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  1. Sean, to be clear, use FAA sectional charts and TFRs notices as your guide to where you are legal to operate. DJI's system's goal is to keep them from getting bad press which can harm sales. If the system also helps users that is a bonus.
  2. Sure, no worries. I just wanted the new users to understand that you can't get away from dji-fencing simply by using Litchi or something. It doesn't work that way.
  3. You don't fully understand the system. You can get away with no warnings depending upon which sdk app you use. However the dji-fencing is global. Go to a dji indicated NFZ and see how your app of choice responds. There are other workarounds though.
  4. Actually, the warnings are the least of it. At times, the craft will refuse to arm or even worse will try to start auto landing if it thinks it is where it shouldn't be.
  5. DJI is fully aware that their "dji-fencing" built into their system can quickly become a problem for commercial users. They really couldn't care less. Those of us that use hardware manufactured by them just have to find workarounds and/or live with the pseudo restrictions.
  6. Major Pix4D Issues

    Chris, I cannot comment on Pix4d Capture in particular, but you have a lot of variables to wade through. You said an ipad Air. I hope you mean an Air2 ? Have you used Pix4d capture on that craft with that tablet in the past without issue? How many times? What FW is on the craft and what version of Pix4d capture. I have used Map Pilot many times and Drone Deploy a fair amount of times with an ipad Air2. But not on an M100. You may want to check in on the pix4d forum. You can use any capture app and still use Pix4dmapper if that is what you plan to use to process.
  7. Exact meaning.

    You need to research LAANC. The ceilings published in the uas facility maps are what AirMap is referring to. You can request whatever ceiling height you want. However the published ceilings are what they are most likely to approve and what will be available through the LAANC system. https://www.faa.gov/uas/request_waiver/uas_facility_maps/
  8. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    That sounds like a nice business model! Kind of like the credit score companies. It is incumbent on the those wanting to be certified to do all the work to be up to speed with whatever requirements are necessary. They probably charge on both ends, checking someone out and providing that information to others. Win Win with no liability other than due diligence in the checkout. Pretty sweet deal.
  9. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Chuck, I think we are talking apples and oranges. I would use something like the Loki system for volumetrics. If the data produced by the p4p and the loki says a pile contains 12300 cubic meters of material and the the platform carrying an A7r says there is 12300 cubic meters but can fly a little faster and a little higher to get it. I'll buy that as "better". But if the cost of the platform is 4 times as much then some cost analysis is in order. Maybe you're saying that the cost analysis will always favor the platform that cost 4 times as much but I don't thinks so. If I was doing enough large areas that needed faster and farther then an A7r on a wing would be a better solution than either the custom multirotor or the p4p. Anyway, we are out in the weeds now. I actually agree with you. But not to the extent of the statement that if you use a sub $5000 tool, you are not providing a professional service or product. That is not what you meant, I know. But that is what you said, essentially.
  10. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    What do you mean by "vetting"? Known terrorist? Liability insured? What? There website makes it seem like they are a personnel resource company like labor ready, i.e. middleman.
  11. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    I can't comment first hand as I don't have their system. However, if they are "lying" that would be so easy to check because we are not talking subjective data like "is the picture pretty". But rather georectified data that can be checked and verified with surveyed check points. If their system used on a p4p or inspire 2 provides data equally accurate as a Sony a7r on their or some other setup then there is no room for discussion. If it doesn't provide equal measurable data then you are right, they are lying. I would think that dealing with surveyors with something that would be easily checkable that they would be hesitant to blatantly lie. But again, I don't know first hand. Regarding comparing the general quality of the P4P to the A7r, of course there is no comparison. But that's not really the point
  12. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    It's hard to tell what they even do. Headhunter service?
  13. Sectional chart Visibility Help

    I didn't understand he was asking about a test question either.
  14. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Actually, it is a fairly acknowledged concept that the tool does not make the professional. It is the service or product produced and the manner in which it is produced. Of course Chuck is correct that if a "white" uas cannot provide the desired quality or result in service or product, then a more expensive platform is required. But a blanket statement like he made is obviously wrong. And this is coming from an ardent critic of a lot of what the "white" drone maker is up to. As an example, I just watched a webinar presented by Airgon on drone aerial survey data and they were stressing that the lowly "white" phantom 4 pro with it's 1" sensor and mechanical shutter was an excellent survey tool when coupled with their PPK solution. Of course they are trying to market their ppk solution and software. But they also sell their gear to integrate with non "white" drones too. And when asked directly if a higher end platform carring something like an A7r would be vastly superior they said absolutely not. The orthoimage would be better but the actionable data would not. So why would a "professional" use a tool that could cause more damage if it failed, cost 4x as much or more to replace if damaged when the resulting data or product is not superior?
  15. Skills Beyond Flight And The 'End Game"

    Gary seems to share my opinion.