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  1. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Good advice and once again appreciated. Great sport and business. Too bad we cannot get a group of mavic pilots together once in awhile to tech one another and just have fun.
  2. Have been reading etc best cable. Some say make sure ends are gold plated for best reception others length is most important Amazon is full of choices- i realized with mini 4 your hands are configured differently on controller so right angle is needed any cable experiences anyone can share?
  3. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Wow great reply many thanks womder if my Wilkie talkie I use clipped to vest could interfere with any signals used for me and my spotter. ( referring to your interference comment) Any experience using filters to improve pictures and video? one last question any advice on cold weather flying I understand batteries on both mavic and iPad mini all drain quickly dji says fly above 32 degress hard to do in NY in Winter
  4. Nanuck 920 and fitting iPad mini 4

    Thank you for advice. A happy holiday to you and yours
  5. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Located 100 miles north of New York City in rural area. Thousands of Land Conservancy Protected acres in area so hawks, Eagles ( too many Canadian Geese) all hang out here. Not to mention an occasional Helicopter ( not permitted yet land anyway) fun stuff obeying laws watching for predators and avoiding trees. Great fun really - just a kick flying the Mavic
  6. Nanuck 920 and fitting iPad mini 4

    Any experience fitting iPad mini 4 in nanuck 920 case. I have read that yellow fits others don’t. Doesn’t make sense but who knows
  7. Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

    Much appreciated and certainly good advice. In our area need to stay away from red tail hawks. My understanding from others is they love to investigate.
  8. Any suggestions on Best you tube videos to watch ( there are just so many channels and how to topics) as new mavic pilot. I have watched Dji go 4 etc etc. hoping any of you have your favorites that you might suggest. i do realize it’s a pretty open question ( sorry about that)
  9. Hello from Dutchess County NY

    Hi all proud to be a part of this growing team of pilots with various needs. i am a Real Estate Broker having been licensed forever, Former President of NY STATE Association of Realtors and now looking to developed into a safe and responsible drone pilot. Hoping to create a team of fellow brokers and others interested in drones in the form of a club to share our talents and better serve the general public with qualified and licensed pilots.
  10. Mavic Pro filters what is best

    Sorry meant appreciate feedback will give it a try
  11. Mavic Pro filters what is best

    Appr Coates feedback. I’ll give it a try
  12. Mavic Pro filters what is best

    Wondering if anyone can give review of hobbytrigger nd filters for Mavic Pro. concern is the possibility of calibrati9n errors with gamble. Two versions available one 4 pack nd 4,8,16 and up filter second includes Nd 32 any good or bad experiences?
  13. iPad mini 4 use with mavic

    Super reply and appreciated
  14. iPad mini 4 use with mavic

    General question: which is better iPad mini 4 wi fi or with cellular using mavic i understand there is a lack of gps with wi fi version- will this effect performance? Please advise.