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  1. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    @Zacc Dukowitz, I don't see on the FAA or AMA websites any information on the reintroduction of registration for hobbyists on having to register each UAV that they own. It appears to be the same as before in that we just need to register once. If it is indeed the case that we have to register all our UAVs it maybe good for market analysts but not for RC model aircraft pilots. This is why I agree with Bruce (earlier post in this thread) as the FAA has not done a good job of defining a drone. They simply define it as a remote controlled aircraft weighing between 0.55 to 55 Lbs so this includes all RC model planes and helicopters. Also I don't think it would be of interest to any drone market analyst that I fly a model Spitfire at my local RC club's airfield.
  2. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    https://uavcoach.com/hobbyist-registration/ If that is really the case and we now have to register every UAV that we own rather than just ourselves I wouldn't call that a big improvement. One guy at my local RC model club owns 130 planes and I don't think that is unusual. Does it mean he needs to pay $5 registration for every one ?. I checked my registration profile on the FAA website and I could not see a way to add more UAVs but then I had registered in 2015 and did not cancel when the ruling was thrown out earlier this year.
  3. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    I guess as National Defense Autorization Act for 2018 was signed by the president today drone registration for hobbyists is officially back.
  4. The issue with Ebay is that you likely have to ship it and a potential buyer more likely would want to see it fly. You might try to sell it locally using these https://nextdoor.com/news_feed/ or https://us.letgo.com/en I haven't sold any drones but I've sold plenty of other items on Letgo.
  5. Hello From Not So Sunny Wales.

    Hello @Mad_Angler1 and welcome to the forum. Are you a commercial pilot or hobbyist or both ?.
  6. GoFly Prize

    I did assume that you weren't serious about this... but was just commenting on the bit about the need for a wavier. Maybe more as they are really asking to design and build something like a flying Segway and apparently that cost over a $100M to develop. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/videos/category/innovation/the-segway-of-airplanes/ I guess this is a project more for the likes of Elon Musk than us mere mortals.
  7. GoFly Prize

    Is a waiver needed ?. This is for a manned aircraft so maybe the regulations would be the same as those for something like a Paramotor although it does state that you can use a mannequin and that might be wise at least for the initial test flights. Also the count down is for the registration deadline, the final fly off is not until October, 2019.
  8. GoFly Prize

    This looks like an interesting challenge. https://herox.com/GoFly
  9. Interesting VTOL design

    Gary invited the CEO of Kapetair onto his weekly hangout.
  10. Interesting VTOL design

    For sure these fixed wing aircraft only have longer flight duration when the majority of the mission is horizontal flight. I guess for vertical flight missions then multi rotor is the best option and if longer flight times are needed either use a generator like the one you posted in another thread or fuel cells.
  11. Interesting VTOL design

    In that case you might want to consider a "tail sitter" design like this:- http://px4.io/portfolio/wingtraone-tailsitter-vtol/ Not sure how these guys get it to hover like that with only 2 motors. Also I don't believe it would do well hovering in a wind but interesting design. https://wingtra.com/product/
  12. Interesting VTOL design

    and here is another one using 3 motors for vertical lift. https://www.suasnews.com/2017/12/kapetair-vtol/ I think this design will be my next DIY build as I'm not that good at landing fixed wing planes.
  13. H520

    Also the $2000 price is without any camera which will add more than $1000 to the total price. I believe you would need to budget around $4000 for this platform if you add extra batteries or even more if you want to have multiple cameras. I guess though this is not a bad price for a commercial platform. I think if I were to invest in a professional platform I would definitely consider the H520 over a DJI. Some things that I like are. Has 6 motors/props and can still fly if one fails Able to handle high wind speeds. Camera/gimbal modules can be quickly changed. Controller includes a built in Android tablet. Autopilot built on an open source flight stack. SDK to develop 3rd party apps If anyone on the forum has purchased one please share your experience with the H520.
  14. H520

    A little confusing at first as their UK site shows the H520 on its home page whereas the US site promotes the Breeze but then I noticed there is a "commercial" tab on the US site which does take you to the H520. http://yuneec.uk http://us.yuneec.com http://commercial.yuneec.com BTW @Alan Perlman your holiday guide for the H520 takes you to the UK site if you select order now. Nothing against the U.K as I'm originally from that country
  15. Bruce's rants

    I find Bruce's rants interesting and informative so I thought I post his latest one here where he talks about a whole bunch of stuff - New EU and UK drone regs, birds vs drone crashing into manned aircraft tests, Amazon will take over airspace for their delivery service, drones that explode, etc.....