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  1. Ask enough times...

    You can go to the cloud service they have hosted on ESRI's server and get the latest info direct on your mobile or PC: https://faa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=9c2e4406710048e19806ebf6a06754ad
  2. Just recieved this in my morning mailbox: http://link.dji.com/u/gm.php?UID=LBdcPpSWrT&ID=290636680_1528832_28217 $2,699.00US Fully compatible with the DJI Inspire 2, the Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking. Super 35 Sensor | 6K CinemaDNG | 5.2K Apple ProRes | 14 Stops of Dynamic Range
  3. Hello from Saginaw Texas

    I'm right up the highway from you in Denton brw. ;-)
  4. Ask enough times...

    Working with ArcGIS on a daily basis, I think I can address your concern and state with confidence that those kind on things are scalable and as you zoom in, the line weight changes. Whether or not the zoom factor is capped either on the software side or just by a low-rez basemap is another story.
  5. Hello from Saginaw Texas

    Welcome to the forums. I think you will find some useful information here and a lot of fellow pilots interested in sharing their stories.
  6. I referred these to the NCTCOG for their program. I need to check up on them and see how they perform.
  7. I don't get the tab initially either. I have to zoom in and sometimes zoom back out until it appears. I think those buttons are docked and if your window view is zoomed too far in it is out of the field of view?..?
  8. v01.11.01.50 Firmware Upgrade

    So a new problem popped up after the fact. I did have to relink my master controller but failed to do the same for the slave because frankly, it has never been used to date. However, an opportunity presented itself and when I blew off the dust, naturally, the slave controller would only slew the camera up and down with no horizontal control of the gimbal. The steps to cure the problem are as follows: 1) You need to link the second controller to the Inspire as a Master by powering on the remote then powering up the aircraft. Press the red linking button in the nose of the aircraft. One the remote press the C1 + C2 + Video Record buttons until you here the beep pattern. Then press the Camera Settings Dial in. When the indicator light on the controller changes to green the RC is linked to the aircraft. Now power down the controller and aircraft. 2) Turn on your first controller and set it as the Master, then power up the aircraft. Relink it to the aircraft using the above steps and ensure that it is operational and has a video feed. 3) Turn on the second controller with the Master active and the aircraft on. Set the second controller to "Slave". Click the search for Master button on the camera tab of the DJI GO app. Tap the gimbal control button above the search for Master button. When you get the popup that tells you that the Slave has control of the gimbal you are almost set. 4) On the Master controller under the gimbal tab in the DJI GO app, switch gimbal control to "Free". 5) Now test the sticks to ensure that the gimbal is performing correctly. The above works for the Inspire 1v2. The Inspire 2 may work differently...
  9. Whats New: 1. Updated No Fly Zone Management 2. For increased safety, the flight is restricted to a height of 30M and distance of 50M when not connected or logged into the app during flight, including DJI GO and all apps compatible with DJI aircraft. So if you are using different apps/software to fly your flight plans, might want to ensure that it is "fully compatible" with the new firmware before you upgrade to ensure that DJI does not throttle your operating parameters.?.? New versions: aircraft - v01.11.01.50 camera - v01.10.01.40 RC - v1.7.80

  11. Go to SkyVector (https://skyvector.com/) and click on the Heli button in the top right of the screen (see image). From there I did a Google search for the Hospital and came up with the Airport Contact Information (image 2). Call the aviation manager and see how they want to handle it. We have two hospitals in the area I fly but I also fall under Class D airspace. The local tower handles all the traffic in the area and I notify the tower per a letter of agreement we worked out. If you are in Class G, it makes sense that they know that you are operating in the area in case there is a necessity for them to contact you while you are in flight and request the airspace for immediate use. Then again, they might not give a hoot at all. Everyone is different.
  12. Contact info for FAA Waiver Dept?

