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  1. The Bothy (Lake District story)

    Hi there, yeah it’s a rather big place. Specifically this was filmed in Shap and Ullswater.
  2. Hi guys! this is the first video I ever uploaded so naturally I now see lots of flaws and want to change everything.. I hope that means i'm improving haha I used my DJI Spark quite a lot and there were some nervy moments over the lake but I got it back in one piece I'll definitely return to the Lake District for another film now i'm more confident with the drone.Thanks for watchingShot with:Nikon D5300 (Nikkor 35mm F1.8)DJI Spark
  3. The Bothy (Lake District story)

    Thanks for the feedback! It’s in a place called Shap - not much about but great base to explore the Lakes!
  4. The Forest (Short)

    Hi! Just wanted to share this Short film, it’s my favourite to-date, ideally wanted more aerial shots but the weather was pretty bad. Thanks for watching
  5. The Forest (Short)

    Wow! Thanks for the feedback, gear: Nikon D5300 Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 Nikkor 35mm F1.8 Glidecam Variable ND filter DJI Spark
  6. Hi guys! Short film of an abandoned factory explore - used the drone inside for a few shots along with the train-yard stuff. Thanks for watching!
  7. DJI Spark inside abandoned factory/train yard

    Yeah it locked on to gps... probably because half of the roof was missing
  8. DJI Spark inside abandoned factory/train yard

    Thanks! healey Mills marshalling Yard, Wakefield. UK