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  1. Property Video

    Here's my most recent effort at producing a property video. I hope you enjoy.
  2. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Not to be a total downer, but does anyone want to wager o the number of auto accidents because drivers are trying to look at it while driving? I like Ed's approach.
  3. Dude, your son? C'mon I told you I'd help out...

    I really enjoy seeing other countries through the lens of aspiring film makers. When I first started doing aerial I was online sharing videos with a guy from Ethiopia. I had no idea what a beautiful country it is. Drones and photography have given me the opportunity to travel all over the world so I thought maybe its not a bad idea to start a thread to share video's from around the world. These videos don't have to be about aerial, might be nice, the first video I'm sharing has quite a bit of aerial, it was really challenging because it was before brushless gimbals. This was shot in Kenya over 21 days. It was so challenging getting the equipment on location to get the kinds of shots we wanted. The planning for the trip was as important as the actual production. You couldn't buy things that you forgot, there were several days that we didn't have access to power, and what ever the plan for that day, it changed in the first 20 minutes. Its a beautiful planet and (aerial) cinematography is a great way to share it.
  5. Looking for private instructor

    Here's a good resource for those wanting to learn the basics of flying a quadcopter.
  6. Learning to fly a quad

    Thanks for sharing this. They talk a lot but they certainly offer some good tips for beginners.
  7. Hello All

    Sorry for the 50 questions but most people are trying to turn their hobby into a business and the discussion is very different with someone who basically puts their job on the line certifying the data they provide. There's a wide discrepancy between drone manufacturers who claim all sorts of things from DJI to MicroDrones. As someone who already knows the importance and difficulty of getting accurate survey data, you're also probably aware of the costs. At the moment the costs range from about $30K to $65K for drones that have the instrumentation needed to get the level of accuracy required. That instrumentation also weighs more than six pounds depending on sensors, so it won't be a hobby grade drone conversion. As someone who might be new to drones you just need to know that all drones fly, it's not about the drone. The accuracy of aerial surveys has more to do with the integration of the payload, instrumentation, drone, and GC so whatever platform you choose it needs to be open and reconfigurable. That eliminates the consumer drone manufacturers, they're vertically oriented and very closed systems. If you haven't checked these guys out, you should. I'm not suggesting you buy one but it helps to see and understand why they're so expensive. But if you want a platform that produces data you can trust you're going to trend in this direction. This is the MicroDrone MD1000, sorry test flights are kind of boring but at least you can see what it is. Also, you have to forgive the music, its just what it looked like to me... http://iplayerhd.com/player/7135e140-b85a-452d-b316-282a25bc74c7
  8. Inspire 1 or II or?

    My first suggestion would be to wait as long as you can before making your purchase decision. A lot has changed in the last couple of weeks that will hopefully lead to other manufacturers being funded. There's quite few very good commercial drone manufacturers that have been unable to get the necessary funding to scale up. That seems to be changing. Your not going to get the level of accuracy required to certify data from an off the shelf Inspire, for an additional $6-$7K you can add additional technology that will get a DJI from about 6 meters of accuracy to about 10cm. If you can wait, there should be more platforms available that can get the accuracy needed. It won't be inexpensive to get to 2cm, but it is achievable.
  9. Mode C vs Class C

    Mode C Refers to aircraft equipped with an altitude encoder and altimeter. With Mode C, ATC will actually see the flight level altitude on their radar screen if the transponder is operating in the Mode C or "ALT" (altitude) Mode. I don't think the Mode C vail has anything to do with drones. A COA is a "Certificate of Autherization" which you don't need with rule107, that's not to say you don't need an airspace authorization. This explains what's needed to fly in controlled airspace. https://www.dronepilotgroundschool.com/faa-airspace-authorization/ if this doesn't answer your questions let us know, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me can help you.
  10. Flying Indoors but in a NFZ

    Sorry, the only way around it is to not buy DJI. They are the only manufacturer that implements NFZ/GEO Fencing the way they do. It arms in area's it shouldn't and won't arm in area's it should. It's anyone's guess whether it will work.
  11. Hello All

    Are you hoping to become an aerial service provider or do you take the aerial survey, create a deliverable you can certify?
  12. Hello All

