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  1. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    We’ve been a part of whale research that had a permit for the past three seasons. I find the whole process very hypocritical. We always come up on boats that have drones in the air and the researchers want us to take pictures of the offenders while we do pretty much the same thing. The whales don’t care about the permit. Also I often get the feeling the researchers don’t care about the whales. Sometimes it feels like they care more about getting great shots that only they can get because they have a permit. Ever wonder where the great whale shots in all those fancy galleries comes from?
  2. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    You know that you can get a permit to fly within 100 feet.
  3. And if the hall monitor persists... 6009F039-0301-411D-8110-E3D9E9F992A2.mov
  4. The best place to find that answer is probably the AMA. If your not flying commercially you don’t need to be 107 and you have a lot more options to fly if you follow the guidelines on the AMA website. We have several parks near us, if I’m going to fly a Phantom or MAVIC I just fly as a hobbyists. Occasionally I’ll have some guy who used to be the hall monitor in high school will ask what I’m doing. If they’re that stupid that they have to ask I pretty much ignore them and if they persist I just leave. If your just enjoying yourself its probably a bad idea to tell anyone you have a 107. This is a pretty typical sign you find at a lot of parks. It’s not legal to state that RC is permitted in designated areas or time without posting when and where.
  5. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Here in lies the debate. What gives them the authority to restrict airspace? If they had the authority and they went through the proper procedures there would be a NOTAM or TFR and you WOULD know because you checked for those things before you flew right!?
  6. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Part of the debate that often gets overlooked is what if you contact the local authorities and they thank you for your being so civic minded but then tell you no, you can’t fly there. Maybe they have a good reason, maybe they don’t, but thats why we have Part107. If they had a good reason they would have issued a NOTAM or made it a TFR then you’d know for sure. If your flying commercially follow Part107 and be courteous to everyone. There will always be people who want to make what your doing their business.
  7. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    I thought the Republic of California was he worse when it comes to over regulated paranoia, bu lt after reading that lists, maybe not! What I don’t get is why a 3500 pound sight seeing helicopter can fly around but it’s too dangerous for a 15 pound drone? ‘Cause you know a drone makes a whole lot more noise than a helicopter.. So if your rich and can afford the tour, good on ya, but if you can’t, piss off. Stay on the sidewalk with the rest of us poor slobs. If that’s the attitude in the states, go to New Zealand...
  8. Battery Charger

    If you want advice you need to be more speciific about the charger, the size of battery etc. The one piece of advice is give based on the information you’ve provided is don’t be cheap with your batteries or your charger, the results of that decision can be catastrophic. You really should have a balanced charger and reasonably good quality batteries.
  9. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    Our Y6 flies for approximately 2.5 hours with a 10 pound payload. If you replace payload with fuel you’ll get almost double the flight time. It’s not for sale quite yet, should be showing it at AUVSI in Denver.
  10. Radio Tower Modelling

    Yes, we’ve done monopoles and lattice toweres. What do you mean “flying inside?”
  11. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    It’s been vaporware for three years. I also blog they OEM’d it.
  12. Investigator

    What software do you use for photogrammetry?
  13. Long term aim

    Welcome. The commercial drone industry in the US has changed a lot since the introduction of Part107 and is going to change even more over the next two years. No one knows what those changes will be so a key component to success will be how your company adjusts and accounts for the changes. It’s great that your taking a longer view of this. There will be a lot of pundits prognosticating about the future, including [especially] me, it’s the nature of forums. I pointed that out in a different thread and got slammed for it, I guess not everyone appreciates my sarcasm but I guess I deserved it. At any rate taking a long term approach allows you to asses commercial business opportunities differently. Most people start with the drone, get enamored with it and then try to figure out how to make money with it. I’d recommend a different strategy. At the moment there are two types of drones 1) A drone that might be very good at what it does but is so tightly vertically integrated that you have to modify your mission in order to accommodate it, and 2) drones that are designed to be a platform, open and extensible, modular so they can be easily reconfigured to meet your mission requirements. This difference is systemic. The development methodology is defined by the market the manufacturer began in. For example DJI started as a consumer drone company, all design, technology and policy are developed from the perspective of a consumer. The Phantom3 camera and batteries don’t work with a Phantom4, the batteries and RTK system on the M200 does’t work on the M600, but the same GEO Fencing and NFZ policy, something that restricts the use of the drone is implemented the same on MAVIC as it is on the M600. None of this is becuase of the limitation in the technology but in the approach they use to develop it. There are a lot of holes in the eco system required to support the commercial drone industry. These holes are quickly being filled by the industry leaders from the consumer drone market. Trouble is although they have the influence, they’re so vertically integrated they lack all the required components to provide professionals with an end to end value chain. This is good for anyone willing to look beyond the drone and focus on a link in the value chain in a way that these larger companies can’t or aren’t willing to. Good luck in your research.
  14. Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    We have two hybrid drones that can fly 5 pounds for 75 minutes and 10 pounds for ~2:30 minutes and you can put whatever payload you’d like.
  15. Research before execution

    Hi @JBgroovesUAV, welcome to the forum. You may want to work smarter not harder but with drones it’s about working safer which in the beginning will require you to do both. Everyone will have an opinion on which drone is better, this is a forum. That and 15 minutes will save you 15% on your insurance.. Depends on how you difine high end, for a higher end look the P4 is a better choice, the MAVIC has a terrible camera. Neither works well in low light. The idea of flying indoors potientially around people professionally is a bit unrealistic. Indoors can mean a lot of things, you’d get better advice if you elaborated a bit on what your trying to accomplish. You'd probably be better served by a MACIC Air until you have enough experience to make a more informed decision. Neither of the MAVIC’s would be accurate enough for industrial inspection.