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  1. I don't get it.
  2. It kind of depends on who the third party is doing the overlays. They might suffer from the same issues that DJI is having. Having wrong information is worse than having no information. If you use current sectionals and check NOTAMS, that's all that's required. There are a lot of third party vendors gathering data off the Internet without vetting its accuracy. So who's NFZ should I trust? AirMap's original business model was to create a website where businesses could log into and for a fee retrict the airspace around their businesses. Now they're the experts.
  3. The OP could fly his DJI prior to the firmware upgrade and could not following it. Did the airspace change? DJI's implementation of GEO fencing has nothing whatsoever to do with rule107 and as others have pointed out it is legal for the OP to fly under rule107 in that location. Also, I don't believe the OP was asking for advise on how to read a sectional. I think he clearly state's "Of course, I love both of my DJI drones....but this is so bad that I'm considering other companies for future purchases. I really do appreciate what they are doing with the Geo-fencing and I can see the benefit in having it. However, when the FAA says the area is okay to fly....the DJI software should say the same thing!! They should mirror exactly what the FAA puts out....not add more to it. " GEO Fencing is one of those things that looks good on a white board but is very difficult to execute in real life. All of this is based on AirMap, isn't anyone curious why? If DJI was serious about safety why didn't they start with the same industry standard database that 100% of the aviation industry rely's on? So Ed's right, its anyone's guess on how DJI comes up with this stuff. So to answer Alan, is it legal to fly there? "I guess so." Unfortunately the answer for the OP is very simple, buy a different drone or move. I didn't break it. This is happening all over and yet people continually make excuses for it.
  4. I don't think the issue us whether he can fly there, the issue is whether the GoApp will "Allow" him to fly. As Martin points out use a different application, but what if he just wants to fly around exploring and doesn't want to fly a mission with either of those apps. As you point out, if he checks the sectional and NOTAMS, he's good to go. So, no your not missing something.But clearly the DJI is preventing him from flying. Why?
  5. There are several issues with DJI's implementation of GEO Fencing. In other forums this has launched a lot of debate, like most things in the US at the moment most of it is not civil. The debate about DJI's implementation of GEO Fencing is often framed depending on whether your trying to use DGI commercially or as a hobbyist. The implementation is the same, but the perspective is radically different so you get hobbyists evangelizing the work arounds and commercial operators complaining about its ineffectiveness. Much of the debate is also about DJI's "policy." Its difficult to challenge the prerogatives of large companies, especially Chinese companies, so figuring out their motives is pointless. But it will be part of the conversation regardless. So if this forum is going to go down that path I would suggest that the conversation be structured into three parts: Policy/Regulatory impact - Commercial or Hobbyists Technology implementation Support To answer the OP's question: "Is there ANYTHING that I can do to have DJI change this crazy NFZ since the FAA themselves say that's it's okay to fly in my City and at my house? " No there's nothing you can do.
  6. Has anything happened with this? I agree, not going to provide my CC to evaluate an application.
  7. Im bummed, I did miss it and when I tried to view it I got a message that said I had to upgrade my flash player. Unfortunately I'm on a Mac with a ton of editing stuff that just doesn't play well with Flash. It works on my iPhone for anyone else with the same issue.
  8. People come to these forums, to the understanding of commercial sUAS from different perspectives and at different points along their journey. Keep in mind that in the US this industry has officially existed for less than a year. Most companies who would benefit from the data drones can collect are still trying to figure out what, if anything, it might mean to their business. The route for most on this journey has traveled through the "hobby" market where there is a mix of DIY build it yourself, manufactured drones built with hobby grade off the shelf components and RTF consumer drones. Part of the reason people get so ginned up over DJI is because it's all they have experience with. Most companies who are evaluating the effect drones will have on their businesses will not build their own and companies selling drones built with OTS hobby components are coming to the painful realization that they can't scale manufacturing, they don't have a dependable supply chain, and the uptime reliability is suspect. The perception, and the suggestion, is that DJI is all you can get. If that's what you think, you are wrong. Companies like Kespry, Ascending Technologies, Microdrone, Liecha, and many others are providing drone platforms that are advancing commercial sUAS technology an order of magnitude beyond DJI. The trouble is, the price of those platforms are $25k-$65k+, and at first that would appear to be cost prohibitive for those who began their journey in the hobby market. But by the time you kit out an M200 or M600 it costs $20k or more. So do you want to build a business around a platform that engineered purpose built solutions for the problems your trying to solve or do you want to build it around a company who's success is from building toys? I know people have a problem with me calling DJI's a toy, but putting SS badges on a six cylinder Comaro doesn't make it a Super Sport... Call them whatever you like, but for anyone who is serious about building a commercial sUAS business then take the time to research drone manufacturers whose sole reason for existing is to developing purpose built solutions for commercial applications. Can you make money with a consumer drone and a .99 cent cell phone app, sure. Just depends on what you really want to do.
