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    LAANC - is it working for you?

    Not only that, its a free webinar and they restrict it to 1000 people, not even a 1000 down sites where you could have many people attending. Obviously they're mostly sold out. Add to that they're taking four months to disseminate probably four hours of information.
  2. Av8Chuck

    Mapping/DSM model for river studies

    So what is your question? You say this: But then say this: Which is it? You either need accurate data or you don't. The drone doesn't care what the data is used for. The more accurate the data the more value the data has.
  3. I think the military would prefer to do business with US manufacturers but It’s more complicated than that and I don’t think that’s the intent of this ban. Everything can be hacked, so cyber security is more an issue of degree. But there are a couple of issues that brought about that ban: is the implementation of DJI’s policy malicious or were they just ignorant? When the Army ban happened they probably believed DJI was ignorant, but since then DJI has continued the policies that led to this decision in the first place so I’m guessing they now believe it is intentional. so how does GEO Fencing work? When DJI first implemented the functionality, drones would report their location to other DJI operators in the area to encourage the community to fly together. Ok if your a hobbyist but this demonstrated a functionality that is very problematic for secure commercial missions. The issue is not the data that the drone is collecting but the data that is collected about where and when the drone is flying. So you know how you get these messeges that part or all of your firmware needs to be upgraded? According to who and how do they know? So so if you think about this in it’s entirety, you have a foreign national company that has proven over time that they can’t be trusted and are unwilling (or unable) to comply with US officials regarding the cyber security threat, poor decisions on the execution of their technology policies with the requirement to continually update firmware and their seemingly complete contempt for the needs of commercial operators and what to get is this ban. If the military were to continue using DJI and for any reason, trade embargo, territorial conflict, whatever, what prevents DJI from just turning off all of their drones? In effect that’s what their doing to commercial operators! So I think this ban is a suspension of operations until they can determine a secure methodology for certifying what’s an acceptable COTS drone. Regarding the Pixhawk2, Hex66 is the driving force behind its production which I believe is a Chinese company with offices in Taiwan. The certification will probably not only look into the technology but also its pedigree and manufacturing which will most likely relegate the Pixhawk2 to the consumer market.
  4. Nothing to do with Starbucks but more his explainatiin of how the expectation of “safety first” leads to elevating safety and feelings to a level of primacy. “‘Safety always’ would be a delightful bromide, a wise platitude. ‘Safety first’ is the stuff of idiocy. It allows us to begin to believe that somebody other than us might care more about our well being than we do.” That is the thinking that not only guided DJI to impliment their rediculous policy for GEO Fencing but it’s also driving the regulatory mindset for this industry. It’s whats leading the FAA to over regulation.
  5. Av8Chuck

    Compass Calibration

    The need to recalibrate has to do with many things, one of them is magnetic declination. If there are no other issues we routinely travel up to 400 miles without calibrating. Most of that distance is north to south. For one job we traveled from California to Coasta RICO for three weeks and never did a compass calibration.
  6. Av8Chuck

    New addict

    What do you have now? My wife has a rule, I can spend all the money I want on drones as long as I can make enough money with the drone to pay for it. That’s actually how I started my business. I started selling a couple of quads a week for about $1500 each and a couple hundred drones later now I sell drones for as much as $45000 each. It’s certianly something that is addicting.
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    New Member in Washington State

    Good luck.
  8. Av8Chuck

    Videos that fly over houses

    Where are you located? There are different rules that apply in different parts of the World. Not sure of the rule here in the US, I guess I should be...
  9. Av8Chuck

    DJI Agras Mg-1S

    Where are you located? I couldn’t find your website?
  10. Av8Chuck

    New Member From Southeast Louisiana

    Welcome @BenB. If you look at most of the major legislation and companies proposing GEO Fencing and the like, it’s all being driven by attorneys who in the early days tried to position themselves as the experts. Brandan Schullmam at DJI and Greg McNeal at AirMap to mention a few.
  11. Av8Chuck

    Broadcast Tower Inspection

    Sorry @Helo, I did not intend to imply that what your off to do is a scam. Only pointed out other people’s experiences with services that might be considered scams and that this sort of work requires real application engineering that your not likely to get in off the shelf drones. Also, your fast, I was re-editing my post when you replied. I’m certainly open to discussing this on the phone. PM a number and time I can call you. What time zone are you in?
  12. Av8Chuck

