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  1. JBR LIFE Photography

    Bend Your Mind

    Mahalo! This was my attempt at creating an 'Inception' style image. I'd like to try a few more ideas I have rolling around. I'll be sure to post up if I do
  2. JBR LIFE Photography

    Our Best Drone Videos (a sweet compilation)

    Looks like you have a fun biz going on! Do you do product testing and reviews for vendors specifically, or is it all self-funded?
  3. JBR LIFE Photography

    Sometimes you just need a voiceover

    Very nice, Chuck, thanks for sharing! Didn't see any Haiku shots in there, but plenty of west Maui's goodness. Nice work!
  4. JBR LIFE Photography

    $6M luxury beachfront penthouse

    Aloha all! Today I'm sharing another luxury property video from the beautiful island of Maui. Shot using a Phantom 4 and Sony A7R III, worked in FCPX, best viewed in 4k. Enjoy!
  5. JBR LIFE Photography

    Part 107 Recurrent Test - PASSED

    Aloha all, Just wanted to throw a big Mahalo to Alan for the bang-up job he and the crew are doing with UAV Coach. I crammed for the test using the prep-course for a couple evenings, flew to the Big Island and passed the test today. I'm proud to add that my score was 100% Very helpful course layout, loved the experience, thanks again for the effort!
  6. JBR LIFE Photography

    Is it Legal to Shoot Down a Drone?

    I do the same practice of knocking on doors of surrounding properties. While I'm friendly in my approach, I make it a point to inform them that it's happening and that I'm notifying them as a courtesy. I never ask permission, and I keep it brief & professional. In your example of flying utility missions, I don't know that I'd use the same practice. You're probably covering a lot of ground in a short time, which doesn't allow for such a personal courtesy, but at the same time, I wouldn't imagine you're spending 10-20 minutes zooming all around the same small square of power poles, like we often do in real estate work. lol
  7. JBR LIFE Photography

    What are you doing re: illegal drone flights?

    Absolutely what @Av8Chuck said, in every way, plus some thoughts. When I first started realizing the impact these 'air pirates' (great term, btw) COULD have on my market clientele, I immediately went into education action. I spent time teaching them, small bits at a time, about potential pitfalls, fines and other consequences of hiring non-Part 107 operators. Here's the caveat - I made sure to NEVER speak poorly of the operators, and I specifically avoided saying anything to the effect of 'Hire me because I'm so Part 107 certified and professional'. Instead, the approach was an effort to truly tell them what I had learned of the legalities and attachments to not following them, followed by a recommendation to make sure that they verify Part 107 Certification & airspace authorizations with whomever they hire for aerial work. That's it. No plug for our own business, outside of the company logo on the email letterhead & signature. It didn't take long for it to circle around into client loyalty and most recently unsolicited recommendations & endorsements by entire brokerages as 'the go-to drone guy'. There are a million ways to run a successful business. Find a few that work for you, and don't bother wasting ANY energy on those 'air pirates'. 😂
  8. JBR LIFE Photography

    Hello, Just Passed the 107 w/UAV Coach

    Congrats on the achievement! The course really is fabulous, huh?
  9. JBR LIFE Photography

    Bamboo Forest

    Mahalo Eric, Yes, I edited this image in Lightroom. I use Photoshop now and again, but can usually do what I need in Lightroom.
  10. JBR LIFE Photography

    Bamboo Forest

    Mahalo for taking the time to view and comment!
  11. Now and then a property really needs spoken words to convey it's splendor. This particular parcel has more treasures than one could include in a 2-3min video, so the answer was obvious - use a voiceover to help paint the picture. The client used his voice, which is good because I had a respiratory infection at the time of the voice recording/post production work. (Vog = volcanic fog...it's a real thing here, very impactful to the lungs) Located in Maui's windward north shore rainforest/jungle, flying the drone here was quite a challenge. Because this is the leeward side of Maui, the mornings usually kick off with a gentle rain shower. Around 9am, the skies open up, and the clouds give way, but only because the Tradewinds kick up and blow them out. So, it's either raining or windy, perfect for aerial work, right?? lol. Add to the mix a need to fly up a waterfall, which came with problems of it's own. Problem number 1: If I launched the drone from down in the gulch, at the base of the waterfall, there was no GPS, and for some reason, regardless of flight mode, the silly drone wouldn't get above about 30ft AGL. Tried all three flight modes (P4 - GPS, Atti, Sport) and to no avail. So, my next option was to launch the drone from above the gulch, send it to the opening in the bamboo above the waterfall, and hike through the bamboo, back down into the gulch. This required a VO, and also maintaining little peeps of the drone along the way...not the most awesome scenario, but fortunately in the wilderness so the only risk was to the drone itself. Well...maybe a bamboo chute or two, but that stuff is super tough. Once at the bottom of the waterfall, I was able to drop the drone down into the gulch, through swaying bamboo (because of the wind up top). Down in the gulch, the waterfall itself created gusty breezes and odd wind patterns, and then there's the whole 'don't get the lens wet, but try to be close enough to see the wonder' part of flying waterfalls. Another pucker moment was flying out over the ocean, and watching a red-tailed tropicbird make a few territorial fly-bys at the drone. I dunno why, but sea birds and cattle egrets tend to give me hell! The scene where the drone leads into the common mango tree grove was tricky as well. All was going smoothly, but once I got right into the middle of those trees, GPS dropped, bird went into full Atti mode...with gusting wind. Trying to get the drone back out without playing pinball was a chore to say the least, but it all worked out. So there's the synopsis of the shoot. There were many more challenges, too many to mention, but in the end, I'm happy with the final product, and most importantly, we all had a fun time working together to make it happen. Mahalo for viewing!
  12. JBR LIFE Photography

    The Pass (cinematic short)

    Great mini! Loved the edits, the color grading really sets a perfect mood. Intro sequence is spot-on, too!
  13. JBR LIFE Photography

    Shooting land and lots...

    Yes, exactly what Dave said. Here's an example of a lot where I used Google Earth to get the intro, which showed the property border overlay. Please excuse the drab sky and wiggly drone movements. A large rain storm was quickly approaching, and the Tradewinds were kicked up pretty good around 200ft AGL, so I had to make due with what I had. Spoiled by blue skies and sandy beaches I guess!
  14. JBR LIFE Photography

    Filming an opulent home

    Nice presentation, the music selection fits the style of the home, and your shots are solid.
  15. JBR LIFE Photography

    An Italian Man's Story

    Well said, Chuck. I think your productions were much more involved, as far as filming effort, than the one I posted. Mine was kept to a simple on-camera story-telling session, and a day of filming the property with no one around. Even at that, I pushed the envelope of the market in this area, regarding budget. It continually blows my mind that realtors, during an INCREASING housing market, are constantly trying to get DECREASED media costs.