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  1. If the article was accurate, the guy knew what he was doing was wrong and did it anyway under the blanket of recreational flight. And again, if the article is accurate it wasn't the first time that day that he ignored the regs and AMA rules.
  2. Aware of the regs and ignored them with predictable results. Wonder if the FAA is going to fine him?
  3. Again, not worth getting worked up over. If it didn't have a solution THEN it might be worthy of an expletive appropriate for the situation. Due diligence will solve the problem though. No worries on my part....
  4. So don't use the DJI GO app....problem solved; minor annoyance at best. Life is filled with them. Not worth getting your knickers in a twist. ;-)
  5. Think of it as Chinese insurance. It covers the manufacturer in case their product is misused by you and they get included in a lawsuit. That being said, its business as usual and just another annoying reminder to double check and move on. You've already proven (to me for what its worth) that you are responsible by asking the question. Enjoy.
  6. Part 107 Flights in Chicago Area

    This is a sticky point. The FAA is the only entity that has the authority to govern the National Airspace. As long as you are conforming to their regulations then you "should" be good to go. However, a municipality can pass local ordinances to make life difficult. They can forbid you from taking off and landing on their domain and fine you accordingly if you break their ordinance. A gray area is to take off from outside their jurisdiction and land there as well and technically there is not a whole lot they can do about it...other than make life miserable on you. I would pin down who passed the ordinance and if possible. talk to them directly and work something out allowing you, the licensed pilot, to do what other licensed pilots all over the world do which is fly under the rules and regulations we all (should) be obeying.
  7. I think its a CYA feature the Chinese built into their app to distance themselves from liability issues. And I thought the whole part of getting the cert was to be able to see things like that and avoid them....silly me. Some paper-pusher in China apparently knows more about the airspace I fly in than I do...
  8. I ask for a year and on the last round of authorizations got a year. Until the process improves and is near instantaneous, I ask for everything the FAA is willing to give as far as time. I file larger areas 1-3 mile radiuses around a specific point so I have the freedom to operate over all of our property without burdening myself in a ton of paperwork filing on a per-flight basis. Most of my work is construction projects that run for 18-24 months in length. You might need the airspace for a day or two, but what are the chances that you need to repeat the same spot? Or fly something nearby? The paperwork end is pretty simple once you get used to it. File enough, and you should be able to carve out a pretty nice chunk of airspace to work in. Work smarter, not harder right?
  9. I have gotten a few warnings from the GO app attempting to fly near the stadium here even though there was nothing happening and the TFR was inactive. I rarely fly using the GO app. I use another flight control app to manage my business shots (Pix4D Capture) for utility and construction mapping. I am sure there are others out there on the market for photography that do as well if not better than DJI GO. Of course, if you happen to be blissfully unaware of your surroundings a warning could be welcomed. I am guessing that most people who operate commercially know what they are doing and are able to interpret a sectional chart and the vast amount of data available to them to determine what airspace you are operating in (thank you Alan for teaching me to read a sectional chart).
  10. When you file for authorization make sure and ask for a minimum of six months. Ask for a year and settle for six months. I don't know how the authorization process has changed as far as time to receive what you file for but in some instances 3 months is on the low side. Until LAANC rolls out in your area you have to give the FAA as much time as possible to grant your request. That, or ditch the private sector and go government.
  11. West Maui Mountains

    So the facts here are thus: 1. you live in an awesome place 2. you are skilled at your art 3. you have great luck 4. an even better eye. 5. you're an evil little man for rubbing our noses in it. j/k
  12. Exact meaning.

    It means that you can apply for a COA or waiver to fly at or below 200 FT AGL and receive approval (at some point because they are backed up). But you still need the COA or waiver to fly in controlled airspace commercially.
  13. Log Books

    This is the paper version I use. https://www.amazon.com/Drone-Operators-Logbook-Jonathan-Rupprecht/dp/1519653603
  14. So are you flying separate missions using one app at a time or flying the same mission using both apps in conjunction? Is everything else shut down including the other app when you fly using Pix4D capture? I have used both for nearly a year and not had the problems you described with either. I have experienced a temporary loss of my GPS signal which caused the app the immediately stop taking images with Pix4D Capture. That happened twice this past year. I just reflew the mission and it performed flawlessly. So based upon my experience with both apps, I would suggest that maybe Litchi is the problem. Fly without Litchi active and see if you have the same problem. I do suggest that you cancel the transfer of images from the SD card to your tablet after the flight with Pix4D. I always grab them off the SD card when I go back to the office. Less clutter on the iPad. That is my two cents for what it's worth.
  15. Jeff T

    Welcome to the forums Jeff.
  16. Pix4D Capture and Drone Deploys app both work. Of course before you switch apps you need to close out the DJI apps completely. Last time I checked both were free.
  17. Coordinates for flight plan?

    http://www.earthpoint.us/StatePlane.aspx Earthpoint can handle all your conversions. If you aren't in state plane you can choose long/lat ect... I attached a screen shot as an example.
  18. Coordinates for flight plan?

    Not familiar with any. If it exist I am unaware of it.
  19. Night jump into stadium

    They mentioned this morning that the recent space shot was delayed 24 hours because a manned pilot violated the TFR. Guess we aren't the only one's that need to be checking the status on TFR's before flight...
  20. Pix4D Processing for Hire

    That would be a nice side business if I could do it, but using State assets for personal gain can get me fired. Hope you find someone who can help you out Dave.
  21. Forgot that. Waiver holders still need to go through the online portal.
  22. Night jump into stadium

    Pistol huh? If it was that big a threat then someone here would have done it already. Wonder what the media qualification for expert is?
  23. Integration of UAVs into airspace

    The responsibility lies with the pilot in command.
  24. So my take from the webinar this afternoon was that the big roll-out will occur April-May of 18 with more airports being added as the FAA releases them. The current participating airport list was expanded to include the Anchorage area and Miami. The current trial is actually working fairly well with a few bugs that are being worked out. Authorization will be short-term (12 hours or less) and will only be issued if you are 90 days or less from time of flight. Longer term authorization will still be through the conventional methods (online portal). Instant approval (they tout seconds) for any airspace that has a posted altitude in the box. Boxes with 0 altitudes nearer to airports will be reviewed by a person and will take longer to receive. Skyward offers a free pilot account that will enable anyone to utilize the service and also an enterprise account for larger corporate users that is not free.
  25. Integration of UAVs into airspace

    What is the purpose of an operator if the UAS can perform the function? Its the operator's responsibility to do collision avoidance.