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  1. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Announces First Ever Voice-Controlled Drone, Mantis Q

    Before Yuneec announced the Mantis Q with this feature I was in the process of adding voice control to my DIY drone as an experiment to see if it was a practical way to control a drone. I thought that it would avoid having to take my eyes of my drone to look down at a display that is not that easy to see in daylight. I found that most good voice recognition systems though require an internet connection and that typically causes a delay to translate voice into text. To make sure that the voice command is really the intended one the system would need to ask the pilot for confirmation further delaying the execution of the operation.There is also the effects of background noise and to help with that I was planning to use a headset connected to my ground control station.
  2. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

    The Mantis Q is now on Yuneec's US website for a base price of $499 and ship date of sometime in September, 2018. http://us.yuneec.com/shop-mantis-q
  3. Spitfire76

    Flight Controller Comparison (Summer 2018)

    What sort of drones ?. FPV racing or Freestyle drones DIY camera drones Ready made of the shelf drone like DJI
  4. Spitfire76

    DIY fixed wing drone build

    Also just to add to my previous post in preparation for my fixed wing build I have setup a development and test environment using ArduPilot's SITL (Software In The Loop) for both ArduCopter and ArduPlane as this does not require any drone hardware. I am finding it a great way to get familiar with the flight mode differences between a multi rotor and fixed wing. I have the flight controller software running on a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) virtual machine using Oracle's Virtual Box which is installed on my Apple MacBook Pro. I use the same ground control station as I use for my real multi rotor which is a cheap laptop running windows 10 and the ground control station software - Mission Planner. QGroundControl is another open source GCS software and has the advantage of running on Linux, OS X, IOS, Android as well as windows. I typically use this is the field on my iPhone but can also connect it to this simulator setup. The great thing is that since all the above software is open source its free to download and use although I do eventually want to contribute to the ArduPilot community by helping with documentation and/or testing.
  5. Spitfire76

    DIY fixed wing drone build

    I haven't yet built a fixed wing drone but like you have plans to build one. I have built a few multi rotor drones based on the open source Ardupilot flight controller software and Pixhawk hardware which also supports fixed wing.
  6. Spitfire76

    Flight Controller Comparison (Summer 2018)

    This video from Painless360 should be of interest to anyone starting out building their own drone. Personally I have always been a big fan of the Ardupilot flight controller software as I don't fly FPV but the Pixhawk hardware can be a bit pricey if you are on a tight budget. The good news is that the Ardupilot development team is in the process of supporting the F4/F7 hardware as they change from using Nuttx as the underlying operating system to ChibiOS. This means cheaper and smaller hardware controllers will be able to be used.
  7. Chad Knapper who started Flite Test and then Rotor Riot is attempting to start such a organization but just for the FPV hobbyists called the FPV Freedom Coalition http://fpvfc.com. He took part in this episode of Drone Stuff this Week.
  8. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

    I see that DJI have reduced the price of the current Mavic and Mavic Pro to $748 and $810 (Amazon) so you could be right about a Mavic 2 coming out. Rumors are that they will announce a Mavic 2 pro and a Mavic 2 zoom.
  9. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

    I would really like to see some competition for DJI but I agree with @Av8Chuck that its a real challenge for any drone manufacture to compete with them. In addition to the 3DR Solo look what happened to GoPro's drone . Also DJI postponed their July 18th event "See the Bigger Picture" to August 23rd at 10:00 am EDT so of course they will come out with some new or upgraded drones.
  10. Spitfire76

    2018 Predictions for the Drone Industry

    One of my predictions for this year was that the FAA will require parachutes to be fitted and looks like that might be the case at least if you want to have a waiver to fly over people. http://droneradioshow.com/why-you-may-need-a-parachute-for-yout-dtone/
  11. Spitfire76

    Typhoon H+

    Good for you. Always thought that 6 motor/props are better than 4 which is why I built my own hex. Please keep us posted on your experience with the H+.
  12. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

  13. Spitfire76

    Yuneec Mantis Q

    New drone from Yuneec called the Mantis Q - Looks like its out to compete with the DJI Spark. https://www.yuneec.com/en_GB/camera-drones/mantis-q/overview.html Although don't see it on their US site http://us.yuneec.com Price is 499 Euros
  14. Spitfire76

    Part 107 recurrent exam timing

    Have you checked this thread ?. It helped me better understand this process. My understanding would be if you past the recurrent test this month it would be valid until the end of August 2020 and not September of 2020.
  15. Spitfire76

    SUSBEXPO 2018

    Looks like they have started to post the presentation videos from this event to the suasnews youtube video channel. https://www.suasnews.com/2018/07/2018-silicon-valley-drone-show-susb-expo-presentation-videos/