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  1. Mark Allen

    Need DJI Replacement Advice

    So did we! Was really impressed with the Yuneec H520 set up and the conversations we had with them at Las Vegas. It was our recommendation to move to yuneec aircraft...thought it was the way to go from a functionality aspect as well as a financial aspect. Turns out our security group is not just mad at DJI but apparently China as well. Not happy about it, but it is what it is..
  2. Mark Allen

    Need DJI Replacement Advice

    Austin, Texas
  3. Mark Allen

    Need DJI Replacement Advice

    @Av8Chuck thanks for the info! I'll show this to the group on Monday.
  4. Mark Allen

    Need DJI Replacement Advice

    Hey everyone! Thanks in advance for your help here. I'm part of a uas group in a surveying and mapping department. We primarily fly for mapping and inspection purposes of our transmission and substation assets. In the two years of our groups existence we've used a few aircraft, but recently around 80% of our work is done with a DJI Inspire 1. We fly mapping missions for ground contours, 3d models and orthos, inspection photo flights, 360° panoramic photo flights, some thermographic flights and video flights for a number of uses. Sensors we currently fly with the Inspire: x3, z3, x5 and the xt. Found out this week that our internal security department is grounding our DJI aircraft. Kinda throwing a kink in our productivity. We had also just ordered a M600 with a z30 sensor for an offshore inspection flight. That got shut down as well. So what I'm looking for is y'alls idea of good replacements for both aircraft for the work outlined here. We have some ideas and are pursuing a few of them already, but I wanted to poll the audience and see what you could come up with. Been very impressed with the communities knowledge and involvement here and am looking forward to any information y'all can pass along. Thanks! -mark
  5. Mark Allen

    Who will be going to Interdrone in Las Vegas?

    Great show! Exhibit hall was fantastic! (wish it opened a little earlier than 10:45...) Almost too much info and gear to keep track of. Came home with a tote bag full of brochures. Hit 3-4 sessions a day and all were very informative, by Friday I think my brain was overloaded. Normally you attend these things with the hope to come away with any info...this one had too much. Had three people in my group, and we were only able to attend a session together a few times. Great classes. Most of all...meeting and connecting with the other attendees. Finding others with new solutions to the same problems and fresh ideas on how to do the day to day stuff was the biggest take away for me. Got lots of cards and am hoping to connect as the year goes on. And last of all..great to meet you Alan! finally got a chance to say hi and thank you for the help in passing my RPC test. Like I told you, the course gave me invaluable help and made it easy to get through the material, in the short time I had to do it, and pass the test on the first attempt. So yeah, thanks! -Mark