    Broadcast Tower Inspection

    There’s been a lot of discussion about websites popping up that offer to broker work between the owners of drones and cell towers. The opinion of people who’ve actually tried this is that it’s a total scam. You might check out the threads on this and other forums. I have never used that kind of service not have I scanned a broadcast tower but have scanned cell towers for American Tower and Crown Castle. A lot of drone operators don’t know the difference between inspecting a tower and surveying a tower and seem to think that all you have to do is fly a drone around the tower and point a camera at it. Cell towers can be very complicated, extremely dangerous and the owners generally require a very detailed report. None of which Should be attempted with a Phantom or by anyone who has to ask what happens to a drone that flys in front of a microwave antenna. There are a whole host of risks associated with flying a drone around a tower, from the tower owners perspective frying the electronics on your drone really isn’t high on their list. Not saying that it couldn’t, but that has not happened to us. We have had it interfere with the control of the drone but we have multiple ways that we communicate with the drone and have never had it interfere with all of them at the same time. Doing this type of work is very difficult, especially on a tower that is 1500’ tall! It is next to impossible to fly the drone by hand. Depending on the equipment, not just microwave, there’s a good chance your video downlink will be interrupted. Even if you had the nerve to dumb thumb it what are you going to do when video drops out and your looking straight up, totally disoriented and only feet away from the tower?
  13. Av8Chuck

    Anyone using Titan Cyclone or Atlas antennas?

    This is kind of the other side of the nanny state coin, people seem to assume that just because you can, you will. Just because I have a car that goes 160mph doesn't mean that I'll drive it faster than the posted speed limit. 😎 But like I said, this is a reasonable conclusion to make when you consider how on one hand DJI promotes how far you can control their drones but on the other does everything to prevent responsible people from flying in certain locations with the horrific implementation of GEO Fencing. Although I don't agree with what @AvatarAir said I get why he/she said it. I didn't watch the entire video you linked too, its nice to see someone do such a great job at explaining his theory, however, I stopped watching right after he said that video breakup and freezes are just part of using this technology. Might be true with DJI equipment but not for non DJI equipment. Although I think he might actually get into some of the effects of occlusion in the 2.4 and especially 5.8 bandwidth. We're using both the Connex and a Chinese knock off that I'm sure must be violating some sort of nuclear test band treaty, but up to a range of about 2500ft we're not experiences the kind of issues that are being reported elsewhere about video performance. DJI just needs to fix their screw ups.
  14. sorry @Luke, I read your PM but have not had a chance to reply.
  15. Av8Chuck

    UAS Integration Pilot Program

    Ill have to take another look at Kittyhawk!
  16. Av8Chuck

    UAS Integration Pilot Program

    Sorry @Alan Perlman for not replying sooner, I've been slammed since returning from XPONENTIAL. I saw that @Dave Pitman there's a lot included in his reply and just haven't had the time to watch the video. AirMap started in business as a website that business owners could login, pay a fee to have the airspace above their business to become a TFR. Along with DJI they have clearly been positioning themselves for a "pay-for-play" or user fee model. https://www.uasvision.com/2018/05/14/call-on-us-dod-to-ban-use-of-foreign-drones/ Maybe instead of banning Chinese manufacturers they should just remove them from the FAA's ARC committees and then hopefully Jeppesen will step in and AirMap's unreliable and inaccurate data will fade away.
  17. Av8Chuck

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    Should it be doing that? No. Is it normal for a DJI? Yes!
  18. Av8Chuck

    UAV Coach BONUS Section

    @NickStan you make an interesting point. It never occurred to me that even though UAVCoach forum is affiliated with the class that people might think of this forum strictly in context of the Part107 exam. I've thought about it more as the forum users should go to figure out how to apply their 107..
  19. Av8Chuck

    Non-DJi Drone Setup for Commercial Use

    Chinese drones are becoming quite problematic for DoD and sensitive civil infrastructure projects: https://www.uasvision.com/2018/05/14/call-on-us-dod-to-ban-use-of-foreign-drones/
  20. @MCooogan1 your welcome. I’m old so I tend to just say what I think. Doesn’t make me right but I really do try to help people starting out. I have little patience for people who only care about talking others in doing what they do, there’s too much group think in this industry. If you have any questions about any commercial application of drones don’t hesitate to ask. There are a lot of experienced people on this forum willing to help.
  21. Av8Chuck

    Careers and students.

