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    Flying drones in National Forest

    Not sure why this is in the DJI thread, I'm guessing this was the topic Alan linked to in his email: It would be nice if it consolidates here.
  2. Av8Chuck

    No use of drones in National Parks

    The right that I’m talking about is my right to make a living and that is not a privilege that can be taken away. The ability to pursue one’s profession or “common calling” is one of the limited number of foundational rights protected under the Privileges and Immunities Clause. Toomer v. Witsell, 334 U.S. 385, 396 (1948); see also United Bldg. & Constr. Trades Council v. Camden, 465 U.S. 208, 219 (1984) (“Certainly, the pursuit of a common calling is one of the most fundamental of those privileges protected by the Clause.”).” —- “Getting angry and venting your frustrations at others here won't change that. As with any law in our great nation, if you don't like it, work to get it changed.” I’m neither angry or venting, just suggesting people should stand up for the rights they already have. As far as my involvement in working to get it changed, I’m one of the founders of http://www.acuas.org/ and helped prepare the brief that was presented to the OMB and congress as part of the approval of part 107. I guess it depends on your acceptance of the law or how you define ignorance. Posting “Rules” on a website does not make them a Law. There’s a process the government has to go through in order to create a law. Did the Park Service go through that process? So how many drone pilots is a problem? 1, 10, 100, 1000 or more? When do you think they’ll get around to coming up with a solution that will work for everyone? Define EVERYONE! There are way more people who believe that humans should not be allowed in these parks at all then there are people who want to fly drones there. Is that the everyone? Ignorance of how these rules are made is not a defense for blindly following them either.
  3. Av8Chuck

    Is it Legal to Shoot Down a Drone?

    This has been a debate since the Wright Bros. But in 2014 the FAA went to court to establish that they controlled everything one inch above the grass in your back yard. Mom guessing they did that to establish precedent. Will it stick, I have no idea. Either way it’s illegal to shoot at a drone. What do you do if one of them says no?
  4. Av8Chuck

    No use of drones in National Parks

    Take a breath. There are certianly a lot of people who may share your frustration. However, your view of the commercial drone market might be a little short sighted and myopic. The commercial drone market is much more than hanging a camera on a toy drone to make money with marginal aerial photography and the good news is that it’s at the very embryonic stage, it hasn’t really started yet. You can probably here my frustration in my sarcasm, but you might be overreacting. I don’t know where you live but its a big country and even a bigger sky you should be able to find lots of places to do AP. Have you ever heard the expression “The letter of the Law” and “The Intent of the Law?” The intent of rule107 is to make commercial operations manageable and to keep everyone safe. If you try to follow it to the letter of the law it will be neither. I am not advocating for breaking the law, but if you believe that you MUST follow the letter of the law then you had better not be one of those people who drive your Prius with your emergency flashers below the minimum speed limit in order to save gas or ever drive faster than the speed limit... If your not willing to challenge the authority of the National Park Service, that’s ok, unless the town you live in is in a park, otherwise I’m sure there are opportunities to provide service to your local community. Also, if your flying for the love of flying and shooting AP becuase you love photography, you have as much right to fly as a hobbyists as the people who might say that you can’t. Tell them to pound sand. You might find this interesting: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6426099585646764032/?ck_subscriber_id=175784303
  5. Av8Chuck

    No use of drones in National Parks

    There’s a term for that— NIMBY not in my backyard. As long as everyone else accommodates your sensibilities then it’s ok? I don’t think drones should be allowed at all. Anywhere! Does that work for you? You also assume that drones will be everywhere if people are allowed to fly them. Can you provide the evidence that would support that assumption? In a country with more than 300,000,000 people less than .5% have actually seen a drone fly in person let alone flown one. It’s just not the problem your making it out to be. Would there be the occasional drone that disturbs your tranquility? Sure, so what! Does your right for peace and quite out weight my right to make noise? Laws and restrictions are not the way to solve these issues. I have a civil right to operate a drone and people have to justify the restriction of my rights with something more that wild ass speculation. The PROBLEMS that drones represent have not materialized anywhere near the scale on which they’ve been reported. Here’s a thought, how about we put some common sense guidelines out, not that you can’t fly in a national park but if your going to here’s some things you should do to be considerate of others and let’s see what happens. One of us would be surprised. If it becomes a “real” problem then regulate it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want drones, or motorcycles, Motorhomes, climbers, fishermen, hunters, hikers, horses, mountain bikes, airplanes, cell phones, cars, people, radios, tent trailers, campgrounds, boats, obnoxious children, or anything else to disturb your quiet time with nature. But do you get to decide where that line is drawn? Where will you draw it? Also, you can hear a motorcycle at the entrance of the park at half dome.
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    No use of drones in National Parks

