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  1. My first UAV build

  2. My first UAV build

    Found this photo the other day of the first drone that I built about 5 years ago. Note the fancy landing gear!
  3. Parachute for Drones

    I know that this is an old thread but the quest for the ultimate parachute solution goes on. https://www.expouav.com/news/latest/ingenious-parachute-system-keep-drones-crashing
  4. SUSBEXPO 2018

    Just won a free pass to this show so it would be a shame not to go. Just need to find a relatively inexpensive hotel for one night in San Francisco if that's possible.
  5. SUSBEXPO 2018

    Since the Silicon Valley Drone Show is relatively close to me (approx. 100 miles) I was considering attending. The registration fee of $100 seems much more reasonable than other drone events. Anyone one else going or have attended previous years to see if its worth while ? http://susbexpo.com
  6. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    No, I found that the main body or frame one of the cheaper components to buy off the shelf. This is the frame that I started out with and at the time it was around $16 but looks like its now $22 but still good value. The good thing about this frame is that all the parts can be purchased individually also at a reasonable price so if you do crash or rather when you crash its economical and easy to repair. The main components that typically break are the landing gear legs and propellers so its good to buy some spares up front. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/s500-glass-fiber-quadcopter-frame-480mm-integrated-pcb-version.html I would say that if you were in a photography club and want to get into aerial photography the DJI spark maybe a good buy but since your are in a robotics club it would make sense to try to build one yourselves.
  7. If you are an AMA member then you should have received an email requesting help to stop congress from repealing section 336 which enables RC model hobbyists to fly under community safety rules. https://www.suasnews.com/2018/04/help-the-ama-protect-336/ My understanding is that if we no longer have section 336 then all RC model aircraft hobbyists would need to have part 107 certification and since you have to be at least 16 years old to take the test what happens to all those kids that participate in the hobby ?.
  8. Using Raspberry Pi as Flight Controller Board

    You might want to post this question on the ardupilot and diydrones forums but I doubt it will run with the current code without modification. I did a quick search of those forums for "BerryGPS-IMU" but nothing showed up. If you are using PWM then the Pi would need to handle multiple inputs, throttle, pitch, yaw, roll etc. Usually its best to use PPM or sBUS if that's supported on your receiver as it only requires 1 connection. It depends on what you are trying to achieve and the time frame that you have.
  9. AMA needs help to protect section 336

    Its a shame that the AMA doesn't provide the same influence as the NRA does for gun owners. Anyway for what good it will do I did sign the petition to not repeal section 336 as I figured to do something is better than do nothing. If the law is changed I can't see all RC Model hobbyists having to obtain part 107 but maybe they will be exempt providing they stick to flying at AMA designated club fields and any recreational flying outside of those areas will require part 107 certification. Not good though for the under 16 year old who wants to fly FPV in their local park or take aerial video at the beach.
  10. Thought this might be of interest here. https://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/new-primer-on-drones-in-construction
  11. My first UAV build

    I gradually replaced most of the cheap components with better quality ones including the frame and then built a hex from scratch which is what I mainly fly now.
  12. My first UAV build

    Some background on this early UAV.... In late 2012 I backed a Kickstarter project called "Fourbot" and around April of 2013 I received a bunch of cheap parts with no build instructions. The project creator either was over whelmed or lost interest as he provided little to no support to his backers. With some help from other backers and watching various youtube videos I managed to get it to fly. The original landing gear broke on the first few landings and it was my Wife's idea to use pool noodles as a replacement. Although I was not happy at the time with the quality of parts and lack of support from the project creator it got me hooked on this hobby.
  13. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    Yes, I build my own. I use the ardupilot open source software. Its free and there is a great community. http://ardupilot.org The original hardware for the flight controller was based on the Arduino processor, hence the "ardu" in the name. That processor was 8 bit and the software has evolved so much that later versions require 32 bit hardware. Your robotics team might be interested in this as it not only supports multi-rotors but also fixed wing planes, boats and ground vehicles. Check out the above link and let me know if you have any questions.
  14. I am sure most of you received this from the FAA but though I would pass it for those that did not and fly in this area. https://www.faasafety.gov/files/notices/2017/Jan/NTTR_17-01_GPS_Flight_Advisory.pdf
  15. AMA needs help to protect section 336

    Bruce's rant on this subject. This is the article that he is referring to..... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-04/drone-buffs-may-face-new-restrictions-if-alphabet-gets-its-way
  16. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    You might not save that much money compared to buying a ready to fly UAV but if your into robotics have you considered building your own?
  17. Hybrid Drone with 6 hours of flight time

    Hi @Nicola Valenti It looks like you almost ready to start shipping your gas generator for UAVs. https://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/hybrid-gas-generator-for-uav-only-1-5-kg-soon-on-sale-1
  18. @jrichey I plugged that address into the FAA facility maps https://www.faa.gov/uas/request_waiver/uas_facility_maps/ and it shows up within the grid with a ceiling of 400 ft. This does not mean that you can fly there, it just means that there is a chance that the FAA will not reject your request for airspace authorization. It does look like that address is just inside the inner 5 mile radius of MYR, so yes class C from SFC to 4000 ft
  19. Whats the lower limit of that class C airspace as it maybe above 400 ft. If you are not sure what is the location. Are you flying under part 107 or as a hobbyist ?
  20. First racing drone - Need help! :)

    Did you bind the receiver with the transmitter?. Are you using a PWM or PPM connection from the receiver to the flight controller. If you are not sure what I am talking about please take a look at this video. Its number 6 of the 9 videos from Painless360's Beginners Quad Build that I posted earlier in this thread.
  21. Looking for a career change

    I agree with @Steve Bennett that although it may look like an interesting career change it will not be easy. As its often said here in this forum its not about the drone but the data that it provides. That data needs to be presented to a customer in a way that its worth them paying for it. I would suggest starting out with drones as a hobby and getting < $100 drone to begin with. Something like the new Tello could be a good start but add a compatible joystick controller so you are not just using a phone to tell it want to do.
  22. GPS Interference Testing in Nevada

    Looks like this GPS interface training is going to happen again in the next few days and may result in unreliable or unavailable GPS signal.
  23. Hanging out with the sheep

    Welcome to the forum Trevor and what a great story. I'm a keen UAV DIYer myself and a big fan of open source flight controller software http://www.ardupilot.org cheers Richard, Northern California.
  24. New drone enthusiast

  25. First racing drone - Need help! :)

    I replied in your separate post