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  1. Introduction Letter

    Check out Drone Law Pro, they have lots of templates for purchase...
  2. National Heritage Area flying restrictions

    I read recently that sites such as Statue of Liberty, Hover Dam and more will be getting placed as no-fly zones for drones this month. A lot of no-fly zones for drones are shown here, still need to check your other sources such as Sectionals, NOTAMs, etc.
  3. Am I reading this correctly?

    DUDE! Where's my car!?!? Said no movie executive ever...
  4. If you have a data connected display, you should be able to clear on the fly. I did similar early this year.
  5. RPC certificate

  6. Ask enough times...

    Please, go here, zoom in and tell me if the grid lines are the same thickness when looking at the whole state vs just a city vs a single block...
  7. RPC certificate

    I got mine within about a month of registering.
  8. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    Wait, aren't we talking about the government here?
  9. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    Also, it's nice to see they've made progress in adding more airspace grids around my area on the arc-gis portal. Definitely helpful in planning authorization requests.
  10. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    I've had outstanding airspace authorization requests to fly in that airspace since November of last year to fly near the mission in San Gabriel, never did receive it before I left my last job and went to work elsewhere.. I've had other authorizations to fly in that same airspace near Workman Mill Rd and E Valley Blvd. that was approved within 30 days. I would suggest 2 separate requests should be submitted. One for the 50 grid and one for the 0 grid.
  11. Now I want to go find a tower to fly around... Great stuff guys, thanks for expounding on regs....
  12. Banner Retailers

    And figure out how to maintain line of sight and not fly over people you are trying to advertise to...
  13. Sound mapping drones

    What if the drone could emit a sound to cancel its own noise emission? Now that would be cool - stealth mode...
  14. Banner Retailers

    Wait. Are you looking to have the drone tow a banner? Or advertise on a banner about drones, being towed by an actual airplane?
  15. Thoughts on the background music?

    Perhaps on the initial opening sequence, background music might fit, but once school is in session, I would prefer to have the music fade to black.