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  1. calibrate gyro?

    On a DJI drone, you can override the camera gimbal via the DJI GO app, I had to do this on my drone I purchased as it wasn't level from the factory.
  2. Introduction

    Hello @STenorio - welcome to the forum! I would look into the possibility of flying autonomous missions with a drone as it would certainly be easier. If you are flying a quad or other drone that hovers, flying one handed should totally be doable. Just want to take it slow and steady while working the controls. Depending on the controller and how long your fingers are, you might even be able to reach both sticks at once with thumb and pinkie!
  3. Looking for private instructor

    @Willie, what @Av8Chuck said is probably the best place to start since you have a mavic. Getting really comfortable with recognizing where your drone is, the orientation its in with relationship to you and moving it in the direction you want is crucial to not running it into something.
  4. DJI Matrice 600 for sale

    or you could reply to the thread and hit the slider below the box you type a reply in that says "Notify me of replies"...
  5. DJI Matrice 600 for sale

    Only if they tag you by typing your forum username and start with the "AT" symbol @ like this: @Greg Glaze
  6. Temp Certificate

    That seems a bit long, however airspace authorizations have seen a slight uptick in the time they are taking to approve them. Maybe they have a higher number of staff on vacation right now delaying things more than normal? I got my physical card/certificate in the mail about 1.5 months after taking the test.
  7. Looking for private instructor

    Hi Wilie, I work in Long beach near the airport. If you are flying as a hobbyist and looking to fly in the area, you'll need to be about 5 miles away from both LB airport and El Monte Army Airfield along with the numerous helipads in the area, unless you already have agreements with these facilities to fly in the area. As a part 107 pilot, I've got similar restrictions unless I get an airspace authorization from FAA and that takes about 30-90 days. Best to go slightly outside the area and look for a clear spot using the FAA smartphone app called B4Ufly. That being said, what type of craft do you have that you are looking for lessons with?
  8. DJI Matrice 600 for sale

    Hi @Greg Glaze - please note I've moved this thread from the mapping forum to the classifieds forum. GLWS
  9. FAA Airspace Authorization Request Timing

    I've never had one denied based on time frame of the start date. I've got a handful of approvals that I submitted with less than 30 day start times and they all got approved but not necessarily in time for the start of the proposed. It didn't matter though as I was flexible on the start, just wanted to light a fire on FAA to get them moving.
  10. U.S Government Bans the use of DJI Products

    Although to be fair, that is only the U.S. Army that's banned them, not the U.S. Government...
  11. U.S Government Bans the use of DJI Products

    woah, that is huge.
  12. Hacked DJI and FaceBook

    because I'm starting to get grumpier about it. lol
  13. Hacked DJI and FaceBook

    This mod is suddenly looking very, very tempting...
  14. Land surveying using Drones

    I believe @R Martin is referring to this thread: