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  1. Hello again, i will make some changes to my current 450, putting in a pixhawk 2.1 and i will have to find a good enough camera, just to keep it "cheap" and start trying things out with maping and just getting a hang of it all, doing "serius" flying not just playing, i will have to upgrade my transmitter and reciver, is Frsky X7 or X9D+ a good choise or is there something better for mapping and inspections ? thinking about controling the gimbal mostly. when i know more about what i need i will build my own "high preformance" UAV and get a good camera like the 5Ds (if that is what i need)
  2. hehe no probobly not, but 2500-2700? a P4P with some gear cost about 2400, with a sony a6000 shold be possible, using a spy hero y6 sunnysky 4110-25 340kv motors( or T-motors) 15" props , hobbywing ESCs, pixhawk 2.1 (if it is stabil, it is so new on the market that i dont know) and tattu 16000mha, i am unshure about a gimble cost for the camera though but 200-300 ? okey, why is the mavic/mavic pro better then the phantom 4 pro? the size is smaller but how is stability and camera ? well i want i "think" something that i can train with and lern to be a better pilot and lern how to do mapping (camera settings, hight, overlap, software/post and be able to produce a product that i can deliver with "pride" ) and if possible do some smal jobs with mapping while lerning. if i cant do that with a p4p then i shold not use it, but if i can use the P4P/mavic pro, i am a bit to torn. sens it is so easy to just buy a dji product and get it flying, but if i build it myself there is things that can go wrong but i can later upgrade it, that i cant do with a P4P or mavic
  3. Tnx For the awnser i have bin thinking and i got anothere tip from someone who is doing mapps, he Said that it is better to just buy a Phantom 4 pro and "take it slow" and lern How to use apps and programs use GCPs (thinking about using Reach RS) make a workflow, he also told me that i Will Be able to do the same type of mapping Jobs as he was (matrice 600 with a Canon 5Ds) it Will just take longer time (taking more pictures at lower latitude, probobly Cant take as mutch wind though) is it better to just buy a off the shelf drone for 1500 or trying to build one around that same price point ? I am thinking i can get one now, lern alot of How to actualy do things, and doing online course to lern more, still maby taking some jobs during this time, and in 1-3 years building/buying a more capable drone, and by that point i Will know what i want it to have to fitt My needed. What do you Two think, good or bad ide ??
  4. okey, yeah i have gotten the same idea that alot of pros dont use them in there work, okey, is 20hz okey or still to slow ? yes i do think the same, i whold like to not be bound to a spesific camera, i whold like to use a "normal" camera like the sony A7R II what do you think about the sky hero spy ?^or do you like something els more? and if so shold one just go with the biggest frame posible to be able to fit bigger probs and might get a litle more stabile ?
  5. R Martin, tnx for the response, i havent looked at that brand before, realy interesting wing they got, i love that it can make a vertical takeoff. and "only" costs 5990 with RTK not needing GCP is something that whold be awsome but yeah i whold test it out alot before stop using GCP with it. when it comes to the cameras, i think i have read that it is suposed to be posible to take the RTK signal and store it so that it is possible to kross refference the RTG with the pictures. anything you have seen ? can you give some examples on some cameras that is made for UAVs? the only ones i find are above 10k. Av8Chuck: i am guessing that you are not a big fan of DJI ? sorry it will be 20K (talked to a store that will sell them) yeah there will be alot to lern, but i do think that it whold be possible to make ortophotomaps/3D-mapps and make calculations with just a few days education. sure probobly far ways from a pro but is it so hard? (i dont know so i am actualy asking) as for a drone that one can build, maby something like this one
  6. hello again, i have just signed up for a basic GIS course as well as ArcGIS so it will be a start, i found a course for wind turbines both a basic one and then one for maintenes so i might understad what i need to inspect if i am going to inspect some havent signed up for it yet dough, i dont have time for more right now, but when it comes to drones, my first though was DJU matrice 600 sens i can use a DSLR for 50mp pictures, but i dont know how well it will do in the cold wethere here during winter? then i though about matrice 210, it whold be awsome for inspections but if i am doing mapping i can only use DJIs cameras, good ting about though is that i can use 2 cameras at the same time or one on top. dose anyone know if the RTK module will be able to geotag the pictures ? only bad thing about the matrice 210 RTK is the price here it is around 200k and i will still need cameras and batteries, spare props and more things. is DJI a good way to go or is it better to build my own ? or a diffrent brand ?
