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  1. Av8Chuck

    Watermelo crop, what to do?

    I'm guessing its not so much of a trap but more of a test. He's probably trying to figure out if you know how to interpret the data your looking at. If you can't there's no real value to the data you collected. If you can give him some advice on how he could improve his crop from what you have then he might hire you to collect more data. The challenge is how do you make data collected by a drone actionable. If you don't know anything about farming you probably can't.
  2. Av8Chuck


    If the card is formatted as a fat32 it has a 4GB file size limit. I’m guesssing that might be what caused that.
  3. Av8Chuck

    Client and Operator Liability

    Lead by example. If licensed operators spend much of their time worried about unlicensed operators then your probably not out there doing commercial operations. Im not advocating for illegal operators, and although we do all we can to operate safely and legally I think the FAA has created a climate where it’s next to impossible to operate profitably. The FAA is making criminals out of most of us. This is nothing new, I was hoping thing would get better with Part107, but it only seems to have gotten worse. I’m a helicopter pilot too, obviously no one wants a midair disaster of any kind, but 107 is a feckless regulation that does very little to mitigate that risk. Even then, I don’t lose any sleep over worrying about it.
  4. Av8Chuck

    CES 2018 New Drones

    Too little, too late...
  5. Trouble is this industry is dominated by the group think of one major manufacturer who targets anyone who disagrees with their policies. People just want to hear that you buy a drone, take a class, get a license and companies will beat a path to your door. Instant career! If people want to make a career in this industry then they really need to understand the influences shaping regulations, influencing access to capital and marketshare etc.. We don't have to agree on it, but it should be a part of the narrative that is shaping this industry. Unfortunately its crickets. I guess this generation isn't willing to challenge the prerogatives of governments or large corporations in anything other than global warming and the me-to movement, and the older generation just doesn't seem to have the stomach for it.
  6. Av8Chuck

    First buy - Phantom 4 Advanced or 4 pro v2.0

    You’ll be waiting for a long time for compatibility with DJI products. Buy what you need, when you need it for the opportunities you have.
  7. Av8Chuck

    Battery Safety

    Yeah, we use Tattu for flying missions but we use the multistar’s mostly for testing. 16k-22k Tattu’s are around $400+ and we need at least two per flight...
  8. Av8Chuck

    Battery Safety

    We just purchased four 12,000mAh 6S batteries from Hobbyking. three were fine the forth is pictured. This is brand new out of the box, never plugged into anything. I wonder if it would have popped and when? Things that really make you go hmmm...
  9. Av8Chuck


    That's a great observation but I think much of the pushback in this thread is that you don't need to pay for training to realize the potential that's out there. One question you might want to consider is are consumer drones the right tool. Its not really about the drones, its about methodology. Can you create a workflow that is safe, redundant, repeatable etc., with a consumer drone. That's where lives are saved and value is added. What these types of companies are claiming is that you can accomplish this with consumer drones. I think most people who have experience with this sort of work would tend to disagree. If the cell tower owners believed that drones could provide reliable data and save lives they'd be willing to pay considerably more for the service.
  10. Av8Chuck

    Preparing for airport development

    Where are you located and what problems do you want to solve with drones?
  11. Av8Chuck

    CES 2018 New Drones

    The golden rule in marketing: Never create a demand for something you can’t fulfill.
  12. Av8Chuck

    New to drone industry from Alvin Texas

    Thanks, just curious what applications people are trying to make money with. Good luck and let everyone know how it goes.
  13. That’s the way I understood it.
  14. Av8Chuck

    New to drone industry from Alvin Texas

    Why no money? What’s the application of the drones?
  15. Did you damage anything else or anyone else’s property?