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  1. Large Print Photomerge

    Aloha community, Today, I'm sharing a few images that I'm rather proud of, created by a technique I've been practicing for several months now. Each image you see is comprised of anywhere between 10 to 25 individual photos, merged together like a jigsaw puzzle. In doing this, I'm able to create high resolution images of panoramic scenes that would not fit in a single exposure. These will print clearly up to around 5-8ft on the long edge, depending upon the image. They vary between 20-100mp. All shot on a Phantom 4 Mahalo for viewing, looking forward to feedback and constructive critique! 1 2 3 4
  2. Dji mavic pro real estate

    Beautifully written, Chuck. I'll admit, I'm stuck in the $1000-2000 property range, still looking for the opportunity to land a large paying gig like you speak. However, we did end 2017 with 206 properties shot, and 2018 is already looking better than last year. Like you say, choose either volume or high-end creativity. Unfortunately, with such a small island, there's heavy saturation and the 'race to the bottom' has already begun. I refuse to join the race.
  3. A little drone lapse play time

    'The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot." - Michael Altshuler
  4. Dji mavic pro real estate

    This is a great summarization of it all. With that said, I've seen some Mavic Pro users shoot real estate around the island, and they do alright. Definitely not the same quality as a P4 or newer, but decent for a mid-range home listing.
  5. Large Print Photomerge

    I've been making these large photo merge pieces for a little over a year now. Sometimes the task is pretty straightforward and takes more time than effort. Other times, it takes both time AND lots of effort to get a cleanly merged image. The merging itself is only one part of the process. I still have to repair merge artifacts and color variances in the final image before rendering.
  6. The Forest (Short)

    Well, this one definitely blew me away. Thank you so much for sharing, I'm curious to know the gear lineup on this one?
  7. Flying over Mars-like terrain

    Outstanding! Thank you for sharing this.
  8. Proposal on the Beach - Paparazzi Style

    Thanks, Chuck, it was a pretty fun project for sure!
  9. Aloha UAV'ers! Thought I'd share something different from what we normally cover. I was recently contacted and asked to film a marriage proposal on the beach, but requested to approach it paparazzi style. Of course I was happy to oblige. I met with the fella popping the question early that morning, and set him up with a small wireless lav mic. He hid it in a button hole on his collar, and tucked the transmitter into is back pocket. My son posed as a beach-goer with a handheld camcorder, we hid a stationary camera on a tripod in the coastal shrubs, and I set up around the corner with a drone...just another beach goer with a drone, see? lol. The audio at the beginning is quite rough, because they were waking into the wind. I had instructed the guy to turn her face into the wind once he arrived at 'the spot', which he totally did flawlessly. This was a fun little project, and I think I'm going to start advertising this more for 2018. Mahalo for viewing!
  10. West Maui Mountains

    Couldn't resist grabbing a pano the other day on my way home. I never tire of this scene, and conditions were just right for it. Enjoy!
  11. While flying a huge empty property for a client, this pueo came around a couple times. So, used some digital zoom and went for a closer look. Shot on a P4, 1080p @ 60fps, worked in FCPX using Twixtor.
  12. Paradise Ridge Estates - 30 Second TV Spot

    Mahalo for the kind words and encouragement! It really was a super fun and challenging project. For this I used a Phantom 4, edited in FCPX, which offers speed adjustment.
  13. Yo peeps! So I made a TV commercial... lol. Actually, this is a very chopped down version of the full ad video. The developer decided to run a 30 second TV spot, which was a first for me to create. I asked who they wanted for the voiceover, thinking maybe the realtor or someone...nope. They said, 'We like your voice, and we want you to write the script.' Not gonna lie...was a bit nervous on this one. To get clean sound, I had to shut myself in the car in the garage with a voice recorder early in the morning before the house and the neighborhood woke up. Some good ol' east TN ingenuity right there. I just wanna go on record saying this...interlacing formats for broadcast are weird. That is all.
  14. West Maui Mountains