    Hi, @PhanSurvey, what makes you think there's error in DroneDeploy's process? What do you think is introducing those errors? Where are you located? I'm sure you'll find people willing to discuss your concerns.
  13. Before we started Aerial Alchemy one of our guys designed and built large scale RC planes and turbine helicopters. The whole drone thing has kind of taken over our lives, but we have a lot of fun with this stuff. where are you located? We're in California and might need help designing fixed wings that can carry 7-10 pounds for 120 minutes.
  14. Aerial Downtown LA

    We had a mission in downtown Los Angeles and I thought I'd share some stills.
  15. Aerial Downtown LA

    All of these shots were taken while transitioning to and from the launch point. The survey mission itself is autonomous but it's never beyond the line of sight. Most of the mission was flown at around 800ft MSL which was about 300-400 ft AGL. The shots of the hi rise buildings, remember you can bee 400ft about the nearest object that you're within 400ft of. You also need to make sure that you don't fly over people or traffic. In this latest picture, you can see one of the construction sites we used as a launchpad. If you look at the other pictures you'll notice that we're mostly over construction sites or parking lots. [Nevermind, I can't upload any more pictures, I've apparently reached my limit. I thought this was changed]...
  16. Introduction

    With PX4 based autopilots you can use an analog joy stick that does all the cyclic functions (right stick) as well as Yaw plugged into a laptop running MissionPlanner. You could probably find one that has the throttle on the joystick itself. It really depends on the problem you're trying to solve but you don't need to fly to own and manage a successful "drone" business. You don't need to fly to be the PIC either. If you're going to do this professionally you need at least two people on every mission anyway.
  17. calibrate gyro?

    What kind of drone?
  18. Looking for private instructor

    Unfortunately, we just fly on the weekdays. Do you have a field near you to practice? The Mavic is about the easiest drone there is to fly. One of the things about DJI's is that in general, they're all pretty easy to fly. The issue with DJI is that they're quirky, one day they work fine and the next they might not, so the more you practice the more you begin to recognize their foibles. As stupid as this sounds, paint, tape, chalk two one foot rectangles on the ground about 20 ft apart. Standing about 20ft away with the tail in, take off from one and land in the other. Do that as many times as you need to to make it one smooth continuous motion. When you get good at that, back up 20ft and do it again. Once you've concurred that, move the boxes 50ft apart, rinse and repeat. After that, rotate the drone 90 degrees to the right, rinse and repeat. Do this until you can take off and land with the drone in any orientation. Then add two more rectangles and then fly a circuit. You'll get a lot more from your training when you don't have to think about the orientation of the drone. With a Mavic, you can practice this in the garage or possibly a large room.
  19. Looking for private instructor

    We have a field where we do testing and training. Most training is for our customers but if you wanted to come to our field for training we'd be willing to consider it. this is about the only video I have on YouTube that shows the facility. we're located in Thousand Oaks so it'd be an if of a drive but if you arrived early we could do two or three hour blocks. Also we don't really teach people how to dumb thumb, it's more autonomous mission based training but we have a couple of hotdogs who could certainly help you improve.
  20. Aerial Downtown LA

    We were doing a survey for a large construction company with about six sites throughout the area we were scanning so we never had more than a two minute transition from takeoff to survey. It's taken three days so far! The first models have been rendered and they keep adding more area they want surveyed. Plus we kind of screwed up an area so we needed to reshoot.
  21. TRAVEL

    Am I sure others have taken their drones to other countries and want to share their adventures?
  22. Not a Newbie Anymore

    Ok, this is a joke. Your still a Newbie, now your just a dangerous one... Congratulations again. Now if you figure out how to make money in this industry let the rest of us know... How do you make a small fortune in aviation? Start with a big one...
  23. Newbie Here Folks

  24. Newbie Here Folks

    That's funny. I went to the 6th from the 128th AHC from Korea. I flew UH-1H and AH1G/S. After Fort Rucker, I spent two years over seas and loved it, when I got back to Fort Hood, not so much. I really liked flying for Col Brown but it was the first gas shortage and even though I got all the flight time I needed the politics were more than I wanted to deal with so I got out. I had an absolutely great time in Army aviation. Your tax dollars at work...