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  1. Large Print Photomerge

    Postcards? What are these postcards you speak of? There's a market for that?
  2. Drone School

    Are you charging for that class? If so, how much? What kind of drones are you planning on using? What types of drones is this targeted at? Im the skeptic on this forum... If this is targeted at consumers, keeping anyone's attention for more than five minutes is going to be tough. Sorry but Phantoms, MAVIC's, and Spark's fly themselves. Anyone who's played a video game will know how to operate it in less than five minutes. Also, crashing is part of learning. if it's a safety seminar for parents then I don't see why it would take more than an hour. The reason most people break the rules has little to do with flying the drone, the allure is that it has a camera and YouTube is full of idiots trolling for click bait. Unfortunately the more feedback they get on YouTube the more likely consumer drone operators are to take chances. sorry, Alan don't take this the wrong way, but studying for the 107 is boring, but you have to do it. Consumers don't have to take a class to buy a drone and go fly. I'm not sure what sylibus you could use to attract enough customers to be profitable? If it's a non profit then you might consider aligning you corriculum with a high school STEM program or local flying clubs. But if your business model is to attract responsible parents, well that topic probably belongs in a whole different forum.
  3. The LAANC Plot Thickens

    There's nothing wrong with being an optimist, there's also nothing wrong with questioning the validity of these policies. If all there is to getting clearance to fly in the squares of LAANC then why do we need all of this automation? Not like the airspace is changing? So what this has the potential to become is a drone specific chart. What's the big deal? Why do they need to send these publically available "drone" charts the third party vendors when all I have to do as a licensed operator is comply with the chart, the same way a pilot does? Why do I need to get "authorization" from the third party?
  4. You might want to check out Bentley Systems' ContextCapture.
  5. The LAANC Plot Thickens

    I think a bigger potential problem is where do they get their information and would I get the same approval across all platforms. We're on standby to fly the burn areas in Northern California, I logged in to check TFR's, what a clunky antiquated way of presenting data. Something that should be so simple, and I'm sure it is, but I don't have the patience to figure out the bad design of the FAA website. Another pet peeve of mine is that the companies on the FAA ARC committee's should not be allowed to profit from their involvement. These companies are creating policies to regulate out the competition while a lot of "drone" companies who are engineering real solutions to real problems have no say in this process.
  6. Ask enough times...

    Let's Move that part of the discussion here:
  7. LAANC Fast-Track Requested by FAA

    Where to start with this mess? As a107 operator, we all want the process of authorization to be as fast as possible. But in this case the FAA is asking to circumnavigate the NPRM process siting their concerns for safety and they are using the only midair with the Blackhawk as justification. The threat drones pose to the NAS is way overstated and the FAA are using this hyperbole to justify policy that isn't necessary. This is a bad precedent and it's one that the FAA uses all too often.
  8. Ask enough times...

    If you can zoom in to the required level of detail on the map, the FAA knows the location of all the airspace, then why does it take so long to get autherization?
  9. Hybrid Drone Maiden

    Not sure what all the benefits will be, one significant benifit is that you don't need to buy expensive batteries and you no longer have to wait to charge them. You just gas-n-go. The longer the drone flies the more efficient it becomes. Managing LiPos can be difficult and dangerous. The power output is more constant in extreme temps compared to batteries. Its generally easier to get fuel on location than it is to get batteries. Especially when the batteries are 10k+ Some of the downsides are: its loud and obnoxious it has an increased fire hazard Vibration can effect the flight controller and the payload Its a bit heavy, weights a little more than a 16k LiPo I can certainly see a place for this type of drone but it's not intended for flying in close proximity to people.
  10. Hybrid Drone Maiden

    They have diesel helicopters?
  11. N3 gimbal for FLIR Duo

    What gimbals are you referring too? I don't know the price on the new FLIR Duo, but if it's an -R, the TOA640 costs more than $5K Do you really want to put that much money on a cheap gimbal? Like I said, you can trigger the camera regardless of the gimbal, the key there is the interface with the camera. Are you planning to offer professional services?
  12. N3 gimbal for FLIR Duo

    Are you talking about this? http://www.flir.com/suas/duopro/ If so, check this out: https://gremsy.com/gremsy-t1/ When you talk about using it with the Pixhawk what do you want it to do? I'm using a GH4 on a Gremsy H3 gimbal and control all aspects of the gimbal by just adding an S-bus Rx. I can also control all aspects of the camera using the Intelli-G and have a cable running from our PX4/Ardupilot based flight controller [Pixhawk] to the camera to trigger the camera flying a survey. There really isn't a need to control the gimbal with the flight controller.
  13. Hybrid Drone Maiden

    Its water cooled and fuel injected. It is pretty cool. We had a great uneventful maiden flight. We have to change out some of the vibration dampers to see if we can isolate a bit of the vibration. Probably won't get it completely sorted before we have to ship it off to the Commercial UAV trade show but I'm sure we'll start endurance testing when we get back.
  14. Hybrid Drone Maiden

    There's a spark plug in there... Oh yeah, it vibrates. We have an isolation mount on the engine and the FC is in the small box on the top and is isolated as well. We designed this drone around the generator, its in its own "container" which is a structural component. We've flown the generator before, but not in this setup.
  15. Hybrid Drone Maiden

    We're going to maiden our Hybrid drone tomorrow morning. The hope is that it will fly 22lbs AUW for 45-60 minutes.