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  1. Awesome! Wondering what drone you use? Also, please check our Up Sonder. We are a platform that connects drone pilots with jobs. We also allow you to rent your drone to others!
  2. Hey with an estimated 70% of the market, you have to compete with yourself! As Sally French mentioned in her article it may really come down to sensors. The P4 Pro's multiple sensors sets it apart at market, compared to the Yuneec Typhoon H.
  3. Awesome! Great price! Every time I see this drone I just wonder why they didn't do the built on camera! Interesting article on TechCrunch that 3DR Solo might have a new lease on life??? https://techcrunch.com/2017/04/27/investors-are-betting-3dr-can-find-life-after-solo-as-a-drone-data-platform/
  4. @Uaviator53 Thanks for the reply! You are right these terms are completely subjective which is why I think it is valuable to ask as many people as I can. So far from talking with pilots and commercial UAV industry people it seems most people are setting on between 50-100 hours to be called "experienced". Also I've noticed that a lot of job posting for pilots of the big boys (Predator, etc) want at least 300-500 flight hours. Here is a question...do you think it would be a good idea for the FAA to make guidelines for the commercial drone industry on how many flight hours (or range of hours) is needed to be experienced?
  5. Hi all, just trying to pick your brains a little bit. What do you think is the average number of flight hours at which you would consider someone an experienced drone pilot? How many flight hours would make someone an expert? @Alan Perlman Since you deal with so many pilots, would love to get what you think too!
  6. @Davion Thanks for encouragement! On this trip what kind of jobs were you getting? Taking videos of places? Mapping? Inspection? Just curious what kind of jobs you are finding in small town America!
  7. @Ed O'Grady @R Martin Thanks for the info! Digitizing their rail network, sounds like quite the undertaking! Any idea what kind of drones BNSF is using?
  8. @TopXGun Drone Do you manufacture a drone or provide a service? If you manufacture a drone can you please share a bit about it. I'm always interested in learning about the latest drones related to agriculture!
  9. I was just going through the list of exemptions and it looks like Astraeus Aerial and BNSF Railway are the only ones to be granted an exemption for 107.31visual line of sight aircraft operation. Does anyone know what they are doing? @Ed O'Grady How did you find the application process? It seems like the FAA is approving a lot of Daylight operation (§ 107.29) exemptions, is that what you applied for?
  10. @Av8Chuck First off I agree with you that getting into the drone services sector is not easy. Every potential pilot should be aware of this, but in the end if you do choose to build your own drone business you are going to need help. This is the impetus behind Up Sonder, to help droners by building a marketplace that will give you options and visibility to promote your service or by renting your drone to others. (FYI, Up Sonder launched March 1st 2017 and we are still in beta, so we really value any feedback you can give!) Our platform is free to use (we only charge a % of a transaction, like Uber). We believe in transparency and giving complete control to the members. Up Sonder ONLY allows FAA certified drone pilots and FAA registered drones to list on the site. This is what we do: -Provide a platform to rent your drone (peer-to-peer) powered by UberRush and Postmates. You just have to register your drone with the FAA and then you can rent it through our marketplace. To protect you, we offer a $1,000,000 liability insurance to the provider (not the operator that rents the drone) and up to $2,500 in damage protection for the drone itself. -Provide a platform to connect drone pilots with companies that need their services. This platform is market-based. We don’t assign jobs or tell you what to charge, or what clients to accept, or allow bidding for projects, we let the market determine these things—We do however, provide you with information so you can make informed decisions about your rates (which are all displayed beforehand so clients don't have to wait on a quote and fully understand what they are paying for). For instance, we are finding that real estate companies in Los Angeles that are looking for drone video/photography services are willing to pay $200-$250 for this service. As of now, our drone rental service has gone well, people like how easy and safe it is to use our platform. We are still working on building up the marketplace to connect drone pilots with companies that need their services. We have real estate companies on board and we are out there working to get more companies like insurance, construction, home inspection, telecommunications, etc. on board. We are not here to guarantee jobs; we are here to help you monetize your drone in an open transparent marketplace. We are also looking towards the future. If you want to know more about that you can message me…this response is getting a bit long.
  11. @whzydlfenny That's cool! I've actually been to this part of China....very interesting place. Question, in the beginning of your video your details mention of 1.5-3 hrs. Why such a difference? Also how much of the 11.2 kg takeoff weight is the hydrogen fuel cell itself?
  12. @E Hernandez @Charles First step knowledge up and take the Part 107 test, since without this you can't do anything. Step to is to take some time to identify potential drone jobs in your area. As @Steve Bennett mentioned real estate or restate inspection companies are easier to get jobs with. Use these to build up experience while researching and networking toward what you really want to do (like wind turbine inspections). My suggestions would be to pick something that is more common place (like power lines...or if you are in Texas, bridges!) Whatever you do, buy a drone that is most suited for the type of service you want to provide. Also remember there is help out their like my company Up Sonder. We are a platform to rent your drone and a place for drone service providers to find jobs. Check us out!
  13. @Eric Matyas Wow you are dropin' the tracks like it's nobodies business! Listening to your latest tracks brought back memories of the original Mass Effect game!
  14. Workers in China's Sichuan Province are using drones to help build massive new bridges across raging rivers! (Just look at the pictures in the linked article..truly stunning!) Drones are used to run a pilot cable across the expanse the bridge will traverse. With the pilot cable, larger and large cables can be added creating the framework for the bridges. The Chinese engineers are using a large 6-rotor drone to carry the pilot cable to the other side of the bridge structure. The engineers claim this method is over 100 times more efficient and 80% less costly than traditional methods! And yes there is a video! @Alan Perlman can you start a special 'construction' industry application in the forum?
  15. @Uaviator53 Ya, to me that reporting form looks exactly like that...you do all the work. And in reality there is no way your average person will have the time or ability to do this. Although the FAA did go after SkyPan, but this was also outside of Part 107 rules! Drone regulation is still very murky.