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  1. Ask enough times...

    Congratulations. I am still waiting for a response for mine in Miami Class B.
  2. Honomanu Bay - Hana - Maui

    dreamy and pensive.

  4. FAA Airspace Authorization Request Timing

    I don't know how long it will take but its been over a month since I filled my 107 application and still waiting for a certificate. Also my entire business market is in Class B air space - It should be interesting to see if I get approved for a 6 month 150 AGL authorization.
  5. Ditches - FPV FREESTYLE

    Nice. That looks like a lot of fun!
  6. Office Space in a Complex

    That's all good advise and you brought up several more points that I had not considered. Thank you
  7. Office Space in a Complex

    Thank you for sharing. I am trying to figure out what used gear to buy for the same purpose. I thought the A6500 would be good but on the other hand, I wouldn't be able to share DJi X5S lenses so I'm thinking maybe it would be better to go with either the GH4 or GH5.
  8. Office Space in a Complex

    Good job. If you don't mind me asking, what gear do you use for your interior video? Thanks Mario
  9. I am also looking at this platform. This may be my lack of knowledge on reliability stats but I am still a little concerned about a possible motor failure. Including the cost of the bird, imagine losing a $9000 zoom camera. $15,000 loss would be very painful. Good luck trying to get DJI to take responsibility.
  10. City ordinance

    I'm no expert, but they do not own the air space.
  11. DJI No Fly Zone Problem

    Thats very helpful, thank you. I like your suggestion to publish the areas that I am approved on a operational map.
  12. DJI No Fly Zone Problem

    Thank you for your response. The challenge that I predict is that I will never know exactly where I would be flying because, real estate agents could have a new listing anywhere in the City and if it is outside my "approved authorization area" well that would ultimately stop me in my tracks since it would take 90 days for another "approved" authorization for that particular address.
  13. DJI No Fly Zone Problem

    Steve, Thank you for your help. I have to say that I'm a little intimidated by the Authorization process, since my entire business would depend on it. For example: South Beach as a whole is 12 miles from the Miami airport and is Class B airspace. That means that before I can even secure 1 client on that island, I would need a 6 month authorization for the entire city before I can even start prospecting for business. Am i correct?