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  1. DJI Event on 23rd ?

    On the style of an Apple event DJI introduced the Mavic Air Fits in a pocket although it can be tricky to get it out. 3 Axis gimbal 4K @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 120 FPS, 12MP photos 2.5 Miles range (WiFi) Onboard photo stitching New flight modes 21 min flight time. New hand gestures 7 cameras for environmental awareness New Flight autonomy - flies around objects. $799 and $1049 (extra batteries, props and a shoulder bag) https://www.dji.com/mavic-air Is this going to kill the Autel Evo ?
  2. DJI Event on 23rd ?

    Not that I have a DJI or plan on buying one but I see that they have an event in New York on the 23rd called "Adventure Unfold" on their website and with the "unfold" in the name could it be a new Mavic announcement or maybe the Phantom 5 announcement ?.
  3. DJI Event on 23rd ?

  4. In-register drone

    The withdrawal of the drone registration as a result of the John Taylor lawsuit only applied to hobbyist (section 336) not commercial pilots (Part 107). Have you checked on https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/ as you should see how you registered ?. If you registered under Part 107 then you should see that drone and its serial number in the inventory and I would hope that you could simply delete it.
  5. In-register drone

    Select serial number not applicable. Also the UAS Type has the drop down options "Home Built" or "Purchased" so of course for the first they should not expect a serial number.
  6. In-register drone

    It depends how you registered - if you register under section 336 as a hobbyist or if your registered it for commercial use under Part 107. Hobbyists only register once irrespective of the number of UAVs or model aircraft they own whereas commercial operators have to register each UAV at the cost of $5 each. The FAA recently added a new website for drone registration and airspace authorization called the FAADroneZone. https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/ I noticed that if you have a Part 107 profile you can add each UAV to your inventory and there is a field for the serial number. I haven't tried it but I assume you can also delete an entry if you sell or no longer use that UAV.
  7. In December of 2015 the FAA introduced drone registration and required all owners of UAVs, including RC model aircraft, weighing over 0.55 pounds (250 grams) to register. The cost was $5 and valid for 3 years. As a hobbyist you only needed to register once irrespective of the number of drones you owned. This rule was overturned by the John Taylor case earlier this year (2017). The re-introduction of this registration rule has been snuck into the bill for the National Defense Autorization Act for 2018 and so is very likely to be signed into law. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr2810 From above (d) RESTORATION OF RULES FOR REGISTRATION AND MARKING OF UNMANNED AIRCRAFT.—The rules adopted by the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration in the matter of registration and marking requirements for small unmanned aircraft (FAA-2015-7396; published on December 16, 2015) that were vacated by the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in Taylor v. Huerta (No. 15-1495; decided on May 19, 2017) shall be restored to effect on the date of enactment of this Act Personally I did not have a problem to register but it wasn't very welcomed by a lot of RC model aircraft hobbyist that were upset that the AMA with its relationship with the FAA had not got an exemption for its members. Looks like they can't do much about it this time either. http://www.modelaircraft.org/aboutama/gov.aspx
  8. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    Another class action law suite is in the works regarding drone registration for hobbyists. This time its not John Taylor who filed the one last year but his brother Robert Tylor. Could be interesting to follow as his requesting damages of $1000 for each of the 836,796 registrations!. https://jrupprechtlaw.com/taylor-v-faa-drone-registration-class-action-lawsuit
  9. The Bothy (Lake District story)

    I don't think Marcus was precise enough for us this side of the pond but being originally from England I can add that the "Lake District" is a national park located in the North West of the country.
  10. s550 takeoff failure

    I have a similar build and agree with Chuck's diagnosis as that is the most likely reason for this problem. First you need to make sure that the motors are tuning in the right direction for that configuration (e.g Hex X) and if not reverse 2 of the 3 wires connecting the motor to the ESC. Then install the 3 CCW and 3 CW props on the corresponding motors. There is a good description here, just scroll down a bit. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/connect-escs-and-motors.html
  11. DJI Event on 23rd ?

