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  1. DJI & Disney Airspace

    Working with flysafe to resolve this now. As far as unlocking, what I meant was I followed their zone unlocking procedure as far as I could go via their website. But since it came up as a restricted zone, it said there was no unlock available. This is for a P4P+
  2. DJI & Disney Airspace

    I agree on some points Chuck. I think predominantly they cater to hobbyists, which inherently leaves professionals needing more. But overall my experience hasn’t been entirely negative. Granted, their customer service is a joke, but I’ve been able to start and maintain a successful business with their products. This is the only time DJI’s software has grounded one of my operations.
  3. DJI & Disney Airspace

    Allan, yes I had to calibrate the compass as soon as I turned on the drone. i updated the drone about 3 weeks ago so I can’t imagine the geo-fencing data would be THAT different? i emailed DJI to get further help with this issue. Even though I live, relatively, near Kennedy Space Center, Patrick Air Base, the hub of Orlando and all of Disney, this is the first time I’ve been unable to take off.
  4. DJI & Disney Airspace

    I had a job this morning that was near Disney here in Orlando (job location is approximately 5 miles away). I have an FAA airspace authorization to perform the job. After driving 40 miles to the location, the DJI software determined I was in restricted airspace and would not allow me to take off [insert multiple expletives here]. I followed the necessary steps to unlock the zone through their website. At the end of that process, it still deemed me in restricted airspace and wouldn't let me fly. For reference, here's the webpage that details the TFR. http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_4_3634.html Unless I'm reading it incorrectly, the job I was performing fits within the categories allowed. So I have 4 questions: 1. How am I supposed to unlock this zone for further operations? 2. Is there a way to disable the geo-fencing feature to allow the drone to fly when I have legal authorization to do so? 3. Is this just a DJI limitation or do other UAS end-users experience the same problem? 4. Is there a way to determine ahead of time (i.e. before driving 40 miles), that DJI is going to require a ZONE UNLOCK?
  5. Christmas Light Fight

    Thanks guys!
  6. DJI Customer Service?

    And that is precisely the perspective I was looking for which I was looking. That's a very good point though. We are the minority, unfortunately.
  7. DJI Customer Service?

    Just wanted to get some opinions in here if anyone has had any outstanding customer service with DJI? My business has spent a ridiculous amount of $$ on their products. Recently one of my Inspire 2 batteries went bad after only 11 charges and only 2 months out of warranty. They wouldn't replace it or even offer a discount on a new one. Normally, I wouldn't care and would suck it up but when you've spent nearly $10k on their products, it seems that would warrant at least a discount on a $150 battery? I"m not trying to bash the company. Everyone has to make money. But I'd just like some other opinion to see if my perspective is skewed...
  8. Merry Belated Christmas! A new client of mine was featured on last season of The Great Christmas Light Fight. This year he went bigger and better and contracted me to capture it. Enjoy!
  9. Mobile device CPU fully loaded?

    Yup. Only thing running. I even updated all the other installed apps to be sure.
  10. While capturing video with the Inspire 2 and using my iPad air with the DJI Go app, i have been getting a warning that says my "Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected". As a result, the latency between the drone and the iPad becomes about a 2-3 second delay, making it nearly impossible to accurately fly and record video. I've attached a screenshot of the warning. Anyone experience this?? FYI, the iPad is updated to the latest ios, has plenty of available disk space and the Inspire 2 has all the latest firmware updates.
  11. Good call! I emailed them yesterday and they already responded with a copy of my application. Steve, PM me and I can send it to you if you like?
  12. Woohoo! Despite the FAA throwing me a curve ball, I was just approved for night ops in class G. Sorry, Steve I know you asked for details on my application, but I don't have any of it. And as much as I'd like to reach out to the FAA and request my application be sent to me, Ill just count my blessings and be happy it was approved
  13. Phantom 4 Pro footage too dark

    Thanks Steve, but unfortunately that is one of the requirements. I wonder if I could assign 2 different camera settings to the C1/C2 buttons under the controller??
  14. Phantom 4 Pro footage too dark

    Yeah it's right into the sun, early morning. But I can't compensate too much for the exposure b/c on the other side of the track, the lighting is perfect! ahh, 1st world problems
  15. I'm doing a project with horses and it seems really hit or miss whether the footage from the P4P+ is useable. Attached is a still frame. It looks generally poor. It has a small bit of color correction, but regardless of how i correct it, the blacks are extremely black, with no discernible detail. I'm shooting at 3840x2160, AWB, MP4, NTSC, no "style", D-Log, H 2.64 encoding, AF/MF focus assistant is OFF. In addition, the footage generally seems too "sharp" (hope that makes sense). The only thing I can think of is that the subjects are in shadow because on the opposite side of the track, the footage looks good... Any suggestions?