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  1. R Martin

    Night Waiver Time

    So they are getting faster with waivers. That's good to know.
  2. R Martin

    Night Waiver Time

    Six to nine months would be a good starting point provided you meet the requirements; longer if you have to revise your submission. I think that is a pretty reasonable guess.
  3. R Martin

    Filing a NOTAM question

    The reason I use ENII is that some sites were not talking to all sites when I started. The Lockheed (1800wxbrief) was one of them. ENII sends the info out to everyone. If you look at the examples (there are a lot of them in the help menu) you can easily figure it out. Enter everything in all caps. ex: UAS WI AN AREA DEFINED AS 0.2NM RADIUS OF 331210N0970917W (2.2NM E OF DTO) SFC-150FT AGL 1804261800-1804262100 translation UAS within and area defined as 0.2 nautical mile radius of 33°12'10" N 097°09'17" W (2.2 nautical miles east of KDTO) from the surface to 150 feet above ground level from 26 April 18 1800Z to 20 April 18 2100Z
  4. R Martin

    Filing a NOTAM question

    Again, if you don't have an 'N' number don't fill it in. That is why I directed you to the EN2 site. It does not require a registration number to complete a NOTAM.
  5. R Martin

    Filing a NOTAM question

    An 'N' number is geared more towards general aviation and is a permanent number that follows the aircraft it was issued to for life. If the aircraft is sold you have to transfer the registration number to the new owner. The 'FA' number is issued to UAS' and is not permanent. It needs to be renewed every three years (or at least mine does). I don't know if the same number will be reissued or if you are assigned a new number.
  6. R Martin

    Filing a NOTAM question

    File through the FAA site instead. https://notams.aim.faa.gov/en2/ You will have to register and be approved before you can begin filing. Filing through the EN 2 site does not required a registration number and to answer your questions an 'N' number is not something you create yourself. The FAA assigns the number to an aircraft when it is registered. You can obtain an 'N' registration number through a paperwork only process. The online process is a lot simpler for UAS applications.
  7. R Martin

    Mapping Deliverables

    Both have trial versions btw.
  8. R Martin

    Flyaway problems

    Ditto. It has happened a couple of time to us and the UAS went into a hover until we switched modes and regained control over flight functions and landed.
  9. R Martin

    Mapping Deliverables

    I am currently using Pix4D. I have trialed Correlator3D. There are other software packages that will do the job as well. Both of them were simple to set up and use. I was able to afford the perpetual license for Pix4D. Your results may vary.
  10. R Martin

    Flyaway problems

    Were you trying to fly in the canyon? In order for GPS to work properly you need a minimum of 4 GPS satellites in line-of-sight. Note the word minimum. We don't collect unless we are locked on at least 6. The more satellites you can see the more accurate the signal/position. That could be part of the problem. Normally, if you lose your GPS signal then the aircraft "should" go into a neutral state; ie., hold position awaiting your input. The fact that yours has not would suggest that there is another issue with the area you are attempting to fly in. Best advise until you figure it out; don't fly there.
  11. R Martin

    Mapping Deliverables

    Ask the survey company what they want you to provide. Also ask them if they are going to set site control or are they expecting you to set ground control points and to what degree of accuracy? If you are planning on pursuing this then you probably need to start looking at software to do your own processing as well. Drone Deploy is a good service for novices and those that are not going to do many orthomosaics, but you are better off processing your own data if you provide a lot of orthos. Just my thoughts...
  12. R Martin

    If not DJI, who?

    As far as service, I'm lucky enough to live within an hour of an authorized service center for DJI. I drive it in, have it serviced and pick it up same-day or the next. I'm an exception to the rule. Most people aren't that lucky. If you are looking for an alternative to DJI, look at Yuneec, Intel, Autel, Parrot, FlightWave Aero, Pulse, DraganFly and there are many others. What you purchase should be based upon what you plan on using it for.
  13. R Martin

    Pix4D Capture Camera Settings

    We used custom settings for a few months and also noticed that Capture overroad the raw option. The settings worked well in free flight using the GO app but were really bad operating under Capture. I recently reset everything and I am having a lot better results. 95% of our flights are autonomous operating under Capture. I will just alter the settings for manual flight from now on.
  14. R Martin

    GPS Interference Testing in Nevada

    GPS interference testing at White Sands April 21st through May 19th: https://www.faasafety.gov/files/notices/2018/Apr/WSMR_18-07_GPS_Flight_Advisory.pdf
  15. R Martin

    Pix4D vs. Drone Deploy

    I don't use either of the software packages that you mentioned. My best advise would be to read the manual with the package (Photoscan) which should explain how to input GCPs and process the imagery you collected.