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  1. My first drone circa 1975

    Oh man, right up there with gas powered airplane on a string!
  2. Flying a Drone During the Solar Eclipse

    Alan, I'm stoked to see your time-lapse! I would think the city skyline should provide a great scene for the shadow passing. Wish I could be there to share the experience... And pulled pork...
  3. Are you offering standard real estate photography?

    Lol indeed! The life of a young grandpa
  4. Are you offering standard real estate photography?

    Mahalo for the compliment! For this year, I've shot over 120 individual properties, with about a 1-2 week booking outlook. I'm a little bit tired these days! My son is moving here in about a month to help out part time, which means I'll be able to surf and play again.
  5. Are you offering standard real estate photography?

    Aloha Jay, Right now I shoot most of the work myself, but will occasionally hire a 1099 sub.
  6. Property showcase video

    Aloha, I wanted to share the most recent property video from a house that I really loved. This piece was shot almost entirely on a P4. Only the zoomed in view shot was calories with a DSLR. Mahalo for viewing!
  7. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    What will likely happen is that she gets into it, and ends up with the best gear, and being better at it than me. It'll be like Dr. Mario all over again....
  8. U.S Government Bans the use of DJI Products

    I agree, but the request form online does have a field for what drone. As I understand, the FAA's reasoning being a centralized authorization system was to screen what UAS would be used in order to determine it's safety features. I recall a publication that stated towers could not discern whether a particular craft had failsafe features, but the centralized personnel could. I can see the FAA determining that DJI products can be hacked and are therefore no longer safe for commercial operations in controlled airspace. Sure, it seems far fetched, but so did the idea of needing a pilot's license to take photos for hire with a remote aircraft just a couple years ago.
  9. U.S Government Bans the use of DJI Products

    I have concerns about how this will impact FAA airspace authorization for commercial flights using DJI products.
  10. 1min empty property vid

    Occasionally, I'm asked to make a video for a vacant tract of land. In this case, someone has been farming on the land, which gave a point of interest. We traveled to the neighboring island of Hawai'i (big island) to shoot this one. It was a nice change of scenery. The reason I cap these short vids at 1 minute, is that the realtor can post it on Instagram. Mahalo for viewing!
  11. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    That was great! Thanks for sharing, it looks like so much fun. Just gotta convince the wife we 'need' this type of equipment....
  12. TRAVEL

    Bro, this is an outstanding piece, thank you so much for sharing! Remarkable imagery, lots of emotion, very moving altogether. Aloha, Jonathon
  13. Passed Exam this morning - Heart of Virginia Airport

    That's outstanding news, congratulations!
  14. Aerial Downtown LA

    Love this shot, Chuck!
  15. Big Island

    Had a small farm property shoot on the Big Island a couple weeks ago, decided to turn it into a mini vacay, staying 3 nights. The weather was alright, but since we were Hilo side, it was pretty rainy, windy and gloomy for much of the trip. The sunny parts we spent mostly in the national park, so no flying there. However, I was able to get some flight time at two locations and wanted to share a few images. Mahalo for viewing, enjoy! #1 - 30 individual images, merged to showcase the massive history of lava flows, centuries old, coming from Kilauea - the most active volcano in the world. In this particular image, on the distant cliff, you can see a plume of steam. This is the current ocean entry point from the active lava flow. Against the mountainside, you can see a few puffs of steam, which come from vent points underground. #2 Same spot, different shot, single image #3 - South Point, Hawai'i is the southernmost place in the U.S., reaching further south than the Florida keys. This pano image consists of 19 individual shots, and I chose to leave the vehicle on the cliff edge for size comparison. #4 - Same place, different angle, single image