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  1. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Not sure about which YouTube video to watch but it’s a MAVIC, probably the easiest drone there is to fly. Don't over think it. Search this forum regarding learning to fly, it does not have to be MAVIC specific advice, the fundamentals are the same for all multirotors. Charge the battery, find a large open space with no one around and learn by doing. I think watching a “few” how-to videos is a good idea but you probably don’t need to spend that much time. The sooner you get it into the air the sooner you get over the oh-sh&t factor, start learning and have the a breat time. Just stay away from EVERYTHING and don’t get overconfident and fly to far or too high and have fun.
  2. Drone Operator. Licenced and experienced

    There’s quite a few threads about drones and real estate in this forum. Here’s one with a lot of examples: We don’t make a living doing property videos but we do quite a few of them. We’ve found that realtors won’t pay nearly what it takes to produce quality content, we’re relitively expensive so the homeowner always pays us directly. But what we were also told, and I’m not sure if this depends on the area your in (we’re in California) that there was no way to be paid out of escrow.
  3. Cell tower inspections?

    In the US the cell tower part of the telecomunnications industry has been rolled up into a few very large companies that lease space to the witless carriers. They are the ones who who are responsible for the inspections and the likelihood that an individual with a 107 will be hired for inspections is unlikely. We’ve done quite a few but there are a lot of towers spread all over and the crew spends way more time on the road than in the air. At the time they didn’t want to pay enough to make it feasible. Here’s a short video of an inspection. Many cell towers are very tall ~300’ which makes dumb thumbing it very difficult, there’s a lot of RF interference which can interrupt the video feed so you can’t trust FPV, and it usually quit windy so you need a very stable drone. http://iplayerhd.com/player/82da4bbd-3097-4c0a-ad99-a94680b70139
  4. Ever heard the expression truth in advertising? I didn’t follow the link, I’m also in no way justifying what this guy did but I’ve seen adds and promotional videos about how far you fly a MAVIC and P4 FPV. Something like two or more miles. On one hand DJI makes GEO fencing mandatory but if you can arm it you can fly it way beyond VLOS. I don’t understand the hypocracy.
  5. New member Introduction

    Welcome to the forum. im sure people here can offer advise. The value of that advise will be based on how well you ask the questions. Your statement/question is pretty open ended. As far as offering AP drone content, it’s not that much different than offering stedicam or jib/crane services. It definately extends your reach but also has additional risks and restrictions. One of the big downsides to using an off-the-shelf drone is that the camera and gimbal only work on that drone sonthat resource is greatly underutilized and your locked into whatever format that camera outputs which generally speaking is not very good (from a post production business perspective). Also, depending on your staff and depending on who’s drone you purchase you might need an operator whose full time responsibility is making sure the drone can fly. With all of the firmware updates They can be far more temperamental then any other piece of equipment in your business. If, for example, it was your primary camera it would be very unlikely that you would make such concessions and find a different camera. If you don’t care about that sort of thing then it’s never been easier to buy a drone that can provide good aerial content right out of the box. If aerial content is a gig part of what differentiates you from competitors then keep in mind that if you use a Phantom, there’s nothing to prevent your competitors from owning an operating the same equipment. It kind of depends on your business model. I’ve been fortunate that my photography has taken me all over the world and drones are an increasing part of what I have to offer. But it also requires a great deal of travel and I can’t afford to take a camera for aerial, one for jibs, one handheld, etc.. All of my equipment has to accomplish multiple things equally well. I also don’t have the luxury of taking backups of equipment that for any reason won’t arm. Dont get me wrong, there’s probably never been a better time to do what you want to do. But if you ask generalized questions you’ll more often get people trying to tell you what’s great about the drone they have rather than the drone you need. I spent six weeks shooting in Kenya. I just edited together some outtakes. Not a lot of aerial in this video, we used just about all of the aerial we shot in the program. Good luck and please post your progress and any example of what you trying to do etc..
  6. I have sold and purchased a lot of drones and never had the expectations of flying before the transaction. It’s a Phantom not a Lamborghini...
  7. The issue isn’t whether you can get away from it, its more about whether you can trust it. It arms in places it shouldn’t, it doesn’t arm in places it should. At time it is very inconsistent so if your a commercial operator how can it be part of the critical workflow? It is a single point of failure that you can not control.
  8. Drone Registration for Hobbyist

