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  1. @Av8Chuck Sweet videos! Great example of making good use of "bad" camera work to move the video along and tell a story.
  2. I love your goal of telling a story with the skate park. Job well done there. You do it in a fun way, and the music fits the piece well. Most importantly, you learned some valuable lessons it seems. I am glad you realized patience and having a plan ahead of shooting is important. I often find that selecting the music is the hardest part of a project as well One major thing to watch out for, is the little bits of footage that have awkward movements in them, such as at about 00:00:17:00. Try to use shots or ranges of shots that are smooth flowing and not jerky in even a slight way. If you go throughout the video you will notice other instances of this too. I think the titles actually look fine. No worries if they are not on a black background. And lastly, I love the shot at 00:00:21:00! Glad you are enjoying the class. What kind of drone did you shoot this with? Christian
  3. Haha glad I could help!
  4. I see a preset option called "YouTube 2160p 4K". Do you have that one as an export preset. See attached picture for what I am looking at. That should export an H.264 at 4K easily.
  5. I too am curious about the circumstances in which you are filing a NOTAM. Unless part of the provisions of a waiver, it is not required or even possible under 107 as far as I know. Section 333 required it for a lot of flights though.
  6. ^^ What @Steve Bennett said! You definitely want a decent i7 and dedicated GPU. I would also get at least 16GB of RAM (but you might be able to do this as an after purchase upgrade yourself and save a bunch of money). I like the M.2 PCIe SSD, they are fast.
  7. This is all great advice, couldn't have said it better myself. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro I still work off of. You can upgrade the RAM to 16GB even though Apple says it only goes to 8GB. And, I put a fast SSD in it. Still won't do smooth 4K but if I use use a proxy workflow it works fine for my purposes. The real editing I do is with my Mac Pro 2013.
  8. No worries Gordon, Yes, that package is a great deal. You definitely want at least Final Cut and Compressor so now you'll have those. Looking forward to seeing you in the course! Christian
  9. Gordon, Glad to see your interest in the course. I actually supply a download to the footage I use in the course to teach Final Cut. I understand if you want to use different footage for your edit than what I use to make sure you are making something unique, but you are welcome to use my footage via that download link. Looking forward to working with you in the course! Best, Christian
  10. Lowering price down again for second time, now at $5,300 for whole package and includes shipping within United States. PM or email
  11. Love that song. Turn it into a longer edit with more footage, haha What codec did you record in? To what kind of media? I'm assuming this happens with the raw footage off the camera or do you mean just when you export out to upload to Vimeo? C
  12. ^ Wondering the answers to the above questions too. Also, did you try simply re-installing the software completely. C
  13. Done. It was what I was trying to do but couldn't remember where to find blend mode in AE for tracking layers.
  14. I believe I read somewhere that the point of sport mode on the I2 is it lets you go faster by allowing a greater pitch angle, but in exchange the props get into the shot sometimes, but can be cropped out. So it becomes a matter of do you want a true clear frame and less speed or a cropped clear frame and greater speed.