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    Drone pilot

    Welcome to the forum. Where are you located?
  2. Probably the place to start, at least it should be the place that provides the most valuable advice would be with the farmers you hope to serve. The real issue is not the drone but what information farmers need and are willing to pay for. The answer to that question will help determine which sensor you need and in turn answer what drone you need to fly it.
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    Hello my name is Victor

    Great question. Not that I’m aware of but there must be a place. Let us know what you find.
  4. Av8Chuck

    Asked to fly Pro Am Golf Tournament

    Have you ever done this sort of thing before? It really depends on your experience. There should be a ton of places at a golf coarse where you could fly safely without a 107.39 waiver. It would be much easier and safer if you had a two person setup, one flying the other controlling the camera . Sounds like fun.
  5. Av8Chuck

    Where to go from a license

    Anyone who tells you that if you buy an expensive drone you’ll be ahead of the curve either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or trying to sell you an expensive drone. By the way, to get a DJI thermal drone that can provide data you can charge for is more like $22K. Now if you buy one of those from ME, then you’ll be ahead of the curve...(I jest, therefore I am) That’s some sage advice from @Alan Perlman, figure out what problem you’d like to solve, determine the value of solving that problem — that can often be really difficult, sometimes you have to go with informed intuition, and then see if you can find people willing to pay for this service. You don’t necessarily have to even own a drone to figure that out, it makes it more challenging to qualify the opportunity, be skeptical of people who say their willing to pay for something before they have skin in the game. Regarding working with utilities, for most utilities you have to be certified, have a security clearance, a boat load of acceptable insurance, acceptable to them, not you, before you can even walk onto their property. You might be better off finding an engineering firm that is a prime contractor to utilities and sub contract your drone services to them. It’s still an arduous process to get certified but they become your sponsor with the utilities and help the utility define the requirements and hopefully help you meet them. I’m not telling you this to discourage you from trying this, quite the opposite. I don’t think there’s anything more discouraging than spending money on technology only to find that you had no hope of accomplishing what you wanted to do because you didn’t understand what would be required. The need for this type of work is growing, so there’s opportunity you just need to get yourself in position to be a part of it. That DOES NOT require you to purchase a drone and then figure it out. Something else to keep in mind, this is where people get mad at my advice, on August 2 of last year the US Army banned DJI, two thirds of the civil infrastructure in the US is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. Eventually, you won’t be able to get certified, get a security clearance, or insurance to scan infrastructure. Power utilities are considers part of our “critical” infristructure and they are beginning to take security much more seriously.
  6. Av8Chuck

    Hello my name is Jim S

    Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of people trying to do what your hoping to accomplish. This forum has good examples of work and relevant discussions on how to accomplish it. The more you share about your experiences and what’s worked and what hasn’t the better the dialog and the more you’ll get out of this forum. The key is “doing!”
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    can i get help please

    Usually if the drone yaws uncontrollably the motors are not connected to the flight controller in the right order.
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    Is FlyGuys a SCAM? Are you a Fly Guy?

    Although I wouldn’t necessarily categorize this as a scam I doubt there’s any value to most of these services. There might be value and opportunity in services that are focused on a particular niche of a market. PrecisionHawk just purchased two of these types of services focused on agriculture. Any reputable “drone” employment website will likely be purchased by an industry leader, like what just happened with PrecisiinHawk, or by a more traditional job site. Also there will probably be more listings on more traditional job sites like indeed and glass ceiling etc.. It’s definitely buyer beware. If services like this are hyping job opportunities in the same way drones have been hyped over the past couple of years, I’d stay away from them.
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    The Village (Cinematic Short)

    Nicely done. It was a bit dark but I'm sure that was the look you were going for. The exposure and grading were very even, Congratulations.
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    SUSBEXPO 2018

    Huh? sUBS Small Unmanned Business Systems kind of rolls off the tongue a bit better. But I guess that could be confused with small United Bank of Scotland...
  11. Av8Chuck

    SUSBEXPO 2018

    What’s an sUSB? Like a UAV but one letter on the keyboard off?
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    @Air One I’m sorry to hear about your experience.
  13. Av8Chuck


