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  1. It seems that people come out of the woodwork to score free stuff. I get it, that’s cool. However, you don’t need to score free tickets to a trade show to interact with some of the most knowledgable industry professionals. Just post questions and replies right here on this forum and start a meaningful discussion. There are people on this forum who actually started drone companies that employ people, that provide a full time living etc., and are willing to share their experiences right here. They may not always tell you what you want to hear but at least you can engage with them, ask as many questions as you like, get a variety of opinions over a period of time and decide for yourself whether the person your interacting with is worth listening too. Best of all it’s FREE! Everyday. Granted, on a forum you have to filter people’s biases and experience. Anyone who has read my advice knows I’m no fan of DJI, but I’m upfront about it and try to provide as brand agnostic advice as I can. At a trade show people are rarely agnostic or transparent, they have an agenda and all they want to do is sell or tell you what you want to hear. For the lucky two people who get the free tickets, go have a great time in Vegas, how about for the rest of you who don’t have the opportunity to go to the show you ask the questions here and get to know the people who try to answer them.
  2. Thanks for connecting the dots between the blog and forum. I’m curious how many people have participated with any FAA webinars and did you find them helpful? Is there a link to previous webinars?
  3. Av8Chuck

    Score Free Advice From Industry Professionals

    Not sure if there's anything wrong but it's odd that so many of the people responding to the free tickets are there first and only post. This is such a millennial industry. My post was yet another bad joke to see if anyone would even reply...
  4. Av8Chuck

    Herbicide spraying using drones in the US

    I'm guessing from your Avatar that you know something about ranching and possibly farming. So you're probably aware operators who apply crop protection products operate under the watchful eye of many federal and state agencies. They include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and individual State Departments of Agriculture, Ecology, and Environment. All of these agencies require strict and specific documentation of each field sprayed. These same agencies continually monitor environmental and public health to assure that we continue to have the safest, least expensive, and most abundant food supply in the world. Again, I'm guessing that it is not legal to apply any airborne chemical from a UAS in the US, not simply because of the FAA but all of the other alphabet soup government agencies. Here's the FAA circular for manned crop dusting. https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_137-1.pdf
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    Score a Free Ticket to the Largest Commercial Drone Show in America

    I think the tickets should go to the people who have responded to the most questions on the forum. They have demonstrated a willingness to share their experience.
  6. Av8Chuck

    Finding Your Fortune in the Drone Industry

    I haven’t read the book but there’s some truth to focusing on the customer and sales first. There’s also some truth that by there very nature many start-ups focus on customers by the fact that they lack the money and resources to focus on infrastructure even if they wanted to. The challenge is if you raise money through investment or sales that you maintain focus on your customer as you begin to build out your infrastructure. It’s very easy to get caught up in creating your website, advertising, developing products or services, while at the same time loose your focus on your customers.
  7. Av8Chuck

    Best cheap drone ONLY for fishing

    It’s similar in price to a phantom. If your going to be flying over the ocean you have to count on the drone getting wet. You get a phantom wet once with salt water and it’s over. So even if the Splash drone is a bit more expensive it’s cheap insurance.
  8. They have them on their website.
  9. Av8Chuck

    Score Free Advice From Industry Professionals

    Not sure how it works either. Alan sends out an email every week with stories and links to active topics on the forum. I don’t believe there’s really any integration between the two. Ive suggested that the topics in the email should have a corresponding thread in the forum so people could reply to the stories directly in the forum to encourage conversation.
  10. Av8Chuck

    Best cheap drone ONLY for fishing

    If you want any drone to last then in that environment then it has to be waterproof so that you can rinse it off with fresh water after every flight. Salt water/air is very corrosive and DJI drones don’t last. Heres a drone that’s setup exactly for what you want to do. We just used it in a test and it worked very well. https://www.swellpro.com/waterproof-splash-drone-3-auto.html
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    Hi Scott, Were you able to create and implement a program last semester? If so, how did it go? If not, why not? I don’t mean that in a snarky way. Is there more advice you need to help either get your program of the ground or grow it? see what I did there? Program “off the ground.” Those are supposed to be air quotes but they look so real. I crack myself up.. all (bad) joking aside, how’s it going?
  12. Av8Chuck

    The Challenges of Running A UAS Business

    This is a great thread deserving of resurrection... How have all of your efforts panned out over the past 10 months? Aerial Alchemy is growing fast, we’re up to nine employees and looking to hire more. Not that the number of employees equates to success. But we’re certianly trending in the right direction. I believe our approach is similar to what many have mentioned in this thread. Although we have had to build out a significant infrastructure it was our sales and engagement with customers first that necessitated it. It’s interesting that by taking a sales or customer engagement first approach we seem to have built in a lot of value into our technology and services. We initially considered manufacturing and selling drones, “but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum” commercial customers didn’t seem to want to purchase drones. They kept offering us bigger and better opportunities to provide the service. Once we accepted that we were more likely to be successful as a service provider a lot of good things started to happen. When about the time this thread started it was a struggle to figure out what we wanted to be when we grew up, now I can’t wait to get to work and think everyday is a great day to be in the commercial drone business. I hope everyone is trending in the right direction.
  13. Av8Chuck

    Our Hobby (in the USA) is under threat!

