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  1. HOW DO YOU.........

    I could talk in circles more easily than try to fly it manually. Agree with @R Martin
  2. I received authorization on Sunday for an airspace authorization I submitted on Sept. 5, 2017. This is for flight at or below the airspace facility mapped published altitude for where I wanted to fly in Class C airspace... I thought they had forgotten about it. However, it would seem to indicate they are working weekends somehow...
  3. Boeing Prototype Octocopter 500lb Carrying Capacity

    saw this on CNN the other day, impressive lift capacity!
  4. Authorization over Airport Grounds?

    I think you may find the airport and FAA will require a pilot licensed for manned aircraft to pilot the drone and stay in communication with the control tower for the duration of drone flight...
  5. Redundant Legislation

    Neither did I...
  6. Redundant Legislation

    In what looks like more redundant legislation, New Jersey is looking to fine drunken drone operators. Perhaps this is more for hobbiests?
  7. 3D Robotics Iris+ with accessories

  8. Drones for good!

    At least most drones don't have 20 pound windows to drop on school children...
  9. National Heritage Area flying restrictions

    Perhaps there is a care taker or ranger of some sort that patrols the area whom you could ask. If not, try local police/sheriff to see who manages the area. If you can find the management for the area, they might very well know the answer to your question.
  10. Drone School

    I think I was one of those freaks... lol
  11. This recent blog post by skyward shows how they see instant approvals happening. What's great is that it looks like there will be an option for pilots to use the free version of their platform to make these requests. yeah!
  12. Introduction Letter

    Check out Drone Law Pro, they have lots of templates for purchase...
  13. National Heritage Area flying restrictions

    I read recently that sites such as Statue of Liberty, Hover Dam and more will be getting placed as no-fly zones for drones this month. A lot of no-fly zones for drones are shown here, still need to check your other sources such as Sectionals, NOTAMs, etc.
  14. Am I reading this correctly?

    DUDE! Where's my car!?!? Said no movie executive ever...
  15. If you have a data connected display, you should be able to clear on the fly. I did similar early this year.