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  1. Greetings, Yes, I still fly this Hubsan quad and up until recently it has performed well, give or take. Recently, it has begun initiating a serious and sudden wobble in flight out of the blue. While flying in Altitude Hold mode, the quad will take off and hover at 10-15 feet just fine (not really willing to go much higher at this point) then, it sounds like one of the motor(s) will accelerate (wind up) and shortly after that the crazy wobble begins. It is very repeatable happening during every flight now. It will also (while hovering) initiate a sudden 90 degree yaw to the right, all on it's own!?!? I'm thinking I have a failing/erratic motor or ESC. I realize that there may only be a few (if any) still flying the model but, any thoughts on this issue (even if it's that I should bite the bullet and upgrade) would be greatly appreciated. Clear Skies, Bill L., in Okla.
  2. An Additional Typhoon H Question

    Greetings, Thanks for the link. I think I can say with extreme confidence that while the H520 is an excellent offering from Yuneec, that bird is WaaaaY out of touch for me. Clear Skies, Bill L. Duncan, OK
  3. Yuneec Typhoon H

    Greetings, I'm posting here because I couldn't seem to generate an answer under the specific manufacturer section. My question is related to the Yuneec Typhoon H and let me ask this humbly as it may be a silly question. The Typhoon H - does it or does it not require trimming while in flight? I ask this because NO review or operational video discussing the 'H' itself or the ST16 Controller ever mentions trimming this vehicle. I don't think the ST16 even provides tabs to allow trimming. Is this because of its 'hex' configuration? Anyway, I ask in the name of trying to educating myself on this system as part of my possible future purchase research. Thank you in advance and Clear Skies! Bill L. In Okla.
  4. An Additional Typhoon H Question

    Greetings Gang, I had an additional thought regarding the Typhoon H. I have noticed in all of the 'H' videos I've watched that no one mentions nor does the ST16 Controller seems to have any method for trimming the aircraft in flight?? Is this attributed to the Hex design vs. a quad? Is the 'H' in full time GPS mode as opposed to just altitude hold? Most curious and I would be interested in others experiences and/or thoughts. Thanks, Bill L. In Okla.
  5. Current Mindset on the Typhoon H?

    Greetings Gang, I have been flying my Hubsan X4 Pro since it became available. It's a very solid flyer and I have not had any issues with it that were not self-induced. I'm now felling the need for an upgrade and the opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest technologies and autonomous capabilities. I have been looking again at Yuneec's Typhoon H and was wondering if it is still a worthy, up to date aircraft for consideration and applicable to aerial photography. I have been getting more involved in taking aerial images/videos of small oil and gas well sites for sale by owners and thought that some of the autonomous flight features (360 degree imaging) and flight stability of the Typhoon H might simplify the task. So, the bottom line question I suppose is, has the Typhoon H received/and does it maintain acceptance within the community and is it perceived as a worthy contender and a place holder among the other drones in it's class? Or has its time come and gone? Plus there are rumors of a psooible Thermal camera coming soon? Any input is greatly appreciated. Bill L. in Okla.
  6. Student Build Project Recommendation?

    Greetings, Good information can NEVER arrive too late!! The Flight Test STEM curriculum looks very good and is definitely worth deeper investigation!! Thank you so very much for not forgetting about us!! Clear Skies, Bill L.
  7. Greetings Spitfire76, Agreed, I almost did the same thing!! WHEW!! This seems to be a re-occurring theme and with DJI discontinuing some of their line (Phantom 4) in favor of what appears to be more commercially applicable products (more expensive) there will eventually be an ever growing market gap leaving only toys at one end and high-end systems at the other. Clear Skies
  8. Greetings, The Drone industry is growing at a pace that (at times it appears) far exceeds its ability to keep time with itself!!! The result......... FRUSTRATION!!!! Clear Skies,
  9. Student Build Project Recommendation?

    Greetings, Now, that is a definite possibility, Thank you, for passing along this info. I will certainly look into it!! Clear Skies,
  10. Student Build Project Recommendation?

    Greetings Spitfire76, Thank you for your input. For sure, an interesting approach. Clear Skies,
  11. Student Build Project Recommendation?

    Greetings, I'll keep this short........ I am looking for recommendations for a practical first-timer student DIY drone kit. I have 30 electronics technology center students that are a combination of high school juniors and seniors with "store-bought" drone interaction and introductory level flying experience. I would like to take them to the next level of understanding and appreciation of the components encompassing a drone (quad) and I believe that the hands-on experience attained through the complete assembly process would serve to greatly enhance that understanding. I did mention this would be a school/student endeavor so obviously budget is going to be key and $300-$500 kits are simply be out of the question even using 2-3 student member teams per build project. I'm hoping to bring this in at $200 - $250 per unit (anything over $250 becomes a school inventory item which would be a nightmare). I would greatly appreciate any input folks are willing to provide including whether or not this idea is even feasible considering the budget constraints? Clear Skies,
  12. Greetings, As far as the UAV Boot Camp Practicum goes, (for myself and for my high school students in the future) is it ok to perform the pacticum indoors like in a Gymnasium? Here, in Oklahoma (where the winds 'literally' sweep down the plains) it can be tough to get days that are calm enough to fly the sUAS practicum's outdoors. However, I noticed that the practicum videos folks have posted are recorded outside. Hence, the question. Please advise,
  13. Autonomous Drones - CBS 60 Minutes

    Greetings, This is truly EXCITING stuff!! Thanks for sharing!!
  14. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate your input. Clear Skies,
  15. Greetings Alan, From an equipment standpoint, I don't think I could have done anything differently. All batteries were fresh, Props in great condition, distance from control point to drone well within specifications. The obvious answer from a piloting standpoint is (and this a total 'in hindsight' answer) not to plan the entire shot sequence over the water. As I mentioned, the breeze from the control point was toward the pond. I knew that from the previous flights and I also knew how much effort was required to keep the drone on my side of the pond but still obtain the shot angles I was hoping for. I believe the lesson I walked away with was that on breezy days which require lots of positional adjustments during videography, (no position hold) mentally adjust your battery life/air-time expectations down 30% and plan your flight path accordingly. If your normal calm day flight times are 10-12 minutes or 12-15 minutes, adjust to 6-8 minutes or 8-12 minutes. Had I done that, I would not have assumed there was time for that "one last shot" before returning home. Which in this case was dry land. Never again...... (yeah, right!!)