    Not sure you need to be fair to the AMA, they have become a feckless organization that is more concerned with CYA than protecting 336. I like listening to Bruce but he doesn’t understand how politics in the US really works. I’m not saying he’s wrong and he is probably more knowledgeable than most US citizens, but it’s not as dire as he makes it out. Having said that, I agree, Americans are not willing to stand up for their own civil rights. The FAA is dividing and conquering and most people seem to think there’s nothing that can be done about it by discussing these issues on forums like this. If you choose to discuss the regulatory process online people accuse you of being conspiratorial or having some agenda while they themselves get right back to discussing the latest DJI firmware upgrade and why GEO Fencing doesn’t work when they need it... Why is it that people from Australia and New Zealand seem to be more aware of what’s going on in the US than most people in the States? Bruce doesn’t have a dog in this hunt yet just about every week he’s making empassioned pleas to get off our butts and do something about it. I feel Bruce’s frustration!
  14. Most communication is line of site or relies on WiFi etc. there’s very little of that in the ocean and salt water really screws stuff up. You have to be able to track the people in the water to get the flotation devise to them. We could track the swimmers with thermal from as far as about 800 feet, that was as far as we could transmit the HD that the computer used to process the track. We weren’t trying to prove how good our video transmitter is. We can crank it up to get about five miles but consume significantly more power. They were testing a system that could see swimmers measured in miles. It’s really nice to work with organizations that are seriously working to push drone technology and applications.
  15. Not sure what the big deal it is to accomplish this? We tested just did a test with the Navy to be able to use a drone to find and track swimmers in the water, then once identified be able to guide rescuers or deliver a floatation device. Lifting a floatation device or really a brain dead thing to do, the hard part is being able to identify and track multiple swimmers in rough water, and being able to coordinate a rescue. http://iplayerhd.com/player/dc8c7eeb-d60d-4e9a-b4b9-b53b03106c33
  16. Av8Chuck

    Cinematography & Photography Africa

    Sure why not. A little long but this is footage from a corporate documentary I shot in Kenya in 2012. Never planned on going to Africa but really furtunate to have the chance to shoot there.
  17. How much is he willing to pay?
  18. Av8Chuck

    Score a Free Ticket to the Largest Commercial Drone Show in America

    Bummer. Depending on your definition of human I might not qualify...
  19. I think AirMaps model is to be a tool local official and business owners can use to charge drone operators for flying from or above their property, I think its great that this woman stood up for her rights. The government does not have the authority to tell anyone what they can do for a living and the FAA is prohibited from regulating Commerce, so commercial drone companies are kind of caught in the middle and this woman's remedy was spot on. By turning the tables that if they didn't specifically deny her request that she would presume it was legal was pretty smart.
  20. Also, unless I'm missing something a NOTAM simply notifies aviators that you're doing something, it doesn't give you permission to do it.
  21. Av8Chuck

    DJI Geo Fence won't let me fly

    Therein lies the problem, buy a drone you can reconfigure to meet your objectives or reconfigure your missions to accommodate the limitations of your drone. We did this cell tower which was located within about 20ft of a prison. http://iplayerhd.com/player/82da4bbd-3097-4c0a-ad99-a94680b70139
  22. Av8Chuck

    Sometimes you just need a voiceover

    flying anywhere near or on the ocean is challenging. Fog, rain, wind, its all fun. here's a video from our last whale research mission from two years ago. I'm not sure if I included any shots from the same area...
  23. Certainly could be an issue but we take off and land on large ships without that issue.
  24. Most communication to drones is line-of-sight, so if you could see the drone generally you can communicate with it. Also, ships have both passive and active radar, most active radars are medium and long wave devices that will overpower the short wave 2.4 and 5.8. Fortunately radars have a “narrow” focus so communication will usually be reestablished once the ship passes by and the drone is nolonger in that narrow band. What the drone drone does when this happens depends on how your failsafe is set. Keep in mind that ocean going vessels have to “see” to the horizon, if they’re close to land they generally don’t need them unless navigating in limited visibility like fog. So it can also depend on where you are when you encounter them.