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  1. Hi guys, Providing access to LAANC is not Airmap's business plan. They provide that free and likely will never charge for it. That is not why there is growing distaste for AirMap among independent uas ops. That comes from how the do plan to make money. Check out this vlog that explores AirMaps hopes on cashing in. AirMap does not deny any of the claims raised in that video. But they would prefer to keep it out of the spotlight if possible. So, using AirMap, even for LAANC access, just helps them to be in the public eye and viable in their ultimate goal of profiting off of a highly complex NAS system that "we" don't want in the first place. Using them is like shooting yourself if the foot, IMHO. Obviously, you can decide for yourselves.
  2. It's good to hear more folks are getting up to speed on questioning AirMap's goals. I don't really like harping on it but at the same time I don't want them to succeed. If 'we' all realize what they are up to, their plan will fail.
  3. Dave Pitman

    Summer Drone Photo Contest

    You guys are taking a page out of dji's play book. Get (hopefully) tons of cool images to use however you wish for a mere $100. Curious how much do you charge when someone contacts you to record a photograph? Or is Nadar just a clearing house operation and don't actually provide service in house?
  4. Hi @Ed O'Grady, They provided no explanation as to the cancellations. My requests were for wide areas based upon AFM published ceilings. I have received approvals on many similar requests in the past. I surmise as new airports go live on LAANC that Authorization requests like mine are flagged and cancelled. I don't know if all authorization requests in that airspace are cancelled or not. LAANC is nice. But having 6 month windows of time to operate whenever you want so long as you stay below the published ceilings is even more convenient once you get it. Those are probably not available any more for airports participating in LAANC.
  5. Dave Pitman

    Client and Operator Liability

    Like we said. 😉
  6. I've had 2 cancelled in the last 2 days because the airports in question just went on LAANC. Please consider using Skyward until AOPA or some other vendor provides LAANC access. Try to move away from AirMap if possible. They are not your friend.
  7. Dave Pitman

    Client and Operator Liability

    There aren't really examples of any enforcement. That's the thing. There are a few threads over at commercialdronepilots.com e.g. https://commercialdronepilots.com/threads/outing-uncertified-commercial-operators.535/
  8. Dave Pitman

    Client and Operator Liability

    UAShelp@faa.gov general clearing house for suas.
  9. Dave Pitman

    Client and Operator Liability

    There has been a lot of discussion on this subject. The simple truth is that unless something bad happens, then no one is going to be fined or in any way interfered with. Some clients will want to be responsible and others won't care.
  10. Dave Pitman

    Shooting land and lots...

    You could do it a number of ways. For example, for many areas, google maps has the property boundaries overlaid on their street map if you zoom in far enough. Some areas even have polygons representing structures. Using you mouse you can identify the lat/long of each corner. You can import those into Litchi and (probably other apps) and make waypoints that you can then use on site to position the the aircraft.
  11. Dave Pitman

    Mapping/DSM model for river studies

    It is a perfect use case. You will need GCP's (as you mention), or a drone outfitted with a precision gnss and have a PPK workflow in place. PS: Asking in one post is sufficient.
  12. Dave Pitman

    Department of Defense Bans ALL COTS UAV's

    While I'm in complete agreement that DJI's practices are terrible. I have always maintained, along with you and a few others, that their policies don't have anything whatsoever to do with safety. I'm not sure what that has to do with Starbucks policy to not require you to purchase product in order to use the bathroom though, even in concept. 😕
  13. Dave Pitman


    Agreements exist for a reason. If you sold them a specific product and delivered it to their satisfaction, you are done. If you were hired to record imagery that they would own all rights to, then hand it over. If your contract was for the former and not the latter, then happily negotiate a fee for the additional work. Everyone wins.
  14. Dave Pitman

    DJI Phantom 4 Pro

    Hi Bill. Nope, not normal. If a Fw reset and then a calibration doesn't remedy it you should get it replaced or serviced.