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  1. @leww are the dimensions, without the waterproof case, the same as the GoPro Hero 4 as I want to check if it will fit my Tarot T4-3D gimbal ?.
  2. Learning to fly a quad

    These guys from FliteTest are great at getting folks into building and flying RC model aircraft. Here they go back to basics on learning to fly a small quad.
  3. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    This looks great but is definitely a young person's sport, I just don't have those reactions any more so will stick to larger and slower UAVs
  4. Opensolo

    I totally agree with your comments.
  5. I did some research on the WIMIUS L1 and it seems that it does have composite video output from the USB but could not find if the USB pinouts are the same as the GoPro. It also has some built in stabilization but can't imagine that it would replace a brushless gimbal. The Amazon price is now $72.99 and not $59.2. I am trying to find out the dimensions to see if it would fit into my tarot gimbal but their website only shows the dimensions of the box that its delivered in which is not that useful.
  6. Opensolo

    Just announced by 3DR although I need to check out what this really means for us DIYers. https://3dr.com/blog/announcing-opensolo/#
  7. Battery and Prop

    Please ignore.
  8. I purchased a cheap alternative to a GoPro awhile ago, an EKEN H8 for $68, mainly because I was still learning to fly and did not what to break a $400 camera if I crashed. It's the same size as a GoPro Hero 4 so it fitted perfectly in my Tarot T4-3d gimbal. What I don't like about it compared a GoPro is it only has one FOV setting and so you get a lot of barrel distortion (fish eye). I believe with the GoPro you have wide, medium and narrow settings that can reduce that distortion. Also, unlike the GoPro there is no composite video from the USB so if you want to live stream back to the ground station using a 5.8G FPV transmitter you need one that supports HDMI input or a convertor to change from HDMI to composite video. I could have used the WiFi of the camera to stream video back to my iPhone using their app but I am reluctant to have it switched on since it uses the same 2.4G spectrum as my RC transmitter and have read that it can cause interference.

    I've always been impressed by this ABC News/DJI project from a few years ago where they explore the world's largest cave - Son Doong, Vietnam.
  10. flying at night

    Interesting question. Here is what I found from looking on the FAA and AMA websites. "Option #1. Fly in accordance with the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (Public Law 112-95 Section 336). Under this rule, operators must: Fly for hobby or recreational purposes only Follow a community-based set of safety guidelines Fly the UAS within visual line-of-sight Give way to manned aircraft Provide prior notification to the airport and air traffic control tower, if one is present, when flying within 5 miles of an airport Fly UAS that weigh no more than 55 lbs. unless certified by a community-based organization" Regarding #2 above the AMA provides a set of safety guidelines and I noticed the following at line B-6. "RC night flying requires a lighting system providing the pilot with a clear view of the model’s attitude and orientation at all times. Hand-held illumination systems are inadequate for night flying operations"
  11. Are there anyone need Agriculture drone lipo battery?

    Unless there is a break through in battery technology in the near future hydrogen full cell technology looks promising for long duration flights. These guys seem to be one of the pioneers.....
  12. Interview with CEO of Cyberhawk

    I thought this latest podcast from Ian Smith interviewing the CEO of CyberHawk would be of interest to anyone using drones for industrial inspection. https://commercialdrones.fm/podcast/oil-gas-inspection-drones-cyberhawk/
  13. Big rigs on movie sets: 9 important factors to consider

    Interesting article, especially that last video. Although several of those painful crashes appear to be due to pilot error/stupidity it looks like a few were due to component failure. With a quad you only need one motor to fail and its hello ground. The ability to continue to fly with a motor or ESC failure has to be mandatory along with dual GPS, dual power and redundant sensors in the flight controller. I guess a parachute mechanism should also be considered but maybe not very effective at low altitude.
  14. Drone Search and Rescue

    I was considering developing a "rescue drone" for my local RC model aircraft club to recover lost planes. They currently have a guy fly over the surrounding fields on powered paraglider to locate lost planes.
  15. Professional DIY Rig Project

    I see your point. Having the flight controller handle just the flight control and a companion computer handle the gimbal and camera control does make a lot of sense. Also the ability to completely record a manual flight mission including camera and gimbal parameters and then be able to edit and playback that mission is really interesting. Is that companion software available or is that something you developed ?.