with a fairly large air gap, square magnets, and multi-strand windings. The shaft is retained with a c-clip, but it does retain the stronger single-piece hollow shaft design. The machining quality and smoothness of this motor are top notch, with excellent finishing and no play. Results The results here are reflective of the middle ground this motor seems to occupy; very solid performance, especially for the smaller stator size and conservative kV. The kV tested a tad lower than advertised coming in around 2390kv. One of the most noticable things about these results is the relatively flat performance across the range of props, only showing about 100g difference between the lighter 5″ props and the heaviest 5″ props. This is indicative of the larger air gap and shorter stator, where the lower torque loaded props respond well to the kV and the heavier loaded props bog the motor down a bit. That being said the performance here is very comfortably in the middle range, easily clearling 1300g on the mid to heavy load props, and staying around the 1200g mark even on the light props. It is also interesting to note that this motor barely got out of the low 30A range even on the heaviest props. It seems clear this motor was targeted towards that middle space of the average user, a pilot looking for a mid-weight motor that is usable on a broad range of props and a broad range of flying styles without being over-powered or killing the battery. This seems to have it the nail on the head for a general use, broad application motor that just about any pilot can find a use for. Tattu 2305 2450kv Test Full Results Tested KV: 2390kv Weight: 29.7g Stator W: 23mm Stator H: 5mm Test Environment: XRotor 40A ESC Timing: Med-high Dither: 7 PWM: Damped Light Venom 60A Power Supply 2Farad Caps x2 in Series Custom Datalogger TI TivaC Launchpad Allegro ACS758-200B Voltage Divider EagleTree eRPM Sensor Custom Thrust Stand w/ HX711 4 ms logging rate Atmospheric Data (Typical) Barometric pressure: 29-30 in Ambient Temperature: 70-74 deg F Humidity: 50-60% These are parts data of this test, to view more test data, you can click this link: http://www.miniquadtestbench.com/tattu-2305-2450kv.html Tattu quadcopter motors: https://www.genstattu.com/ta-motor-2305-2450kv-4pcs.html
  3. I have waited a long time to buy this Xiaomi mi drone 4K camera drone, and now I finally get it. When I got my Xiaomi drone, I’m very excited and can’t wait to open it. Look, this is Xiaomi mi drone overview, it looks very beautiful; This is the Xiao mi mi drone 4K camera, it is said its camera is the most expensive and important, I should be carefully with it, the 4K camera. Remote Control: These are the simple introduce about Xiaomi mi drone 4K, and next I decided to fly it. Here are some Xiaomi mi drone flying photos: This flight feel very well, Xiaomi drone is easy to flight, it is very suitable for beginners(I’m a beginner), and its price is not expensive, just need $430, Comparing to other brand of drones, the price of xiaomi mi drone 4k camera drone is very affordable. Following is the comparison chart: As you can see, 4K drones in other brands are selling for at least $589, which makes Xiaomi a very reasonable price drone among the competitors. And Xiaomi drone has many magic features: Choose a point and set desired hover height and radius. Mi Drone will automatically circle around an object, capturing beautiful shots of the object. Set a route so images and footage captured will be uninterrupted and beautiful. Set a location on the map within the app, and Mi Drone automatically flies towards the pinned location. Mi Drone calculates power required to return home and automatically returns when battery is low. Once Mi Drone disconnects from the remote, it returns home automatically. Should an accident occur during the return trip, the Mi Drone can be easily located using its GPS real-time tracking System. Automatically stops and hovers when approaching no-fly zone When Mi Drone approaches a no-fly zone, it automatically stops, hovers, and sends out a smart alert to prevent any accidents from occuring. Some tips about Xiaomi mi drone 4K: (1) You need to fly it in an open area and with a good gps signal. (2) When you start flying your drone, make sure that the back of your drone is face to you, not the forward. In this way, you are easy to figure out the direction of it. (3) When the drone is too far away or in a place that lost connection with your remote, the drone may switch to self control mode, which is very dangerous as it may drift everywhere till crashed. Therefore huge empty space is always recommended for your drone flying. (4) When you at a zone with less GPS signals, you need to let antenna of remote control to face the drone. (5) In case of emergency, press power and take off key at the same time, the drone will stop immediately and fall down in crashed.
  4. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    You'd better try your best to convince her, this is a cool sports.
  5. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    Larger UAVs is very nice, too. You can take many beautiful photos and videos, and get longer flight time, it is really very good!
  6. Just another fun day will DallasFPV! So Brian dared us all to fly the dried up creek and hit the bridge up and of course we did! Always a blast flying with these guys! And this is my test for Tattu 2305 2450kv motor and Tattu 1300mAh 4S 75C lipo battery.If any of you live in the Dallas and want to fly, just hit us up! MigViceQuads Drakko FTattu 2305 2450kv motorSpedix IS30A MultishotRaceflight Revolt RC18MatekHUBOSDSE-8 Runcam Mini 2.1 lensHQ 5x4.3x3 v1STBS Unify Pro Race 200mwTBS Triumph XSR Fatshark Dominator V3VAS Mad Mushroom TBS PatchTaranis X9D PlusHall GimbalsThunder Power Adrenaline 1600 (Extra Juice)
  7. There is a new Agriculture drone lipo battery: Tattu Plus2.0 18000mAh 6S1P 22.2V 15C Smart Lipo Battery with AS150+XT150 plug; Specifications: Minimum Capacity: 18000mAh Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6Cell Discharge Rate: 15C Max Burst discharge Rate: 30C Net Weight(±20g): 2270g Dimensions: 205.5mm Length x 94.2mm Width x 79.5mm Height Discharge Plug: AS150+XT150 plug Charge Plug: XT90 If your drone fit in this size, you can consider check it out. Links: http://www.genstattu.com/ta-plus2-0-15c-18000-6s1p.html Photos:
  8. Battery and Prop

