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  1. Ask enough times...

    I see your point, especially regarding recreational pilots, but I will offer the side that professional pilots who want to self-authorize will do so via whatever app the FAA makes that option available. If tomorrow morning the FAA were to announce that I could self-authorize controlled airspace but I have to use an app called 'Do Your Own Shiz', you can bet that would be the starting app on my phone immediately. You can check out some of these maps now in B4UFly. Open the app > MORE > Recommended Links > Map of Fixed Site Facility Restrictions Here you will see how checking this will definitely assist in self-authorizing your own airspace on a per instance basis.
  2. Ask enough times...

    I hadn't considered it from this angle, but I see your point of view for sure. One thing I'll point out that I think you'll appreciate, is that these maps will be integrated into the B4UFly app, meaning you'll be able to see which grid you occupy by zooming into the map. As I understand, this will also be integrated into AirMap. But definitely, in print, this means little. It's the resource they currently have, so it's better than the first go around we had a year ago. lol That was a fun experience in finite map plotting!
  3. Ask enough times...

    They definitely made life easier with this. The area map they sent me is from their new sUAS map system to be implemented next summer. This will definitely make things much easier, as we'll be able to self-authorize a huge percentage of the flights, lightening the FAA office workload to focus on special auth cases. I think it's a huge step forward actually. Check out the map they sent back, instructing me that my ceiling is 400ft AGL, unless otherwise noted on the map. Perfect set-up / training for the system to come.
  4. 1min empty property vid

    They were asking $430k, which is a great price, but the seller decided to pull it from the market and build their dream home on it. Go figure!
  5. Making a 1BR condo feel exciting

    Mahalo! I used a phantom 4, 7D mk ii, Gopro, iPhone 7+
  6. Large Print Photomerge

    It depends upon the scene. Sometimes I can get it captured in as few as 9 images, other times I'll need as many as 50 images.
  7. Large Print Photomerge

    Mahalo Gabriel! The wind was pretty low, barely more than a few mph really. But I'll say this, I've flown this little Phantom 4 in winds exceeding 30mph steady, gusting as high as 40mph, and the footage was solid. Still photos were good too, so long as I had a high shutter speed. I'm certain it would be next to impossible to shoot a merge pano under those conditions, but now I wanna try it.
  8. Ask enough times...

    Aloha, Living on an island has it's obvious pros, but there are definitely cons, such as a class C airport that covers a huge percentage of residential area...aka places I need to access for aerial real estate media. After requesting authorizations for the individual sections of housing areas spread about the airspace, today I received a complete blanket authorization for the whole grid! I guess they just got tired of seeing my applications and put 2&2 together. Lol Big Mahalo to the FAA!
  9. Large Print Photomerge

    I typically use Lightroom, but occasionally require Photoshop. Regardless of which does the merge, I use a bit of love in each program for final touch-ups. (i.e. merge artifact mitigation)
  10. Honomanu Bay - Hana - Maui

    Mahalo all!
  11. Honomanu Bay - Hana - Maui

    Aloha fellow droners! Tonight I'm sharing a creation from our overnight in Hana town. We don't frequent this area of the island much, so I try to capture something memorable from each trip. The image you see showcases Honomanu Bay, one of the best kept secrets of east Maui. The road you see cut into the cliff-sides is world-famous 'Road to Hana', or as we know it, Hana Hwy. In the far distant right, just under the horizon, you can see a rock just off the end of the cliff point. That rock and cliff are the site at which Jurassic Park filmed the intro scene, where the helicopters are first arriving at JP. This single super-pano was created by merging 39 individual images, all shot on a Phantom 4, some 3,000+ feet away from the control station. I flew this mission while standing on the right-hand cliffside, just inside the bay. Mahalo for viewing!
  12. Here's my latest work at showcasing a fairly simple 1 bedroom condo in the heart of Wailea. Had a fun time in post with this one. Aloha!
  13. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Upload via mobile device as Steve mentioned. Instagram now allows up to 1min vids too!
  14. Property showcase video

    Mahalo for that compliment, and for taking the time to watch the video!
  15. There's More Than Drones for Aerial

    Man, I dunno if Beth is gonna bite on this 'necessary upgrade'...