    The Park Service isn't really equipped to issue and enforce permits for much of anything. Thier way of dealing with drones is to just ban them outright. A better strategy might be to issue some common sense guidelines and trust the operators to do the right thing. Despite the short-sighted regulatory GEO-Fencing and UTM proposals/policies, it seems to be working the overwhelming majority of the time. There are not the wholesale invasion of privacy issues, mid-air collisions, deaths or serious injury resulting from civil drone use that justify the level of restrictions. Yes, there's the possibility that some idiot with a drone will fly to close to someone climbing Half-Dome to get that great YouTube shot that could cause a climber to fall. YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK — Two rock climbers were killed when they were struck by lightning atop famed Half Dome here, park officials said Sunday. Three others were injured, two of them critically. Two climbers didn't survive a fall in Yosemite National Park, according to the National Park Service. They fell while climbing the Freeblast Route on El Capitan inside the park Saturday morning. Not that sound judgment and common sense have much to do with regulating stuff...
  7. Av8Chuck

    No use of drones in National Parks

    Becuase of short sited pinheads... Sure, but it's OK to fly ultralights and ride Harleys through Yosemite Valley... As you mentioned, these parks are incredibly beautiful natural resources that everyone should have access too. Unfortunately, for a lot of reasons that isn't possible. Ansel Adams would not be allowed to photograph Yosemite today the way he did nearly 100 years ago. Where would the Sierra Club be if he hadn't? Would there even be a "Park Service" to restrict drones from flying over?
  8. Av8Chuck

    Is it Legal to Shoot Down a Drone?

    They will if the drone shoots back! Actually, the FAA has been very clear on this. Private property does not extend above your property and the only government agency authorized to regulate it is the FAA. We live in a country where you innocent until proven guilty. It's not up to us to prove we're innocent, it's up to the government to prove your guilt and local municipalities have absolutely NO jurisdiction. Doesn't mean that you won't end up in court if a LEO arrests you. But there is no precedence they will lose. We fly a lot of utility-related missions where we're flying in close proximity to residences. We're not breaking any laws, not spying on people and don't owe anyone an explanation. If someone approaches us if their friendly I'm friendly if they're not then I tell them to call the police and the police will kindly tell them to leave us alone.
  9. Av8Chuck

    DroneBase, too early I think?

    I don't have time to read this entire thread, I've kind of avoided it but its longevity kind of indicates those that believed much of the hype of these sorts of companies and those that didn't. It's as important to point out what's not working in this industry as it is to point out what is. Also, keep in mind that droners.io and Dronebase (I think) were purchased by PrecisionHawk. This was part of a $100M series-D funding, this added to an already great story for investors. It has little to do with the quality of their products or services. When these types of M/A take place, customer service is generally the first casualty, followed by a lack of truth in advertising and then really heavy spin in a market where the hyperbole is so thick you can walk on it. This type of employment service can certainly help individuals make some extra money. You'll hear stories about a few industrious types who manage to make a comfortable living. Chances are they would have without it. If people aren't willing to invest a great deal of time, money and effort then they shouldn't expect any of these online agencies to get them work regardless of what they claim. Your response might not have been what I was looking for either, but it certainly is what I expected. Hopefully, this experience doesn't dissuade you from making a living as a drone operator if that's what you want to do.
  10. Av8Chuck

    Drones replacing fireworks

    Intel can.
  11. Av8Chuck

    UAV to survey disused rail line

    Sorry, except work with DJI.
  12. Av8Chuck

    UAV to survey disused rail line

    MissionPlanner is the most difficult to use but its the best GC available. You can make it do anything.
  13. Av8Chuck

    CES 2018 New Drones

    What does GoPro have to do with Autel? Just to play devil's advocate (its what I do..). How many GoPro's do you think have been sold compared to how many DJI drones? There have been approximately 5M GoPros sold since 2014 my guess would be less than half of that for DJI. At the consumer level, I don't think GoPro considers it the "Drone" market, it's the YouTube market where they dominate.
  14. Av8Chuck

    H520 for mapping better than P4P?

    He’s mostly correct but he sure conflates the issues. A mechanical shutter is not a global shutter, having said that it is much better than a rolling shutter. Also, just because a camera uses the same sensor that fact alone does not make the cameras the same. If he wanted a better comparison then he should evaluate the drone, camera, mission planning, and post processing separately and then devise a test that gets the best out of each configuration, not necessarily plan each mission the same for an easier comparison. Even so, he did put some thought into his comparison and presented it well. Ultimately what’s important is the quality of the model.
  15. Unfortunately, not exactly accurate. When this regulatory mess started in 2012 the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department teamed up with California Association of Realtors and posted rules governing the use of drones in real estate marketing. Obviously, they didn't actually have the authority to do that but an unintended consequence was that along with LA Film Commision they started requiring real estate photographers to get permits. And that's how it still is. Is it being enforced? Yeah, more than Part 107. Never underestimate the power of unions and associations like the CAR and LA Film in California...
  16. Av8Chuck

