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  1. The Bothy (Lake District story)

    Hi there, yeah it’s a rather big place. Specifically this was filmed in Shap and Ullswater.
  2. The Bothy (Lake District story)

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s in a place called Shap - not much about but great base to explore the Lakes!
  3. Hi guys! this is the first video I ever uploaded so naturally I now see lots of flaws and want to change everything.. I hope that means i'm improving haha I used my DJI Spark quite a lot and there were some nervy moments over the lake but I got it back in one piece I'll definitely return to the Lake District for another film now i'm more confident with the drone.Thanks for watchingShot with:Nikon D5300 (Nikkor 35mm F1.8)DJI Spark
  4. The Forest (Short)

    Wow! Thanks for the feedback, gear: Nikon D5300 Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 Nikkor 35mm F1.8 Glidecam Variable ND filter DJI Spark
  5. DJI Spark inside abandoned factory/train yard

    Yeah it locked on to gps... probably because half of the roof was missing
  6. The Forest (Short)

    Hi! Just wanted to share this Short film, it’s my favourite to-date, ideally wanted more aerial shots but the weather was pretty bad. Thanks for watching
  7. DJI Spark inside abandoned factory/train yard

    Thanks! healey Mills marshalling Yard, Wakefield. UK
  8. Hi guys! Short film of an abandoned factory explore - used the drone inside for a few shots along with the train-yard stuff. Thanks for watching!