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  1. introduction

    Welcome to the forum Abraham. Always good to see new people with a varied background on the forum.
  2. Flying Indoors but in a NFZ

    You are supposed to be able to contact DJI and they send you an unlock code (or something along those lines) that will allow you to fly. I have never ran into that problem so I have no experience with it. I know on my Inspire I can turn the Geo on and off which is supposed to ignore geofencing. Not sure on your version on UAS.
  3. Insurance Recomendations

    If you aren't flying many flights then the per-flight online insurance might be good enough. The one time I used them I was charged $25.00 for that particular flight. We were looking at a few policies but in the end, the university decided to self-insurance for liability. All we have to provide for the program is hull insurance. Look at Ryan Turner Specialty Aviation insurance. I know there are others out there as well that are comparable. I have not had any incidents to date so I do not know how the claims process goes. https://rtspecialty.com/product/aviation/
  4. Flying Indoors but in a NFZ

    FAA regulations do not include indoor flights.
  5. Hello All

    Pix4D is one solution. You are still going to need a GPS or some way to accurately set ground control points to firm up the solution. The GPS on-board the UAS is generally not that accurate unless you have a higher-end commercial UAS that delivers survey-grade accuracy.
  6. Wet Behind the Ears

    Welcome to the forum. Please note that drones are needy enough without you creating new needs for them. They need responsible oversight, tons of paperwork to keep them in the air, ideal weather, and a host of other things. If they get any more needy you are going to have to buy them a six-pack before you take em out for a spin every time...
  7. New Member

    Welcome to the forum Prince.
  8. New member

    Welcome to the forum. There are a few people that frequent the forum that are doing some really interesting photography. Look at some of the post in the real estate section.
  9. New member

    Welcome to the forums Cliff.
  10. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum. There are a few people who are mapping and surveying that frequent the forums. You should find some answers to the questions you might have.
  11. Eagle Eye UAV (thanks to UAV Coach!)

    Turn the editing portion over to your assistant in your profile picture. Frees up a lot more time to do the important things in life...like sleep.
  12. My first drone circa 1975

    Scary, but I remember those.
  13. Inspire 1 or II or?

    https://www.birdseyeview.aero/ - ~ $21,000.00 w/ sensors and RTK base station http://www.pulseaero.com/ - Vapor15 ~ call for quote or the Inspire 1 v2.0 but check first if the sensors you have can be mounted on the airframe. ~$3100.00 with batteries, dual RCs, case, ect.
  14. FAA Airspace Authorization Request Timing

    The only downside is the amount of paperwork you are going to have to fill out. I know each situation is unique but you might consider trying a consolidate a few close jobs into one application if at all possible. I (personally) would request authorization for six months in the off-chance that another job opportunity presents itself in the same area.