  7. Ooh sorry i miss spelled, i Hope to have the money That i have invested back in 2-3 years from when i start, i can have the money whenever i want so it is more about the education part of it that might take time
  8. Av8Chuck i did actualy re calc what i can put into it, and i think around 23K well it will take the time it needs, but it whold be nice if i can start to lern things and after maby 6-12 month start with something ethere just start training (by my self or get realy basic jobs) R Martin hehe yes i figured it was just the introduction, i have looked a bit more on the options on lerning, and there is realy mutch on GIS and it is free what i can do is just to copy a "real" education with shorter courses so that itl will amount to the same education, and then maby i will lern some othere things as well. when it comes to inspections i might be able to go some courses to lern the basic stuff about maby cell tower inspections or roof inspections, or take some one from the company i am helping so i will just be the pilot and he will tell me where to go and where to look? the education we have that is 2 years is the only thing that you need to being able to work as a Surveyer and during the education one will work with pros for around 4 month, if you become a "master" then they make around 240$/h so that is good money i can use a drone for hobby without any licens, but as soon as i am using it for a business i need it and insurens to be able to fly, and yes i know this wont be super easy and being able to make some quick money, i whold just be happy if i can get the money i will invest in maby 2-3 years, is that possible or shold i be more set on a longer time frame ?
  9. i just found a program thta is 8 weeks on ArcGIS that is free, but what program is the industri standard on when doing mapping and survey? lets say i am going to do mapping, survey and inspections (i will get people to help me)? , what is the best drones for the job ? as i said in the beginning i think i want to use a sony A7R II or a Canon EOS 5DsR sens they have 42,4mp and the canon 50 mp i think i can get the highest pixel/cm price/preformance ? dont know if i shold go with a matrice 600 or build one my self i can still use my diy 450 for a bit o training but i still want to know how mutch everything is going to cost
  10. when it comes to GPU i will be using 1 or 2 GTX 1080ti (best there is right now) and depending if it uses more cpu i will just go with 1 gtx 1080 and put some extra money on a better CPU, i will also be using m.2 storage (samsung 960 evo) so it will be able to work with the pictures reaastly fast well i can get a CAA but it depends if my drone will get over 7kg or not. it costs 250 to get certified and then anothere 150 every year. if it get over 7kg it will cost up to 2500 to get it certified but probobly around 1000 and then anouthere 300 every year, that is only if i want to work with it, i will be able to fly with it without being certified. is there some realy good online program or anything one can take to get all the information to be able to do mapping and survey ? so i dont need to go a 2 year education without any pay to be able to do what i want to do
  11. Hello, tnx for the fast and informative awnser hehe and yes i am a deer in the headlights no i am not a RPLS i dont have any software and dont know how to use it. i dont own any gps units and dont know how to use it. i dont know the proper reporting procedures. so as you can see, i dont know mutch and i dont have any equipment. but what i do have is ADD and anything i love/want to do i can lern realy easy. i whold like to do as mutch as possible for myself so i will need to go some extensive education. i will have to hire people in the beginning just to get some things done the right way, i dont want to do things i dont know nothing about. when it comes to the computer i dont have one right now but i will get one as well, the parts that i have picked comes up to around 3500, do the most software use only the CPU or can they the GPU acceleration as well? (and i will take a loan on my apartment (i will still get money from it when i sell it so no need to worry ) What is your specialty? well, i have an education in low voltage electronics, but right now i am only instaling alarm systems so dont think i can use that skill. when it comes to real estate, i might just do a few job a year, ( my sister works with styling homes before they sell it so i might be able to a few jobs with her) the big question is what i actualy can do, nothing right now it seams? i live in sweden so it might be a bit diffrent from where you live, but what in what feald is it possible to educate myself without having to work with it? i cant quit my day job right now. i have found a education for beginners in GIS that takes 6 month and cost 1k, is that something that i shold look closer at ? and if i am going to do this i realy want to master the feald i am into, and be the "go to person" who can deliver that litle extra that most might not be able to or just dont want to/care to sorry again for my deer in the headlights atitude, but i need to start at some point and tnx again for all the awnsers.
  12. Hello, i am new to this forum but have read alot of good information i am probably going to open a business this year or early next year. i want to do 3d mapping, surveying, gis, inspections and maby maby some real estate (not my main goal but something to do if work is slow) i am in need of some help, i dont know what what platforme to use. dont know if i shold build one by my self (have one it before but smaler one) go with a smal brand or with something from DJI. i am thinking of using a sony 7R II or a Canon 5DS R so i can get some realy high pixel/cm ratio and RTK, if something will work better or is easy to use i might go with that. i am trying to fuiger out what everything is going to cost, what i need to lern (maby take some online courses) and do before i start (better to be well prepered then finding out later that i dont know everything) i hope that you with more experience might be able to help have a nice day