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  1. And because everyone has a camera in their pocket, everyone is a photographer The last house we sold, our realtor took the photos with his phone. They looked so terrible, colors were off, so much so that oak colored trim looked pink in some pictures. The house sold, but I don't think his photos really helped that much. Everyone wants something for little or nothing it seems. I have been mulling what exactly I can do with my 107 as far as a business. There is so much potential in the field but also so many roadblocks. I know it goes back to the question of quality but I can literally have people tell me they can take pictures/fly a drone as well as a pro. I work in IT and you don't know how many people are "experts" about computers because they have one sitting at home or their boyfriend/girlfriend works in IT and tells them how stuff should work. Well if you know so much, why did you call me???
  2. Jumping into this thread a little late but this is one area I am looking at also for a drone business. I do have the luxury of being married to an agronomy supplies salesman so have a little insight. Like Juggernaught said, farmers are pinching pennies and it's hard to get them to see value in something that is "just another expense". Also like Alan said, there are not alot of use cases that you can point to right now to justify the extra cost. I asked my husband why he thought drones weren't really taking off in farming (at least in our area) and he said they mostly all rely on satellite images. Some farmers have bought drones but I think they thought of them more as a toy (even if they write them off on their taxes). My brother installs GPS units in farm machinery and he hits the nail on the head also, telling me that farmers like tech but they want someone else to run it, analyze the data and keep it working. They also want it cheap.
  3. Passed the Part 107 test on Monday thanks to UAV Coach and some YouTube vids. Hadn't taken a formal test in many years so was very nervous but the testing staff was very friendly and helpful. Got my FAA paperwork submitted last night so hopefully I will have a temp license shortly.
  4. It may be a UAV testing site. I'm in ND and we have manufacture and testing of military UAVs here. We have a large DROTAM in the Grand Forks area.