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  1. (5) In Class B, Class C, or Class D airspace 20 or within the lateral boundaries of the surface area 21 of Class E airspace designated for an airport, the 22 operator obtains prior authorization from the Ad23 ministrator or designee before operating and com24 plies with all airspace restrictions and prohibitions. [Regarding operation in Class G] ‘‘(7) The operator has passed an aeronautical knowledge and safety test described in subsection (g) 7 and maintains proof of test passage to be made 8 available to the Administrator or law enforcement 9 upon request. Just a couple of paragraphs indicating the same requirements as 107. Remember Bruce's video commentary of the hearing? Remember how the AMA said they were at the meeting but didn't participate? This is exactly the language the "stakeholders" were asking for at that hearing. "Big Drone" absolutely wants to get rid of pesky hobbyists. After that, they can rein-in the small independent 107 guys by getting insurance and bonding requirements out of their reach. Dang, I'm sounding a pessimistic as Chuck on this one.
  2. Dave Pitman

    LAANC vs COA...

    It's not that difficult. If an airport is participating in LAANC, you apply for authorization through one of the LAANC facilitators. They are not providing wide area authorizations at these airports. LAANC only. If an airport is not participating in LAANC, you apply for an authorization through the Drone Zone portal. No other way. You can request a wide area authorization at these airports. Not too confusing, right?
  3. Dave Pitman

    Night operations

    I would suggest that you could expect a definite maybe and not "I'm golden" if I were you. The language states: Through its SGI process, the FAA may expedite the issuance to qualifying UAS operations of: 1) addendums to pre-existing Certificates of Waiver or Authorization (COA); or 2) waivers and authorizations to Part 107 operators. They also may not. A pro would apply for the blanket daylight waiver that Alan mentioned and then if you have not received anything on it when a mission is shortly scheduled, then you could try the expedited method they mention. Not that the language above also mentions expediting and application that has already been submitted. Something to keep in mind. The FAA is not going to grant you Authorization "just because" you are working with an agency. They won't even automatically grant authorization to the agency itself. I don't mean to discourage you from working through the system. Just don't want you to get your hopes up unreasonably is all.
  4. Dave Pitman

    Drone Interactive Panoramas: Where's the interest?

    If you're referring to the linked panos, they are done with Hanger 360 as is evident by the banner and url.
  5. Dave Pitman

    Is DroneZone only place to submit COA?

    There are 2 ways to receive an Airspace Authorization. Through a LAANC provider on the list you posted (use a free Skyward account) IF the airport is currently participating in LAANC. (see here: https://www.faa.gov/uas/programs_partnerships/uas_data_exchange/airports_participating_in_laanc/ ) If the airport is not currently participating in LAANC, then the only way is to submit an application through DZ. For Airports participating in LAANC, no more wide area COAs. For Airports not participating in LAANC, you can request a wide area Authorization. You Fly safe too!
  6. This has come up in a couple of places. Some folks, especially non-61 types, are confused as to what they need to do or who to notify when they pass their recurrency testing requirements. Some don't want to accept that you don't "do" or "notify" anyone. You just keep the records yourself as you mentioned. The OP is hesitant to believe this but it doesn't matter. He will come to that conclusion eventually as he has no choice. At the end of the video I posted, Russ Still reiterates the procedure, or better, the lack of any after passing !
  7. @Kirk You probably won't believe Russ either even though he runs a part 141 flight school, but here is his take anyway.
  8. Dave Pitman

    Updating an existing sUAV Registration

    Go into your 107 dashboard on https://faadronezone.faa.gov Open the "Manage Inventory" on the left, at the right of your uas there is 3 dots, click on that and select "clone" add your new serial # and save. Then go back to the old drone (3 dots) and this time select "Cancel" fill in the reason, confirm and save. That serial # will no longer be registered to you.
  9. Dave Pitman

    FAA Unmanned General Recurrent (UGR) test

    Read my post a few above yours. No, you do not need to do anything except keep you paperwork safe in case you are ever asked to prove currency. The RP certificate never expires, only your operating privileges.
  10. Well sure, the AC is valid unless replaced with a newer one. If it's not replaced then it's still valid ?? In your other aviation work, do you adhere to what someone tells you, or official FAA documents? Currency in manned aviation ( I have been a PP for 32 years) is documented by the certificate holder themselves, not by sending anything to the FAA. Why would the FAA handle RPs differently? Anyway, good luck!
  11. Nick, the IACRA IT guy is incorrect. Read that email again and look at the first point and note that it says nothing about being temporary. There is no recurrent path in IACRA for UAS Renewal. Only ORIGINAL issuance is available in IACRA. Trust your eyes! You will be waiting a long long time for IACRA to accept recurrency testing results. 😉 Read section 6 of the Part 107 AC Note that it lists IACRA as an option for the INITIAL CERTIFICATE, and not for currency. https://www.faa.gov/uas/media/AC_107-2_AFS-1_Signed.pdf This is how it works. I can't make you believe it though...trust your eyes!
  12. You do not associate your passing the test with the FAA. You keep the paperwork and make a note in your log book. That's it, you're done. Hard to believe maybe, but that's how the FAA handles currency for manned aviation too. The end of that email you posted tells the tale. It means exactly what it says. "To exercise the privileges of the Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS rating, the applicant must comply with 14 CFR part 107, section 107.65. To show compliance with the requirement for aeronautical knowledge recency, as per 14 CFR part 107, section 107.65(b), the airman is to retain the AKTR with a passing grade."
  13. Dave Pitman

    First buy - Phantom 4 Advanced or 4 pro v2.0

    Agree completely.
  14. Dave Pitman

    First buy - Phantom 4 Advanced or 4 pro v2.0

    The p4p and p4a are both available without the built in screen/tablet (the non-plus model). The p4a (non +) is the same as the p4p regarding apps.
  15. Dave Pitman

    National Parks

    Invest big $$ lobbying politicians.