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  1. Aloha all, I volunteer / serve Maui Search & Rescue as a ground-pounder and the drone team leader. We're looking at pre-search mapping options, so I gave the trial version of Drone Deploy a run yesterday afternoon during a training mission, specifically utilizing the live mapping function. Here's my input: As usual, the Drone Deploy platform was simple and easy to work. Drag your finger around the screen to create a flight area, set the altitude, hit go. Pretty straight forward. The real-time mapping function was awesome at first. Seeing it populate a map of the search area was exciting, as we could zoom and analyze data WHILE the drone was mapping the area. However, there was a stiff wind (around 18-20kts sustained, gusting to 25+kts), and the map was completely inaccurate. The drone could not go any slower than the wind speed on the down-wind runs, and fought hard to get more than about 6mph heading into the wind, which I suspect was the cause of the misaligned portions. For instance, the live map stretched and skewed the area, and showed broken driveways, roads, trails...sometimes to the point of about a 100ft variance. As you can imagine, this is not good for SAR missions, where properly reading the terrain is vital. Yes, we were able to find our missing subject (trash bag full of grass & leaves, wearing a shirt) in crazy short time using the aerial data, but I can see how inaccuracy could lead to trouble and unnecessary spending of resources in the field. I realize now, looking back, that perhaps I should've adjusted course heading to stretch perpendicular to the wind, so as to be able to achieve a fairly consistent flight speed throughout the mission (save for the turns at the ends of a run). I'll try again on a high wind day, but I can tell you now that this is a big fat flop, in terms of accuracy. Anyone have any other solutions for real-time mapping? I'm entertaining desktop solutions, which could be processed at basecamp, but in reality, I need something that I can see in real-time during a mission, as sometimes we're deploying drones in the middle of nowhere, far from base camp. Warmest Mahalo!
  2. Chuck, I'm curious to know how quickly this can create an area survey map, thinking SAR?
  3. Inspire 2 package for sale

    I'll purchase this. I'm running mobile right now, but please message me to chat about details
  4. Aloha everyone, thanks for taking a minute to step in... I posted this video already in the film forum, but I wanted to share here, just in case no one caught it. A client recently came to me with a similar example of a video and asked if it's something we could create. Of course, I like to take an idea and see how I can elevate it, so we did exactly that. The concept here is to let the home owner tell his unique story, and tell a few important details of the house itself. I set up an on-camera interview, asked maybe 3 questions, and it was like opening the flood gates. This wonderful older Italian gentleman poured out his heart, telling the tale of how he built this home and raised his family. In the end, we came away with the video posted in the link below, and so far I've gotten random texts from other realtor clients telling me they saw & loved the presentation. Feel free to offer creative input and such, as I'm plenty thick-skinned enough to handle critique. Enjoy!
  5. Is Golden Hour A Bunch of BS?

    I agree, and I'll add that this is why shooting in a desaturated, contrast-pulled LOG profile for video is much better than standard. The data captured tends to have a higher dynamic range, and can be recovered better in post.
  6. Is Golden Hour A Bunch of BS?

    I can appreciate all of what you said here, but never write off the value of shadows on a property, even on the structure. Here's a piece where the outside of the property was captured during sunset / golden hour. Yes, there are huge shadows on the property...and that's exactly what I wanted. Creates a feeling outside of the standard 'bright sky, blue water, everybody's at the beach' video theme that's around these islands. And here's another, where the only option is to fly early. Around 11am the clouds roll in, blocking off the volcano in the background, the Tradewinds whip up enough to make the water look dark & white capped, . So, morning shadows it is...and I like the depth created by this. Give more of a feeling / mood to the piece.
  7. An Italian Man's Story

    Aloha gang! I'm back with another outside-the-box video project & happy to share it. This is a property listing video, using an on-camera interview approach to tell the story. I won't belabor the description with words, just let the video do the talking. Enjoy!
  8. Hydro Magic

    Pretty cool abstract vid! Very well done sir
  9. Maui Daydream

    Mahalo for the encouragement, Chuck! I agree, I feel as though I'm pushing the limit of the Phantom platform. Most viewers probably won't notice it, because people watch things on phones and iPads these days, but I know it when I view on a large screen. I know most professional film makers prefer DSLR or Cinema cams mounted to large drones, but for what I get into, the next logical step is an Inspire platform. Yes, I'd love to get away from full DJI mode eventually, but the out-of-the-box solutions they provide really do set me up for smooth integration and solo small project flights. I've never shot on any of those platforms your mentioned, although as of late I've been eyeing the Sony A7R iii. As I understand, you can use an adapter from Metabones to fit Canon EF glass, which I already own. Plus I've read that the Canon glass is a bit better quality overall. For now, I'm limited to the following lineup: P4, P4Pro, Canon 7D mk ii, GoPro Hero 5, iPhone 7+, and that's it. Re: Rudy's shots...totally sic man.
  10. Unprofessional real estate photographs

    Yup, exactly what Av8Chuck said. Gorgeous professional photos alone will not be enough in this market. Video, 3D immersive media, aerial photography and in some cases geospatial mapping, survey, & virtual space renderings are all pretty much required to be competitive, and scaling is a major balancing act of maintaining quality and increasing productivity without suffering profitability. Yeah...all those $5 words come into play.
  11. Is Golden Hour A Bunch of BS?

    In my opinion, the only bad real estate lighting is that which glares blindingly into a window or door. I've shot beachfront condos facing the west at 4pm and it's a nightmare from inside the unit. With that said, I still make whatever available lighting situation useful, and continue to improve my techniques in order to properly showcase a property. With that said, golden hour & blue hour are great times of day for interior real estate photography, as the outside lighting isn't quite so contrasty, in comparison to interior lighting. The more balanced interior/exterior lighting becomes, the less flash is needed, resulting in a more naturally lit space. Of course, HDR is available, but these days I've eliminated it nearly entirely from my real estate workflow by using remote speedlites, which has drastically reduced edit time. Regarding exterior aerial work, I prefer anything that's not midday. High noon sun makes for super short shadows, which translates to a flatter feeling image. Shadows help create depth in the scene. Hopefully something within all of that babbling is useful to you
  12. Maui Daydream

    Aloha everyone! I finally took a little time to put together a video for my own entertainment, showcasing some of my own favorite Maui scenery. Mostly aerial imagery, a little 'other stuff' folded in here and there. Making this piece has inspired me to choose a theme / area of the island and make a more specifically focused project. The grading on this project was challenging, as I mixed old footage with new, spread between multiple cameras and multiple shooting modes (because now I shoot differently from how I shot 2 years ago). Feel free to comment & offer any suggestions or advice for improvement. Mahalo for viewing!
  13. The Village (Cinematic Short)

    Love this piece! The grading very much helped set the mood, love the sound, loved the videography. Outstanding work!
  14. Simple Beachfront Spot – Highlights 4K

    That was quite entertaining! I love the idea of living in a stilt house on the sea. I really enjoyed the speed at which this piece moved. Great music selection, well-timed, and good job using a diverse set of transitions. If I could offer any creative input, it would be to maybe use fewer transitions overall, saving those gems for just the right time. Nothing wrong with straight cuts Aloha!
  15. What $7M will buy you on Maui

    I can appreciate the critique, Mahalo for taking the time. It's true, the auto exposure adjustments on the top down shot from the house to the beach is a bit 'adjusty'. I'll keep the ae lock in mind on the next one-off which is just a few days away.