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    Your probably looking at something like 56” props and about 90KV on at least 12S. Thats just a wild-ass guess on my part looking at drones that can already do this.
  2. Av8Chuck

    UAS Integration Pilot Program

    This is politicians being politicians. It’s the whole UTM thing and just because a proposed solution is the first to market doesn’t mean it’s the right solution. In the case of Kansas they drank the Koolaide and use AirMap. AirMap, and a really big Chinese drone manufacturer are a lot more interested in regulating out competition and these politicians are helping them do it.
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    6 Seconds to Mid-AIR - REAL drone encounters

    Sorry, I only watched the first half so as is often the case my opinion is half baked.. I agree with your comment about the takeaway of this video and am adding to it; if everyone follows the rules and pays attention the likelyhood of a midair collision is very low. It’s certainly unnerving not being able to see a drone in the facinity of an aircraft. Keep in mind that this happens all the time. While VFR flight following I’m often given reports of where an aircraft is in relation to my position and not able to spot them. And that’s when I know where and when the other aircraft is close to the same altitude as me. ATC doesn’t generally report traffic that is more than about two thousand feet above or below. Planes pass within 500 feet of each other all the time, the system is designed for that. Yet if a drone is seen within 500ft of an aircraft people perceive it as a near miss. Many of the ATP’s I’ve spoken with that have claimed to have seen a drone on an approach are largely against drones because they don’t believe they should be there in the first place. Depending on the circumstance, the drone probably should’t be there, but if it’s legally in the airspace it shouldn’t be reported as a near miss either. It would be great if all aircraft could see each other but that just isn’t the reality of it.
  4. That’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one! Now when you crash you’ll get the blue screen of death too...
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    UAS Integration Pilot Program

    We can join the chorus of people breaking their arms patting themselves on their backs or we can have a discussion about what we think this might really mean to our industry.
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    Inspire 2 package for sale

    How much is this package from DJI?
  7. Av8Chuck

    Weather and its impact

    It’s nice to see a company like Jeppesen getting into the commercial drone industry. For those not aware, Jeppesen is the de facto standard in navigational charts and data. Unlike AirMap, Jeppesens maps are timely and accurate. If you want quality data then I recommend taking the survey to help them collect the data they’re asking for and encourage them to become as influential in the sUAS industry as they are in manned aviation.
  8. Av8Chuck

    recording soccer and other sports

    We're getting a lot of Australians signing up. I'm in California but I'm from Geelong. Tethers are more difficult and way ,ore expensive than people think. This tether is $8K USD -- http://bluevigil.com/ There's another tether from France that costs approximately $17K USD. We setup a system for our local college's football team to operate from a golf cart. Here's a video of team practice, the aerial doesn't start until their in pads and none of it was tethered, but this was what convinced them to try using a tethered drone. In The US every practice is divided into five minute blocks of time so the drone has to be able to move from one drill to the next efficiently so you can't land and relaunch. This is harder than you think becuase the drone has to follow the golf cart very accurately. But once we got the follow aspect working well it makes a great system. Hope you like Montrose...
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    New Member - Blawren North TX

    Welcome. What's an FAA certified dispatch license? How did you like your SOLO?
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    recording soccer and other sports

    Where are you located? Probably the best way to accomplish this would be with a tethered drone. Couldn't follow the action up and down the sidelines unless the tether was on a golf cart. Legally I doubt you'd get authorization to fly a drone at a sporting event in the US anyway..
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    The camera on the MAVIC Pro is crap, the camera on the Air appears to be much better. I really like our MAVIC but can't use the footage for anything other than Youtube. We've only had the Air for about a month but I prefer it to the MAVIC Pro. But really all I care about is image quality and stability.
  12. That’s one of, if not the best promotional video for a drone related service I’ve seen. Nice job. Probably the right thing to do but too bad it’s DJI only.
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    Local Drone Laws by U.S. State / Country

    Did I read that correctly? Alan is saying that @Steve Bennett is a sub-par source of information? Just kidding. I know, jokes are meant to be funny. This is really cool! It would be EXTRMELY cool if I were an attorney and I could geek out on it. But since I’m not and don’t understand half of it, it just REALLY cool.
  14. Av8Chuck

    Anyone interested in drone delivery?

    You bring up a couple comments that I think are worth discussing, the notion that drone regulations are catching up and you expect the FAA to authorize drone delivery in a couple of weeks, well that leads me to believe you have a great sense of humor. Especially when you consider it can take six months to get a airspace authorization for things that are already legal. I don’t recall the company, I think it may have been BP who recieved a 333 exemption to fly ONE drone beyond line of sight BLOS to inspect a pipeline in Alaska over four years ago. Since then there’s been countless reports, ARC committees, and a few companies granted a waiver to test with but I don’t believe flying BLOS is that much closer today than it was four years ago. I appreciate your optimism but I think package delivery is at least a decade away, why the BBC would suggest its inevitable in a matter of weeks is irresponsible. [i did not, watch the entire video]. Fortunately the problem your off to solve has more applicability than just delivering packages or even flying BLOS. There’s a need for industrial and infrastructure inspection and there’s already quite a few companies focused on that market segment. Although the ones I’ve seen are ridiculously expensive and impractical. If your solution is aimed at turning toy drones into little flying fedex trucks then it’s hard to imagine a model where you make money. Besides, DJI will let you take the arrows and then just rip you off if it shows any potential for profit and then ruin any chance for a real solution! Good luck with your startup and let us know how it’s going, aside from the sarcasm I’m always interested in what others are trying and how it’s going..
  15. Av8Chuck

