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  1. Can a hobbyist fly a drone at night?

    I just want to say thank you to all that had commented on my question. You have all been very helpful. Happy flying!
  2. Who will be going to Interdrone in Las Vegas?

    I will definitely be there. looking forward to it!
  3. Can a hobbyist fly a drone at night?

    Thank you for your input. Was very helpful.
  4. Everybody knows that a commercial pilot must first get a waiver to fly at night. But my question is, do hobbyists fall under the same criteria? If you're licensed pilot but you're not flying at the time for money can you fly at night without a waiver? Can a hobbyist that is not a commercial pilot flight at night? Any help to clear this up would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Wind Turbine Inspections

    Hi, Av8Chuck, I'm flying the inspired 2 what the X5S camera. Does that camera have high enough resolution to do the job? Also could you tell me exactly what these companies are looking for an inspection. Are they looking for serial numbers, cracks, mix, gouges in the blade? Do you need an infrared camera or are aerial inspections done without one? Also what's the best way to get a hold of these companies to get in the door? I know you hear these questions probably quite often, but I committed to getting these answers and finding a way to get in the door. Thank you for all your input and help.
  6. City ordinance

    Thank You For your input.
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    DJI Inspire 2
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  9. City ordinance

    Thank you for the insight and the input. Very helpful and still researching.
  10. City ordinance

    Can a community or a city establish them selfs as a community that does not allow UAS flight. I had a request from a customer to do a cell tower inspection. The cell tower was located in South Jordan Utah. A housing development in South Jordan Utah has stated they do not allow UAS in that community. I don't think they understand the commercial side of this. Can a community or development restrict otherwise legal flight from a commercial 107 licensed pilot? I don't think they have the authority to do this. In every other respect airspace, airports, it's legal to fly. Does anyone know where I can get the documentation to show such a community that a commercial pilot would retain the right to fly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Below I am submitting the final project required for the graduation of Ariel Post Production 101. I used iMovie to edit this video. However I am purchasing Final Cut Pro in the very near future. A lot of the editing techniques and controls are similar to Final Cut Pro. 1. the resolution I used for this video was 1080 P at 60 frames per second. I showcase this video on UAc Coach, Vinmeo, Facebook, and Instagram. 2. I tried to use music that showed the dynamic footage and the awesomeness of the wind turbine. 3. I tried to showcase the dynamic size and beauty of the wind turbine I. 4. The story is a simple one. I'm trying to illustrate and advertise the ability to do an aerial visual inspection of the wind turbine. The clarity of the camera and the dexterity of the footage. 5. Three important lessons learned in editing this video, 1. Important to find music and the duration to correspond with the time you want to display the video. 2. I wished I captured a higher view encapsulating all the wind mills in the entire area. Looking back should have been more. 3. One of the important things I learned from the class and editing this video were how to use transitions effectively utilizing the beat of the music. This class was a great help to me in learning the process of editing video. I highly recommend it. I'm also extremely interested in the views and advice I can get from others who have viewed this video. Good or bad I'm looking forward to knowing what I can improve on.