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  1. Spitfire76

    CES 2018 New Drones

    Autel Robotics just tweeted "join the evolution of flight June, 25th, 2018" and so could this finally be the release date of the Evo that has been "coming soon" since January ? https://www.autelrobotics.com/evo/
  2. Spitfire76

    Battery Safety

    That's a chemical fire just waiting to happen. I no longer get much stuff these days from HK mainly because of their outrageous shipping costs. I've been using these guys located in Dublin, CA for batteries. https://www.genstattu.com
  3. Spitfire76

    A formal introduction...

    Always nice to have folks on this forum that like to design and build their own UAVs. Welcome to this forum. Richard, Northern California.
  4. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    At first glance looks impressive especially the camera specs. https://www.parrot.com/us/drones/anafi
  5. Spitfire76

    Hi everyone new here from Florida

    Life ? Welcome to this forum.
  6. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Its a Mavic like drone called the ANAFI (Parrot's tweets just before the count down ended)
  7. Spitfire76


    Gary's guest on his weekly "Drone Stuff This Week" is Kyle from Skydio. The R1 has a temporary price drop from $2500 to $1999 for Father's day so I must let my kids know
  8. Spitfire76

    New to forum

    Hello @Droner66 and congratulations on obtaining your part 107 certification Cheers Richard, Northern California
  9. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    No worries. I am not a fan of DJI and would like to see companies like Parrot provide some serious competition. It will be interesting to see what they announce on Wednesday. I lived in Grenoble working for a large IT company.
  10. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Maybe it sounded like it but it wasn't my intention, rather admiration for a clever campaign and keeping it so secret. Having lived and worked in France for 12 years I don't have anything but respect for them being a French company.
  11. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Obviously a good marketing ploy to get folks to sign up and of course it works. Also despite that this count down has been running for several months its still a real mystery.
  12. Spitfire76

    CES 2018 New Drones

    This is the second year that Autel have made announcements of new products and not released them. According to their website the EVO that was announced back in January is "coming soon"!
  13. Spitfire76

    Recurrent test ??

    I noticed this updated ACS does no go into effect until June 11th as its open to comments so maybe we won't see much before then. "This ACS is available for download from www.faa.gov. Please send comments regarding this document using the following link to the Airman Testing Branch Mailbox. Material in FAA-S-ACS-10A will be effective June 11, 2018"
  14. Spitfire76

    Recurrent test ??

    I'll take a bet that it will be 45 questions as they might simply keep to the 2 mins per question allocation.
  15. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Anyone know what Parrot is announcing on June 6 th ?