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  1. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    On paper, yes, but this is not the mainland, brah...(I'm sure you've heard that before). Permitting here is a luxury, not a right. Example: Hawai'i has been a concealed carry permit state for a good 20yrs now. They've yet to ever issue a single permit. Another example: A friend of ours just started his ocean kayak tour company. He's been waiting on a permit for coming up on 6 months now, with no word on expectation of issue. It all boils down to a single guy in a single office, deciding for himself when and what to approve. NOAA operates similarly from what I've found. I even offered volunteer drone work on the whale research & entanglement crew. Got a nice smiling face saying, 'That sounds great, we'll see what we can do'. No follow-up, and all attempts have proven futile. Meanwhile, whale boats can be within 300ft of humpbacks, all day long, sometimes encircling the whales.
  2. Flying a Drone on Kauai

    Aloha Alan! Another couple pieces of info... DLNR Wildlife and Forest Reserves are also off limits (same as state parks). While YouTube and Facebook are chock full of overhead whale vids from Hawaii, they are illegal. Whales in the state may not be approached by any aircraft closer than 1000ft. Of course NOAA breaks their own rule weekly by using drones to study the humpbacks. Lastly, if you detour to Maui, hit me up!
  3. Every time I shoot in Kihei & Wailea, I imagine myself living there. It's good I don't really have millions, because I'd be broke already! This property is no exception to the habit.
  4. Drone Radio Show - Soldbyair

    Lotta good info in there, good insights. I can't say that I agree completely with all of what he says, regarding real estate media, but I get the gist of it. I find his approach to charging according to acreage interesting. I personally prefer to charge per flight (one battery = one flight) with real estate media capture. Would be interesting to see how that converts to an acreage scale. Definitely a great intro to real estate drone photography. Also like the part about most people not into cold-calling prospective clients. I guess I'm old school about that...if you're too scared to dial, you're gonna be skinny.
  5. Are you offering standard real estate photography?

    I edit most of my own work, my son (22yrs old) shoots and edits, and we have one other outside source, local to the island. I've tried outsourcing in the past, and honestly, it was a flop. Seems like others just don't see what I see. lol
  6. Vacation Rental Condo Vid

    Aloha again everyone! Today I'm sharing a property vid with a twist...this one is for a vacation rental condo on the south coast of Maui. You'll find that, rather than property property property lifestyle property format, this one is more like property lifestyle property lifestyle property lifestyle...and so on. Give it a click, you'll see
  7. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Here's another exterior / drone-only vid. Again, quick money, fairly easy to create (except that damn winding driveway!), and the dollar per hour spent is higher. Honestly, I'm enjoying doing more of these and fewer full property vids.
  8. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    I recall this video, very interesting place. Love the music too...sounds a lot like Mark Knopfler? RE: Shot list I've tried this several times, and I do have a very general shot list for every home...particular parts of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, aerial formats, etc. Where it gets jumbled is 'Hey we can't show this cracked countertop' or 'Don't shoot this room, it's where we piled everything we own in order to stage the home.' Another one that happens often, but admittedly is a royal pain in the arse is, 'We gotta move things from each room to the next because we don't have enough staging gear.' This is where you miss shots, become a little rushed if not careful, and MUST practice leading the shoot. Otherwise, you'll be running all over the place, re-shooting rooms because they forgot one flower on a table or some other silliness. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the current shoot / turnaround time. For a home up to about 3,000sqft, I can capture photos & video inside of about 3-4hrs, including aerial work. Turn around times are 2 days for still photos (often times sooner) and up to 5 days for video. For exterior only video work, it's more like 2 day turn around (sometimes sooner). I never promise same or next day turn around, unless they pay for rush edit service...and most don't. lol
  9. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Everything you said here applies. The dollar per hour is greater on this type of work, but the overall price tag is lower per property. It challenges me to see what I can do with exterior only stuff, but definitely doesn't show squat about the home, other than 'Here's the outside, here's the top, here's the view around.' But hey, sometimes that's all ya' need, especially in a place where most everything is a Kodak moment!
  10. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Another exterior only video. Often times a client will ask for drone-only video. Well, most of y'all know by now that I struggle with simple, so...here's what I usually deliver when they say 'drone-only'.
  11. Large Print Photomerge

    I think you'll enjoy using LR mobile. Pretty powerful lil app! Only gripe I have is no watermark feature Looking forward to seeing what you create!
  12. Bamboo Forest

    Aloha all! Today I'm sharing a photo of the bamboo forest on Maui's north shore, shot on a Phantom 4. Enjoy and Mahalo for viewing!
  13. Large Print Photomerge

    I often make several attempts in one flight, trying different perspectives and compositions for the entire scene. Doesn't take too long once you get the hang of it. You can also do this with a hand-held camera. In fact, I did one with my iPhone 7 Plus on the big island, making a super pano of the crater on Kilauea. If you shoot via Lightroom Mobile, you can shoot RAW on your smartphone
  14. Large Print Photomerge

    I'm just glad to know that I'm not the only one who mis-places my words from time to time! As for the shoot, the drone was in one position for the entirety of it, only adjusting yaw & camera angle (up/down) to collect the individual shots of the entire scene. I have done some where it required moving the drone, such as a top-down view of a large property, too big to fit in a single capture. In this case, I move the drone around the property to capture the straight-down images, then merge into one. Here's a sample...
  15. Bend Your Mind

    Old Mala pier in Lahaina...took a different perspective on this one. Enjoy!