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  1. Switching Cameras

    Hey @Joe Melbornson - not sure. Perhaps if you linked to the drone website others might have more to go by?
  2. Graham

    Hey @Graham - best to practice with similar areas near where you live first.
  3. New to the community.

    Hey @AV8rSatrom hope you are able to satisfy safety requirements for that airspace - it's a doozy!!! I've looked at it before for a project my previous employer had in the SD harbor. I said never mind - leave it to the real pilots in helicopters - easier to get airspace access.
  4. Looking for a career change

    Hello @Ken Grabey - it's tough to flip careers. Maybe use your current career as a way to get into drones on the side?
  5. Drone pilot

    Hello @Pepe Rodriguez - maybe you can bring drone to your current employer? They would foot the bill for hardware and training and you would get to do the flights prior to maintenance work?
  6. Drone Intriguist?

    Hello @jestlick - make sure and do your homework, a lot is involved to make drone flight a profitable business. You'll do more paperwork than flight most likely...
  7. Hello from Spain

    Hello @David Spain - welcome to the forums
  8. New to group

    Hey @TWellmann - glad to see another P107 here
  9. NASCAR and the Feds team up...

    So... I can't wait to see this updated on whether local LEO got permission to use jamming or just Feds...
  10. Has the FAA stopped approval of waivers?

    They are still approving, I got two approvals 1-2 weeks ago from 5 months afterward submitting them. Big backlog.
  11. New drone enthusiast

    Congrats on passing and welcome to the forums!
  12. Hello From Orlando Florida

    Welcome to the forums!
  13. Ha! You mean do a little homework to drastically reduce the backlog? Pffffbbbttt. Naw!
  14. Yup. Mine goes live mid-June. I'm not submitting any more requests for airports included in the rollout. LAANC will be live before requests would be approved.