    Where is your museum? What’s in it for the companies you want to work with?
  22. Part of the reason for posting your final in the forum is for feedback. Trouble is I’m not very kind when it comes to feedback, I’m one of these people who thinks there’s always room for improvement and I’m not claiming I can do better. My feedback is in the following categories: Story Composition and Exposure Editing, pacing and color correction the goal of any property video is to give buyers a reason to first visit the property and then hopefully purchase the property. A property is rarely, if ever sold as a result of a video. To accomplish that you need a hook, a story that captures the “essence,” something unique or possibly the “lifestyle” the property might offer - equestrian, farming, tranquility etc.. Not many property videos accomplish that with a narrative. Here’s an example of a narrative property video. Keep in mind that the small screen is a “closeup” medium” provide establishing shots but get up close and personal with the details, people want to see what your talking about, and the story shoild be about the people, not the property. What about the property will appeal to your target audience. In this example it’s targeted at the equestrian lifestyle: https://www.platinumhd.tv/?c=u7QQlj4VPiY Like I said most videos don’t have a narrative, but even without the words the video has to tell a story and to qualify as a story it has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. You need to lead your audience through the property in a logical way so they gat a sense of what your trying to communicate. You mentioned in your own critique the need to walk the property prior to shooting it. That’s absolutely correct. What struck me about this property was given its proximity to Los Angeles how quiet and peaceful it is so I wanted to communicate the tranquility of the property coming to life and the things the owner would enjoy throughout the day: Regarding composition and exposure, selective focus (DOF), and shadow provides the illusion of depth, makes your image appear more 3D. Trouble is the cameras on off the shelf drones generally shoot flat and if you shoot in the middle of the day then you lose the shadows so your images look very flat and lack depth and therefor lack interest. So you have to shoot around that limitation. Also your better off shooting a half stop underexposed than anything overexposed. When you shoot the wide aerial establishing shot try to include some action like a truck driving down the dusty driveway, then cut to a shot of the same truck on the ground later in the day so the sun shines through the dust. This will establish the size of the property and provide depth making the scene more interesting. It’s not just the length of the shot but also the variety of shots. You need a variety of CU, MCU and wide shots from a variety of points of interest. After shooting flying into the farm, turn the drone around and and reverse the shot entering the farm, shoot the drone leaving the farm. Try to get as many different angles as you can, it gives you more editing options. Dissolves are meant to denote a change in location or time, they really slow down the pacing and interfere with continuity. Dips to black are a change in location, from inside to out for example or your trying to communicate a new thought. Use dissolves and wipes sparingly. In the age of YouTube, shorter is better, if you have a lot to show then the only way to make it shorter is to pick up the pacing. Faster music and predominately cuts only. Also be careful with graphics, @JBR LIFE Photography uses them to great effect, however, people don’t seem to like to read anymore which can slow down the pacing. Video is most effective when it brings together composition, narrative, music, lighting and transitions. Integrating all of these elements can communicate something, a feeling, a sense of purpose much better that any of the constituent parts. When you accomplish that is when you become a good editor.
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    Depends if you want to keep that client as a customer. Yes the photographer owns the copyright, however, if a realtor hires you to shoot more footage of a property than you need, that doesn’t give you the right to use the additional footage in any other production or purpose. Realtors are the worst about this. Most never read or understand the service agreement, but the agency they hired certianly understands the agreement. The first suggestion I have is to never show the “Raw” unedited footage to anyone, if they don’t know that you have it in the first place they don’t know to ask for it.
  24. We haven’t had a “fly away in over three years.” Not only can they be reduced, they can be eliminated on all but the whitest drones...
  25. Av8Chuck

    UAS Integration Pilot Program

    Yep, they’re all drunk. This is how group think works. Airmap is not about empowering small commercial drone operators, it’s more about being used to control access to airspace to restrict small commercial operators.