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    First racing drone - Need help! :)

    Unless the flight controller has a power distribution board a BEC is a Battery Eliminator Circuit and its where the flight controller gets its power. The FC usually only take 5.5 volts. Most ESC's have one built in so the flight controller receives power from the ESC's red signal wire. Its recommended to power the FC with only one signal wire and that you cut the red signal wire from the other ESC's to avoid ground loop issues. The nice things about the BEC being a part of the ESC is that it doesn't take up real estate on your drone. You can also get a separate BEC to regulate the power for your controller. Many of the better ESC's are OPTO which means the power used to drive the motor is electrically isolated from the power used for the flight controller.
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    I had a recent business trip to Singapore. I took a MAVIC and was hoping to fly there but I didn't have the time and when I did, it was raining. Singapore is kind of an adult Disneyland. Its a beautiful place, everywhere you look its a Kodak moment. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time to film but I did the best with the time I had.
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    Greetings from the Hudson Valley

    I didn't watch too many of the videos on this site, but these two produce really high quality work. If their advice is half as good as their productions... Thanks for sharing.
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    Part 107 Renewals

    What's the bet they don't have a plan in place before the current certificates expire? They'll just tell us to do it again and happily separate us from another $150...
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    Apparently no one on this forum has flown in Singapore or was willing to share their experience. Unfortunately I can be added to the list of people who have not flown in Singapore! I went their on business and just didn't have the time and on the few rare occasions where I thought about launching it was raining. Nevertheless, I take a camera everywhere I go and shoot as much as I can. Singapore is a bit like an adult Disneyland, If you've never been to Singapore you should add it to your bucket list.
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    Anyone on here from Singapore? I’m heading there next week and would like some advice on interesting things to see, do and stay.
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    I like your style.
  8. Av8Chuck

    Hydro Magic

    It’s nice to see something different. Well done.
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    Clearwater Harbor Marina

    Actually the best advice to give is to just keep doing it.
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    Clearwater Harbor Marina

    Nice work. Liked the transitions, edited well to the music, overall color looks good. If you want to amp up the energy not only do you need a broader variety of shots but also a variety of different types of shots. I would have liked to have seen some medium close ups of the boats in the marina, fly under the bridge, a reveal of the harbor from around the hotel or large building close to the marina, and the occasional "crane" shot - up and over something. Your flying was great but DJI gimbals suffer from crooked horizon syndrome, it usually happens when yawing and you had some of it as well. Not a lot you can do about it on the drone but you can pan and scan it level a bit in post. Thanks for sharing
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    LAANC Thoughts

    Kind of like the old SNL skit "Deep Thoughts" only different. I have to scan this Substation: https://www.google.com/maps/place/9615+S+Central+Ave,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90002/@33.8738007,-118.390317,12.53z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c2c98246c4de11:0x4c66e280052a9aa4!8m2!3d33.948839!4d-118.2545479 Here's the :AANC Directory: https://faa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=9c2e4406710048e19806ebf6a06754ad This is the 6th station located close to airports in the last three months. It apperas to be approximately 9 miles off the approach end of LAX so I'm not sure why the altitude is restricted to 0 that far out. Interestingly when this has happened before we just use a 3500 pound manned helicopter because that doesn't require any permission or waiver to fly. But as you can see this station is surrounded by houses and I'd like to be considerate and not use a manned aircraft - but what choice do I have. We have hundreds of substations to scan and more and more they are in areas like this. The need for these scans is not going away because of FAA regulations and we can get around the regulations by using manned aircraft but that doesn't make any sense when taking into account the noise, safety, costs, just general impact on the neighbors etc. Curious what you guys think. I'm guessing we'll have to go down the 333 route to get a waiver for us to be able to fly in circumstances like this.
  12. Av8Chuck

    LAANC Thoughts

    That made me laugh until I started thinking about the absurdity of the rules. since I'm outside of five miles I don't even have to contact ATC.
  13. I don’t have a lot of time to reply but this is a topic but I’m both very interested in and have some experience with it. first regarding DJI, they have been banned by the Army and although that ban has not extended officially to the Coastguard it will. Along with the Coastguard We’re currently a part of Coastal Trident and although finding an alternative to DJI is NOT a part of the exercise it’s certainly something people are talking about. you definitely need something that can takeoff and land in the water. We used a Phantom as part of an ocean project and it lasted 10 minutes. Any environment on the ocean is a very demanding one and you need to be able to fly it, hose it off and put it away wet. The SplashDrone is a good drone to get your feet wet, but is not likely going to be the right choice for the type of missions. It’s small with limited space for batteries and doesn’t lift much.
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    Radio Tower Modelling

    There's a bit of a difference between 3D surveys and 2D video inspections. 3D models, generally produced with Photogrammetry. LiDAR or both become three dimensional relational databases where a lot of meta data can be appended to the model so the owner of the tower can simply click on any part of the model and get the born-on-date, installation, who installed it, warranty information etc. Video inspections are real time that can provide some high resolution imagery and help determine what if any additional inspection is required. I'm not sure which is better, depends on how people want to use them. Although I doubt Crown Castle or American Tower are willing to pay enough to make it a profitable business.
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    Drones with up to 2 hours of flight wo a charge