  9. You won't be able to build a drone for what you can purchase a P4 for. And you shouldn't believe people when they say that a P4 is as good as a 50MP 5dS. If you want to use a toy drone to learn to fly you have a lot to choose from. A great drone for honing your aerial photography skills is the MAVIC. For anyone serious about getting into this industry I always encourage them to build their own drone and gimbal. That provides you with a much better understanding of how they work, what it takes to do accurate scans and generally makes you a better operator. There are a lot of videos, panoramas, and stills on this site. Go buy a drone that you think you can provide comparable image quality and start flying, shooting and posting your work and hopefully people will give you feedback. Its always interesting to me how many "experts" there are ready to tell you what to buy, how to do it, and how good they are at doing it, yet they never seem to post anything. Just start flying, filming and posting. That's what makes you an expert.
  10. I'm guessing they flew autonomous FPV BLOS, otherwise I'm sure he would have mentioned it in the article. That's such an obvious omission.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Are you setting up that business in Napa? We do the type of work your interested in. Mostly photogrammetry but starting to do aerial LiDAR as well. Here's a recent 3D model we created for a customer with aerial photogrammetry. The key to success is that the model is accurate and repeatable. And I'm not talking about whether the drone can fly the same path using waypoint navigation but that if you do will the model be identical when the images are processed. http://realitymodeling-pw.bentley.com/a3D/Construct Timelapse/models/4-12/App/?scene=http://realitymodeling-pw.bentley.com/a3D/PGE/Las Aguilas/Rough Draft/scene/production_1.3mx#%2F You need to zoom and and orbit around. It might take a bit of caching to get to full res and display smoothly. I'd be happy to discuss this type of work and how to accomplish it if you'd like to message me. I'm tired of people being apoplectic because I don't share their opinions about consumer drones and smartphone applications.
  12. I'm not saying this is the case but one of the hardest things to do for newcomers to this industry is getting them to be patient. Start with how do you want to make money? Keep in mind that your customers don't really want to pay you for flying a drone. They want the data the drone collects and depending on how they plan to use that data will determine the level of accuracy and stability required to collect it. Each of the different verticals you mentioned, "3D mapping, surveying, GIS, inspections and real estate" are very different. Gaining a better understanding of what it takes to collect the data and how that data is used will ultimately answer your questions "is 20Hz good enough?" And the need for bigger props. The way that you determine the drone you need is by reverse engineering the problem your trying to solve with the data it collects. This is fundamentally the problem with buying "off the shelf drones." Do you modify your mission objective to fit the constraints of the drone or do you develop a drone that can meet the needs of the objectives? Not everyone is going to develop their own drones, I get that. But when your talking about taking other peoples money to provide DAAS, then you need to really understand how the data you collect will be used and how the equipment you use and how you use it effects your customers chances of meeting their objectives.
  13. I've seen several of these types of videos posted in this thread so I'm guessing its associated with one of the classes offered here. Unfortunately the OP's generally post and leave so its difficult to know whether to take the effort to critique the video. Joseph if your still around and would like more suggestions, let us know.
  14. I like to experiment with video's, I try and get agents to show more of the lifestyle, or highlight something that is unique about a property. when I started, I wanted to do more conceptual videos. Didn't work but it was fun trying. Since this thread is so dead I thought I'd post one here.
  15. I like DJI just fine, I've owned every model of DJI they have produced and right now we have a MAVIC and its a lot of fun. But I wouldn't recommend them for most professional work. Its funny how we all see this differently. I believe the biggest impediment to DJI's commercial sUAS success is that they are vertically integrated to such a degree that it makes RMartin's statement true. But what if I need more accurate GPS data than the 5Hz DJI GPS? Even their 10Hz RTK is too slow and not accurate. What if I want to use a Canon or a Sony 50Mp camera? What if I want to use a hyperspectral sensor? All of thise should work regardless of airframe. I am a big fan of Coaxial, Y6 and X8 for their hardware redundancy.