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  1. No worries Gordon, Yes, that package is a great deal. You definitely want at least Final Cut and Compressor so now you'll have those. Looking forward to seeing you in the course! Christian
  2. Gordon, Glad to see your interest in the course. I actually supply a download to the footage I use in the course to teach Final Cut. I understand if you want to use different footage for your edit than what I use to make sure you are making something unique, but you are welcome to use my footage via that download link. Looking forward to working with you in the course! Best, Christian
  3. Lowering price down again for second time, now at $5,300 for whole package and includes shipping within United States. PM or email
  4. Love that song. Turn it into a longer edit with more footage, haha What codec did you record in? To what kind of media? I'm assuming this happens with the raw footage off the camera or do you mean just when you export out to upload to Vimeo? C
  5. ^ Wondering the answers to the above questions too. Also, did you try simply re-installing the software completely. C
  6. Done. It was what I was trying to do but couldn't remember where to find blend mode in AE for tracking layers.
  7. I believe I read somewhere that the point of sport mode on the I2 is it lets you go faster by allowing a greater pitch angle, but in exchange the props get into the shot sometimes, but can be cropped out. So it becomes a matter of do you want a true clear frame and less speed or a cropped clear frame and greater speed.
  8. @Av8Chuck Check out the video again. I finally had time to get around to downloading and trying out fayIN Gold's free trial in AE. Wow, what a difference. And it was super easy, took me less than 10 minutes to do with reading 0% of the instructions. They have a great built in step-by-step instruction process that literally points to what to click on right in the AE windows. I am thoroughly impressed. May end up buying it...
  9. Definitely upload the new cut when its done and I'll take a look again if you want. Cheers, Christian
  10. David, BEAUTIFUL FOOTAGE! I love it!! I don't even know what much to comment on... seriously. I really like the music and variety of shots. It shows off the area well and accomplishes your goals for the piece. It shows a clear ability to fly in a variety of areas, without focusing too much on one thing. Your points you mention on question 7 are spot on and it seems you did these things well. There were maybe 1 or 2 very slight awkward movements in the beginning of some shots. Maybe tighten up those shots just a little to eliminate that kind of stuff. It's so slight though now, barely noticeable. The editing is simple, but spot on, which I like for the feel of this piece. This cut is on the longer side but I didn't find myself losing interest. The only other thing I might play with more is matching up the exposure of the shots. There are some shots that are underexposed compared to others. I know this might be hard especially if things were filmed on different days and times but if you can manage to correct and match everything it only serves to better an already great edit. Very nice work, keep it up! Can't wait to see your next edit. Thanks again for your patience. Christian
  11. Love the story and how it is told with a mix of aerials and ground footage.
  12. I know what is wrong... Dropbox is just terrible for streaming video. This happens to all my video as well. I think their streaming is just meant to render a low quality version since the point of dropbox is not just for hosting high quality video files that are huge. If you download the file though you still get the original high quality. I use Google Drive or another video specific platform if I need to stream video to someone.
  13. David, Saw this here as well as on the course intro page itself. Deleted your post there so I can comment on it here for everyone to see and learn from. I may not get around to comments until early next week though. Tomorrow is the NYC Drone Film Festival we are all attending and Sunday I am traveling all day. But, I will get back to this, no worries! Christian
  14. @Alan Perlman Yep, X5R! I was talking to @Bert about this over email. Guess I should have done the conversation here.
  15. Joseph, Great job! I really like the music and the color of the shots. It is a beautiful area to shoot! I want you to try something... You mentioned you wanted to cut a much shorter video, which I agree is needed. There is not enough varying content to make a video of this length. It has a lot of shots that are essentially the same so it drags it out. Just because the music track is a certain length doesn't mean your video has to be that length. Of course it helps to have them match but if you really like this track (and I do), find a spot about a minute to a minute and a half in that you can fade out the music nice and slow and it sounds natural. Then, cut your video to this new length! My main comments are lots of similar shots, so once you cut a new version, I can go ahead and comment more specifically on each of the shots. I think you did a good job of cutting to the music, it does flow nicely. When you cut the video down to the new length, you obviously will need to choose which shots to keep and which to get rid of. Only pick the BEST of the BEST. Be critical and don't select any shots that even have a slight problem, like an awkward camera move or jerk (I saw a couple of these). Let me know what you think! Looking forward to seeing this next cut!! Christian