    What did you decide on?
  16. Av8Chuck

    FAA part 107 class and cert at conference

    There must be something like that available, but if there is I have not come across it, and if there isn't I wonder why? Its a good idea, they have accelerated classes for IFR, commercial and multi-engine manned ratings but they're pretty intense and expensive.
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    This topic is coming up more often lately, which is a good thing. Two years ago it was probably good enough to teach people how to build and fly drones, today I don't think that's the case anymore. As the commercial UAV industry is beginning to get some traction the application of the drone is a lot more important than being able to fly it. Managing young students expectations and their desire to fly drones and commercial operators need to have knowledgeable employees on the application of drones can be a tough thing to balance. It also depends on how long do you have access to the students? That would help determine what you tried to accomplish. The program we support spends half of the first year teaching primary flight and Part107 and the second half of the year the different applications. For students who stay for a second year they start working on the practical application of drones, survey's, DEM, 3D Photogrammetry, LiDAR etc. Its not that your late to the game, your not, but there have been quite a few before you with the same request for resources. We've provided something like 15 different DJI drones to various programs. Also you can use much less expensive smaller drones inside to teach manual dexterity of primary flight. Here's the program that we support: Interestingly the idea of starting a club is often talked about but its something that has not happened. Here's a typical flying day: Finding a commercial operator in your area willing to support your program with resources is important, but I think its more important to find the right partners that can provide opportunity. The more younger people are exposed to the application of drones the more likely they are to get an entry level position in a company like mine. Where are you located?
  18. Av8Chuck

    Drone crash at Apple Park

    I agree and don't believe they necessarily violated Part107, however they did use Apple Park as part of their promotional video, that would be a trademark infringement if they were trying to imply that Apple endorsed their work. My guess is that Apple gave them permission either directly or through a prime contractor. I can't imagine they would use a customers footage without permission. Pretty nice facility.
  19. I don't do many property videos. I recently agreed to shoot one for a neighbor. I think its a fascinating business and would be really challenging to do it well, profitably. I'm not sure I could accomplish that. I'm posting these for several reasons, I'm proud of the work we do, I'm interested in what others think, and probably most importantly I'd like to start a thread where people don't simply criticize but share their experiences so that as a community we can figure out better, more economical ways to produce this sort of video. There more to this challenge than just the drone, photography, cinematography, color correcting, editing and delivering. So there's ample opportunity to discuss technique etc.. This is the latest, this house hasn't been lived in for quite some time and it is mostly empty, so it was a challenge to make it look interesting. Because I did this for a friend, I experimented a bit with different camera's and drones. For the aerial I used a GH4, Autel and a MAVIC. I'll leave it to you to see if you can determine which is which. On the ground I used a Canon 5D3 and Panasonic GH4. This was my sisters house from four years ago. This is my first property video. What started me thinking about this thread was this: https://platinumhd.tv/?c=aa5b43e44f If your into producing property videos you should really check out their Showcase, they do some amazing property videos. Also. here's an interesting Blog/resource for photographers trying to make a go of producing property videos: http://photographyforrealestate.net/ Hopefully those interested in learning and sharing ideas how to build a business in real estate will provide feedback and insights on how your doing. Also, I don't produce property videos for a living. Occasionally I have the opportunity to shoot them and thought I would share my thoughts and experience. I have no agenda, I'm not selling these properties or anything else. If people want to talk honestly about what works, what doesn't and what can be improved then lets make this a thread for that kind of discussion.
  20. this was the rough edit of my first property video. Someone from an equine website sent this to me asking questions about it. I had totally forgotten about this version, it’s interesting how these videos make the rounds..
  21. I don't actually care for the controversy, nor did I create it. You might not like it but: Is a quote from the link you posted. There are no rules pertaining to hobbyists in Part107, and Rule 336 spells it out. I'm not suggesting that hobbyists do the things they are debating in other forums, but what I am saying is that's the reason for the debate. There are no rules for hobbyists. Clearly Rule 336 recommends that hobbyists follow the AMA "community-based Guidelines." The AMA does not have the authority to promulgate rules - they are a club, not a government agency. A lot of people are conflating Part107, Rule333 and Rule336 and as long as this continues it will be increasingly difficult to get things like quality commercial Liability insurance etc..
  22. Av8Chuck

    What $7M will buy you on Maui

    $1200 is pretty good. How long did it take you to shoot? That tokina 11-16 is an awesome lens. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on 5D3/4.
  23. Don’t worry, I have enough lazy for both of us. You can’t blame me for not making such generous offers to come and help you. I’m such a giver, really trying here!
  24. There are no AMA “rules.” The AMA Developed a set of “Community-based Guidlines” which Rule 336 recommends that hobbyists fly. “Senate Bill, Section 607(g) ...exempts most model airplanes used for recreational or academic use from any UAS regulations established by the FAA” What the hell is a rule anyway!? Who can enforce it? If a LEO roles up on you and your flying 500 feet how will they know?
  25. Av8Chuck

    Part 107 Renewals

    I doubt there will be any accurate reporting of the attrition rate.