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  1. Redundant Legislation

    In what looks like more redundant legislation, New Jersey is looking to fine drunken drone operators. Perhaps this is more for hobbiests?
  2. Redundant Legislation

    Neither did I...
  3. 3D Robotics Iris+ with accessories

  4. Drones for good!

    At least most drones don't have 20 pound windows to drop on school children...
  5. This recent blog post by skyward shows how they see instant approvals happening. What's great is that it looks like there will be an option for pilots to use the free version of their platform to make these requests. yeah!
  6. Optimus Prime: T-Rex edition

    Kids on the street made some chalk art. It was too big to capture with a ground based camera so I threw the drone up to get a quick snapshot.
  7. National Heritage Area flying restrictions

    Perhaps there is a care taker or ranger of some sort that patrols the area whom you could ask. If not, try local police/sheriff to see who manages the area. If you can find the management for the area, they might very well know the answer to your question.
  8. Drone School

    I think I was one of those freaks... lol
  9. Introduction Letter

    Check out Drone Law Pro, they have lots of templates for purchase...
  10. National Heritage Area flying restrictions

    I read recently that sites such as Statue of Liberty, Hover Dam and more will be getting placed as no-fly zones for drones this month. A lot of no-fly zones for drones are shown here, still need to check your other sources such as Sectionals, NOTAMs, etc.
  11. Am I reading this correctly?

    DUDE! Where's my car!?!? Said no movie executive ever...
  12. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    It takes a bit to load, but once it does, you get a huge amount of data available!!! This data comes from a recent email I got that says new restrictions are being imposed for UAS operators as of April 14, 2017 which restricts flight over military facilities.
  13. If you have a data connected display, you should be able to clear on the fly. I did similar early this year.
  14. RPC certificate

  15. Ask enough times...

    Please, go here, zoom in and tell me if the grid lines are the same thickness when looking at the whole state vs just a city vs a single block...
  16. RPC certificate

    I got mine within about a month of registering.
  17. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    Wait, aren't we talking about the government here?
  18. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    Also, it's nice to see they've made progress in adding more airspace grids around my area on the arc-gis portal. Definitely helpful in planning authorization requests.
  19. Visualize FAA UAS Data on a Map

    I've had outstanding airspace authorization requests to fly in that airspace since November of last year to fly near the mission in San Gabriel, never did receive it before I left my last job and went to work elsewhere.. I've had other authorizations to fly in that same airspace near Workman Mill Rd and E Valley Blvd. that was approved within 30 days. I would suggest 2 separate requests should be submitted. One for the 50 grid and one for the 0 grid.
  20. Now I want to go find a tower to fly around... Great stuff guys, thanks for expounding on regs....
  21. Banner Retailers

    And figure out how to maintain line of sight and not fly over people you are trying to advertise to...
  22. Sound mapping drones

    What if the drone could emit a sound to cancel its own noise emission? Now that would be cool - stealth mode...
  23. Banner Retailers

    Wait. Are you looking to have the drone tow a banner? Or advertise on a banner about drones, being towed by an actual airplane?
  24. Thoughts on the background music?

    Perhaps on the initial opening sequence, background music might fit, but once school is in session, I would prefer to have the music fade to black.
  25. This is mostly me venting, but perhaps we can start to come up with some sort of parameters that will help us determine in advance whether or not an airspace authorization request will be denied or not. I had requested via the online portal to fly at this location: 34° 1'56.54"N by 117°33'30.17"W I stated I would keep within a radius of 0.5NM from center point and limit flight to no more than 200ft AGL within flight controls prior to launch. If you look at google maps street view, there are new power transmission lines that run parallel to east side of S. Milliken Ave. that I estimate are 80-100 ft high, hence my request to fly at 200ft to give myself clearance to fly over them without GPS interference. I attached a PDF of the text entered into the boxes of my request on the portal. I received an email from an FAA rep asking to confirm the flight radius and I did and also stated if it needed to change, I'd be willing to work with them to get the area approved. I got a reply back stating: "The bridge itself is too close to the runways and they will not approve. Denial Letter will be sent shortly. I tried to ask if you stayed over the bridge but they said no, even asked for a lower altitude (I tried)." So, kudos to the guy for trying, but it seems like the local ATC was just a blanket NOPE. I tried to reason some more with the FAA rep, asking what additional things I could do to get this approved. Reply back was: "Well, the area includes a right hand turn out off the rwy. That’s why it’s there. ATC is being over cautious sometimes, believe me. The FAA is erring on the side of safety right now." At this point I offered to stay below the tops of the transmission lines in altitude (which would mean I would need to land and redeploy if I wanted shots from the other side of the lines). This morning I was sent the denial letter stating they were unable to approve my request. The FAA rep suggested I take up the issue with my local representative (like that will get anything done). The FAA listed the following 2 items: Close proximity to Ontario Intl Airport (ONT) runways. Unable to safely mitigate UA operations in the vicinity of the runways. This site is almost 2NM from the runways and I wouldn't be operating at an elevation where manned aircraft should be if they want to operate safely. I mean, what is the point of the request portal if they aren't going to approve requests? Or worse, ATC won't work with the pilots doing the requesting to come to an agreeable solution that satisfies everyone's safety concerns? The other thing that bothers me is they don't state what would safely mitigate UA operations in the area. How do they expect people to be encouraged to fly legally when a request is denied in this manner? I mean, if they have manned aircraft operating at 80-100ft AGL in this area, they are going to have other safety concerns to worry about. 2017-01-10_Milliken_ClassC_KONT.pdf