    Mahalo for the kind words! I would love to get some shots of the Na Pali coastal range, just haven't yet made it to that island. So far, only Maui, Oahu, Moloka'i, & Big Island. Still gotta check out Kuai & Lana'i. The pic in this post was shot using a Phantom 4. I took 19 images of the area, merged them into one super-pano that couldn't be captured in a single shot. As for Mauna Kea, the only pics I have from up top are from the saddle, not the summit. Here's one. But I do have a summit photo from Haleakala. In the distance, on the right-hand side of the horizon, you can see Mauna Kea poking through the clouds.
  15. Thought this was a very interesting read. The guy has some real dedication, that's for sure! https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/01/how-to-take-a-picture-of-the-stealth-bomber-over-the-rose-bowl/549545/
  16. Paradise Ridge Estates - 30 Second TV Spot

    Thanks for taking the time to view, and for the compliment! Shoot me a PM with your questions anytime.
  17. Paradise Ridge Estates - 30 Second TV Spot

    Thanks, Chuck! Actually, ALL of the property features are CAD rendering overlays onto real drone footage. This project was super fun, meeting with the architect, developer, realtor & marketing team to determine how the video would flow, building elevations for view shots, and so on. Once they cleared a few trees, I flew the path as if the complex existed. Then, took still photos at the top-floor elevation and pinpoint so as to capture the view from all angles. These images were used as the background in the CAD renderings of the interior. It was quite a challenge to fly the drone into a balcony that doesn't exist! I had my wife in the field with a radio, standing next to an orange flag set to balcony height. She waved her arms so I could see her from afar until I got close enough to view the flag. You can see the full vid here:
  18. Winter Christmas Cheers 4K - 2min.

    Bro, your Christmas looks fun!!!
  19. Christmas Light Fight

    I enjoyed the speed-ups and slow-downs a lot. This was a fun video, and I'm even a bit of a Scrooge about Christmas!
  20. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    I appreciate that, Chuck, thank you! Sometimes, I feel like I'm doing the same ol' thing, which gets a little bit monotonous from time to time. You know how it is...kitchen, stove, fancy hood and faucets, fancy bathroom and fixtures, fancy pool and hot tub, yada yada... Occasionally a client will request something more of a 'best of' showcase, with little attention to floorplan, but for the most part people tend to like knowing how a home is laid out. Some properties, however, simply are wonky, and no amount of video will convey a floorplan, especially on Maui. When you start shooting homes in Kula (about 3,000ft up the side of the volcano), it gets very interesting. This is when I push for a Matterport 3D tour. lol
  21. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Well, since it's titled past present and future...Chuck influenced me to add another as well, although I'm not able to use such fabulous music for our commercial shoots. lol Out of 206 properties in 2017, this one was one of my favorites. No added lifestyle beach/golf/surf/etc stuff, just the home.
  22. Property Videos: Past, Present & Future

    Very nice, Chuck! Love the music, really enjoyed the detail shots. That place is pretty swanky indeed!
  23. Ocean front, exterior-only teaser

    Occasionally, a client requests exterior-only aerial video work. These can be fun and sometimes challenging, especially when the property is tightly covered in foliage, not very large, and located along the 2nd windiest bay on the planet. Even the calm days are breezy here!
  24. Ocean front, exterior-only teaser

    I think if I could find a project during which you could help, that'd be a great reason to visit, yea? Either way, if you ever get to Maui, lemme know, I'd love to connect and show you around the island a bit.
  25. Ocean front, exterior-only teaser

    Well, if it's any consolation, right now you'd be socked in with rain, flash flooding, and generally a PNW feel. Parts of Kahului town are flooded above car hood level, and it's gonna keep on coming down for another day I think. It's been raining off and on all week, with clouds clouds clouds. But it will turn nice again, and you should prolly come check it out sooner than later. We're trying to scale up enough to contract work out...and you're on the top of the list my friend!