    Sometimes I actually feel bad or guilty for what I write. I’d like to believe that the folks at Skyview HD believed that they had figured out a good model and their intentions where honest. But there’s a certain amount of group think happening in this industry, if anyone questions the prerogatives of companies like DJI, AirMap, DroneDeploy or even the FAA you get labeled as a troll. It’s a bit like the mid 90’s when everyone spoke out against land mines, if you said anything about any of the stupid things being said at all the benifit concerts you were an anarchists. But was anyone FOR landmines? Anyway, I think that even if Skyview HD’s intentions were good they should have known better, but since there’s really very little dessenting debate about the policies of the companies influencing this industry, maybe they didn’t know.
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    It gets to me too. But when I mention my concerns I’m often critisized for “causing controversy, having an agenda, etc. it’s really getting old - so am I so I’m becoming less politically correct in my assessment. Sure, there are a lot of people desperate to hang out a shingle and claim their professionals and yes there’s a lot of opportunity to make money with drones. Consider the work, companies need actionable information to make all kinds of decisions about all kinds of things. Look at the things they need to inspect and the consequences of making the wrong decisions! Does anyone have any idea how much a cell tower costs to construct? The engineering that goes into it? The value of the equipment on it? What it takes to install and repair the equipment etc.? They are expensive little engineering marvels. Does anyone honestly believe that data collected for $100 with a toy drone was going to meet the needs of cell tower owners? What did you think was going to happen, they were going to give you a company truck, a credit card and pay for your room and food? Did you honestly think you could scan eight towers a day? When was the last time you even saw eight towers in a day? There’s approximately 250,000 cell towers in the US (I have no idea if that’s correct, just a number that’s been floated out there) how big is the US? It’s not like the cell towers are next door to each other. if you thnk these guys are a-holes what do you think Crown Castle or American tower thinks of them? It’s true cell tower owners don’t want to pay much for inspections but as long as people keep buying drones at Bestbuy and showing up at their door willing to practically pay them for the chance to inspect for them and jerks with websites continue to run scams like this why should they pay more? Why should they change? I’ll tell you why it will change. Has anyone else noticed how crappy cell service has been getting over the past couple of years at the same time the phones are supposedly getting better? It will start to change when those responsible for the uptime reliability start getting fired for decisions based on data collected by toy drones by people stupid enough to attend these seminars. I realize that’s a harsh criticism, however remember, I’m old And my bark is worse than my bite. @Air One I’m sure you realize how stupid a mistake attending that seminar was but by going public with your experience demonstrates that your have a lot of integrity and your not ashamed of your mistakes. I’m bitter about your experience because I’ve made the same mistake. But I’m angry because I tried to warn others and was critisized for the warning. This is going to be a very competitive industry, but it can be very lucrative if people would stop, use a little common sense and focus on figuring out how to use drones to collect actionable data to solve a real world problem. For those that continue to think you can buy a $1000 drone and use a cell phone app to make critical business decisions well your going to be separated from the herd and starve to death... sorry if I invaded anyone’s safe space.
  15. Av8Chuck

    AirMap: Not for the drone industry

    This is an interesting article. Even if commercial operators aren't interested in the politics surrounding this industry, they just don't want to deal with the drama, but are planning to invest a lot of time, money and energy building a business in this sector, they really owe it to themselves to at least understand the issues and what the motivations are behind those that are politically influencing the regulations. Gregory McNeal, Brandon Schulman and others are doing all they can to use our laws to regulate out competition. If you want to feed your family in this industry then you should be aware of how and why they are doing it. It IS going to effect commercial operators whether they get involved or not.
  16. And marketing strategies are important for photo retouchers too.. do you work for Beatcoler and is UAVCoach.com a part of your strategy? It’s ok if it is, although photography is a part of why most people fly drones this isn’t a photography focused forum. Aside from the articles you’ve posted, If you work for Beatcolor you might consider explaining what services you offer, why use your services over your competition, and offering discounts to your services. If you don’t work for Beatcolor or I’ve missed the introduction then I apologize.
  17. One of the many issues with RE photography is in how you define “professional.” It’s very subjective and isn’t defined by the equipment you use. I think that individuals that make a living doing this type of work probably have to do a lot more than just take pictures to be profitable. They usually have to develop a look or a process for working with agents that differentiates their services so they can charge enough to make a living. Companies that can take advantage of their economies of scale can make it on volume. But this kind of photography isn’t that easy to scale and the quality will suffer. Another issue in the RE market is that most realtors don’t care about quality and this article doesn’t make much of a case, certainly not one realtors haven’t heard before, about why they should.
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    How do you like R14? How does it compare to the previous version?
  19. I’m not sure what’s included in it currently so it’s difficult to make suggestions. Do you have any ideas of what you’d like to add? If you shared those maybe people who are knowledgeable about post production but haven’t taken the coarse could give you some constructive criticism or new ideas.
  20. Av8Chuck

    Max Altitude Over Tree Canopy?

    I can’t imagine the FAA would carve out a regional implementation of the rule. Regarding the height above trees, I believe the reason for allowing a drone to fly 400’ above a structure is becuase manned aviation is expected to stay 500’ from any man made object or person. That doesn’t apply to trees, unless there’s some one climbing it I guess.. So if everyone follows the rules there’s still separation between aircraft.
  21. It was interesting in the second link how they wouldn’t let him bring his drone in and he could rent or purchase one and fly that but he couldn’t take his drone in and he could up pick his drone on the way out.
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    Welcome to the forum. There’s a good real estate and cinematography section with lots of examples of real estate videos. This forum is focused more on the professional than the beginner. Everyone who passes the 107 or has a 333 can become a commercial operator. I bring this up because professionals tend to focus more on the application of the drone than the drone itself. So in context of that, do you photograph or produce your own property videos or stills?
  23. Av8Chuck

    FAA CoA

    I'd be interested in the process you go through to get your COA as well. We are scanning power substation in California, there are approximately 2500 of them and they're often in close proximity to airports having to apply for waivers one at a time is a deal breaker for the utilities. We'd like to be able to accomplish this in out lifetime.