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  1. Xponential - AUVSI Denver

    Anyone attending AUVSI in Denver? Exhibits are May 1-3. https://www.xponential.org/xponential2018/public/enter.aspx We have a drone on exhibit in the Pegasus booth so we'll be attending. If you have a chance stop by or let me know ahead of time and we can schedule something. Alan, are you buying breakfast?
  2. 3DR Webinar - Construction's Automated Future

    Its always interesting to hear how many ways Chris can spin the total failure of 3DR...
  3. Inspire 2 package for sale

    I want it! Iet's start a bidding war...
  4. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    Its rarely cheap to do it well. Here's some pictures of our latest hybrid drone. This drone can carry a 10 pound payload 2-2.5 hours. If you trade the payload weight for fuel it will probably fly more than four hours.
  5. Mapping Deliverables

    Welcome to the forum. Do you have an oil & gas client? If so, ask them what they want. What are other none drone vendors providing to your client you think drones would be cheaper, safer, enable them to gather data they can't currently get without a drone? Chances are the service required have little to do with a drone and you'll need some experience with that client to answer the previous questions.
  6. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    It’s interestimg how we perceive things differently. With all the automatic features on cameras today if all you want to do is take cool snapshots then put a crappy camera on a toy drone and point it at something cool. If you want to take interesting photographs, become a more interesting person. You become more interesting when you take the time to learn a craft and expand your skills. Any idiot can buy a drone and push a button.
  7. An Italian Man's Story

    This is something that's been done before, I thought it would catch on but most realtors lack the patience, the vision and the bank account... https://www.platinumhd.tv/?c=u7QQlj4VPiY https://www.platinumhd.tv/?c=gKzfMGDoHkt
  8. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    Robotics teams/clubs are a great place to learn to build drones. Some of the robotics teams in our neck of the woods are starting to include drones in their classes because they don't cost as much as building more traditional robots. We support several middle and high school STEM education programs. The young man in these videos started out in a robotics club and I hired him right after he graduated. He's been working with us for three years and has designed some great drones. Very few of the parts on the drones we manufacture are 3D printed. We're looking into 3D printing metal parts but that's a whole other level. Here's one of the High School STEM classes: Here's Conner maidening one of the drones he helped design: Hang in there. There's a lot of future potential in Robotics and drones.
  9. AMA needs help to protect section 336

    Its really not good for anyone. Emerson, Lake and Palmer did this great song about the commercialization of Christmas and there's a line "the Christmas we get we deserve." The same things is happening in here. People want to bury their heads in the sand and leave the regulations to bureaucrats that have little if any real world experience, politicians who are simply trying to sell books, "community based organizations" who have outlived their usefulness and drone manufacturers who are trying to regulate out competition. Even people engaged on forums like this don't want to talk about it, or they want to justify the slow failure of rule 107 as though its someone else's problem. You have to give Bruce credit for at least speaking out about it. The drone industry we get, we deserve.
  10. Shadows are your friend if you want to shoot interesting footage that has depth. Most people don’t like shadows because they don’t know how to correctly expose for high contrast scenes. If it’s all bright or all dark then it’s easy. Easy isn’t interesting. Shadows are what separate good photographers from bad ones and separates the quality of your camera. Most drone cameras and GoPros look the best in bright sunlight because they are crap cameras that lack the dynamic range to handle difference in contrast. But contrast is as important to DOF as selective focus.
  11. AMA needs help to protect section 336

    Bruce’s rants should be required “reading.” He tends to ramble but the way he articulated issues is informative, mostly factual and entertaining. I agree that the AMA has become a feckless organization and that large companies are doing all they can to regulate out competition. This is nothing new, this sort of thing has been done for decades. But when it effected things people really cared about citizens formed Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and trade organizations to protect our civil liberties. AOPA is a good example. Drones have changed the landscape and in an effort to “keep things the way they were” the once effective AMA has become a part of the problem, not the solution. I fear that hobbyist and commercial sUAS will continue to rely on the AMA and the “fake” 107 to the point where large companies like DJI/AirMap and the other alphabet organizations will regulate ALL of us out of existence. I think Bruce makes some great points and if people want to have the freedom to fly for the enjoyment of flying and want the right to earn a living with sUAS then they need to organize. Unfortunately most of the people who read this or listen to Bruce will think it’s a conspiracy theory or that you “can’t fight city hall” and won’t want to be associated with it or help.
  12. Thoughts on the DJI Spark

    Welcome to the forum. Depends on what you want to accomplish. If you just want to enjoy flying then the SPARK can meet that requirement. If you want to explore and develop a better understanding of autonomous flight then something other than DJI is a better choice. If it needs to be geared towards a beginner then a good compromise is the MAVIC Air. Just depends on what you want to do and how much you want to spend.
  13. G'day from Western Australia

    Welcome. Check out https://www.platinumhd.tv/showcase/ you can also check out the various posts here. It’s probably next to impossible to make a living providing only aerial shots to realtors in California. In order to make enough money you have to be able to provide all the photography, video and onlines galleries realtors need to market properties. It might be different in your area, but if the quality of PlatinumHD’s work is representative of that market you might have some stiff competition.
  14. NASCAR and the Feds team up...

    As a result of the strong economy in 1998-2001 there was a major increase in new GA pilots, did the FAA authorize companies to hire people to shoot them down!? When a-holes flew planes into buildings we called them terrorist what do you call this? Haven’t we lost enough of our civil liberties because of the actions of a few misguided people? I couldn’t stomach reading the whole article but I thought the drone industry had moved beyond this kind of hype. So in 2014 the FAA issues a far over reaching mandate that gives them authority over anything that flies and defines drones as aircraft only to authorize people four years later to shoot them down!? Maybe it mentioned in the article how many hundreds, tens, or even one incident at a NASCAR race involving a drone?