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  1. DJI Agras Mg-1S

    Okay. But do you have an answer to my question?
  2. LAANC Thoughts

    It should be an embarrassment to the FAA but apparently not. My app for a 0' grid area is at a surface class E airport and a landfill which is adjacent. The request for my service comes from the Port Authority that owns and operates the airport and the city that owns and operates the landfill. I would not be at all surprised if an authorization is denied. Hobbyists will have to fly those missions as well. Really crazy...and frustrating.
  3. DJI Agras Mg-1S

    Any chance you know anything about the Phantom 4 RTK which I believe DJI is classifying an agricultural drone for some reason.
  4. LAANC Thoughts

    I have an application in for flight in a 0' zone but no answer yet. I think you may need to have a hobbyist fly the mission and accidentally loose the SD card at the pub where you happen to find it.
  5. AirMap and local regs

    I've never thought that AirMap was on "our" side. Folks get excited with wiz-bang apps. But AirMaps business model is to create caos and then sell the key. No thanks. A free Skyward account for LAANC access is the way to go. And more vendors will most likely be coming on line in the next year.
  6. Part 107 Renewals

    Thanks @Ed O'Grady I expect some sort or review, but like full scale, I doubt it will be the same as the initial proctored test. We'll see!
  7. Part 107 Renewals

    The test I took as a part 61 was a simple online, no cost test. Can you point me to an actual policy statement? Or are you just guessing like the rest of us?
  8. Drone crash at Apple Park

    I don't know that their new complex has anything to do with their trademark. I bet the guy wishes Apple hired him.
  9. Drone crash at Apple Park

    That's the same guy. I don't believe Apple had anything to do with it. I would guess if Apple hired someone to document progress, they would own the exclusive rights. Just a guess on my part, admittedly. But I can't imagine Apple doing it any other way really. I don't think California has any regulations in place about flying over non-public property do they? Why would you think he needs permission? He is obviously not hiding and Apple is not concerned, it seems. Asking for permission would be nice, but not required absent regulations to that effect, much to the chagrin of Airmap, btw as they want to market personal NFZs.
  10. Drone crash at Apple Park

    Okay, no worries. I don't think Apple had any part in it but just wanted to see if you had heard something different.
  11. Drone crash at Apple Park

    I've seen his Apple Park clips before. I was interested in why you stated he was hired by Apple?
  12. Drone crash at Apple Park

    Citation please.
  13. I'm sure Chuck is just as generous to the business owners in Bakersfield, CA. And he's already in the same time zone their.
  14. Part 107 Renewals

    @Ed O'Grady My opinion is just a wild arse guess but how I came to it is by comparing what is required for flight reviews for part 61 fliers. We are required to get with a flight instructor and fly for at least 1 hr to demonstrate actual ability. And 1 hour of ground instruction to review mostly airspace and chart reading. So, if we eliminate review of ability we are left with airspace and chart review. An online coarse can certainly fulfill this requirement. We only pay the CFI for their time and nothing to the FAA. Of course we'll have to wait and see.
  15. Part 107 Renewals

    If past performance is any guide, the FAA will decide what is required 15-30 days before the deadline. My guess is they will require an online test is all unless they decide to actually require a demonstration of actual control standard. But, since that would require having designated examiners in place I don't see that happening soon.