    Makes sense as the Mavic style is a lot more portable. It will be interesting how it compares to Autel's Evo.
  12. CES 2018 New Drones

    Press release of the EVO - Expect to launch soon at $999, has a better camera than the X-Star Premium, 30 mins flight time, 7 km range....... https://www.autelrobotics.com/ces-2018-press-release/ "Last year at CES we set some expectations that we did not achieve. We were not able to deliver a high quality, reliable offering with the Thermal and 1” Sensor for our X‑Star series. There are many reasons that these units did not come to fruition."
  13. CES 2018 New Drones

    GoPro recently announced that they will exit the drone business and like 3DR did with the Solo will sell off existing inventory of the Karma but it looks like at least 2 of the other drone manufactures are still trying to compete with DJI. Yeenec announced 3 new UAVs at CES 2018 and Autelrobotics announced a compact drone called the EVO. http://us.yuneec.com https://www.autelrobotics.com/evo/ There is also the Tello for just $99 https://www.ryzerobotics.com which is sold through the DJI store https://store.dji.com/product/tello
  14. Typhoon H Plus, Fixed Wing, FPV racer

    Interesting......hopefully they can offer some competition to DJI. http://us.yuneec.com
  15. CES 2018 New Drones

    Having agreed that the EVO does looks like interesting competition for DJI's Mavic I recall at last year's CES Autel announced new camera modules for their X-Star Premium but did they ever release them ?. Unless I am missing something I don't see any listed in their store. https://www.autelrobotics.com/blog/autel-robotics-announces-new-camera-modules-for-x-star-series-drones-at-ces-2017/ Also it looks like they may have stopped manufacturing their 2 X-Star drones as they are only listed on their store as refurbished and out of stock. Maybe they are counting on the EVO but they have yet to announce a release date and pricing. I'm sure if DJI sees this as a threat to the Mavic they will just lower its price.
  16. CES 2018 New Drones

    I agree.
  17. Typhoon H Plus, Fixed Wing, FPV racer

    Apparently the E50 and E90 cameras for the H520 have glass lenses and they certainly seem to think its good enough for a variety of commercial use cases including tower inspection. At least the camera/gimbal is swappable for any improved cameras that they come out with in the future. I am a bit surprised though that the radio range is only 1 mile at its best.
  18. Typhoon H Plus, Fixed Wing, FPV racer

    Commercial video/photograhy. Yuneec's commercial UAV is the H520 which is almost $4000 when you add the camera whereas the Typhoon H plus will be $1700. According to reports the main differences between the H and H Plus is the camera which boasts a 1 inch sensor providing 20MP photos and 4k video at 60 fps. I believe its the E90 camera from the H520 but not sure.
  19. GoPro exiting drone business

    GoPro cutting jobs and putting an end to its drone business. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-08/gopro-gives-4th-quarter-sales-forecast-that-misses-estimates
  20. 2017 DIY Drones Year in Review

    Interesting post by Chris Anderson (CEO of 3DR) http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/2017-diy-drones-year-in-review
  21. 2018 Predictions for the Drone Industry

    I know that is not a current requirement but I am predicting that the FAA will introduce some sort of airworthiness certification this year.
  22. As we are about to start 2018 what about some predictions for the drone industry ?. I'll make a start.... Electronic ID will be introduced for commercial drones. DJI will go public. A company will come up with some new battery technology that makes batteries last 10 times longer (ok that's a wish not a prediction but you can only hope!) One thing is certain for next year a lot of us will need to renew our Part 107 certification. Happy New Year everyone.
  23. 2018 Predictions for the Drone Industry

    It wasn't that but I just figured that the topic of the recurrent test deserved its own thread. Also I'll add another prediction to my list. FAA will require parachutes be fitted to commercial drones as part of an air worthiness certification.
  24. 2018 Predictions for the Drone Industry

    I created a new topic thread for the discussion of the Part 107 Recurrent Test since this thread was really intended for 2018 UAV industry predictions.
  25. Part 107 Recurrent Test

    Since a lot of people on this forum took the Part 107 test when it first became available in August of 2016 this year will be the time to take a retest "Vaild for 2 years – certificate holders must pass a recurrent knowledge test every two years" I wasn't sure if the test would be simply be a repeat of the initial test but it looks like its a subset and will just cover 7 of the 12 original topics. -------------------------------------------------------------------- §107.73 Initial and recurrent knowledge tests. (a) An initial aeronautical knowledge test covers the following areas of knowledge: (1) Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation; (2) Airspace classification, operating requirements, and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation; (3) Aviation weather sources and effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance; (4) Small unmanned aircraft loading; (5) Emergency procedures; (6) Crew resource management; (7) Radio communication procedures; (8) Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft; (9) Physiological effects of drugs and alcohol; (10) Aeronautical decision-making and judgment; (11) Airport operations; and (12) Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures. (b) A recurrent aeronautical knowledge test covers the following areas of knowledge: (1) Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation; (2) Airspace classification and operating requirements and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation; (3) Emergency procedures; (4) Crew resource management; (5) Aeronautical decision-making and judgment; (6) Airport operations; and (7) Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.