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    We're all in this together.

    We don't shoot much video but have had some problems like you describe. Our solution was to offload the SD card onto the PC and convert the video in Premier Pro (its just the software we have access to, I'm sure there are a lot more out there). Even then a few of the .wmv files errored out. Just have to tinker with the settings to make it work.
  3. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Our department is small covering a community of about 40k. I know in larger areas that a response might be different. Our PD has actually received training on UAS response and there has been a policy implemented that restricts UAS usage without a permit to operate. Kind of draconian but when you consider that a majority of the operators and 20ish and unlicensed, it makes a little more sense.
  4. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    Ed, I get where you are coming from but I have to call you on this. Granted, we have a smaller department but they actually appreciate me letting them know when and where I am flying so they can head the call off immediately without having to waste resources. Who in the PD do you call? It's simple. Call dispatch and I guarantee you that they will find the appropriate contact for you. The information usually goes to the dispatchers who are the point of contact between the PD and public. They are the one who can most effectively use the information before dispatching an officer to the scene. You can also notify neighbors if you make the additional time. Unless I am flying near private property I don't notify the public. I fly frequently enough that public notification where unnecessary is counterproductive. I am stretched thin enough between the paperwork involved and the amount of work I have to do on a weekly basis to dilute that time even further by getting the public involved in something that frankly, does not concern them.
  5. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    I have a few contacts that I share the information with and I have filed all of my paperwork (or sent copies of the CoA and a copy of my pilot cert and driver license) to the governing PD. We all win and look good in the process. There are enough operators in my area that do need the attention so I do not want to divert any resources from that task. And you never know what this little step might produce down the road....
  6. Hello from Nashville - ATC notification question

    We try to keep the local PD informed. If they know that we are flying in an area they don't have to dispatch someone to check out a report of UAS activity. If we don't inform them, they do and then check for paperwork.
  7. Research before execution

    P4P, Yuneec Typhoon H or possibly a Parrot BeBop 2 though I would look at it really hard before pulling the trigger. For under 2K you are not going to find a great camera....probably around 12 MP at best which should be fine to start. DJI has reliable products for the most part but they have some software/app issues that are undesirable. Best case would be the Typhoon if it meets your requirements. A P4P if not. Look at Autel's X-Star Premium too.
  8. Yeah, I work for the state. I have mountains of paperwork but after doing it over the past year, its just a part of doing business. I am fortunate in that I can operate over critical infrastructure as part of my work whereas the general public faces a lot more restrictions. But I also understand the reason the rules and regs are that way and agree with them. The alternatives are a lot less pleasant.
  9. Hello . . . . any guidance? please

    DJI Inspire 1 Pro. Normal time in the air under normal conditions is about 15 minutes per battery. Extreme heat and cold reduce your time in the air with your stock TB47 batteries. I recently ordered 5 TB48 batteries and am waiting to log the improvement. Video/stills on my v2 are what you would expect from a lower end camera. @ 12mp, I've found that for my work, the optimal operating altitude is 100ft AGL. I shoot stills for a different application but the definition is acceptable. I looked into upgrading the an X5R but the reduced flight time coupled with the fact that I would really need a dedicated sensor operator to leverage the camera to its potential convinced me that I could spend the $3000.00 better. If anything, the Inspire 1 has been reliable over the past year with no maintenance issues. My next investment will not be an off-the-shelf model, but the Inspire has proven to be a useful tools to get our program off the ground.
  10. That covers the how and why. This from and office memorandum on public record to Carter Smith from Brent Leisure of Texas Parks and Wildlife dated 24 March 2015. I don't entirely agree with it but I do see their point. Another version of the few bad apples spoiling it for all of us.
  11. LAANC is coming. Just not as fast as everyone hoped. Some of those changes are reflected in the new CoA.The new published altitude limits are now absolute even taking into account flight over structures apparently. That, and while I asked for an absolute operating altitude of 150ft AGL they now default to published values on the UAS facilities map. My local FAA contact mentioned that the slow service was attributed to great drone sales over the holiday. It stinks that it took longer than normal to get my new CoA. It's encouraging that many people are applying for waivers and CoAs instead of just ignoring the rules and winging it without the paperwork.
  12. HOW DO YOU.........

    I let the flight planning software handle it.
  13. With an average off-the-shelf drone's onboard GPS, 1-5 meters of accuracy without using ground control points (we tested the Inspire and I was about 5 feet off). If you are not marketing this and are using it for personal use then having a georeferenced TIF is not a big deal. You can have it processed online (and in some instances free). One foot contour lines...depends on whom you use to process the imagery. Some might online offer three foot. To view the TIF file format you will need some software that is capable of viewing it but that is easy enough...nothing really special. Might want to be able to print it as well to mark it up for planning. Under your cap of $1000.00, you can easily find a UAS to do the job.
  14. The accuracy depends on your equipment and skill using it. The more accuracy your equipment delivers coupled with your skill and attention to detail setting it up and collecting the necessary data, the more accurate a product you will be able to create. A reasonable expectation for mapping grade IMO would be 1-2 inches though it is possible to achieve better. I generate one foot contour lines without any problem. It might be possible to be even more granular but for point of reference, GPS data is most accurate on the x and y plane and less so on the z or height data. To really nail down height data you would probably want an RPLS to survey the property. Does this answer your question?
  15. I'm happy to send you a copy of one of my own CoA applications so you can see the wording I use. If you are comfortable sharing your email, I'll return the latest I filed.


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