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  1. Ahhh the firmware update gremlins

    I have no mods to the bird or the remote. Tried with both iPad and iPhone 7+, same two devices I've used for a year without trouble. All of this was a direct result of performing the update, I'm certain. What I can't believe is that DJI didn't pull the update upon the first system failure, rather than allowing it to continue since June.
  2. Ahhh the firmware update gremlins

    Pretty much the same bird, a third of the firmware updates. Great backup for the work we do. Plus it's bright orange do you can see it better.
  3. West Maui Mountains

    So long as they keep it organic and don't start GMO'ing it. (for the record, I don't care about the modification of GMO stuff, it's the reason it's modified...i.e. Roundup resistance)
  4. Ahhh the firmware update gremlins

    Fortunately, my son has a P4A that we can use over the course of probably the next month. I'm thinking some backup alternative such as Autel might be in order in the future. As much as I'd love to spring for a beautiful Inspire 2 with 5.2k video, I'd hate to have all the birds grounded over an update.
  5. Ahhh the firmware update gremlins

    Yesterday I showed up to fly a project with a message on my screen that an update was required. I've avoided the updates since June, and decided I liked the features in the newest release and I should go ahead and do this update. Updated the bird, got ready to fly and boom...brick. No feed from the camera, remote inputs all over the place and inconsistent, flashing green/red connection light on the remote. Controller firmware version reads: Unknown Device, Unknown Firmware. Called DJI support, explained the situation, performed a handful of manual firmware upgrade / update commands and no luck. Now my kit is boxed up, awaiting the shipping label they're supposed to send. I'll keep y'all posted as to how this pans out. The lady recommended I send only the remote controller, but I know better than that silliness. I did read about others having the same issues, some of whom received brand new Phantom 4 kits in return. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll send me a P4A
  6. West Maui Mountains

    Y'all are killin' me! Love the comments and the jabs, all good stuff. Bummer about the Cali fires, though, indeed.
  7. West Maui Mountains

    Big Mahalo for every part of that! 😃
  8. West Maui Mountains

    Couldn't resist grabbing a pano the other day on my way home. I never tire of this scene, and conditions were just right for it. Enjoy!
  9. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Thanks for taking the time to lay all of this out, Chuck, it's much appreciated. There's a lot of good viewpoint sharing going on in this thread, really is refreshing. I think the angle the LOKI folks meant to take was keyed off of the word 'actionable' in regard to data quality, specifically for orthomosaic imaging. For example, you wouldn't need a 43mp camera to capture the right details for a coastline mapping project. Sure, those individual images would give you the ability to zoom into every hole in every rock, but that's not what these ortho maps are about, from what I've been understanding. With that being said, I've only created them for fun, never for a client, and have literally no idea what they would even do with the data. lol
  10. Video Editing Software

    Probably one of the best pieces of advice, indeed! I hear good things about Sony Vega, but again, not free or cheap, and I've never personally used it. (I'm a Mac guy, hanging out in Final Cut land. lol)
  11. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Interesting, my drone is white and I'm in target to shoot 200 properties this year. I don't feel like chaff. Unless of course we're keeping this topic in the multi million dollar biz club, then sure. But for muy specific industry, I think we're doing alright, white drones included.
  12. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Nailed it.
  13. Water Water Everywhere...

    Mahalo Dave! Actually, I could see the rainbow and was borderline scrambling to capture all the shots before it disappeared. Rainbows are supposed to be relaxing! 😜
  14. Water Water Everywhere...

    Yesterday, cruising the Pali Hwy, I noticed a pretty massive ship out to sea, about a mile and a half off shore. Calculating the distance, factoring in the headwind for the journey back, I determined a quick drone flight was in order, and I'm glad I did! The first image is made of 19 individual shots. The second is 21 individual shots. This is from a Phantom 4, enjoy!
  15. Maui Lifestyle Video

    Mahalo for taking time to view and for the feedback, Alan! I've been using this technique in property vids lately and it definitely helps a lot.