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  1. Steve Bennett

    Trying to register with PSI

    I had no problems calling (844) 704-1487 to register with CATS/PSI ( I was on hold for maybe a few minutes until someone picked up. FWIW, I never leave my call back number as that never seems to work with any company that offers it. Just wait on hold until someone answers.
  2. Steve Bennett

    Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

    Congrats @JBR LIFE Photography ! I took mine today and passed, however not as stellar of a score as your's, missed 2 for a 95%. I agree though, the cheat sheet that DPGS put together was instrumental in me getting re-oriented for the test. I even learned me a couple things I either forgot or don't recall learning in the original training's. Thanks @Alan Perlman for extending access to DPGS for past course takers.
  3. I tried requesting approval to fly in a Class Airspace here in Southern California (KONT) where my flight area was split between 2 FAA grids - one had a lid of 400ft AGL, the other was zero feet. The 400ft was approved and the other was cancelled the very next day. This was submitted via Skyward. The odd thing is, I requested to fly at and below 50ft AGL, there are trees and infrastructure far taller than this in the area. Just mind boggling they won't approve it, especially without any guidance on what they want to see changed in the request that prompts them to deny the request.
  4. Steve Bennett

    What are you doing re: illegal drone flights?

    Like others said, look to other types of companies to get work. Large engineering firms usually have strict ethics rules that encourage them to follow laws and regulations. Educating them in the reason why they should use a P107 pilot instead of an unlicensed individual would go a long way in getting an in with them.
  5. Steve Bennett

    LAANC - is it working for you?

    I just completed my second flight via the LAANC system using skyward to complete the request both times. It was seamless. Will be doing third flight next weekend and already have the approval so it will be 3 after that. First 2 were in KEMT airspace, next weekend will be KSNA. I haven’t tried KLAX airspace yet.
  6. Steve Bennett

    Is it Legal to Shoot Down a Drone?

    I agree it's illegal to shoot down a drone. I wouldn't try to but wouldn't be surprised if someone did try it. People do all sorts of illegal things, even though it's not safe etc. my recommendation, if it isn't too much trouble is, contact the land owners of the area you will be flying over to make them aware of your services and why/what you are doing to start a dialogue. Offer to share with them the data you collect.
  7. Steve Bennett

    FAA Unmanned General Recurrent (UGR) test

    OK, thanks for clarifying. Looks like I want to book my exam for October 1. This gives me a good window to prep for passing it.
  8. Steve Bennett

    LAANC - is it working for you?

    I noticed it's live now...
  9. Steve Bennett

    FAA Unmanned General Recurrent (UGR) test

    So, mine expires September 6, do I wait renew until October 1? Wouldn't that prevent me from flying commercially from September 7 - October 1?
  10. Steve Bennett

    LAANC - is it working for you?

    So, LAANC is supposed to be live today in So Cal. I went to see if it would work so I logged into my Skyward account to try and request an authorization. I got a note that ATC has temporarily disabled LAANC requests in my area (tried two different airports in 2 different counties OC/LA). I hope its just growing pains and will open up tomorrow....
  11. Steve Bennett

    Wanna Film Golf Courses? Every City Is Now Available!

    This is an interesting concept but it leaves me a bit skeptical due to requiring pilots to invest in this prior to being accepted. If you look at a program like Drone Base, they don't require their pilots to make any investment aside from dressing professionally and having their drone/license ready. If the additional requirements weren't there, I'd consider joining...
  12. Steve Bennett

    Drone training in a TAFE

    Hello @Jack Gillson - while I don't have the experience you are looking for, I'm hoping that bumping this back to the top will catch someone's eye.
  13. Steve Bennett

    Good Seeing You All at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

    Here are a few highlights from the show floor. Clockwise from upper left descriptions for all 3 images. Image 1: firefly6 (VTOL and glide flight); Intel mini drone used at Super Bowl halftime and Winter Olympics shows; this orange and black drone has actuated pincher claws; I want that orange jet drone! image 2: Yes. Yes NASA had a booth there discussing their R&D into UTM; global aerospace had collected crashed drones (mostly DJIs) to convince you to get insurance; wireless induction drone that recharges mid-air; SenseFLY albris up close and in person. image 3: drones for the movie industry (films such as 007 use these); those scary robot dogs were there; Skycopter and their spherical caged inspection drone; DJI Matrice 210 (got to see this thing fly in the rain outside).
  14. Steve Bennett

    Xponential - AUVSI Denver

    @Av8Chuck - I've always been a fan of function over form. I kinda liked seeing the exposed carbon fiber and other bits. Can't wait to see video of your bird flying...
  15. Steve Bennett

    Good Seeing You All at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

    Hey @Alan Perlman - great meeting you and Chuck! What a great event, still sorting through all the photos from the exhibit floor, will try and post more later. I missed getting to talk to the precisoin hawks guys on ABVLOS...