    Ther is a quadcopter frame, lipo battery, motor and propeller size matching table. You can choose 3300mAh 4S Lipo battery for you F450. But this just a reference material, you can read this post to know more : http://rcfpvplane.com/quadcopter-frame-sizes-guide/
  9. Tattu and SP FPV Team spent 3 days in Kuitun river canyon, Xinjiang Province, China to make this video. FPV powered by great Tattu power flew over the great Kuitun river canyon. Such an amazing flight in beautiful scenery. Video was shot by Tattu and Super Pluse Team with DJI Inspire.
  10. My ESC's keep beeping after connecting battery

  11. Build quadcopter

    What quadcopter do you want to build? What's the size of your quadcopter frame? 250? 210? 180? Recommend you to read these post: Rotorx Atom V3 Build Mini Racing Quadcopter Build, Build A Quadcopter Frame TEACH YOU HOW TO DIY A QUADCOPTER
  12. Hello all,I've just finished my Quad F450 build and as I tried to power it on for the first time my ESC's keep beeping and the FCU doesn't power on. It this happening cause of a faulty/wrong connection I did or do I have an issue with something from my components? My build consists of :1. Frame F4502. Flight Controller Unit KK2.1.53. Motors x44. ESC's x45. UBEC6. Battery7. Tx/RxThanks in advance for any help and info you can provide.
  13. Eachine Racer 250 Lipo Battery

    Hey everyone, quick question; What battery can I use for my Eachine 250 Racer? It came with a 1300mAh 4S battery and I would like longer flight times. I understand that I should probably buy more batteries and another charger but I want to make sure I am buying quality parts.Any suggestions? Or should I just stick with having more stock batteries?
  14. Rotorx Atom V3 Build

    RotorX Atom V3 is a 122mm Mini Quadcopter and weights less than 250 grams, small size and light weight; You can put it on your hand, but don't be fooled! Features: Addressable LEDs can be set to any color you desire Just the basics, to get you in premium gear you can grow with Smooth and locked-in tune Industry leading electronics from TBS and Highest performing drivetrain from RotorX Materials: FC, ESC's, T-Motors 1406kv Motors, OSD, VTX, FPV Camera, Frame, Canopy DSMX Compatible Radio, Goggles Motors, Props, Flight Controllers, ESC's, Canopies And OSD/VTX Boards 3S Battery: Tattu 850mAh 4S 45C Lipo or 4S Battery: Tattu 850mAh 3S 45C LIPO. Tools you’ll need 2mm and 1.5mm hex driver Solder Soldering iron Heat gun Wire snips Wire strippers Loctite First, solder the XT30 power cable on the base layer Next, select your antenna and connect. Note: DO NOT power on without the antenna being in place because it can damage the VTX. Attach the plastic base plate to the cube. This part helps protect from carbon and prevents shortages. To attach, use two short, flat screws in recessed holes to secure. Screw the positive nuts on the cube—they are marked with “+”. Then place double-sided tape on the bottom of the cube. This isolates the screws from the frame. Use two plastic screws to secure the cube to the from into the “-“ nuts. Make sure you secure them firmly. Tin the ESC solder pods. Extend wires on motors. (Watch video) Connect wires on front of quad Attach motors to the frame with the longest screws and use Loctite. Install receiver. As long as it fits under the canopy, anything goes. (Including: PPM, SBUS, Spektrum) There are three pads to solder to if your RX doesn’t plug in properly. Attach the camera. It has three different mounts (15, 30 and 45 degrees). Only permanently glue in if you don’t want to change the tilt. Note: hot glue is a good option to use because it’s less permanent. Plug camera into front left bottom plug. Use long M3x12 screws to hold the camera in. Install LED and route antennas. Install canopy. Ensure the wires aren’t pinched. Route antenna. Plug in USB and connect to BetaFlight. Plug in battery. Go to motor tab and test motor direction. If your motors aren’t correct, you can check in BLHELI. Bind and configure the Atom V3. Set-up switches and configure end points to the DX6. To enter the OSD turn on quad and radio. Hold left on the yaw axis and count down. Navigate up and down with the pitch. Confirm with roll axis, which goes back or exits out of the configuration. Install propellers–AND FLY! Here is a video about Rotorx Atom V3: https://youtu.be/fPxyy0eSyKA ->
  15. Battery for Hubsan X4 H501S

    Not large capacity lipo batteries is good for your Hubsan, larger capacity means heavy weight. You'd better choose one 2700mAh lipo battery for your Hubsan. If you want get a longer fly time, you can choose a better brand battery.