    The FAA can’t create regulations through executive fiat they must use the NPRM process. They tried this with the modernization act and they lost every rule they tried to bury in that bill. Government agencies put all kinds of pork in these bills which means the courts will have to decide the matter. If the AMA actually stood for something they would stand up against this, but I bet they will once again try to appease the FAA and get an exemption for their members. This is the very reason for the NPRM process. Your tax dollars at work.
  9. I hear you on that. Mite not so bad though, the.view from the rafters is pretty good...
  10. Or as you might notice, in no way is this a recommendation but you can do what the FAA is forcing everyone else to do, follow all the rules except one and fly without the waiver. Again, I’m not endorsing that but it’s been a year with little to no improvement to the waiver process. Farming it out to third party vendors and creating LAANC is tacking for ever is not a solution.
  11. Intro & Question

    You don’t need the tablet to fly the drone. If your using a third party app like Liechi and it locks up, just switch your controller into Atti mode and fly th way you normally do. It will (should) fly normally but you won’t have FPV. As to the cause, it’s DJI. And yes this happens often.
  12. Introduction

    Do you currently own a drone? probably the best drone for what you want is the MAVIC. It’s portable, easy to fly, good endurance, pretty good camera for YouTube. Their a bit pricey and you have to deal with firmware upgrades, but overall it’s in a class of its own. if you don’t need such a small form factor then you might want to check out the Autel. Very similar to a Phantom but much less expensive but not as capable. There’s a lot out there to choose from, just kind of depends on your budget and what you hope to get out of it.
  13. Major Pix4D Issues

    You make some good points about the importance of being able to trust the drone. As a surveyor or civil engineer you also need to be able to trust the accuracy of the data you deliver. How can you achieve that with a drone company who’s constantly changing their products? There are a lot of variables involved in collecting aerial data and it’s in how we manage the nuances of those variables that ensures the accuracy of the data, especially on such a large project. There’s nothing worse that getting the data in the can, processing it that produces a great orthomosiac only to find that it’s considerably off in various areas when you ground truth it. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  14. starting out...

    Regarding the camera you want to use depends largely on the deliverable. If the destination for the content is Youtube then just about any drone with a a 4K camera will suffice. If you want it for broadcast content then your choices are limited. If your a professional photographer then you know all about pixel peeping and how everyone has their favorite camera and everything else sucks. That’s especially true in the drone market. A little common sense goes a long way. Early on drones were the limiting factor, the cameras had to be small and light. Now drones are more capable and can lift heavier payloads longer so you can choose from better cameras and gimbals. The camera that come with drones like the Phantom and Autel have a small sensor, a plastic len and is on the lower end of the spectrum. Great for real estate or anything being distributed online. Drones that can carry a mirrorless or DSLR are more readily available and there’s no way those smaller “drone” cameras can compare with a GH5, Sony A9 or even broadcast camera’s like the Sony FS5 or Canon C200. The DJI inspire with the X5S is a great middle ground, the problem with anything DJI is there always changing firmware which also effects the camera.
  15. starting out...

    Welcome to the forum. Your kind of conflating learning to fly and buying a good AP drone. If you want to learn how to be a good pilot buy something like a small Hubson that you can fly indoors or outdoors with no wind. To become a good pilot you need to be able to fly in manual and in any oriontatiin. It takes quite a bit of practice. It’s obviously a good idea to be a good operator, Phantoms pretty much fly themselves, you just kind of herd them around and often people who learn to fly with them learn to rely on the automatic aspect and it generally takes a lot longer to become a proficient operator.