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  1. Eric Morgan


    yeah right haha
  3. Eric Morgan

    Good Seeing You All at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018

    That cold beer beside the drone tho... haha
  4. Eric Morgan

    Inspire 2 package for sale

    How much for the RC?
  5. Eric Morgan

    Selfie Drone Advice ?

    this is actually just a basic algorithm(Flow chart). is there any software that you could write codes and implement it into the drone?
  6. Eric Morgan

    Selfie Drone Advice ?

    yeah anyone can learn it... For yearsss
  7. Eric Morgan

    Flyaway problems

    that sounds unfortunate... if that happens, no more recovery. your drone will be gone for good.
  8. One word, beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)
  9. Eric Morgan

    My first UAV build

    I just watched the vid. Nice landing! Perfectly stabled. Keep up the good work my friend
  10. Eric Morgan

    My pretty good, mostly DJI, DIY, UAV

    You're welcome Feel free to ask more questions. I'd be glad to help.
  11. Eric Morgan

    Flyaway problems

    Yeah right haha. The most brilliant answer to avoid flyaways 😆
  12. Eric Morgan

    Flyaway problems

    You can never avoid flyways my friend. Cause you can never predict what will happen. My only advice for you is to always be alertly ready.
  13. Eric Morgan

    My pretty good, mostly DJI, DIY, UAV

    Yes it is. both work perfectly but the trackimo is much lighter compared to Mpolo
  14. Eric Morgan

    My first UAV build

    Can't wait to see you fly this thing...