    Don't expect instant replies. This is the government you are dealing with.
  13. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    That should cure some of the confusion hopefully. Or create more....
  14. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    That does not make you legal. Without the paperwork from the FAA, you don't have a leg to stand on if something goes wrong. You need the COA paperwork on your person when you are operating. That can only be obtained through the online portal. As far as Class G goes, as long as you adhere to the regs you are cleared to fly without any approval process. The only exception to THAt would be SUA, TFR ect which modifies the airspace for a period of time ((military bases, critical infrastructure, Tier 1 sports stadiums for example)). And a final note and this is just a personal observation; I don't trust any app...FAA or not. The onus of operating a UAS within the regs and under conditions favorable for flight is up to you. There is enough valid and accurate information available at your fingertips that you should not be trusting an app that may or may not be accurately updated on an hourly basis. Conditions change constantly. Cover you backside and don't take the lazy approach. Do your homework before each flight. It's a pilot thang.
  15. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    The above statement applies to Part 107 commercial operations. Recreational pilots flying under 336 can just notify the tower of impending ops and fly. The difference is commercial ops vs recreational flight. The tower is not supposed to give authorization to commercial operators to fly in controlled airspace. I am not saying it does not happen; it does. But as a commercial pilot under Part 107 you owe it to yourself to go through the proper channels to legally fly in controlled airspace. When (not if) something goes wrong, you do not want to go through and NTSB and/or FAA investigation with that extra technicality hanging over your head to be used against you. That is my two cents; take it for what it's worth.
  16. Mobile device CPU fully loaded?

    I reuse the cool packs. The State chooses to squander its money on the big ticket items. I have to be fiscally responsible on the little stuff....
  17. Mobile device CPU fully loaded?

    I cannot address the CPU overloading but check this out:
  18. SkyVector "DROTAMs"

    No, it includes authorizations as well.
  19. If the GPS aboard the UAS has the ability to receive and pass on accurate (1-2cm or better) data to be written to the EXIF data in the images, then you could with some confidence do trial to check and see if it was possible to fly without GCPs. I only wish I had the capability. But GPS being what it is, even with RTK, I have learned over the short span of years I have been in the field to know better than to trust it completely. Technology fails when you need it most. I would no more operate without GCPs than I would perform a tower inspection manually without a safety harness. With GCPs you can always correct the dataset if you lose your GPS signal momentarily. Without GCPs, you just trash the dataset and fly it again. I have two good GPS units that read all four constellations on an RTK network and yet there are still areas that we operate daily that are black holes where I cannot get a signal without resorting to offset shots at best with the built-in laser rangefinder. I have noticed the same performance in my UAS in the same areas to a lessor extent. At least the UAS continues to fly the flight plan; it just stops taking images where it loses the GPS link. I am certainly no expert; just another Joe-Smoe in the field. Grab a trial version of their software and put it to the test. See if their claims match what your results actually are. Before you plop down $5000.00 that is just good business sense. Regards
  20. Sounds too good to be true. If you don't set GCPs then you are relying on the GPS accuracy of the UAS itself and most of the lower end UAS GPS units are marginal at best. If you want a GPS unit mounted on a UAS you can depend on then you are going to be paying $20,000.00+ for the unit. THEN you can get 2-3cm of accuracy or better.
  21. Contact info for FAA Waiver Dept?

    If you applied for a waiver you probably have another couple of months to wait. Waivers take a lot longer than authorization request to get approved. https://www.faa.gov/uas/request_waiver/ uashelp@faa.gov
  22. Flight/ Hours Logging

    We use Drone Logbook with good results. Which ever method you choose, I would suggest keeping a paper record in addition to a computer source. Much easier to turn over a written logbook if the FAA decides to do an inspection.....computers do fail at the most inopportune times too
  23. The Lakehurst Class E4 airspace is (or shouldn't) be a big deal. You probably want to file for a COA vs. a waiver which will be easier to obtain. Ask for a year and expect to get six months. You can always renew it. A larger problem is that you are also going to try and fly within a TFR from SFC-400 AGL and to get around that you are going to have to contact the McGuire command post at (609) 754-3935 and work out with the military how (and if) they are going to let you operate. Then you can work out how to operate within A-220 which is an alert area (SFC-4500 AGL in effect from 0800-2200). You will probably want to include at least one VO and offer to monitor the CTAFs which they will most likely not require. I say request a COA (authorization) vs a waiver because that is a 90 day process versus double the time at least for a waiver. You can file for 400 FT AGL and negotiate if it becomes necessary.
  24. Thoughts on the background music?

    Now there is an option! And for the opening sequence Enter the Sandman....or maybe not. We do prefer you stay awake throughout the lesson.
  25. Thoughts on the background music?

    Alan, Nice work on the new look. If you are going with music it needs to be at a volume level that does not override the lecture. From 0:28 onward it was alright, but IMO should have the volume of the music reduced a bit more. And then it becomes a distraction because are you going to focus on the lecture or the music. So the final vote for what it's worth is no to the music.