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  1. I build and fly my own UAVs and haven't yet done any commercial flying so there is no need for me to fly under Part 107. The $75 annual AMA membership includes insurance coverage providing of course I comply with their safety guidelines. Also they now offer commercial insurance for their members for an additional fee. https://quote.modelaircraft.org You may be aware of this but registration is also different for hobbyist and commercial operators. Hobbyist only have to register only once irrespective of the number of UAVs they own but commercial operators have to register each UAV they fly commercial. https://faadronezone.faa.gov/
  2. Hello @kivak and welcome to the forum. Flying as a hobbyist does mean you need to notify any airport/heliport and ATC that's within 5 miles. The FAA's B4UFLY mobile app may help provide contact information. https://www.faa.gov/uas/where_to_fly/b4ufly/ If you fly under part 107 then technically you don't need to notify them but others on this forum have suggested notifying them anyway. The park where I often fly is within 5 miles of a hospital heliport and although I have my part 107 certification I always fly as a hobbyist since being an AMA member I am covered by their insurance. I must admit though I have had problems getting hold of anyone to actually speak to and have just left voice messages.
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    Not sure what you mean by search for connection. Sounds like the Devo 10 radio is quite different from the FrSky Taranis so I don't believe I will be able to help you after all.
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    I don't have a Demo 10 transmitter but I am using a Pixhawk with a Frsky Taranis X9D and X8R receiver so can try to help. How to you know the bind is failing ?. Testing the Transmitter/Receiver without the Pixhawk by simply connecting one of the ESCs/Motors or a servo to a receiver channel can be a good test.
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    FAA Unmanned General Recurrent (UGR) test

    Thanks @Dave Pitman for the clarification that really helped. I was thinking that if I don't take the recurrent test in time then I would have to re-take the initial test again but as you explained that's not the case and I will only ever have to take the recurrent test.
  6. Spitfire76

    FAA Unmanned General Recurrent (UGR) test

    Hey Guys, I'm still a bit confused about when is the best time for me to take the recurrent test. I passed the initial test on Sept 1, 2016. From what I understand from some of the previous posts its valid until September 30, 2018 but surely I would have to pass the recurrent test in August, 2018 to be within the previous 24 months.
  7. I thought this article was interesting on the choice of drones for precision agriculture. http://bestdroneforthejob.com/drones-for-work/agriculture-drone-buyers-guide/ The choice of using a fixed wing drone over a multi-rotor makes sense as they need less power providing longer flight times and typically there is no need to hover but rather to keep moving taking pictures of the ground.
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    want to make a drone

    What operations would the drone have to perform in order to inspect and maintain plants in a nursery ? I prefer building my own but its mainly because of interest and the ability to perform my own repairs. A goto site for me is https://diydrones.com
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    CES 2018 New Drones

    GoPro recently announced that they will exit the drone business and like 3DR did with the Solo will sell off existing inventory of the Karma but it looks like at least 2 of the other drone manufactures are still trying to compete with DJI. Yeenec announced 3 new UAVs at CES 2018 and Autelrobotics announced a compact drone called the EVO. http://us.yuneec.com https://www.autelrobotics.com/evo/ There is also the Tello for just $99 https://www.ryzerobotics.com which is sold through the DJI store https://store.dji.com/product/tello
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    CES 2018 New Drones

    Introducing the Autel Robotics EVO - Interview with VP Jeff Powell. https://dronebelow.com/2018/07/09/introducing-autel-robotics-evo-jeff-powell-interview/
  11. Spitfire76

    GoPro exiting drone business

    GoPro cutting jobs and putting an end to its drone business. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-08/gopro-gives-4th-quarter-sales-forecast-that-misses-estimates
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    CES 2018 New Drones

    You are quite right. I just chatted with their customer service to check on delivery times and the Evo is now sold out!.
  13. Spitfire76

    CES 2018 New Drones

    Maybe but today (June, 25th 2018) they finally made it available for order at $999. https://shop.autelrobotics.com
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    Please Help! IAM a newbie

    Is this your first quad build ?. If so you may want to go though this series of 9 youtube videos of a quad build using clean flight to make sure that you have a correct setup.
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    Greetings from Louisiana

    Congratulations @RaymondDoll on passing the exam with a very respectable score but not surprised since you prepared with DPGS.
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    Please Help! IAM a newbie

    @reva I replied to one of your other posts. The best category to use to post this type of question is "DIY".
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    Please Help! IAM a newbie

    What flight controller and software are you using on your quad ? Usually its not sufficient to just to increase the throttle to spin up the motors but for safety reasons most flight controllers will have you perform an arming operation which maybe a switch on the transmitter or moving the throttle to the left or right.
  18. Spitfire76

    Time to test!

    Good luck with the test on Monday. Since you prepared with Drone Pilot Ground School you stand a really good chance of passing with a good score.
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    CES 2018 New Drones

    Autel Robotics just tweeted "join the evolution of flight June, 25th, 2018" and so could this finally be the release date of the Evo that has been "coming soon" since January ? https://www.autelrobotics.com/evo/
  20. Spitfire76

    Battery Safety

    That's a chemical fire just waiting to happen. I no longer get much stuff these days from HK mainly because of their outrageous shipping costs. I've been using these guys located in Dublin, CA for batteries. https://www.genstattu.com
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    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Anyone know what Parrot is announcing on June 6 th ?
  22. Spitfire76

    A formal introduction...

    Always nice to have folks on this forum that like to design and build their own UAVs. Welcome to this forum. Richard, Northern California.
  23. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    At first glance looks impressive especially the camera specs. https://www.parrot.com/us/drones/anafi
  24. Spitfire76

    Hi everyone new here from Florida

    Life ? Welcome to this forum.
  25. Spitfire76

    Parrot #ITSCOMING

    Its a Mavic like drone called the ANAFI (Parrot's tweets just before the count down ended)