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  1. Hi Everyone, DroneDeploy explores the questions people should consider before purchasing a drone for their business. It walks through the benefits/compares multi-rotor vs. fixed wing. There's also a link to a comprehensive 38-page buyer's guide. I hope you find this useful. https://blog.dronedeploy.com/choosing-the-right-mapping-drone-for-your-business-part-i-multi-rotor-vs-fixed-wing-aircraft-6ec2d02eff48
  2. Awesome, @Alan Perlman. Got it, will respond before I leave for Iceland on Monday.
  3. No problem. With 1.9 billion people involved in Ag, it's definitely worth knowing. Also, kicking *butt* - ha.
  4. My friend Lauren, who regularly kicks but at Drone360, wrote a great piece about a little-known rule. If you're working on the farm, you want to read this. http://drone360mag.com/rules-regulations/2017/06/part-137-agricultural-aircraft-the-drone-certification-youve-never-heard-of#.WULTFyeruGA.facebook
  5. I have to disagree on Ian being disingenuous. My "decades of experience" comment referred to his professional media background, not commercial drones.
  6. Hi Chuck, this was a case study and direct account from CAVU Media. Ian, the owner, has a lot of high-profile clients (Red Bull, PBS). Given his reputation, I wouldn't think he'd be making false claims about the cost, accuracy, or any other factors that went into this project. Granted the guy has decades of experience but to say it's propaganda when Ian is educating people on the possibilities of the software isn't accurate.
  7. Hi all, CAVU Media created a 1,300+ acre map of New Orleans City Park. They were able to achieve higher resolution on the imagery w/ drone mapping software compared to traditional aerial photography. I would love to know your thoughts on this study as I've gotten some interesting feedback and challenges from posting this article. https://blog.dronedeploy.com/mapping-large-areas-drones-create-high-resolution-map-of-1-300-acre-urban-park-5637c6f055e1
  8. That's a nice way to break it down
  9. Thanks, everyone. I'm in the process of a cross country move so apologies for the tardiness on my responses. @R Martin, I've been enjoying your commercial mapping insights. For people upset at Facebook, from a business perspective, there are few better ways to drive traffic back to your website - if that's your objective. I share some work but not all of it.
  10. Hi All, I wrote my first piece for DRONELIFE and had to name UAV Coach as one of the best communities. I'm really enjoying the discussions here and I hope more people catch on. Here are some others I recommend, as well. http://dronelife.com/2017/06/05/a-guide-to-the-top-drone-forums-and-facebook-groups/
  11. Both Dronestagram and Skypixel announced photography and video contests, respectively. Is anyone entering? Dronestagram's 4th annual photography contest: http://www.dronestagr.am/2017-international-drone-photography-contest/ SkyPixel's videography contest: https://www.skypixel.com/events/videocontest2017
  12. Hi everyone, My friend, Devon, put together this brilliant resource on Ground Control Points. You don't need them most of the time but when you do, it's worth it to get it right. That's detailed here, as well. Check it out. https://blog.dronedeploy.com/when-to-use-ground-control-points-2d404d9f5b15
  13. Hey all, Happening tomorrow and free to join: an advanced webinar on how to analyze RGB and NIR drone imagery plus apply NDVI and VARI algorithms to calculate plant health in your fields. http://resources.dronedeploy.com/agriculture-drone-clinic-2
  14. Thanks, Steve. That's an excellent point.