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  1. Can you also provide the text you submitted that describes your operations? This will help us avoid duplicating info you may have already included. If you didn't keep a copy, ask them via email to provide it, shouldn't take em long. I agree with others, the term "integrated software failure" is ridiculous - taken at face value, that would imply DJI or other manufacturers deliberately embed failures into their software. However you now have to address this since they brought it up. I would try and find a good contact at DJI to see if they can provide some data or information around this topic. If you get anything, would be awesome if you could share it here. As for the question "What information is provided on the Phantom 4 Pro’s integrated software display", I would grab a screen shot of the display while the drone is in flight during the day in unrestricted airspace and provide that photo in reply back. Back to the other question on integrated software failure, it could be as simple as stating you would immediately land the system by either piloting the craft back home yourself or utilizing the return to home feature. Or maybe you need to explain the craft would hover in GPS mode until the software was force killed, then restarted. In this event, you would need to know what happens in advance if you force kill the DJI go app mid flight...
  2. This one was denied in about a months time from when I submitted it. I've had 4 approvals that also took about one month from date of submission to acceptance. A 5th has been out there since November 2016 with no response.
  3. Welcome @Everest - hope your business picks up soon...
  4. Welcome aboard @R Martin !
  5. Hi Bert, While I don't have the direct experience, I would be extremely hesitant to accept a job like this due to the Part 107 regulation to not fly over human beings. Granted it doesn't apply to indoors, I still wouldn't be willing to do so. That, along with the liability should a drone crash occur indoors, there is just too much of a chance for big problems if disaster did happen.
  6. yikes, at $35, that is really under valued.
  7. That request number seems to match up with the subject line I get on messages for my requests. Here is a recent subject line I got: FAA Form 7711-1 2017 WSA-465 P107 SNA Class C I haven't figured out if it is tied specifically to my request I filed or tied to some sort of airport grid the FAA has for airspace coordinates.
  8. Im thinking of another safety issue, say flying over a very busy freeway to inspect the side of an overpass. People love to gawk, and looking UP at a drone and not at the road is the last thing we need. Worse yet, the drone bounces off the bridge or somehow loses control and crashes onto freeway would cause an accident anyways.
  9. Thanks, was buried at work today and couldn't think long enough to pull the actual regulation code. I too agree it seems a silly point and would prefer it didn't state stationary vehicles.
  10. Lol @Alan Perlman - just some of the exact stuff I deal with at work. There is probably a faster/easier way to do it, especially if you have LOTS of points. I figured there are probably only a few wells on the property though.
  11. After setting the proper coordinate system and units, I would load the orthomap into Autodesk Civil 3D, place cogo points near the spot, then enter the lat/long into the fields to drive the point to the correct location. I would then create a special shape to indicate there is a well there.
  12. Welcome aboard @Steve Carson - I work with a guy that goes by the same name! In Long Beach, CA though...
  13. welcome @og_neth - check out - great way to study and prepare to successfully pass the part 107 on your first try.
  14. I see what you just described and that is what I'm getting back approved. I ask for airspace authorization for class C or D airspace, valid from April to September 2017 and I get an approval back.
  15. @Hawg97 - if you applied for a waiver - its not gonna happen - at least not for a loooooong time. I've had a request for an airspace waiver out since this program began, no response. I've gotten 4 authorizations approved within about a months time from their submittal.