    Inspire 2 package for sale

    Hi @Frederick Yahn, @GoneCoastal Is trying to sell his I2, not debate the virtues of one platform over another. If you’d like to debate that topic start another thread, I think you’ll be surprised and probably very dissapointed with the response.
  16. Av8Chuck

    Xponential - AUVSI Denver

    Anyone attending AUVSI in Denver? Exhibits are May 1-3. https://www.xponential.org/xponential2018/public/enter.aspx We have a drone on exhibit in the Pegasus booth so we'll be attending. If you have a chance stop by or let me know ahead of time and we can schedule something. Alan, are you buying breakfast?
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    Xponential - AUVSI Denver

    Thanks @Steve Bennett, I’ll be sure to post it here. I don’t think it returns from the show until Thursday so title probably be the following week before we get back to testing.
  18. Av8Chuck

    Just landed

    Welcome @Merlin8402. I have some experiences with SAR and using drone in emergency response I can share. I’m living in California but I’m from Geelong. We have provided a wide range of services over the past four years, our focus is more on using drone sin civil engineering. here’s a demo reel of some of our missions. Feel free to ask any questions about the applications, costs and logistics for deploying drones for emergency services. There’s quite a few people on this forum willing to engage in a useful discussion about this sort of thing.
  19. Why should commercial operators need help from attorneys to do our jobs?
  20. Av8Chuck

    Non-DJi Drone Setup for Commercial Use

    @RCopp unfortunately like just about all other professions getting into professional equipment generally costs more. The more people understand what it takes to get the required level of accuracy the price, size and performance of the sensors is only going to get bigger. The investment in these sensors can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, do you really want to take the risk with a drone manufactured by a Chinese toy drone manufacturer? There are several reasons for the increasing pressure to use non-DJI equipment and the cyber security issue is only one of them. Customers are getting educated to this as well and are starting to compensate more appropriately. I'd appreciate any feedback about the following data sheet we'll be providing at the booth: (I think)...
  21. Av8Chuck

    Non-DJi Drone Setup for Commercial Use

    Where are you located? We develop a great drone that is quickly becoming a solid alternative to DJI. At the moment we're not selling them to the public. We're a small company and being consumed by projects for the Navy. We do have the capacity to support companies that know what their doing and are reasonably close to us. I don't have product shots on my laptop but if you look around this site you'll see our most recent hybrid drone: And here are some videos showing what we do and some of our drones. This one was kind of tongue-n-cheek for some VC: This one shows some flight testing, we can carry from 12 pounds AUW to 48 pounds AUW with our Y6's. I posted about the US Army ban on this forum and was telling people then the unintended consequences.
  22. Av8Chuck

    Flyaway problems

    That’s not really true anymore. We haven’t had a “flyaway” in more than three years and we put drones directly in front of microwave and cell towers, over 640KV substations, fly to and from large and small ships etc.. you cant take a DJI off the hood of a car without getting a compass error.
  23. Av8Chuck

    New Member Intro

    Welcome to the forum.
  24. Av8Chuck

    Flyaway problems

    It kind of depends on how you define “flyaway.” Transient magnetic disturbances can cause loss of communication and induce heading errors, both can trigger your drones failsafe. How you have your failsafe set will determine whether the drone “fly’s away.” If it entered failsafe because of an issue with GPS and failsafe is set to RTH then it doesn’t know where home is and just flys in an arbitrary direction. You think it’s flying away, it thinks it headed home and your both wrong... We set our failsafe to hover in place. If it’s a GPS issue it will not hold position well, depending on wind, but more often than not we Still have good communications and can takeover control of the drone in a different flight mode and fly it back. If it went into failsafe because of loss of communication it will hold position and we can move closer to the drone to reestablish comms or log into it with a computer and tell it to land.
  25. Av8Chuck

    Xponential - AUVSI Denver

    We’ve tested the individual components but not the completed drone so we don’t have the all the specs yet. We decided to hold off comprehensive flight testing until after the trade show. Here’s what we know: empty weight 28 pounds. Power is a 12S system Generator produces up to 4000 watts Its driven by 70cc fuel injected engine its electric start and can be started in flight the drone consumes approximately 2200 watts of power at hover without payload The motors are 110KV with 27.5” props Its much quieter than the previous version Here’s what we think: max payload with full fuel at 50% throttle should be 10 pounds it should fly with an AUW of 43-47 pounds for about 2.5 hours, at the moment we’re just saying 43 @ 2+ hours It will have comprehensive telemetry integrated with the flight controller telemetry the people at Pegusus, the company that developed the generator really know what they’re doing. So far the generator has performed as advertised and there’s no reason to expect the the improvements their making won’t not to meet the desired performance This drone may not look as “sexy” or “finished” as some other drones, but as far as we know it’s one of the few hybrid electric/gas drones that can lift enough to be useful for a reasonable amount of time safely. Once we have some flight time on it and we lock down the design we’ll start replacing parts manufactured with lighter materials and can probably shed a pound or two. We might also add a skin to make it more weather resistance.