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  1. Yeah, I was hoping for something more substantial. Serves me right to get my hopes up!
  2. nailed it!
  3. Excellent work @ds2xa !!!
  4. I wouldn't be able to for sure. Would you? Would anyone? But if that were the standard, what would the point be of developing all this tech to aid in successful, safe flights? I feel technology should be there to serve as a means to better something. Since technology in this instance should provide a safer work environment, it can't be withheld from the standard, whatever it ends up being.
  5. They just teasing me with this initial release - just 4 airports out in BFE for all of SoCal...
  6. hey there @ds2xa - will be interesting if you can sell a farmer on a vanity shot of their farmland. =)
  7. excellent plan @ronnel - I hope as you learn about flight in the Philippines, you'll be able to share that back here with us!
  8. Welcome aboard the forums @Thomo - hope you can find someone to work through this. It sounds like a very big challenge with big potential...
  9. welcome aboard and great trip idea @Davion !
  10. Hello @osuorangeteam - welcome to the forum, hoping your capstone goes well!
  11. circuit board design is beyond my specialty!
  12. Looks like the FAA and Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) are getting closer to making recommendations, primarily blade/prop guards to allow flight over people.
  13. geezzz.... the camera alone is 30k...
  14. Good starting list. what about a camera for FPV? tablet to display back what camera sees?
  15. Track inspection is a huge undertaking in the rail industry. Being able to fly a track remotely is a huge boost in being able to regularly capture info about all track lengths.