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  1. Podcast on Drone Safety

    I figured that I didn't really need an excuse like aerial photography or mapping to fly so now I mainly build, fly, crash (still learning) and repair fixed wing aircraft. Its much more challenging to land one than a multirotor UAV. I still keep up with the UAV industry news though and of course this forum.
  2. Skydio

    Looks like their first drone is available for purchase. The R1 does looks impressive. https://www.skydio.com
  3. http://droneradioshow.com/drone-case-studies-public-safety-mike-uleski-daytone-beach-shores-public-safety-department/
  4. I thought that Randy's latest podcast might be useful to add to this thread. http://droneradioshow.com/creating-drone-based-business-around-stem-education-ron-poynter-onpoynt-aerial-solutions/
  5. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    Looks like you are correct in that Autelrobotics are not the original manufacture of the Kestrel and were planing on reselling this company's drones. https://www.suasnews.com/2017/10/quantum-systems-releases-trinity-uav/ https://www.quantum-systems.com
  6. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    Maybe these guys are a bit further ahead with their Edge platform. https://www.flightwave.aero Looks like they also plan on selling a drone powered with a hydrogen cell to get up to 2 hours flight duration.

    FliteTest's first impressions of the Mavic Air
  8. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    Although Autel have produced some decent multi-rotor drones in the past with the X-Star they do have a tendency to announce new products at a CES and nothing comes of it. It looks like the Kestrel was announced at CES 2016 and last year they announced new cameras for the X-Star that were never produced. I hope that's not the case with the Evo that they announced at this year's CES. I was really only using the Kestrel as an example of a fixed wing drone for @ArchAngel requirement of a 2 hour flight duration.
  9. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    To get that length of flight duration you might want to look at a fixed wing solution. I don't own one of these so I can't say how good it is......... https://www.autelrobotics.com/kestrel
  10. I thought this latest episode of the Randy Goers Drone Radio Show would be of interest here as it focuses on real estate. Randy interviews Josh Boughner who founded Soldbyair. http://droneradioshow.com/making-money-shooting-real-estate-josh-boughner-soldbyair/
  11. New Battery Technology

    A good article on a company that has developed a technology to make smaller and lighter batteries. I originally read about it at diydrones but here are some direct links. https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/a-new-lithium-metal-battery-takes-flight-in-drones#gs.EYSb_PU http://www.solidenergysystems.com
  12. DJI Event on 23rd ?

    On the style of an Apple event DJI introduced the Mavic Air Fits in a pocket although it can be tricky to get it out. 3 Axis gimbal 4K @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 120 FPS, 12MP photos 2.5 Miles range (WiFi) Onboard photo stitching New flight modes 21 min flight time. New hand gestures 7 cameras for environmental awareness New Flight autonomy - flies around objects. $799 and $1049 (extra batteries, props and a shoulder bag) https://www.dji.com/mavic-air Is this going to kill the Autel Evo ?
  13. DJI Event on 23rd ?

  14. In-register drone

    The withdrawal of the drone registration as a result of the John Taylor lawsuit only applied to hobbyist (section 336) not commercial pilots (Part 107). Have you checked on https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/ as you should see how you registered ?. If you registered under Part 107 then you should see that drone and its serial number in the inventory and I would hope that you could simply delete it.
  15. In-register drone

    Select serial number not applicable. Also the UAS Type has the drop down options "Home Built" or "Purchased" so of course for the first they should not expect a serial number.