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  1. Elaine, I understand your confusion, but short of an exact answer from the FAA I feel that since your husband has his Part 107 certificate you should consider all flights as under that banner. A pilot does not cease being a pilot simply if he/she is flying recreationally. Kind regards, Jay
  2. Jay Burnham

    Naming your drone services

    I have always based my website names on geography followed by service, as in: NorthShoreRealEstate.com and NorthShoreDroneServices.com Then I let the site itself enumerate the services provided. Just a thought. ...Jay
  3. Jay Burnham

    New to UAV Coach

    Greetings Frank, And welcome to the forum. I have a single piece of advice for preparing for the Part 107 Knowledge Test: Ennroll in the Drone Pilot Ground School course. Period. There is no better course offering or test-passing rate anywhere. Kind regards, Jay Burnham NorthShoreDroneServices.com
  4. Jay Burnham

    Architecture Shoot (would love feedback)

    I also think all three shots are great. Also looking forward to some video shots: unveiling, point of interest, etc. Kind regards, Jay https://www.facebook.com/northshoredroneservices/
  5. Jay Burnham

    Selling Tips

    As an active REALTOR for 35 years, I have personally always thought it to be better to hire a professional and pay a fair price for photos and videos. My time is better spent marketing the property and myself. But over the years, I have been greatly impressed by several different photography services and have enjoyed the field myself. When the Mavic Pro first came out, I had to have one and part of my justification for purchasing the drone was to enable me to take aerial shots that were, at the time, quite expensive as I had to hire a helicopter pilot and photographer. The Mavic Pro was a great solution to that once high cost for those photos. Along the way, I have begun to work in my spare time on developing a business plan for providing the same services I have for so long purchased from others. After 35 years in the business, I am looking toward reducing the time spent in the industry selling homes and commercial properties. I will not give up opportunities resulting from so many years in the business, but I intend to refer more business to others and devote more time to my passion for photography. So I am diving into final Cut Pro X and steadily developing the skills to provide the same services to others that I used to purchase for myself. The best part is that there are so many other skilled photo and video professionals to learn from. Success leaves clues and figuring out how to recreate the great videos produced by others is simply a learning and a practice experience. I see that this is turning into a long answer to a short question, so I offer this advice. Find some agents like me and take them out for coffee or lunch or whatever. Do not take NO for an answer. And they will say NO. Or that they already have their own vender. Ask them to try you out one time at no charge and if they like your product, well then you may have the opportunity you seek. But before you ever make that call, be sure you have the skills to provide the product they expect. Until you do, be sure to market yourself on social media sites with displays of your product as it develops. It may start with one great photo or video, but will rapidly grow as do your skills. Be sure to have at least one good marketing video that showcases your skill. Then go for it. You can view my Facebook site at: https://www.facebook.com/northshoredroneservices/ I've only been adding to it for less than a year. Also: http://www.northshoredroneservices.com And my fist complete property video: Best of luck, Jay
  6. Jay Burnham

    Dji mavic pro real estate

    I used Final cut Pro X.
  7. Jay Burnham

    Dji mavic pro real estate

    I find the Mavic Pro quite suitable for my real estate aerial videos and stills. And I simply use my iphone 7 plus for my interior shots. You be the judge...Check out this 90 second movie:
  8. Jay Burnham

    Paradise Ridge Estates - 30 Second TV Spot

    Loved both videos. Just beginning to explore Final Cut Pro X and the attached is my first "test" project. FCP is an exceptional tool and I look forward to producing many more property videos, including voice-over as you have. Thanks for posting your fine video. I picked up some great ideas from it. Regards, Jay
  9. Nick, Would your company consider a payment option on a "per-use" basis? Many of the annual fees can not be justified by those that will only use the software on a limited basis. Case in point: VERIFLY provides up to $1 million of liability insurance to pilots at $10/hour....As opposed to upwards of $1,000/year provided by various insurance companies. I use VERIFLY and it is cost effective and easy. I'm sure there are many other pilots that use VERIFLY and would appreciate a similar mapping process that could also be easily assigned to individual projects as part of the overall cost of the project. Or perhaps mutiple choices for use, including yearly, lifetime, and per project. Thoughts? ...Jay B.