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  1. Radio Tower Modelling

    Taking internal photos of the tower, either with a drone or with a panoramic camera, ie. fly up the middle. When I run a model in PIX, it picks up colours from framing or sky on the other side of the tower, so the model isn't very clean. It would be nice to get photos of the backside of antennas and internal framing as well.
  2. Radio Tower Modelling

    Have you modelled lattice towers? If so, did you fly inside the tower to get internal images?
  3. Radio Tower Modelling

    Hi mate, Just wondering what outputs do you give the client? Video, photos and a point cloud in AutoCAD? Does contextcapture have any other output types? Cheers,
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend the best flight app for modelling structures? I currently use PIX4D Capture and DJI GO which is good for Nadir and POI above the structure but I have to manually fly up and down the structure to get the vertical dataset. Is there an app that allows vertical flight planning? Cheers in advance.
  5. Radio Tower Modelling

    Hey Chuck, What outputs are available with contextcapture? The problem with PIX is you really need the software to navigate the model and review the photos. Uploading a model to sketchfab or PIX may look nice but its not that useful for clients. The model can be exported to AutoCAD but the file is very large and slow in the software. Another option is export the point cloud to ArcGIS but once again the client would need to have this software.
  6. Radio Tower Modelling

    ok will do. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Radio Tower Modelling

    Do you think the Bentley software is better than PIX4D? From what I've read, PIX4D is supposed to be the premium one. Another issue I have is colour noise up the tower as its not always possible to cut out all the sky when the structures are over 100m tall. Does Bentley have a colour filtering component?
  8. Radio Tower Modelling

    Hi mate, I work for a telco company in NZ and the skies the limit really (pardon the pun). I would like to generate the most accurate models possible in order to take dimensions off the model for checking steel / antenna / cable sizes. I currently use pretty basic home made chequer board GCP's but will also start using an EMLID Reach RS to get more accurate GPS locations using RTK. If there is a better workflow using photogrammetry I'm open to suggestions, however if LiDAR or 3D scanning is going to be more accurate then I could head down that path as well. Cheers.
  9. Radio Tower Modelling

    Hi Guys, Does anybody model radio towers or masts? If so, what is the optimal setup for getting images to build a Photogrammetry model? I currently use a Phantom 4, Inspire 1 Pro and PIX4D. Is it worth upgrading to a Matrice or similar, and getting a mirrorless camera (ie. Sony A6000) to take photos? Thanks for any advice in advance.
  10. Cell tower EMR surveys

    Doesn't look like it.
  11. Cell tower EMR surveys

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know of an EMR meter that can be mounted onto a drone to carry out Electro magnetic radiation (EMR) aka EMF surveys or mapping on cell towers, radio towers, antennas, etc? Thanks in advance.