    Need Everyone's Opinion

    My point is that if you have a good work ethic and follow the rules then show examples of how you accomplished it legally and lead by example. Unless you were there or have first-hand knowledge how can you possibly know what altitude those were shot at and if they were directly over traffic? Its very easy to move a drone ten feet from the road, take a shot from 200 feet and then adjust the lens distortion in Lightroom and make the camera appear to be over the centerline. Google forced perspective. I have no idea that they did that and you have no idea that they didn't. What's a safe distance from the road, five feet? Ten feet? 100 feet? what's the rule? Also: Why do you think its luck? Rules don't make you safe, they're a nomenclature, a starting point so that everyone involved knows what to expect. A safe operator is someone who takes the rules into account to mitigate risk, its not someone who religiously follows them. Especially rules developed by people who likely have never seen a drone let alone operated one in a commercial application. I'm not calling the rules themselves into question, but I think the safety record of the commercial UAV industry over the past 10 years has nothing to do with luck and more to do with the fact that the overwhelming number of commercial operators take the responsibility for safety way more seriously than the people who created the rules. So what kind of drone do you fly commercially? Is it quad? If so, how safe are you? There's absolutely no hardware redundancy on a quad. If a motor, prop, or ESC fails the drone crashes and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Right? So forget the rules for a moment, where's the indignation regarding the safety of the hardware and software?
  17. Av8Chuck

    Drone photography to promote my plant nursery

    How long have you been in business? I doubt that any respectable agency would recommend simply using drone footage to promote your business. They might suggest drone footage as something that might help your customers see your business from a different perspective as part of a campaign to promote your business but if they did you left that out of your post. If your question is video a good medium for promoting your business, well yes. You do have indoor plumbing in Toronto?
  18. Av8Chuck

    Need Everyone's Opinion

    This type of thread comes up way too often. People dissecting shots from a drone that they generally don’t have any first hand knowledge how it was done questioning the safety and legality of the operator. How about you go out shoot your own work, post the results here for others to see as an example of how it should be done. How about using drones in ways that inspire others to do the same. Theres a saying “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Those that can do niether do social media!” So should the pictures in that article make you cringe? No.
  19. It’s preety hard to imagine why any professional would purchase a drone that can’t be flown safely in temperatures above 85 degrees, in winds above 25 knots and be restricted from flying anywhere you chose to fly?
  20. Av8Chuck

    Getting your name out there as a freelancer

    I would say this industry is full of people who buy a Phantom and all they have is cold call selling ability. Which is why the vast majority of them fail. The drone industry is the ultimate millennial “fake-it-till-you-make-it” business where operators claim to know everything but actually don’t have any real experience at much of anything. There’s really not much skill required to fly a drone so the barrier to entry is so low that people seem to think you buy a drone with a camera, get your Part107 certificate, hang out a shingle and your in business. Then they wonder why they don’t make any money. It’s becuase your not worth anything no matter how good a sales person you are.
  21. Av8Chuck

    LAANC - is it working for you?

    We just tried LAX and it’s not working.
  22. Av8Chuck

    No place to fly!

    Its next to impossible to determine how much space there is to fly from the graphic you posted without knowing the scale. It's probably not nearly as bad as it appears. Its the same in Southern California and there's plenty of places to fly. Trouble is in CA there are more bleeding heart idiots who make it there business to tell others where they can and can't fly, what brand of clothing they should wear, where they should send their kids to school etc.. If anyone walked into my backyard to tell me I couldn't fly there they'd have other things to worry about and would be digging the rock salt out of their butt for the next month. I think you're over complicating it.
  23. Av8Chuck

    Is there such a thing as R5002G?

    "FL" Flight levels start at 18,000 feet: Flight levels are assigned a number which is the apparent altitude ("pressure altitude") to the nearest thousand feet, divided by one hundred. Therefore an apparent altitude of 18,000 feet is referred to as Flight Level 180. I don't think you can violate that restricted airspace if you tried.
  24. Av8Chuck

    Seeking a new perspective..

    I've always considered this forum was more for professional operators, doesn't mean that hobbyists aren't welcome but the questions trend more towards how you do this professionally rather than what drone to get or motor works best etc.. Depending on the elevation and the terrain it would be rather straightforward to use a multirotor to capture enough images for a DEM for drainage and a detailed map. We took a look into dirigibles but they proved to be too expensive. The cost of the gas that has to be consistently recharged, the volume necessary to lift anything larger than a GoPro, and the vehicle and storage where logistics we just didn't want to deal with. There are a lot of hobby forums like RCGroups, and DIY forums to check out. Most people here are willing to help but its not as trafficked as some other sites. Welcome to the forum.
  25. Av8Chuck

    CES 2018 New Drones

    Taking orders and delivering are two different things. I wish them luck.